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  1. You download it from Steam for free. It's in the library menu. The editors' forum can guide you step-by-step.
  2. Oh dear, well it's all about the mentals now, making sure you don't blow your lead at the top of the league. Will you start playing more cautiously to ensure you don't lose games rather than going all-out to win them?
  3. In the editor go to the league you want to put your club in. In the bottom right you'll see a button for 'swap'. Highlight the club you want to swap out, click the button and type in the club you want to swap in.
  4. Seems to reflect the top of the Premier League in real life. Does Pochettino lose motivation? Will Klopp? No, up your game!
  5. Why would it be 'bizarre'? My parentage is Scottish/Bangladeshi and have a Cambodian wife.
  6. L12 is too easy unless you set yourself challenges. I'm on an Academy Challenge and DoF Challenge, which give a decent level of difficulty. I've bitten off more than I can chew though, in taking on two clubs at the same time. The problem is I can't remember which players belong to which club and as a result, I don't feel connected to either squad. Plus, work, books, and music are intruding into my game time, so I'll either proceed excessively slowly or more likely give up before I get to the end of the first season.
  7. Blimey, a rave from the grave. The brothers in the OP will be granddads by now
  8. Did well to keep the score down but you were never competing with Liverpool. Will take a long time to be in with a chance at that level. Five years on and that Liverpool side is hardly different to today, showing the lack of activity of the AI. The Checkatrade is a different kettle of fish - you should be on for a double in the run in now.
  9. Yes indeed - a whole forum just for you! This thread was commented on just a few hours ago: Creating A Tactic - Step By Step
  10. Don't know, but you're not doomed if you fix it with an in-game editor.
  11. Well that's why I would call it an exploit. I very much doubt it could be successfully employed in real life. Still, if you're having fun, enjoy!
  12. My opinion of the question in the title is this: you have more influence the lower down you go. When you manage a top side you can't really know how much it's your tactics and how much it's your expensive players/reputation of the club influencing the outcome. But in the basement level, you don't have and can't get quality players; furthermore, the opposition is equally crap so it's a level playing field. As such, you can be sure that success or failure is more down to your tactical acumen and man-management skills than further up the pyramid.
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