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  1. I tried it once, as a (very) lower league manager, one with an English amateur club on normal, and one with a Scottish equivalent as a Youth Academy challenge. It didn't work for me as I like to get deeply immersed in my save, not aiming for glory, but feeling like the players and staff are my family, knowing each one by name. With 2 careers on the go, I couldn't get fully into either.
  2. Why guess when the evidence is there? There's no virtue in boasting you can't be bothered to find out.
  3. Late to the party as per, but it's so brilliant to have Cleon back and offering an encyclopaedic guide. I think my biggest problem is in-game tactical management. I'm not good at determining whether to tweak mentality, passing length or what, and often end up making a pig's ear of my initially coherent tactic. It will be interesting to see if the alleged change to how stamina works in FM22 is as profound as it ought to be. If so, how much will this affect how you manage the game, Cleon? Time will tell.
  4. Yeh, that makes sense. Still leaves me stuck, unable to play the latest version of a game that's been over 20 years of my life. Oh well, I'll just keep following the forum and watching the youtubes to see what I'm missing out on!
  5. That's the thing. The Gegenpressing seems full-on from the first game. Fans are accepting in on the basis that 'Well, they'll tire out later in the season'. They shouldn't be doing it successfully from the get-go.
  6. Wouldn't it also affect transfers? You might manage a club owned by a billionaire in USA or China, but you'll struggle to attract top players in their prime.
  7. I'm pretty certain no one in Cambodia would block it; I doubt it's comparable to the Brazilian FA. Fact is the market is too small for Steam to care. I'm stuck playing with a years'-old version and would love to get up to date.
  8. We see in the PL every season, that for the first few gameweeks, many teams are not up to optimum fitness (eg City losing their first match this season). We're emphatically not seeing this in these videos.
  9. If you're managing a club at Level 16 in England (as in the OP), scouting realistically amounts to you and your assman jumping in your Ford Fiesta to drive 20 miles to a nearby village. It shouldn't be at all relevant what regens are produced in Argentina or Austria. It would take many many seasons before your scouting reach extends beyond the UK. Well before that time, you can add foreign leagues. When I start at that level I give myself 3 staff - no scouts, and the assman doubling up as physio.
  10. Can I ask if there's been any changes to the vast Asian market? I live in Cambodia and for years I've been unable to purchase the game - or to be precise, I can buy the game from an international retailer, but Steam refuses to activate it.
  11. To me, SI have gone way overboard with wide centre backs. We were all wowed by the Blades introducing the Premier League and global TV audiences for one glorious season. It didn't work due to a player being injured in the second season, and it's not that big a thing anymore. But SI have gone overboard with it, selling it as one of the biggest new features, and interviewing the manager who's responsible for that year of glory. They're focusing on Sheff United not because they're a strong Championship side, but to showboat the new position. As for gegenpressing, I'm a lower league manager using fan-created files with leagues going into the amateur game. It did dismay me that I could use gegenpressing with amateur teams with players having stamina attributes of 5 or less. I'm very pleased to see that players will get tired and make mistakes when they're not suited for that tactic - but I would like to see evidence that they really do tire. I'm not seeing enough of that yet.
  12. I've always played as a lower league manager. My last campaign was the first time I'd progressed from a very low level (15) into the Football League. The first seasons are really really slow as so many leagues are being processed. Each time I won a promotion I deleted the previous league and so gradually the processing speeded up. Once I got into League Two I figured I might make Europe in time, so each season I'd activate the top league of a couple of European leagues. That way, I maintained an immersive experience and - the first few seasons excepted - kept the game running at a decent speed. I should also add, it's very important to start with a small database when you set up; otherwise, the speed will drag in intolerable levels. It wasn't a problem for me as I play an Academy Challenge, using only players that come up from my youth intake.
  13. Cheers for organising it Sons, it was a lot of fun
  14. The exact score 0-0 [pens: 6-5 Italy] ****NAP**** The goalscorers NONE [Bellingham to miss the key penalty, since you ask] The times of the goals N/A How many penalties will be scored in total (this includes penalties at the end of extra time) Correct answer - 11 Will the match go to extra time - Yes Will the match go to penalties - Yes How many yellow cards in total - 5 How many red cards in total - 0 Time of the first goal scored - no goal Time of the last goal scored (excluding penalties in the event of a tie after 120 mins) - no goal First team to score - n/a Last team to score - n/a
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