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  1. I never knew that - explains a lot!
  2. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Come to think of it, I think it's called "Youth Importance".
  3. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I enjoy following this thread. I'm doing my own Youth Academy Challenge where I created my own bespoke club in the editor and populated it with a squad of 15-16 year olds in an 8th tier club, but it's not following your rules so I'll not mention it (again). I just chipped in to point out something new in FM18 - a category named "Youth Interest". No one seems to know what if means or does but it must surely affect you guys. You can't see it or change it, and I guess it must be similar to the category about how much the nation is interested in football. Anyway, I'd have thought that it would affect the quality of newgens depending on the nation you're managing in. It's one to monitor if at all possible.
  4. Can rematches actually happen?

    Remember Arsenal v Sheffield United yonks ago - the managers had to agree to it though. Abandoned matched are rescheduled, but that's all.
  5. I'd be interested to know if anyone's hit upon a 'formula'. So far for me the slider seems to have moved a notch every 5 league games, from abysmal to very poor to poor (still in the red). That ought to mean I'd be in the green in the latter part of the season (maybe youth intake day) if this rate of progress is steady. That's with no incomings.
  6. Youth Importance?

    This Youth Importance, does it cost money?
  7. Youth Importance?

    This Youth Importance, does it cost money?
  8. The 4231 Explained

    Further developments - I was soon running int trouble. I don't think it was connected to the space behind the SV but I was conceding too many and was on a disastrous run of defeats. I noted that the majority of goals I was letting in resulted from long balls down the centre and strikers bursting through my sluggish back line. I decided, "What's sauce for the goose...." so I tweaked the tactics - standard went to counter and I went for direct passing, high tempo, close down more and hard tackling. It's worked wonders. To be fair, until this point my only decent player, a quick striker, had been crocked all season and was just becoming available. I wouldn't have worked with out him but now I'm getting loads of goals from balls over the top for him to run onto. So I guess what I'm finding out is a constant FM truism - you have to find the right tactics for your particular combination of players. Cleon's 4231 is a marvellous framework, but as he himself keeps stressing, the precise template that works for his players won't work for yours. Now, here's praying my striker stays fit ....
  9. I leave t to my assman and he always gives a specific instruction to one (random) player. Does anyone know if it actually alters a PI?
  10. I'm struggling too with my tier 8 side. I've had general training on Cohesion high/average since day 1 and into October 2017 it's risen from abysmal to very poor. Match prep has always been on tactics until now familiarity is full, so maybe I need to switch to teamwork. Will that accelerate the squad's cohesion? Results are very bad so far and I believe that in addition to the low ability of the individual players, the main problem is this lack of cohesion. Those of you further into your campaigns, how long did it take you for your squad's cohesion yo increase from abysmal to something decent?
  11. [FM18] [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    I don't have the editor open, but just open up your club screen and somewhere under finances will be a screen for contracts. From the drop-down menus for full-time, part-time, youth etc you have options re. the kinds of contracts you can offer.
  12. The 4231 Explained

    A bit more feedback: normally I start a lower league campaign by assessing my squad and fitting the formation to their strengths, but this time since they are universally very weak I thought I'd start with Cleon's 4231 Very Deep version and take it from there. So most of the players have roles and duties that they're not suited for, i.e. small red slices of the pie on the tactics screen. So as I've progressed the main tweak I've done is to abandon the wing-back roles and revert to full back because they just couldn't perform their roles and the opponents were exploiting the gaps. There is one point that stands out for me though and I think this might be an issue FM18 coders will need to address if others find it so. I have two players who alternate in the new role of Segundo Volante. By rights they ought to be awful, but in fact both are my star players, making the whole side tick and getting the highest average ratings in the league. Without them I'd be in the relegation zone rather than top half. In short, they are too damn good! Is anybody else finding that?
  13. How to do pre season?

    Exactly as Herne explains. We were told to focus on fitness in pre-season but by FM17 I'd realised it's a recipe for injury disaster even before this incarnation's medical centre. Keep your squad small so all get pre-season games. I don't know if it makes a whole lot of difference but rather than give 22 players 45 mins each friendly, I play 11 for as many of the 90 as possible, then play my 2nd XI in the next friendly. 6-8 friendlies is enough gametime for all to be fit and match sharp. Another myth to ignore is the idea that players can't perform or get injured when condition drops to 70 or so. Nonsense, they can play 90 minutes even if they're down around 50. But do let them recover before their next match. I manage lower league, as far from Man United as you can get, so I don't know about that level, but at my level the squad can only learn one tactic to a decent level in pre-season.
  14. Help with committing to a save?

    I found the magic key a few years ago. Maybe it just works for me but I'll briefly let you in. I create my own personalized FM universe. It starts with the editor. This year I've put an 8-tier file through the editor and adapted it to create my own league. The Premier League has the top 6 English clubs and my picks from around Europe such as Barce and Bayern. In the Championship I've added Celtic and as I go down the divisions my selected pick from the rest of Europe, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Cambodia (where I live) appear. By the time I'm in the 8th tier I've even made up some amateur clubs from places special to me, and created my own bespoke club (see under my avatar). I find it helps starting so low down the pyramid because any ME glitches can be interpreted as amateur hoof-ball standard errors - and the play really can be quite comical at this level. In this club I've made my wife the chairman and populated the squad with 24 15 and 16-year old lads (who are in the database) with CA20 and a club rep of 50 to make it the weakest club in the pyramid. The whole set-up is designed to be a challenge - hard, but not too hard. I rig contracts to make the staff and kids stay as my policy is never to bring in anyone from outside but only promote academy intake kids. An additional benefit of this in FM18 is that the new scouting system that befuddles me is entirely side-stepped as all my part-time scout ever does is scout next opposition. I'm stuck with the squad and staff I start with so I'm going to get to know them well - they're my family, basically. I make my own staff/player pics for them (most of my staff are female so the picture are quite attractive!). I'm never going to leave and I'm unsackable so it's all about me spending a year nurturing my baby. To be frank, I would have left FM a couple of years ago if it wasn't for this strategy. For me, it really does make all the difference.
  15. No U23's Squad

    In some leagues you get the option to have a squad and join a league in the second season.