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  1. Now you've got me thinking of Footloose (the song).
  2. Technically Medway is a unitary authority with its own jurisdiction seperate from the rest of the county. I just wanted to avoid the areas that were actually London, and Dartford which might as well be in London anyway and only counts as part of Kent with a certain generosity of spirit. That ruled out quite a few teams actually
  3. On the subject we discussed yesterday about how people are able to feel more open these days, I just saw this posted on facebook...
  4. I think there's some truth in that. There's myself to start off with, and I know at least a few others. That's just those that I know of, I'm sure there are plenty of others that don't mention being autistic. In fact I don't myself in order to avoid looking like I'm an easy target for negative responses. One girl I know even has her own theory about the connection being autism and gender-dysphoria, suggesting that maybe 1 in 6 girls who want to transition are on the spectrum. I'm not sure where she got that figure from (though she has mentioned doing her own research into it and studying journ
  5. I can't remember if I've mentioned it before but last year I felt inspired to try a side save with an English lower league database, and to play it more often recently. It really is a different world even from the smaller playable leagues, including in matters of player fitness and the basic mistakes made by players on the pitch. It's great fun. I naturally wanted to start in Kent ('proper' Kent specifically, no London suburbs) so chose Rusthall from Tunbridge Wells in the Kent Invicta League (as it was then called), all the way down in Level 10. I got promoted in the first season as well
  6. Not a good idea. They might end up beating us regularly at quite a few sports.
  7. Exactly this. It should be the mark of a civilised and just society that everyone has the same legal rights, even if there are those who some people try and claim don't 'deserve' those rights and it's tempting to agree with them. Whatever they have done or are alleged to have done is irrelevant when it comes to these issues. In this case that includes her right to fight her case and have it properly heard by the courts, as well as to challenge potentially unlawful actions like the removal of her citizenship.
  8. Oh I'm not sure if I mentioned but I have a sister who is Bi-sexual. I think she's only had one short-lived relationship with another woman but she's apparently felt that way for years anyway. That helps explain why she had such a tough time after the end of a serious relationship at university, since she was clearly questioning herself and her sexual orientation. As it happened my other sister had a date with a woman relatively recently, but that might have been more of a one-off.
  9. Cat: So, what is it? Kryten: I've never seen one before. No one has. But I'm guessing it's a white hole. Rimmer: A white hole? [looks at the viewscreen] Kryten: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A black hole sucks time and matter out of the universe; a white hole returns it. Lister: So that thing's spewing time back into the universe? [he puts his hat on his head as he says this] Kryten: Precisely. That's why we're experiencing these curious time phenomena on board. Cat: So, what is it? Kryten: I've never seen one before. No one has. But I'm guessing it's a white hole. Rimmer: A
  10. That's what you tell the ladies?
  11. Oh yes, I saw that. Hancock really seemed like he was up for a fight on that topic. I agree that it's nonsense for him to spin it as a choice between saving people's lives and doing things properly as if there wasn't a proper balance between the two. It's the same thing everytime Johnson has a go at Starmer for criticising the way the government rushed things through early on.
  12. I very nearly posted that one as well, but I thought I that one non-OTF thread was enough. I love how much of a legend Vogel became for a while
  13. There have been some interesting developments over the past week. I was contacted by another girl on Flickr who I had followed and admired for a while, and she seemed very interested in me. The feeling was mutual but I suspected I might have briefly exchanged messages before and didn't want to look stupid introducing myself again, so I'm glad she made her move. She seems to share my views on gender-fludity and Pan-sexuality and even shared a 'boy mode' photo and her phone number as a sign of how serious she was. I've had a lot of false starts (even with girls I've actually managed to meet with
  14. Not OTF, but people going down memory lane in this thread reminded me of this guy...
  15. Not in the slightest, it's probably about as 'standard' as you can get.
  16. I was teaching an American friend about the princes in the tower recently.
  17. In recent weeks I've been looking after my sister's massive Boa Constrictor while her house is being renovated. He got out of his hutch after a while and has been roaming free in the room he was in ever since. Thankfully we can keep him in there. I've gotten used to it especially as he's actually very docile and had found somewhere to nest under one of the beds most of the time.
  18. Nope, surely that still has to be Francois.
  19. I found out today that the years aren't just named after animals but elements as well, so I wasn't just born in the year of the Tiger but the Fire Tiger specifically. Rawwrrrr!
  20. It shouldn't surprise people that I take a very dim view on anything that I see that I feel objectifies women, which included the thread in the World Cup forum for showcasing the sexy female fans. I did feel that particular comment crossed a line but I'm glad that you seemed to realise that (despite being a little confontational about it) and the reaction to the discussion has been positive rather than 'Oh you can't say anything these days!' or anything like that. I'm not seeing that comment as a reflection on you generally BG.
  21. You know when I posted that I was thinking 'I hope someone does this'
  22. That looks wrong to me, with the last one on use of pronouns and 'deadnames' being a particularly controversal topic. You wouldn't get very far telling people that shouldn't be seen as offensive, believe me. Anyway I've been slow posting about the latest updates from the USA. Biden has made very positive start, getting rid of Trumps ban on transgender military personel and protecting LGBT federal employees from discrimination. I also saw something about how an Alabama law saying that transgender people need proof of surgery to change their identity has been struck down by the courts as un
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