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  1. Tactic for lower league

    My approach is like this: individually the defenders are very weak so I need to defend in numbers. I have the gk, 4 defenders and a DM on defence duties and 5 others on support duty. I use a counter-attacking approach, soaking up pressure and lumping long balls up to my solitary attacker. You need one striker who is quick and smart enough to find space.
  2. If you hadn't started your save you could have changed it in the pre-game editor.
  3. LLM vs Top teams

    I've never got further than League 2 in about 20 years of playing LLM. So never had this problem!
  4. I insisted on it against my chairman's wishes. It was low for the first 2 seasons but now at about 70% and should be 100% in another year. I play an academy challenge whereby I don't bring in a single external player and only use those nurtured in my academy. I keep about 5 every year and release the rest. This seems to result in my loyalty being low, which is bizarre.
  5. [FM18] [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

  6. Is there a way to hit continue less? :P

    I did not know that. Excellent!
  7. I ignore the coaches. I ignore the players too, as it happens. Moaning players are indicative of their lack of workrate, ambition, determination and professionalism - in other words players who are not going to develop much. So I don't so much ignore them as make a note to move them on at the end of the season.
  8. As I say, strictly for panic measures, like sending up your goalie for a corner. Obviously I write as someone who never uses it!
  9. Needing a panicky last-minute goal against an opposition on full contain.
  10. It's not okay at all. It completely undermines the whole point of shouting from the technical area. It also annoys me how many damn clicks you have to go through to tell one hot-head to calm down.
  11. Very easy indeed. I always do it (see under my avatar) Everything you need (and more) is here - a whole forum dedicated to us sorts https://community.sigames.com/forum/26-editors-hideaway/
  12. Well yes, I use the editor to make my challenge harder. However, I think we can assume that a player who's craving some kind of easy mode also has no idea what to do with the editor!
  13. Quick against Slow

    I'm not sure average pace is really relevant. However, compare your DCs with oppo striker(s) - if your defenders are much quicker you can play a higher D-line. Compare your striker to their DCs - if your guy is much quicker play through balls into space for him to skin the defenders and run onto.
  14. I'm pretty sure SI have confirmed in the past that the player's height is factored into jumping reach. Anyone?