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  1. You can change the size of the catchment area in the editor.
  2. Another quick tip is to arrange a friendly against a numpty opposition. Any kind of win will help restore morale and could break the cycle.
  3. I don't know but when you do build it, make it cosy. I can see you being banished to it many many times!
  4. Heh, guess I don't count but I'll chuck it in anyway. I'm managing a lower league side where my policy is never to buy/bring in any player, ever. So for the first season I'm managing grays until my first batch of youth recruits come through, when I'll give them all contracts. So we're basically talking about players with CA1 here. Oh boy the quality is bad - so, so bad. The strikers are really quite hilarious.
  5. Transfer window's still open - you have time to get a new one in. Wives come and go; FM is for ever. I've had 3 long-term relationships since discovering FM. My current one, 11 years now, encourages me to play. The way she sees it I don't go out and waste money on booze and birds. She's a keeper.
  6. I would expect that. It's analogous to the recent example of Glasgow Rangers. Forced to restart in the lowest tier they still packed their stadium.
  7. Yes, I really like that. As a lower league manager, I have a policy of never buying and only promoting my academy kids, so I'd love to be able to do that.
  8. As a lower league manager it's a perfectly normal situation for me to be playing weekly in stadia at 5-10% capacity.
  9. Same as I always do - my own bespoke club that i create in the editor and start at the lowest possible level.
  10. 55, am I
  11. I might be able to help. I've being doing this for years. I create a lower league club with a backstory, for example this year it was Skye Thistle, a football team connected to the only Gaelic-medium college in Scotland. Boys would be selected from the high school to enter the team's youth squad. As the club has a Gaelic-speaking only philosophy, I can never buy/bring in any players outside the college. So the challenge is how to retain those lads that show promise and not have the club depleted? Firstly, the solution cannot be found within SI's parameters. You can make whatever attributes you like 20 and fiddle around with reputations and the players will still be poached. The only way I've found to make them stay is to use the editor to put them on a long contract and tick the box that says they'll leave at the end of the contract.
  12. So what? I'm thoroughly enjoying managing at the 13th level thanks to a fan-made file from the Editors' Hideaway. But as said above, there's really no need to add leagues to the game "out of the box" when fans can use the editor so skilfully. What hopefully will be the case is that FM17 will have a decent algorithm to ensure realistic clubs make the play-off with the bottom-placed League Two side. What might be tricky however, and I'm looking forward to seeing how SI manage it, is the new Irn-Bru Cup format where higher-level U20 teams are entered.
  13. Just a FYI. I'm fannying about with this file until the end of the current transfer window. I'm updating it daily with the latest transfers involving the top clubs, which means when I start a real campaign commencing in July 2015 the clubs will in the divisions and have the players pertaining to September 2016. I'm running little holiday tests to see how the Premier League etc turns out this season. And what does this have to do with this file? Well just for s***s & giggles I've doctored Keymer & Hassocks. They have a rep of 10, no money, no nothing, no players, no other staff (setting: don't add staff or players and close the 1st transfer window) so all players are grays, BUT with a 200/200 manager - to see what actual difference a manager makes to a club. Early results are quite interesting - first season we finished 4th, which is basically mid-table (9 teams). Over the next 3 seasons we finished 3rd, 4th, 3rd - never got promotion. Each season after the first one a few grays were signed on amateur contracts but no player from outside was ever brought in. So there you have it - the limitations of the best possible AI manager vs you! I'm doing a final re-test using FMRTE to maximise the manager to having 20 in all attributes but I suspect the results will be the same - at the end of the day, you need the players!
  14. Are you starting down in Level 23 or somesuch? If so, lower league players in the likes of Moldova will never be relevant to you. I go for a small database and load up all players based in my nation for optimum coverage. Sorry that doesn't answer your question - I dunno!!