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  1. Just had this amazing season to get promoted from 2nd B division in Spain to 2nd, setting up new historical records for points, goals for, goals against, etc and to be honest don't know why. It was just signing some free agents, using a basic attacking 4-2-3-1 with very short passing and high pressure, that found a little overpowered as I had games with over 65% possesion and no chances from the opposition.
  2. I don't know what bonnet means, but if strikers were running forward too much and too early, it could be the cause of the strikers being too static close to the defenders. Removed forward runs under the bonnet tactical instruction from most striker roles
  3. Not sure if the placebo effect or that the patch really improved the resources usage in Mac but before as soon as I started playing in my MacBook Pro the fan was so noisy, couldn’t stand it on my knees because the heat and if in baterry I could see it’s % counting down very fast. Now it happens if I leave the Mac in the starting screen (I think the 3D avatar causes it) but as soon as I load the saved game I can play without the fan making any noise and the battery lasts much more. Whatever you did, great job!!
  4. The same happens in Spain 2nd division B, the am is not arranging friendlies for my u19 team.
  5. I feel (don't have proofs) that when the wingers dribble while running inside, they do it pretty well, run pass defenders and create chances (that is why we see many goals from the edge of the area by midfielders), but what I don't see as much are dribbles when running parallel to the line for a cross, and that is why we also see that many crosses into the defenders legs as they are always in front of the winger who can't pass them. If my feeling is true, it could explain a good average of dribbles per game looking purely at stats as you count all the dribbles (internal and external), but not a good balance or what we see while watching the games. Another thing that could make the stats good enough but not what we feel, is that probable the ME doesn't have enough animations for the dribbles, so when we see a player just passing quickly a defender, even if he looks to pass at like 2 mts away from the defender while the defender makes no effort to stop him, it's counted by the game as a dribble, just not properly represented by the engine. As I watch the games in 2D always, my imagination plays a bigger part and I see those as dribbles too, but I understand the players watching in 3D not feeling the same.
  6. Sadly we are in the video era, I prefer written content that I can read anytime and not to be worried about watching videos with headphones etc, but right now I think the best FM content is in youtube. I'm not sure if i can post external links here, but do a Google search for best FM youtubers and you will find a few websites/blogs with link to some of the best youtubers talking about FM, imho the best way to learn (besides reading this forum and playing yourself) is from them.
  7. For me in MacBook Pro I have a huge issue with the starting screen (caused by the 3D avatar I guess unless SI are mining moneros while in that screen ;P) and that just after a few seconds make my ventilator to run at full speed and if I'm on battery, it dies so fast. Hope there was a way to disable the avatar as anyway I don't like it at all, prefer the old static picture.
  8. Had the same issue, instead I closed the game and searched for FM editor in the Steam store and there you have no problems to buy it.
  9. Found and online picture about it and doesn't look that bad as you wrote it...😉
  10. Also saw this, probably a mod should move this to the bugs forum or else you can start a thread there.
  11. I know what the SV should do, and in fact it does it properly in game, no need to doubt about my understanding of real life football, we are talking about a game engine here. That I meant is that at the conference level, with average players for the league level (and agreeing with you that is is a very demanding role in real life, a true complete midfielder), two different players that I have tried in that position during a season, both became the best rated players in the team and it's not just the rating but what I see with my own eyes, that is that the SV is the true engine of the team, defend, assists, score a lot himself, etc. So that is why I said that I really love the new role, it's just that I "feel" it overpowered as I "feel" that an average player at that low level shouldn't perform this well, being able to dictate the game, defend and attack while not getting more tired for example than his deep laying playmaker partner that is way more static, I don't need to sub him that frequently and I'm talking again about average players at the conference level. This is only a "feeling" that I have not taken the time to prove with stats and videos, that is why I said literally "I'm finding it a bit overpowered", if i was totally sure about it and could prove it, I would have already reported it in the bugs forum. I just left it here as my "own feeling" to see if others agreed also, as phnompenhandy and Bigpapa42 did just before me.
  12. I’m also finding the attacking SV a bit overpowered, whoever I put there over performs, it’s like a box2box mixed with a playmaker. I’m enjoying it a lot, but I’m afraid it could be an exploit and will need some balance, at least make him to get tired faster from running again again from box to box non stop.
  13. The tactical genius can correct me, but imho sit deeper is totally against offside trap and pressing at least on how the match engine was designed, the same about wanting to press but now wanting your players to be pulled form their position.
  14. Exactly, it’s a bug but not sure if reported already.
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