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  1. I do that. The downloads mostly never happen. If it's 'just me', it will be due to my location. Steam doesn't 'recognise' my country.
  2. The download doesn't show up until it shows up. Must just be me then.
  3. I have a visceral hated of Steam Workshop. I see tons of great downloads on there; to get them, you click on 'subscribe'. And then what? I waste hours searching through folders within folders - some turn up in random locations, some turn up days later, some never download. I would probably be playing FM24 now if I could download some recent league mods, but I got bored with the old ones and Steam is so damned unfriendly to the user, I've given up.
  4. Check if your club owns the ground and training facilities. You can't upgrade facilities that don't belong to you.
  5. They're not uncommon in my academy-only lower league saves. Given that 'big pressure' games are a rarity down in the basement, they can have adequate careers.
  6. Maybe this thread should be stickied. The same damned question comes up time and again, and the same arguments are rehashed over and over.
  7. Yeah, I know and do. But will the average casual-playing kid who maybe never goes into Preferences know that?
  8. The OP is raising a moral argument. Whether or not advertising gambling sites is legal here or there, a substantial amount of players of FM are underage and, in my opinion, should be shielded from such influences when playing the game. I play fantasy football, and the site I subscribed to for about 15 years started taking money from gambling sites and starting promoting their sites. I along with many others have since ceased subscribing to them in protest as this development. One of FM's great strengths for me, is that it is a football simulation that can be enjoyed separate from the increasing commercialisation and raw greed in both the real-world game and in other computer games which require more and more ongoing financial inputs. I'd like it to stay that way.
  9. Sorry about that - your avatar threw me. I'm big on the motivation you stress here - my last tho campaigns, narrated here THORFINN – A Sporting and Social Revolution Begins A Highlands & Islands Journey are as much travelogues around my beloved Highlands and Islands of Scotland as FM careers. You could just as easily narrate a journeyman career around the South Pacific or Caribbean as you could a one-club save around the Hellenic League or Norwegian Third tier. You don't have to post a thread - you can indulge your OCD by googling the stadium and history of every opponent you face, stuff like that.
  10. "House rules" is the way to go. Over a dedicated ago, I abandoned the regular game for LLaMa. As you say, that can quickly get too easy due to poor AI squad building and the ability of LLaMas to purchase players too good for the level. So over the last few years I've combined LLaMa with Youth (Academy) - Only challenges. That is, you cannot buy or acquire ANY player who does not come through your youth academy. Given that at LLaMa level your facilities are minimal, and you have no money to upgrade, it is proper difficult! It's best as a one-club career. Don't get attached to the players as if they're any good they'll get poached, but you can become a club legend over time. EDIT: I just noticed who the poster is above me - his lower league file would be a great place to start! The Editors Hideaway is a great place for people like me who find the 6th tier not 'lower league' enough
  11. I call them the 'bibs & cones' men - cheap as chips extras just to bring the proper coaches' workload down to light.
  12. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/579464-fm24-england-level-10-now-released/ This one down to level 10 is playable in most set-ups. Going down to level 20 requires a powerful rig and even then processes slowly.
  13. Some boards just won't; some will after some time and proven success.
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