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    Moved to Cambodia in 2005.

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  1. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    We oughtn't speculate before any info's been divulged, but since we are anyway ...... ;-) It's an almost stone-set pattern that in even years SI put in a major new feature or two which is full of bugs, and in odd years changes are minor as SI focus on polishing the previous release. FM17 was one of those 'quiet' releases with no major bugs but no exciting features either. So FM18 is due for something 'exciting' albeit bugged-up until Christmas.
  2. GK decreasing vision

    It's a good observation, if you'll forgive the pun. Bit of an anomaly, there.
  3. If you go to the Editors Hideaway forum and download the English L22 file, I think you'll find one league - something like Essex Olympian c level 9 iirc has no promotion. Here's the link to the thread - you can ask there if you're interested https://community.sigames.com/topic/380599-wip-e22-england-to-level-22/?page=16
  4. Presumably you're referring to the extent the PLAYER is fluent in the language. Can you clarify how much a COACH who isn't fluent affects players' development?
  5. [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    No, or at least not for a heck of a long time. Edit them in yourself too!
  6. [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    That's pretty much it. I create my bespoke club by hijacking one and totally gutting the details and starting from scratch. Same old ID but new location, stadium, 'birth date' rivals, the lot.
  7. Your ideal squad size?

    As a lower league manager I have to manage the squad carefully. It's 2 for each outfield position and 1 goalkeeper. Then I'll have up to 11 youths who might need to occasionally fill in.
  8. [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    One issue about being semi-pro at that level is how you're going to pay the wage bill. For the first few levels there are only about 7 clubs on average in the division so the actual number of games played are few. Unless attendances bring in unfeasible sums through the gate you'll likely find yourself spiralling into debt even whilst you gain annual promotions. Really the only way to manage that way is to add some kind of a sugar daddy. The better alternative, therefore, is to go amateur but keep your original club reputation so that you attract better amateurs than your rivals. And I'd replace one of the B teams, but do make sure someone takes the place of Guiseley in their league. What I'd actually do is create a Guiseley U18 squad and put them in the L22 division. That would actually have the parent team's rep. nb a further consideration is travel costs. Guiseley is a long coach trip from Mid-Sussex!!
  9. Editor capabilities

    There's a whole forum for editor queries.
  10. Yes, especially if it is one of his PPMs, but even if it isn't, a low Decision attribute can mean he forgets your instructions.
  11. Female Staff in FM 2017 ?

    Well, I've been playing as a LLM using lower league fan-made files for many years now, And I've NEVER made it to league status! Won't happen this year, nor next due to real-life work commitments. Still a bunch of fun though.
  12. Female Staff in FM 2017 ?

    Nah, we'd struggle against Fort Wuwyum! I start at an amateur level, c level 11-15 or lower, using a file made by a fan in the Editors Hideaway forum, adapted to my own devices. I add further made up teams, specialising in Islands such as Iona, Rhum, and up your way!
  13. Wait, WHAT? In 20 years I've never heard this. You're saying if you bring a 17 year old into the first team it's a complete waste of time????
  14. Yes, I'm a lower league manager and this is one of the restrictions of operating at that level.