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  1. Sadly it happens too often in press releases. I usually read all the questions and try to use some FM logic when answering, but after the first season, when you have already seen all the questions and the novelty is over, you can just safely chose the second one from the left and you are always fine not even reading the questions or answers. Else I lose fast the immersion when something like that happens or when it's too obvious how to manipulate the press and other managers or your own players to gain advantage and have always a highly motivated team. Thought I would give it a chance past year with the gestures but it looked just as a new skin over the old system, hope it gets improved.
  2. I'll have it on gamepass but... will preorder anyway as I play mainly on my mac notebook and anyways I know myself and can't wait two extra weeks to have it while reading others about the beta. I wish the xbox series x version was the full fat one instead of touch version as my series x is way more powerful than my mac and since mouse was enabled past year it was like playing on pc except that it was the simpler version and I miss some of the full fat features. Will the xbox version be playable in xbox cloud gaming? It would be nice to play it from my mobile from time to time. Of course besides killing part of my life playing FM as I have for the last 25 years, I'll also come to the forums to complain about what I don't like, it's part of the tradition
  3. It'a always confusing to think that the shape you see id the defensive one, a quick change that might help could be as simple as just showing only your own half of the field with your players there in their defensive shape, instead of the full field, because not any team has a forward in the opposite area while their defenders are close to his own (I know, some press and tv shows it that way as well) Something as simple as this, and we all would know it's the defensive shape, no more doubts or questions in the forums.
  4. A bit biased question isn't it? So left=ethical and right=unethical? For me ethics has nothing to do with right or left but more about what they do with their money and how is it distributed/invested, how do they contribute to ethical projects, environment protection, how do they treat the fans, etc. But if they support or even allow extreme right or extreme left, or support or allow aggressive and violent supporters, no matter if right or left oriented, imho they are not ethical clubs but I guess it's a subjective matter.
  5. Buy it at discount price and download an updated database with current players and even promotions/demotions. Will keep you busy until Oct/Nov when the new version should be out or even longer if you wait for the first patches. Myself at least can't wait not paying FM while reading every day in the press about new signings etc and it becomes even worse in August when the major leagues start ad the football fever hits again.
  6. They are fun the first couple of seasons, after that you have already seen most of the answers and it becomes boring.
  7. Agree, good suggestion. Please write it in the suggestions forum.
  8. Koke is not doing anything at all. Id prefer to have there Llorente as B2B with Pedri having the magic and Busquets covering them.
  9. Boring game for sure. I’m happy we are winning but… so far it’s Spain boring playing slow tempo control and Switzerland just playing passive defense on low mentality and hoping for a mistake to counter or a set piece. Still not confident, we can be FMed anytime.
  10. Hope the AI is reading the forums and will do it as well.
  11. Hate Luis Enrique stubbornness and doing all against what every Spanish fan would. Why to remove Sarabia who was the most dangerous player? What about the other changes?? In one hand I want us to go back home just so there can be even more talks about firing him finally.
  12. Fullbacks/wingbacks that are good at dribbling and crossing are really hard to find after 3-4 years. Most of wingbacks/fullbacks generated in the future would better play as central defenders as they are only good at marking and tackling and there is a big lack of generated attacking wingbacks/fullbacks.
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