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  1. Actually it's as much to do with exploiting your opponent's weaknesses. I'm playing at amateur level and when I check the OIs I see a number of key players such as strikers and wingers with bravery 1, strength 2 or something like that. Set to hard tackle and see them disappear out of the game!
  2. Yeh, I do like to play semi-realistically, which is why I never employ downloaded tactics or corner exploits and suchlike. However, I have player masking off so I guess in my imagination my scout is simply asking around who are the speediest players on the (free) market. Basically at amateur level when you're not offering wages, it's easy to just sign anyone and start them in the reserves - pretty much like trialists. If they don't impress you just release them after a few weeks. That's not a 'cheat' because they AI does the same to you. Last night I lost my top striker to a semi-pro outfit lining his pocket with 90 smackers a week. Tactically, quite an interesting pattern is developing. There's a bit of a 'Leicester thing' going on. Because I'm predicted to finish 23rd out of 24 my default tactic is counter-attacking hoof it up the pitch. Against other weaker teams who do the same we tend to grind out dull 0-0s. The stronger teams come out and attack us, thus we stand a better chance of scoring, especially with nippy strikers. Now if only I could recruit wingers with better atts than crossing 3 to supply them ;-)
  3. I have a squad that is one of the worst in the division but number 1 in aggression. Thus, for me it makes sense to utilise this and play quite hard. It works, but of course we pick up a heck of a lot of cards. What I always do in match is, as soon as a player gets carded, do the touchline shout 'Assertive/calm down'. So far, no one has ever gotten a red card when I've done this.
  4. Actually, I think you cracked it. I got in a pair of strikers who are fast but with no technical attributes to speak of. They get 20 chances a match, at least 18 of which they spurn, but it gets the job done. The squad is starting to settle - I'll never achieve tactical familiarity due to the turnover, but I'm starting to see a semblance of football amidst the aimless hoofing, as are my dozen loyal fans. Good stuff! I'm about 5 leagues away from semi-pro issues, so I'll tuck that one away for now.
  5. Duly noted!
  6. Cheers XaW. It fits with what I'm experiencing. My basic tactics are a direct lump it up the pitch, but the players think so ponderously it's not very effective. I'm finding the attributes numbers not at all helpful; for example my striker with 14 finishing and 15 jumping can't do either, whilst my midget with finishing 4 is top scorer! But yeh, if I can find any striker, winger or central defender with a bit of speed about them I'll snap them up. In theory I could fill my reserves and U19s with every player who wants to come since the total wage bill is zilch, but that would be unrealistic so I keep a total squad of around 30. Despite our slow start, it seems most of the players are happy enough; every time an offer comes in I offer a new contract and most accept (I think I've given some players 3 0-quid contracts in three months!). I've 'solved' the chronic fatigue problem by resting all first teamers for 3 days every week! They'll never improve, but at least I can put out a semi-consistent team. Anyway, I've got my first league victory under my belt now - here's to an exciting slog up to mid-table ;-)
  7. I've played as a lower league manager for years, but this is my first time managing a fully amateur club. Any tips guys? I find my players don't train enough to be match fit, and they never become familiar with my tactics. Signing muppets who are slightly better than my inherited muppets is easy, but if anyone shows the slightest promise they get poached for thirty squid a week within a fortnight. Hence there's a constant turnover of players. This is absolutely NOT a complaint; I love the frustrating realism of the thing. I'm just asking for any ideas for getting the best out of a potless amateur club (nb I'm managing at level 14 of an edited file)
  8. I had to delete FM16 a few months ago due to work commitments, but I'm back and I've started a new campaign with this file. Managing at fully amateur level is very hard!
  9. You wouldn't loan a Liverpool youth to Luton. Don't go more than one division below if you loan a player out at all.
  10. Not unless they're in the SI database.
  11. Hidden personality attributes such as professionalism and ambition. Check your coach reports.
  12. Right, this is why I haven't created any threads or made a fuss since I realise SI aren't responsible for anything that happens below level 6 of the English pyramid. I would point out though that in the odd cup match against Level 6 opposition, with an ultra-defensive tactic, they've tended to hold their own - narrow defeats rather than massacres, so it might still be worth you setting up an experiment.
  13. I pretty much agree although do bear in mind this started at level 15 (which SI doesn't test) where the opposition CAs weren't a whole lot higher. It still shouldn't be possible to win with a squad of 14-15 year olds with extremely low physical attributes such as strength, stamina and jumping as well as the highest leadership being about 7.
  14. This one, FM16. I didn't alter any facilities or attributes, hidden or otherwise, but what I did was this: for the initial starting squad I created in the pre-game editor, all players started with CA1 PA200. In subsequent seasons new intakes have retained their incoming CA (single figures so far) but I've boosted their PAs to give a chance of development. Those with poor hiddens, esp. professionalism or injury proneness tend to show up early and get banished to the reserves anyway, and then released at the end of the season.
  15. He means rest 1-3 days from training. As a LLM with lots of youth players with low stamina and a squad too small to rotate much, I do it all the time. If they're on c.85% condition with 3 days to go, I'll rest one day; if they're on 80% I'll rest 2 days and if they're on 75% I'll rest 3 days. Given that most of the player's development comes from playing matches rather than training, it's better to rest and play than train and not play. My players develop just fine.