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  1. In addition to this, the 'he used to play for my club' trigger is seemingly random, i've had no mention of the fact that I had to sell the opposition my star striker two months ago, versus, a random 3rd string right back who moved there on a free getting questions in the press conference. What we are likely saying (not to speak for others), is that the stories that we create in our minds - that take us out of the 'spreadsheet' nature of the game, SHOULD be better played out in game than they are. There are loads of ways to turn all the data and occurrences in game into something m
  2. This is what I do. I dont like the IGE philosophically, but i use it to manage the careers of ex players and such to halt the crawl of the regen...
  3. There is a very good tactic in the forums, which is based on Simeone's non possession based football. I've found it pretty useful for situations in which you are likely to concede huge amounts of possession and shots. It's good for soaking up and hitting on the break Might help
  4. To expand on this, if a player is wanted by another club, there is unlikely to be a significant fee at the lowest levels, instead offer them out with an 'arrange friendly' option - then when you arrange that friendly you bank all gate receipts with no arrangement fee. Depending on the size of your stadium and the opposition you can make 10/20k a match
  5. Hi Guys, Maybe I have missed something, so set my game up incorrectly, but I started a new save with a lot of leagues loaded, but started in England unemployed, after getting the Spennymoor job I note that I am informed when I try to sign someone that 'no transfer activity is allowed for Spennymoor in this transfer window' Is this a bug or did this happen last year and will end at some point?
  6. I love stuff like that. I am doing a rise through the leagues and kept a hopeless under 18 manager through the whole time. Until in the Championship he decided he was big time and rejected the fair renewal offer I made him. I sacked him straight away. I followed up at the end of the season....he was at Hyde as ASS. under 18 manager. Serves you right biatch
  7. did you have a load of messed up fixtures to mimic Covid? I have had different things happen in different saves with the fixtures, so I wonder if 'Covid effects' have an element of RNG about them? This might affect the crowd/finances as the above poster has said......
  8. I think it depends on what leagues and detail level you have loaded.
  9. This is a great idea, You get offered that 'big job' as a young manager, but.....you have to give up transfer freedoms etc to get it. Tough choices.
  10. I think this is a great idea and could help form much more the relationship between board and manager.
  11. He wants to advertise a job, without there being a position available yet
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