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  1. Agree that FM model is probably based on old data, and that current players keep their physical attributes for more years as long as they have the "natural fit" and "professionalism" to keep training hard like Ronaldo, Ibra, Sergio Ramos, etc as also the doctors, fitness coaches, technology, food and supplements, etc have evolved so fast in the past years and I don't think FM models that well enough. About Bale in particular I'm not sure... as a Real Madrid fan... he is still fast but his professionalism, team work and work rate must be rated really low. I wonder if he has trained hard the last two years or just enough to not to be fired legally because lack of professionalism but not enough to fight for a starting position as it was a zero chance for him due to his attitude, I'd also rate his adaptability to 0, a guy that has been in Spain for that many years and can't speak a single Spanish word nor had any friend in the team. I bet his shoulders and arms are fit from playing golf, but that doesn't apply for football I'm afraid. Hope he will get back to what he was now in the PL, so we have a chance to sell him for something at least, but I don't have high hopes, he might get injured soon again in the calfs as every season as soon as he sprints.
  2. I'm not in favor of difficulty levels as I can't see how can they be implemented, lowering the opposite teams attributes as FIFA does (totally against realism)? raising your team budget (you can do it yourself with the editor anytime anwyay), more forgiving board (choose a different team then)? For me the problem is not the difficulty levels but that the game is hard for newcomers because confusing interface and lack or not proper information provided by the game and it's easy because AI is not good enough counter acting human tactics/tweaks and is not good at squad building long term (even if better than before). Solutions: 1) Better UI and I don't mean usability but proper information in the text descriptions and concepts used specially in the tactics creator. Better feedback from the staff. This will make the game "easier". 2) Better AI regarding the tactics/in match reactions, less dependent from many decision of PA/CA and more on individual attributes, form, stats, age, etc as veteran players do for squad building, team selection, youngest development etc. This will make the game "harder".
  3. That might be one of the issues, that is why we need a more complex AI that setups tactics more based on your own and not mainly on odds.
  4. After several struggles this year, basically trying to setup counter or defensive tactics, I decided to join the bandwagon for fun. Developed two attacking tactics based on possession and high pressing. One from 4-1-4-1 Deep and another from 4-2-3-1. Keys: - Set a positive or attacking high pressing possession tactic and even good teams will just allow you to have the ball 60% of the time and get chance after chance. You will suffer from time to time of a loss when you have shot 30 times and the opposition only 1, but usually you will win. - Set proper set piece routines, not even using exploits but not the default ones. - Praise your players for good training, soon they will love you. - Use the right team talks and shouts. - Sign young players for free after they have been cut by top teams. - To make money, sell some of your top young men if needed for a few M and send a few for loan with 100% salary paid by the other club. Result: Started with Crewe, promoted to League 1 first season, promoted to Championship second season and now I sit 1st half league, so promotion to the premier looks close as well. I also reached the 4th final of the FA cup and the 4th final of the Carabao, beating teams like Arsenal in the way. All mainly with free signed players. I'll keep this save trying to make Crewe a team dominating Europe with young players but I must admit sometimes it gets boring and I set games to key moments only as soon as I see that my team is dominating. If the other teams has more chances/possession in the first 15 mins, change the tactic a bit to adapt. The fun for me i this save is basically from signing young players and developing them, but is not very challenging. The problem for me is that attacking high pressing tactics seems overpowered for two straight years while setting other kind of tactics is much harder because the lack of proper information and confusing terms in the tactics creator.
  5. My main issue are the multiple offsides by wingbacks/fullbacks per game, something you don't usually see in real life where most of the offsides are obviously from attacking players.
  6. Do they still develop and get fit etc even if their games are not simulated for being in leagues under the playable ones?
  7. Is he playing as HalfBack role? it would explain it as the HB drops back into the defense but agree is not the right time to drop back.
  8. I play LLM mainly and follow it's rules, but basically just use common sense and avoid doing anything that I consider unrealistic and that wouldn't happen in real life, for example having 50 players on trial, or being in the 4th tier league getting 10 loans from the 1st tier, unrealistic contract offers, etc. But the truth is that most of it is being handled better and better by the game itself, like the limit on salaries that you can offer when you are over the budget, the scouting limitations by the board, etc.
  9. Perfect thing would the old wib/wob screen, but not editable as in the past, but just to display where every player should be depending on where the ball is and who has it. Of course that would be an ideal representation, that doesn't mean 100% that it will happen what you see, but the samn way tha a real coach uses a drawboard that is an approach of what the players will face and should do in a field in ideal cirunstances.
  10. I'm going to try to play devil's advocate here: What if SI is right and the main issue is that we humans are not playing or understanding current FM properly? We users claim that AI teams play too defensive, with too many touches in defense, and that they need just a couple of chances to score while we need 30+. What if the problem is that we users have the idealized idea that football is about aggressive attacking plays & highlights etc so we all set our teams to play in over attacking mentalities, high pressing etc and the ME can't cope with it for being unrealistic vs what the ME expects us to use? What if we started to develop tactics based on low mentalities emulating the AI? would we get more "realistic" stats regarding shoots/goal and perceived domination? I'm going to give it a new go again with that approach, just to prove myself wrong, even when I don't believe in that. When i tried to play low mentalities in FM20, the games ended again with low scores and what looked more non open goals (set pieces etc) but that might be again a problem of my perception and expectations. But again, if that is true, and we don't know how to play and enjoy this game I think it's the time for SI to step up and teach us how to get the most of FM and to give us the right tools for that learning experience to become fun and not frustrating. INTERFACE: 1) Change the in game help text and descriptions in the tactics screen, to something less abstract and flamboyant. Everything is so ambiguous, and I play the game both in Spanish (my mother language) and English. Use more visual aids like the short animations we already have. 2) Add more and proper default tactics, it can't be that much time consuming to do it on a good way. Current ones are not that good imho and create more confusion than help. Try to mirror real teams, even coaches as you work with some already. You can keep adding more as the season goes after the game release, like a tactical setup after a great CL game or stuff like that, it will keep fan base even more engaged. AM FEEDBACK: Either it's been untouched for many versions or the changes are not noticeable. 3) Give us proper feedback from the AM pre game instead of him just telling us that we should play more attacking because we are favourites or that we should add 2 more attacking roles because we chose attacking mentality, that seems to follow just a basic IF THEN rule set to give us advice. 4) Give us proper feedback from the AM in game. Sorry but it's embarrassing when the AM tells you that you should play a short passing game because you connected the last 3 short passes (I'm exaggerating), regardless of the macro of the game. I don't think anybody considers the AM advice, regardless the tactical knowledge attribute, trustable at all. OFFICIAL WRITTEN GUIDES: I know the philosophy is to let the user learn by himself instead of feeding him the solution, but maybe we have reached a point of complexity where more info feeding is needed regarding how the engine works or how does it calculates things, what each attribute and setting does by itself or together with others without giving out the formulas. Anyway users can decide themselves if to read that info and "spoil" themselves or not. 5) Offer us again an in depth proper guide like the old FM tricks and tips from Marc Vaughan that we used to receive every year. I know it takes time and effort (=money), but maybe it's worth it to pay somebody (or community volunteer) to do this and a good long term investment for SI as you will need to update it every year only with the yearly changes. 6) Give us videos and/or written examples of real life tactics applied to the tactical setup. Sorry again I don't trust most of the current tactical content available in Youtube, I would trust more official ones by SI. COMMUNITY CONTENT: 7) Incentive again the best content producers that we had once in this forums writing gems like the tactics and theorems, that while complex and in depth, had also real life examples of real coaches and tactics and how to set them up in the game. See the tactics forum now, it's far from what it used to be and we have mainly the same threads about how to be the next Pep or Jurgen in terms of new threads, most of the good discussions are still in old threads. Now it's all about (with exceptions) the Twitch and youtube videos from content producers teaching how to exploit the ME playing high pressing high mentality like if we are were kids playing Fornite when I consider the FM player base or the strategy/manager games player base in general older and more educated, else we would only play FIFA (that I do as well btw, nothing wrong). I don't remember the details but there was an issue some years ago that split the community and that made a lot of quality FM sites to close down. BRING BACK THE EMPLOYEES TO THE FORUMS (volunteers of course): I know you did in the past an it was probably a bad experience for your lead guys and programmers to interact with the users. Also I'm the CEO of a tech company with 80+ programmers and I know in general they are not the best profile for interacting in public nor that they like it but maybe you can setup a heavily moderated sub-forum where a single strike means you are gone from that subforum for some time or forever, whithout having to remove the user from the rest of public forums. Kind of like the Quickfire Q&A thread where I see more SI staff writting, but more organized as a subforum with threads instead of it all in a single thread where it's more messy to read.
  11. I have had some success playing the AMC in a 4-3-1-2 as SS with both forwards in front of him playing open to the sides, so he becomes basically another forward that arrives later disrupting the defenses. The only issue is that it becomes mainly a narrow 4-3-3 that is very attacking, so the midfielders need to play conservative (currently testing a CAR DLPd CAR or MEZs DLPd CAR setup ).
  12. Quick question, I guess the answer is no, as it means editing the db or downloading a file but can it be done eliminating Brexit? Hate it's randomness and lack of realistic output.
  13. I'm going to re-read that thread and give FM20 a new try, but again it seems that only high press/mentality tactics work in general as it happened in FM19 already. I still have not seen anybody having success with patient or defensive tactics. Also still surprised (on a good way) that with a single forward in a 4-3-3 you managed to have him to score 34 goals as this year I'm having way more success with 2 forwards as usually the single one is not very active because his lack of movement in the final third (problem again deeply documented that started in FM19 and has not been fixed in two consecutive years).
  14. I'm curious about the tactic you are using, just to see if you can get these kind of results with any good thought tactic that fits a team or if it's because one special tactic is doing better than expected. Also what kind of goals is that striker scoring? My fear (unproven) with current ME is that there seems to be a single way to be successful so it's more a puzzle game about finding it (and little replay ability after you do) than a real football tactical game where you can win using different approaches other than high pressing/high attack mentality.
  15. The problem is that it’s the second year in a row we are told that despite knowing that the customers are not happy with the ME, they need to abandone it to work on next ME, yet this year we got a tweaked version of past year ME with similar issues plus a few fixes and some added problems. If you are just going to keep tweaking this ME as you did last year, then at least keep giving us the updates in between even if we beta test for 9 more months, at least we will have a better ME next year with our feedback. Unless there is a valid reason, I can only think that is a business decision so we all will buy FM21 to get the promised engine. The problem is if it doesn’t come next year and we are fooled twice... so for first time in 20 years playing FM I’m thinking abot not buying fm21 until I’m sure that we are not getting FM19.3 regarding the ME. Everything outside the ME is awesome as it is and FM20 was the best version ever imho but I have deleted it from my computer as can’t stand the ME.
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