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  1. On the other hand, if you want to see crossing succeed, play with a narrow formation, like diamond 4-4-2 (4-1-2-1-2) or 4-3-1-2 with attacking wingbacks and as the opposite team plays narrow to cover your central players, your wingback will join the attack being totally open most of the time and if instructed to cross from deep and does to the far post, he will be one of your team leaders in assists every season even if he is just average at crossing. To me that is even more frustrating than the blocked crosses issue.
  2. Have on mind as well that your nationality and your adaptability attribute have an effect on the offers you get from countries outside your home country. If you want to make sure you get offers, set your past experience as automatic and it will be set to the minimum required to get a job at the lowest reputation league that you have loaded.
  3. From the Steam store in Spain, it says the 8th, but doesn't mean it will be exactly that day.
  4. As it's a somewhat common challenge and every year we have threads asking for teams like Ath Bilbao, it would be great to be able to edit a team to only allow signings from an specific nationality. It could lead to some fun challenges like: - Having a team with players only from it's home nationality. - Having a team with players only from another nation, like an Italian only team in England or stuff like that.
  5. I have tried it in a couple of games and I must admit that it works! At least VS teams with 1 forward and wide ams, let’s see when I face a team with 2 forwards. I guess SI could learn from this and to set the 2 wide defenders when 3 at the back to act almost as narrow defensive fullbacks when defending.
  6. Seems like a nice workaround, will try it. Do you train your CBs to be FBs? aren't them penalized for being out of position?
  7. Svenc, what I wanted to express as well in my post, is that I found that "high % of winning tactic" by accident trying to implement a realistic tactic, not that I used a weird formation or exploit, it was just because this year ME can't cope with top heavy formations with heavy press that are used by a lot of elite teams in real life. The opposite team players, no matter how top quality they have, start kicking the ball away as soon as they feel pressured, so either they score on me in a counter or they are pinned into their half just kicking it long to my defenders to recycle posesion again and again. On the other hand, my own players do not get tired enough or the effect of being tired is not that noticeable, so they can keep gegenpressing the whole game. I don't want to overperform just because I found an easy tactic, but because a global combination of tactic, finding players, developing youth, handing the players personal issues, etc in resume, because I'm a good manager in this fantasy world. I know that while not in the majority of players, there are a few like me that enjoy struggling, fighting for relegation every year, etc with a low quality team and slowly trying to turn things around with little steps every season thanks to my management skills in a semi realistic way. I like posesion football, with high pressing, but I can't use it in FM19 without feeling I'm cheating and that my results aren't because I'm a good manager but because I'm using an exploit, so I need to find a different style to get more realistic results, and that is what is frustrating me, to have to handicap myself about using realistic tactic, not just about using extreme unrealistic ones, that I wouldn't ever want to use.
  8. You just wrote a nice recap of my long post above, exactly same feelings.
  9. For me the problem with the ME is similar to what RBKalle explained. I want to take over a different team each save, set my own 5 years path (it's great it will be in FM20, will really help to the rpg like immersion factor), with a tactic and style I want to implement etc, and then I end frustrated because I can't get it to work, so I feel more like playing a puzzle game that has only a way to solve it, either I find it and get bored fast or I don't and get frustrated. As a sample, I started a game with Internacional de Madrid in the Spanish 2B division. I developed a 4-2-3-1 wide based on attacking, short passing and very high pressure and then I won the season undefeated since I set that tactic, with little challenge. Next season I was in the second division and I was winning all the games as well from the beginning, so I quit that save as I had the feeling that it didn't even matter too much who was in the field (except the last two games of the season when I just played my u18 and lost two games), it was it all about that tactic being overpowered. Then I started another game, with Espanyol in the Spanish first division, my idea was to develop a 4-3-1-2 more defensive playing counter, my favorite tactic with an amazing number 10 splitting defenses apart with passes to the 2 strikers as I had an amazing skilled AMC. The team was just not playing as I wanted and I couldn't understand why, I lost game after game and was down in the table toying with relegation, out of Europe and the cup. So I gave the other save 4-2-3-1 tactic a try and bang, my AMC was amazing, I was enjoying watching my team over perform all the sudden, winning vs Madrid, Barcelona, and ending in European spots after being undefeated for most of the season after that tactical change. I could plug any decent player with similar ppm in the same tactic and he would perform well and even had games dominating to the point that the other team didn't shoot a single time, all with the same team that was going to be relegated with another tactic. I don't think I discovered a diablo tactic myself as it was a pretty standard one similar to the 4-2-3-1 used here by some people in the forums, attacking with high pressing like the gegenpress or tiki taka, with some tweaks to players TIs and the right players ppms. Then reading the forums I saw that there was plenty of people winning with similar tactics. So FM19 for me was about solving a puzzle, and once I did, and once I tried and failed with different approaches, then lost the interest as there is no fun on solving the same puzzle again exactly the same way. I'll probably start a new save until FM20 comes, will try again a different approach and team philosophy, but again will be hard to handicap myself to not to go back to my winning tactic if things go bad, and I don't mean bad results, but frustrating football that is not what I had on my mind. Tactics in football are for sure a big part of the game, that is why we have amazing managers, but players do matter a lot in real life, and I have the feeling that in FM and specially in the latest versions it's more about solving that tactical puzzle than about having the right players, buying or developing them. Hope it will change with FM20, but at least with the new feature about the teams personality at least I'll be forced to stick to my defined philosophy and my performance won't be only valued by the wins. For the non believers, guess when did i change my Espanyol tactic in the 18-19 season and how I'm performing in the 19-20 looking at the schedules, see also my season with International de Madrid when I developed that tactic:
  10. What about Crewe Alexandra? It's know for it's great youth categories and plenty of premier players started there. They are now in the 4th level of the English ladder but used to play in the championship. It's one of the saves I aways play in every FM version to the point that I follow them in real life despite being Spanish myself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crewe_Alexandra_F.C.
  11. Love the club vision and it could lead to avoiding the feeling of not having a clear goal after you start to dominate after a couple of seasons. In fact i used to have my own vision as house rules. Quick question, does it apply to AI managers as well? do they need to define and reach the club vision and getting sacked if not? If well done and not overdone and unbalanced, it could make the FM world around you much more interesting giving each club a personality and goal that will define it's transfer strategy etc.
  12. In the staff responsabilities screen, select yourself in the drop down menu to "hire staff for B team" so you can hire the staff for the B team. It has other issues... like for example when you take care of that task, you don't know the limit of coaches, scouts, etc that you have at the B team so basically you can hire all the scouts, managers, etc that you want for the B team. Overall the B teams management at least in Spain is still very bugged as they are seen as just independent affiliate teams from the main one when in reality they are more like a youth/reserves team. Actually they were like that in past versions of CM/FM but they ere changed to independent affiliates back then as some people wanted to be the manager of these teams but as it was poorly implemented, most of the Spanish community would prefer it to be back to being reserves/youth teams as it was originally, that while not perfect, was more accurate.
  13. Always on as it's a way to challenge myself so i can't just do a player search and decide fast who I want to sign, kind of like in the old LLM days you had as rule that you could only sign players you had scouted before. What I wonder is if the AI managers do have attribute masking ON as well.
  14. I have an offer for one of my players from a Chinese supeleargue team, 6M plus 1.5M when he reaches 50 games. As China is set to not playable for me, the team has no schedule (I know the league it's calculated in the background) and I have checked their players, and all them have 0 games played, so how is he going to reach any number of games played for them? I know in the real life the clause would be realistic but in or game world it's not unless i'm wrong. Any experience on similar situations?
  15. It was a single game, here is my tactic: I'll try to upload a video later, but honestly I don't see how any other tactical setting can affect who covers who in a 3 back defense and why are my 3 central defenders bunched up in the left side instead of more central, with defender number #5 covering attacking player #16 and defender #2 covering attacker #13. Basically in that play, my number #2 defender is doing nothing there, so it looks more like a bug from the AI not knowing who covers who in a 3 back defense and not knowing that it had 3 defenders available plus the two wingers. Of course you can say it was just a mistake by the players because lack of positioning, anticipation, etc, that is always the doubt between a bug and a feature in the ME. I'll observe if it was a single issue or common for 3 man defenses.
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