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  1. Go to the league rules tab and keep clicking the links to division you're promoted to. Which division promotes you into the Lowland/Highland league? Isn't there an East of Scotland & South of Scotland Superleague or something?
  2. No, to play the file on a slow system required inordinate amounts of patience. I used windowed mode and read the whole internet when I click continue.
  3. Yeah, you advertise. I often don't get any response from a scout or physio until after January. I also ask a new coach to take a secondary job as a scout.
  4. That's clearly a fluke. Check the file in the editor - they might all be zero settings; if not they need changing.
  5. Whilst those attributtes are a huge advantage, even they are not necessary. To give myself the ultimate challenge, I often give myself a squad of 14 year-olds with CA1. Most of them start with STR 1, STA 1 and understandably extremely low other physical attributes (other than perhaps NF and balance). Even there, by the second half of the season they're holding their own against older, stronger sides.
  6. I often play at that level. When all players are so low in ability, it's easy to succeed because your human tactics are always going to outwit the AI's. To make it more of a challenge I often use the editor to make my players all start out with CA1. That makes the first few months difficult but I still usually get promotion if not in the first year, definitely in the second. The players develop not due to coaching or training, but due to playing first-team football.
  7. https://community.sigames.com/topic/449050-fm19-wip-e22-england-to-level-22/ Central Midlands North & South are in Level 11 of Dan's file here.
  8. Load up the editor Add nation rules Select add lower divisions and cups to existing structure Choose England Convert to advanced rules Click the England dropdown Select agreement change Untick enabled Save Test rules Save and job done. [basically, you just untick one box!]
  9. Throughout FM19 I must have fired up 20 new saves for lower league management with added databases for various nations. In every single one the AI gives me next to zero midfielders - DMs or MCs. The few that I get or adapt all have a high aggression attribute. It's not been the case before, but it's my consistent experience with FM19.
  10. Who's doing this then? I've fired up a save managing Plymouth Armada at level 14. As you can see from the screen, in pre-season playing higher-level sides, I'm having an easy time of it. The amateur players the AI gave me look like they'd hold their own six levels higher up. The stadium capacity is 750 - I've sold nearly 700 season tickets and selling out for friendlies - the U23 and U18 games are selling out too. I think I'll need to go into the editor to set some restrictions to give myself a bit of a challenge.
  11. For sure a player's effectiveness is conditioned by the quality of opposition, but wouldn't you say that a player with high aggression but low attributes in other areas is going to commit a lot of fouls, however poor the other side is? It's what I find anyway, in save after save. I'd be interested to know what I need to do to get such a player cease picking up bookings.
  12. I now avoid using a BWM not because I don't understand roles, but because I do understand my players. I always manage lower league - currently level 14 amateurs. The players are, quite simply, rubbish. In particular any prospective BWM has high aggression but poor decisions and tacking attributes. He's guaranteed to be a liability and get at least a yellow card.
  13. Did you use Genie last year or previously? I find that this year every update of it has been painfully slow to load up or use generally. It was never like that before, so it may be the bottleneck is with neither FM or your PC, but with GS.
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