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    Lived in Cambodia since 2005.

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    Professor of English


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    A Song of Ice and Fire, aspiring music-creator, Football Manager.

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    Customised, Rothesay Bay

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    Now at L18 of Dan BHTFC's 22-tier league

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  1. Being taken over and fired by a ghost is kinda spooky, no?
  2. England winning the World Cup?
  3. phnompenhandy

    Non league football

    I believe there is a Good Players Guide forum for naming names, not here.
  4. phnompenhandy

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    ^ Above Birmingham City
  5. Try the Editors forum Ah, first time poster. I mean here, these guys are experts at editing stuff Editors' Hideaway
  6. Good good. But the music - for 'some reason' somehow I've got "Smack My B*tch Up" stuck in my head
  7. No, it's just the same as we've always done. 'General Training: Fitness Low>High'.
  8. phnompenhandy

    End of an era

    Maybe if we ask nicely, they'll sell us empty boxes.
  9. phnompenhandy

    Pre-Match Hand Shaking

    Ha ha, never seen this. Nice "touch"! :-)
  10. phnompenhandy

    Ridiculous Lower league pass backs

    That's lower league for you where Concentration atts can be in low single digits.
  11. phnompenhandy

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Ah, finally a season where you didn't get promoted, walked the league as undefeated champions etc. So it takes until L4 for a proper challenge to begin. Good to know - only 18 seasons!
  12. phnompenhandy

    Change Max Allowed Staff

    You can though. If you board say you can have a maximum of 2 coaches, you can keep adding more with this 'cheat'. What you can't do is change their job titles; e.g you can't make an U18 coach into a first team coach.
  13. phnompenhandy

    Change Max Allowed Staff

    With any staff member go to the IGE and 2nd or 3rd option is 'add to own team'.
  14. phnompenhandy

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Hmm thst's interesting. Success at amateur level 20-something gets you approaches from league clubs (yeh right) but once you're on the fringes of the league after 18 straight promotions and they don't wanna know????
  15. Oh right. I'll look for it, but to be honest down in the lowest reaches of non-league we keep winning even without leadership, so it never really becomes an issue.