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    I am an avid Norwich City Fan who has supported them since I was four, when I went to my first game

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  1. Not meaning to gloat, but on my Bradford Park Avenue save, in 2035, I stumble across a surname in my youth intake that is familiar to me - its one not usually found in Football Manager.....its my name, I have a SON! It legit says 'father' next to my name and everything. What is worrying though, is that his birthplace is listed as Kings Lynn (which is where I was legit born), but as I've managed Bradford PA since 2020, I would assume I no longer live in Norfolk. This likely means that me and his mother are separated. I probably slept with the physio! (his name is Tim!)
  2. Stick it in the feature requests section, it would be good to have some variety. The old 'I took them as far as I could', curbishley style
  3. Check out the YouTube channel 'workthespace' he does lots of FM stuff. He has some links to amazing packs and skins too. Welcome back.
  4. Have a look at this YouTuber, Zealand, he has don't lots of deep guides on scouting etc
  5. Also. Watch football. Defenders make really stupid mistakes sometimes!
  6. Do you watch highlights or full game? You may not be seeing how many throw ins your team DOES defend well, if they don't lead to chances in the highlights.
  7. I'm all about teamwork, workrate and determination. If a player has a pitfall stat in any of those three, it's usually a no from me.
  8. With a wingback always prioritise physicals over anything else. Get that athelete in there, he can learn to cross later
  9. Hi Guys, This may be posted elsewhere, and maybe in the wrong forum (please advise), but is there a method to 'fix' the club names (Zebre, etc) on an already functioning Save Game? Thanks K
  10. It's the phrase 'demotivated' I don't like. What I want from my bottle throw, is a reaction, 'I'll show him' or 'christ, we had better do better!' Not....demotivated.
  11. Has anyone ever had a positive reaction from chucking the bottle? Can't say I do it that often, but it always seems to demotivate the players
  12. If the team has underperformed, I send em somewhere rubbish. Scotland instead of Portugal for example
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