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  1. Completely stupid question here Majestic, but will any of these files work for FM19? If not, do you have a link to old files that are FM19-friendly?
  2. I have this problem every year. I've bought FM21 via an affiliate. My visa debit card went through okay but when it comes to activating the key on Steam it's rejected as it doesn't accept my home country of Cambodia. What site sells the game to people in my country? Thanks.
  3. I'd have thought the limit on overseas U21 players would also be salient.
  4. OP - options. You can always holiday through the matches or use an 'instant result' add-on, and concentrate on the stuff you enjoy.
  5. Because what you're doing is unchallenging, boring and ultimately not enjoyable. Pick a proper challenge and do your best to overcome the obstacles you set yourself.
  6. Hate to burst your bubble, but it's pretty much impossible NOT to succeed at the lowest levels! As you say, the FM database is really designed to go only to National League N/S level - that's as far as SI test it. It's reasonably balanced down to maybe Level 9/10, but not further. Between Levels c.12-20 you've got the lowest CA/PA sorts. The only real dividing line is between amateur and semi-pro. This means that for many seasons the quality of the players you have and the opposition you face is the same. But you have two unfeasible advantages: 1. The quality of the AI is way in
  7. Well actually, since you mention it ..... much of the story is located in my favourite spot in the Highlands where the films were shot. But no, on so many levels It's a dystopian story set in the 2040s, mostly in the Highlands but includes London and Manchester.
  8. Ironically, I've retired this year. After 20 years of FM-ing I've decided to put all the time I could spend on it to write a novel instead.
  9. If this is enforced it would simply kill the game for thousands of players. Nobody wins. If it's down to a handful of greedy clubs or players who already make millions from image rights, they should be called out for people to boycott and make their anger known.
  10. Monitor the forum Kubi links to. When the editor is out, the editing guys will need some time to prepare their lower league files, so just run a temporary save to familiarise yourself with the game until they are ready.
  11. Loads of them mate. If Dan's file loads up okay and you follow those instructions, it should be fine.
  12. I'm definitely signing To Madeira as my assman in FM2020
  13. I've found it's quite common for SI to introduce a feature that does nothing in the first year, which then becomes sort of activated in the second year and becomes quite important by the third year.
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