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  1. Erkilinc looks like a fairly good all-rounder attribute-wise.
  2. I was wondering when you'd next post that I'll play through the rest of the season in one go, hopefully today, and we'll see.
  3. Feb 2022 I do have FM22 career plans but I'm in no rush to put this on the back burner just yet, and I certainly wasn't going to do so mid-season. I think I need time for a private save anyway to get to grips with all the things introduced in recent years. Maybe when I decide to leave Cadbury Heath it'll be a good time, and while I don't know when that'll be, I anticipate that if we get promoted to the Southern League it might well be my last with the club before I move on (unless we're almost-immediate promotion challengers yet again). We seemed to be stumbling heading into the new year so a win against Mangotsfield was a relief. Unfortunately I then forgot to put the fit-again Edwards back in goal and we ended up losing to a free-kick. However that was the goal that the backup keeper conceded in 3 matches in goal. That left us with just 1 win from 5 games but Brockenhurst came to the rescue and helped us kick off a run of 7 wins in a row in all competitions, 5 in the league. They were mostly only narrow wins but the win over Bashley (top at the time) still stands out. We had our main winger Giles injured for most of February (thankfully being back for the next match) and we finished the month with consecutive games where one goal (and at least one close chance in each to get another) unfortunately wasn't enough, denying us the chance to go top. However Studley have been stumbling themselves of late so we remain right on their tail. December remains the only month so far this season without any cup matches. We faced Paulton Rovers (in the league above) in the Southern League Cup and I was amazed at how easily we swiped them aside, especially as it was a club record high-scoring game I think. Next was Brockenhurst in the First Division Cup and they proved to be as comfortable (for the most part) as I expected them to be, taking us into a cup semi-final. However, our next opponents are top of the other First Division. We missed the chance to make it 2 semi-finals this season when we narrowly (though deservedly) lost against United Services Portsmouth in the League Cup. This season is going well, even if I'm worried that we're throwing away a good chance to take the advantage in the battle for top spot. It doesn't help that we have 3 of the other top 5 teams left to play. However it does look like we're going to achieve what I set out to, which is to reach the playoffs at least, and pretty comfortably as well. There's still the battle for top spot to look forward to, even if I doubt we can make it 3 promotions in a row. We also signed another player in January, he's a defender/midfielder from United Services Portsmouth whose original signing by the DoF had to be vetoed on grounds of his wages, but having a go myself (and throwing the bonus kitchen sink at him as usual) allowed be to get him for an acceptable wage.
  4. If you can sort out Brenes' Determination he'll be a star.
  5. It's nice to have an early promotion, and you've reinforced well.
  6. I have FM22 plans. Ipswich are surely going to be fun this year (though it looks like SI have added many more things that might potentially cause issues with players and potential firings than I'm used to), and I'm just reading Jon Wilson's book on Argentine football which has revived an old idea of a Latin American journeyman. I think my avatar looks a lot better than others I've tried in the past
  7. Sorry, I was kind of hoping someone else would have mentioned it earlier and take the lead, but I geuss it can still slot in before the proper FM22 release date.
  8. Dec 2021 The schedule is easing off, though we still had 2 games a week before Christmas. December started off remarkably well with 4 goals from Collins giving us wins over Melksham and Ringwood, then we hammered Swindon Supermarine 6-0. That result took us up to 2nd and it seemed like we were building a good margin in the playoff places. It was a little disappointing to then fail to make a breakthrough at Basingstoke, then to finally lose again at Gloucester, a match that was very much a case of complacency catching up with us and hopefully a much-needed kick up the backside. It didn't help that I accidentally put the 3rd choice winger in central midfield, as I only spotted half-way through the next match. While Odd Down made it 3 games without a win, it was also the debut of our youth keeper (the first choice Edwards is out with a virus for a couple of weeks) so a clean sheet was at least a positive. Despite our recent stumble, we're still very much where we want to be with 4-point advantage over 6th. It's a shame the poor form over the past few games is pitting 1st out of reach but I hope we can soon bounce back and hopefully seal a playoff place without too many problems. It may feel like a long shot but as long as we're in it, there's no reason why we can't look to go up again.
  9. I agree, we should get into that top 5 before too long.
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