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  1. SSs are a new feature, and they are supposed to reduce injury times/recurrence of injuries. IF physios already do that, SSs are pointless.
  2. Glad you're giving it a go, but, er .... Barce???? Many of us play the game to do just as you suggest - take a crop of kids and go from there. I download a fan-made mod to start at park football level and use my academy kids, aged 14-15 when they come through to the club and nurture them. Without a mod it's better to start with a low-league part-time club where there's no pressure on you. I'm trying out the beta with the worst club in Scotland, Edinburgh City; you could dig around and find a league with no relegation just to get the hang of things.
  3. If only the whole world were football. Still, would be the best outcome if we all got that (in the game...)
  4. I'm by no means convinced; in addition, in FM17 the sports scientist is supposed to perform that role, suggesting physios never did.
  5. Is the chairman of Truro still that super-dodgy property developer who nearly bankrupted Plymouth? Mind you, as a Pompey fan that'll be a step up for you ;-)
  6. I'm wondering if we age. I start aged 55 and intend to manage for 45 years to see how I look when I'm 100 :-)
  7. They have been known to release the game a couple of days before the official date, and that could well happen this time if we're in luck.
  8. fm2017

    Have we overwhelmed that nonleaguematters website? I can't get in now. Heath Rangers get relegated?
  9. Climate change! It gets worse - Brexit in the next edition ;-)
  10. Nice kits. It's a pity all three can't get promoted (well, they can in our leagues!)
  11. I believe Morrissey above will be. What I'm doing is adding them to DanBHTFC's 23-level English league file along with Welsh, Irish, Cambodian, European and other clubs to create a monster international league.
  12. Your points 3 & 4 re crazy transfer fees seems perfectly realistic. As for the rest, yes there are concerned that need to be addressed there. Which leagues did you load though? - that'll affect the outcomes.
  13. Cheers, I'm just taking a break 'cos my game crashed. Hopefully this'll fix it.