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    Skye Thistle (my FM edit)
  1. You wouldn't. It's my bespoke team that I make in the editor and put into a very low league.
  2. Ha ha, the OP's talking my language. I've been playing 20 years and consider myself pretty hopeless. I've had to delete FM17 as it was the only way to meet my current work commitments, but how I've always motivated myself is as follows: Customise the game. I hit the editor and create my own club. I stock it with 16 year olds from the database which I will create pix for. I download a really lower-league file such as the 23-league English one by BHTFC in the Editors' Forum. By putting your club in the lowest league where the opposition is so useless, you can't avoid having some success! I fiddle the editor so the kids are so loyal to me and the team that they never leave; thus we bond and I nurture them over the years. With bespoke stadium pictures (muddy fields, in essence) and other customisations, I create a fantasy world that I come to deeply identify with.
  3. fm2017

    No problem whatsoever. I loaded up all levels and started a level 12 myself.
  4. No, just clear cache and reload skin.
  5. Bringing in much-welcomed standardisation re. number of teas in a division, promotion etc. Wonder what the 2 new divisions will be?
  6. If you could train someone to be intelligent, Donald Trump would be Barak Obama. Mentals improve with age and match experience, up to a point. However it looks like you've got a Trigger, there.
  7. I've not heard about this - precis or link, please?
  8. I think you kind of answered your question to me in your response to GreenTriangle. If your player has low decisions you want to make sure he doesn't have too much to think about, particularly where two options are contradictory. Thus, in terms of roles, you don't make him a playmaker. For an indecisive central defender, put him on basic, limited defender role - where he has a choice of lumping the ball into touch or picking out a cute pass to a midfielder in space, get him do just do the former!
  9. Me too; however, it wasn't always like that. I used to have bloated 50+ squads due to being over-zealous in the transfer market. As a result there was no space for youth to move up into the first team squad. Now I ruthlessly prune, especially just after intake day to ensure my squad is no more than 30-33 excluding the new boys. That way promising newbies will get a decent chance in the first team, which is the only way they can truly show if they have potential or not.
  10. You can always purchase and use the IGE for that!
  11. Possibly the most important attribute in the game for me. As a lower league manager who has created a team of 15 year olds with CA1, I see the effects of poor decisions with crystal clarity. Defenders dithering on the ball when you're screaming at them to hoof it clear, strikers clean through on goal delaying and missing their chance to slot the ball into an open net. Try putting your players on Decisions 1 and you'll see exactly what it means!
  12. fm2017

    Someone did a Keymer & Hassocks kits and I think logo because K&H have been playable in this file for 2 or 3 years now. Heath Rangers are new to this year so no one has done one yet. However, it's quite easy to do. I'm no graphics dude but I nicked a logo from an unused club to make my own bespoke club's logo. You just go into the folder with the logo and config file and change its ID number to that of Heath Rangers.
  13. Zebec, I cartainly can't presume to answer on behalf of SI, but the forum I'm referring to is here, in the official SI site. Here it is: Skinning forum The one currently at the top of the list, Vitrex has the facility.
  14. I have a lovely lady - I use an Andromeda skin. The same chick's face is used for all more than one random lady though.
  15. There is, if you want it. Many customised skins have an "instant result" button which comes in 2 forms - basic IR where you hand over everything to your AM, and "simulation" where you give the AM a certain gameplan. The skinning forum here has many of these skins for download.