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  1. Exactly that, you can't hire managers for them as the minimum wages asked are much higher. Also if they are not in playable leagues, the lose their real life purpose, to develop players for the first team. Basically unless you manage a top team with a B team in a playable league in the game, the B team is just a disturbance sitting in there with no purpose. Also the game treats B teams as reserve teams in UK, so sometimes you see players like Messi recovering from injury and playing in the B team a few games, that is impossible to see in real life.
  2. Aren't you guys having issues with the B teams? Despite being my home country, I have not managed a team in Spain in the last years because the mess that the B/C teams are.
  3. Yeah I know it’s a pregame DB. I meant if in your own games you keep updating the managers using the in game editor.
  4. Thanks for the great job! One question, do you keep updating the managers after the first season? I mean for Newgen managers that are created and that probably are not up to par with the edited ones and that will lower down the AI level after a few seasons.
  5. There are different filters, Player Search is what i showed above and it shows all the players that you and your staff know, based on your knowledge attributes, your scouts and your scouting package, but you might have scouted them or not, Scouted is only players you have scouted.
  6. I also don't use the Search screen as a long time hardcore LLM player but I just took a look because this thread and it's not as bad as it used to be and in fact it could be realistic. In this save I'm playing as DUX coach, 4th tier in Spain (Segunda B), with the Segunda B scouting package. Attribute masking is ON and MOST important, when I created myself, as Sunday League with no badges, I gave myself 1 in Player knowedge and Youth player knowledge (the minimum possible) so basically I don' tknow any player and need to rely on my scouts. Here is what I see in the player search
  7. I play mainly Lower leagues and agree that finding FA's that are better and on cheaper contracts than your starting squad is way too easy, specially if you use the Search screen and tons of trials to scout them faster. That is why I use LLM own house rules, so I don't use the Search screen, don't sign any player I haven't scouted first and don't offer a trial to somebody I haven't scouted before. Of course we could have the game to add these limitations for us, but I'm good enough and disciplined at self imposing rules, so for me it's not a problem. The same way I never reload a matc
  8. I always wondered and even propossed it in the past, to have the option in the DB to setup a team to only allow players form a nationality, insted of having it only hardcoded for Bilbao. It is probably an easy change in the editor for SI, to add that checkbox and the country list, but for some reason they don't do it.
  9. To all these that you guys are managing to get a WP, did the scout say it was posible or did he say that they would not likely get it?
  10. Agree that the only way to have that back three is using 3 defenders, the central one for sure Ball playing one and maybe with "brings ball out of defence" or maybe you can try a libero. HB only works as a third DF on defence and build up play, but then he goes up in the final third. As for the two midfielders, I use something similar with DLP and CAR, even if the carrilero drifts a little to the side, both midfielders main function is to recycle, dictate tempo and pass to the three attacking players. Mezzala won't work as he is more aggressive joining the attack even on support duty.
  11. Are the scouts aware about Brexit and it's implications? most of the players they keep suggesting me have as CONS "Would probably fail to gain a work permit" as they are EU players that are not in the national teams from France, Belgium, etc. It's a waste of time to check each one of their suggestions to find this. Is it working as intended or is it going to be fixed? If it's going to keep working this way, at least add the option to tell the scouting team that I'm not interested on players that won't get a work permit, so let's not waste our mutual time on these.
  12. Works fine for me, other than the game interface using a lot of resources and draining up the battery fast on retina models. But it’s related to all OSX versions not to sur, and there are workarounds.
  13. What pisses me off mainly about brexit now that is “fixed” is that some parts of the game are not aware of it, like my scouts suggesting me a ton of players that “likely won’t get a work permit” that is a big waste of time checking one by one to realize I can’t sign them.
  14. I'm Spanish but I play in English language, mainly because it's the lang I have always use for more than 20 years of CM/FM and also because the Spanish translation can be weird in some situations. Not that the translation is wrong, but because some words or feelings etc can't be properly translated to any language without part lost in the process, the same that I watch series or movies in the original version. What I change right away is the currency to € and the salary to yearly, as that is what we use in Spain when talking about gross salary.
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