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  1. It'll be a five-minute fix for an editor in the Editor's Hideaway - lurk over there after Nov 2nd.
  2. phnompenhandy

    Training in FM19

    Should do - always has done. We'll see soon enough.
  3. phnompenhandy

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    HELLO!!!! Just latterly found this thread. Caley are my team - been following them since there were just Inverness Thistle. Always managed them in Div 3 in CM but as I'm a Lowest League manager, once they rose through the ranks I only took them on in demos of new FMs. So this has been a lot of fun to follow - for me fascinating to see how long the real ICT squad members survived, and by cannily starting an old version of the game you could spot youngsters who in real life went on to make names for themselves. Fascinating to see how even when you start with a modestly-resourced club ib a top division it still takes years of struggle to establish yourself. I guess you're almost at the end of your story now - when you win the CL, where to take ICT next? Anyway, just wanted to say this really made my morning!
  4. phnompenhandy

    Team Shape? - FM19

    Team Shape has not been removed. The instructions have been removed. Team Shape is still there inherent in the totality of team and player instructions.
  5. This is all true - assuming his decisions attribute is high. If it's low and he lacks footballing intelligence - be prepared for some fun!
  6. I've used possessive tactics with lower league sides. It doesn't come off as Sarriball but it can get results - you just need to remember that the opposition's players are as useless as yours, as others have said. If your players have relatively better attributes in the important areas you'll be okay. Mostly, however, my starting squad is inferior to my opponents so I create a defensive hoof-ball tactic, but it all depends on the hand I'm dealt.
  7. phnompenhandy

    Training in FM19

    We'll have the option to get stuck into complicated training regimes; if we're not into it we can leave it to the assman who's supposed to do a competent job. I'd have thought he sensible approach will be to start off on default and tweak one or two things at a time until getting comfortable with it. Really, that like how newbies should approach tactics - start with a default formation, default settings, safe roles and duties, and tweak you're way in as you gain experience. Since IRL football training is as important as tactics, I have no problem them being on a time-consuming par in FM19.
  8. phnompenhandy


    Me? None. There's just me and Fat Dave my assman who does Fitness. I do the rest. I have advertised for a coach but no one is replying. Doesn't really matter as we only train a couple of hours a week and most of my squad of 20 sit the sessions out if we have a midweek match and I'm off to scout the next opposition as I have no scout - or physio for that matter (Dave's handy with the magic sponge).
  9. phnompenhandy

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    Jordan, Da MAN!!! You might just very well have cracked it! They took my payment - now I have to wait faithfully for Steam to accept my key on Nov 2nd Tad under $40 USD. Anyone else flustered due to living in funny countries, use these guys By the way, previously I tried to buy via FMScout - they always take my money for their editing utilities without a hitch, but for FM19 they use a 3rd party, who have the Steam list of forbidden nations - the likes of China, Syria, South Sudan and the rest - followed by a list of accepted countries - a long list but omitting my country and many others so just causing confusion. I couldn't risk it. Back to the OP, if you live in one of these overlooked nations you won't get the cheapest deal same as someone living in the UK, but we're just grateful to get the game at all!
  10. Yeah, but I'm not aware of SI ever repeating that rather embarrassing mistake. Others have better memory-recall than this senile old git, mind Then again, the OP might have in mind a researcher or SI staffer whose FM incarnation was given CA/PA 0 and therefore was massive in just his one save.
  11. The most definitely fictional one that I remember was To Madeira.
  12. phnompenhandy

    Corner taker attributes

    Yeh, I can accept the other way round - a player who takes great corners but can't cross - he can't run, look and kick at the same time! But the idea of being a great crosser who can't take corners seems illogical.
  13. phnompenhandy

    Dynamics- Overview; Match Cohesion

    It takes considerable time, and if you rotate your squad and bring in players during transfer windows it might never go green. One thing that helps that no one bar you and me seems to do is put general training on Çohesion'. I start beginning of pre-season with Cohesion high and a squad of 21 settled players. Takes about 3 months for everything to go green with no negatives. I definitely see a reduction in mis-passes and bloopers.
  14. phnompenhandy

    Corner taker attributes

    I always presumed the çorners'attribute incorporates crossing, technique etc. Has anyone ever come across a player with 16 for corners and 2 for crossing?? Never occurred to me to look, tbh.