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  1. To avoid confusion here, the difficulty can be only changed using house rules like playing only youth teams, or delegating tasks to your staff so they are like the AI ones, not in game features except starting with the lowest reputation, that makes the game more difficult initially but that is solved before midseason just giving the right team talks, press releases and praising your players training and performances and of course winning games. Of course you can play a save where you only sign and use goalkeepers for every position, or play the game with your screen turned off or with ha
  2. Nice write up! I'm a big fan both of the 4-4-2 Diamond and the 4-3-1-2 and in both cases my biggest issue and the reason why I usually abandon them after some time is that both are very vulnerable to overlapping wingbacks as they overload the sides with two wing players vs my single one. To counter it I also try to drive them inside defending wide and I use two CBs with 17+ Jumping and a GK with 18 in Aerial to deal with the crosses, but the main issue I find is that after dealing with tons of crosses one of them might get in, if not the dreaded cross from deep to the back of my opposite wingb
  3. Awesome thread. I come from a save where I overperformed a lot with a Crewe Team based on players under 23 mainly. Just the problem you described, I climbed from League 1 to the top of the premier always having the youngest team and lowest payroll for every league I was in that ended boring me as it was clearly an exploit. Lack of experience was never a problem. Also I know main purpose is the age experiment but your tactical explanations were really informative as well. I’ll be around!
  4. The sooner SI removes the outdated default tactics the better for all us to avoid misconceptions specially for new players. For the mods and the content creators that have direct access to SI staff, why do we still have these extreme and overcomplicated presets full of misconceptions and TI's that might be ok for very specific players and situations, but not as presets? Please convince them to add there proper setups that are simple and make sense, from @Rashidi@HUNT3R@Experienced Defenderetc. In fact it would be even better if the presets were also something we could import in game, so w
  5. After getting bored with my Crewe Alexandra save as I had unrealistic success. I'm currently 4th in the Premier in January after being promoted twice in 6 years (this is ok), finished second in the FA cup when in the championship (not realistic), with 50M in the bank, lowest payroll in the league, new stadium and tons of promising international u23 players. So I'm going to start a new save again with a lower team and Sunday league rep and I'm trying to set some house rules to avoid having a big advantage vs the AI. Starting with low reputation and no badges is only a problem the first sea
  6. Three years later and after the new improved press conferences... I'd say the overall feeling is still the same despite the attempts from SI to improve it. The reason I'm refloating this old thread is because it came up after a search about delegating press conferences as I can't stand them anymore. In my last save, I have been playing 6 seasons with Crewe, from Sunday league reputation in League 1 to 4th in the Premier with good success. Playing it as realistic as I could (think on LLM rules) and part of the task was attending to all the press conferences, team talks, pregame tunnel
  7. There is an option in the responsibility delegations screen to set that staff initiates transfers but you have the final word to accept or reject it.
  8. Good point that also leads to some of us frustration. A few of us, want a tough and realistic challenge, but also to feel we have accomplished something without "cheating" even if not on purpose. My problem right now that is making me to lose my interest in my save, is that I have reached a point with Crewe Alessandra where I'm not sure if I'm overachieving (4th in the Premier in January, with the lowest payroll in the whole league by a huge margin and that means huge profits, 40M already in the bank and building new stadium) because I'm doing a good but realistic work, or if i have foun
  9. Agree, as Crewe I signed a few u18 players for free or under 100k from the premier when I was in League 1, played and developed them while winning and reaching the Premier with Crewe, they are now superstars still on cheap contracts (1M per year) and with market values of over 20M.
  10. I'm playing basically that tactic and overachieving with Crewe both to get promoted from the Championship and in my first season in the Premier (4th right now). Thew only difference with yours is: - Instead of DLF (AT) I use F9 (with a forward that is more of an AM, high passing and vision, that comes deep for the ball) - My midfielder duo is: DLP(Su) CM (De). Sometimes the DLP(Su) is switched to B2B. - Instead of FBs (Su) I use WBs (Su or Au) - Instead of short passing, I use mixed. - Instead of High LOE I use standard LOE for more compactness, giving space so it
  11. I'd say it's easy to overachieve even with strict realistic house rules, that is somewhat fun, but tires me over time. In my current save, I have reached the Premiership with Crewe after 2 years in League 1 and 3 reaching the playoffs in the Championship, winning them at the third attempt. I can't say I have stormed through the leagues, took me 5 years that could be fine but... the problem is that I had little struggle any year other than the playoffs roulette. I was not scared of any team. Even now in the premier, with team mainly of young players discarded by top teams and some cheap si
  12. Corners at near post with a defenseman with 17+ jumping attacking it are kind of overpowered, had my 17 yers old defenseman score 12 in a season that way. Then I switched to mixed delivery as felt it was not realistic at all.
  13. I'm in year 2025 so not so far ahead, and most of the top teams fullbacks/wingbacks and specially but not only most of the newgens, have very low crossing/dribbling attributes (9 to 13 that imho is low at the top level). Is like if every wingback player is more or a defensive fullback or inverted wingback. The game also values these defensive wingbacks very high regarding stars, salary and price. Is that normal and working as designed? is it related to newgens generation and attributes spread? or also to external database scouts as in 2025 a lot of the players are still the real ones. Are
  14. After playing non stop this year, as finally I'm enjoying a match engine after two horrible years, I'll throw my opinion after 4 seasons with Crewe Alessandra in League 1, where I am overachieving somewhat but I'm finding it hard to reach the premier. - 1st year with no transfer windows enabled was hard, even worse as my young starts were poached in January but I also managed to sign some young players (18 to 19 years old) discarded from the premier. The objetive was to not to go down and I managed it almost in the last games, ending 20th. - During the summer I signed even more young
  15. Is there a way to see which tactic did you use in a specific game? (not only formation but roles, width, pass length, etc). Sometimes I do a lot of tests and I'd like to go back to a previous tactic I might have overwritten it already.
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