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  1. Also saw this, probably a mod should move this to the bugs forum or else you can start a thread there.
  2. I know what the SV should do, and in fact it does it properly in game, no need to doubt about my understanding of real life football, we are talking about a game engine here. That I meant is that at the conference level, with average players for the league level (and agreeing with you that is is a very demanding role in real life, a true complete midfielder), two different players that I have tried in that position during a season, both became the best rated players in the team and it's not just the rating but what I see with my own eyes, that is that the SV is the true engine of the team, defend, assists, score a lot himself, etc. So that is why I said that I really love the new role, it's just that I "feel" it overpowered as I "feel" that an average player at that low level shouldn't perform this well, being able to dictate the game, defend and attack while not getting more tired for example than his deep laying playmaker partner that is way more static, I don't need to sub him that frequently and I'm talking again about average players at the conference level. This is only a "feeling" that I have not taken the time to prove with stats and videos, that is why I said literally "I'm finding it a bit overpowered", if i was totally sure about it and could prove it, I would have already reported it in the bugs forum. I just left it here as my "own feeling" to see if others agreed also, as phnompenhandy and Bigpapa42 did just before me.
  3. I’m also finding the attacking SV a bit overpowered, whoever I put there over performs, it’s like a box2box mixed with a playmaker. I’m enjoying it a lot, but I’m afraid it could be an exploit and will need some balance, at least make him to get tired faster from running again again from box to box non stop.
  4. The tactical genius can correct me, but imho sit deeper is totally against offside trap and pressing at least on how the match engine was designed, the same about wanting to press but now wanting your players to be pulled form their position.
  5. Exactly, it’s a bug but not sure if reported already.
  6. After plenty of games played, I can confirm that I don't have that crash anymore, so it must have been related to nvidia drivers.
  7. How do you suggest to change the AM role when the opponent is playing with a DM man marking him? I thought about switching it to trequartista so he dirfts to the sides forcing the DM to follow him and opening space for others, but the problem is that at least in the lower leagues, there aren't good enough AMs to play trequartistas.
  8. After upgrading my drivers and the gforce experience panel I have played two games and no crashes so far... so either i'm lucky now or it is fixed. Will report again after more games.
  9. I got this message in my inbox, telling me about how I should setup training, in this case to change Fitness focus to balanced. I click on the checkbox at the right, and I expect that action to change my training focus, but when i go to training screen, nothing has changed and it's still focused on fitness. Don't have proofs right now but i-m pretty sure it-s happening also with other messages with checkbox to take actions that also have no effect.
  10. I'm doing now a clean install of the nvidia gforce experience and drivers to see if it's related as mine were not the latest ones. This is only happening in windows 10, I also play in a macbook pro and have cero issues with the game.
  11. Had it again in another game, exactly the same way. Clicked on tactics, went to the tactics screen and after some seconds... crash. This time with the director camera.
  12. Just had a crash mid game, was watching it in 2D mode and clicked on tactics and then got it. i'm using the default dark skin, only mods installed are sortitoutsi Real names fix, tcm logos and sortitoutsi faces megapack. Info attached, please let me know if you anything else. DxDiag.txt default.log graphics config.log
  13. See my scouting budget, 5k and 1K remaining, so I thought I had expended 4k. To my surprise looking at the team finances my scouting expenses so far in January, 87k that is almost as much as my total team wages! Was going to raise this as bug but have read it's working as intended, that the scouting budget is only for the scouting packs and does not include the traveling expenses of your scouts, that count towards the scouting expenses but not the scouting budget. Just letting you guys know as If you run a semi-pro team like me, this could ruin your save. Btw, other than that, i love the new scouting and how it makes things more hard and realistic specially with low budget teams.
  14. Might be related but I have my board unhappy about the 4-1-3-2 formation I’m using.... while I switched to a 5-3-2 like 2 months ago if not more (need to check exact time when I arrive home).
  15. I would play them with the strong foot outside outside so they play wider and can also cross the ball if needed, else with the diamond they will all congest the middle.