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  1. I might be the only one, but I have a problem personally with the fact that what we have been told that what we see is the defensive formation while in that screen we have our forwards inside of the opponent area. That is why it has always created confusion, a defensive formation should be represented inside of your own half. In TV, etc, the formation you see is either the average formation or lately you see more the formation of the start of the game, with all the players positioned inside of their own field. What we need is either different attack and defensive formations (preferred option) or if we have only one represented as right now, it should be the average position.
  2. I like the changes and additions, but still missing something very important, that is a graphical representation of players positions both when in attack and in defense based on formation, team shape, mentality, roles and PI. It would help to all those struggling to understand what can they expect from their tactics. Something similar to the old with/without ball in the old tactics screens but just as graphical representation. That way we could try to have different formations in defense and attack using the tools we already have.
  3. Theoricaly you could have it accomplished using the 4-4-2 as shape (currently what we see is the defensive one) and then assigning player instructions to form a 4-3-3 in attack. The problem is that without an offensive shape visual, it's a guess game to create such tactic and then watching a few games to see if it does what you wanted. The wibble/wobble was probably too much, setting the position for each player based on where the ball was. I think it would be enough giving us a tool not to set each player position but a graphical representation of the players positions on defense and attack based on each player instruction. That way we could see if our instructions would accomplish the attack and defensive shapes we wanted, similar to what the arrows gave us in the past.
  4. Please make scouting to work as in full version when fog is enabled (slow scouting and just attributes ranges given at first). One of the things that make the game more challenging specially in lower leagues, is that it takes a lot of time to totally reveal players ratings, preferred moves etc. It's as good in the fat version, that you don't even need the old LLM rules about signing non scouted players, as it's just a gamble without scouting them for months. One the the things still have me not fully convinced about FMT is the fact that I can scout and know everything about a player after a single scouting action, that makes it too easy for LLM teams to scout players compared with the full version. Also hate to need to play for some time a dumb holidays game just to have the fog dlc available without purchase.
  5. Too bad as I don't consider it an optional gimmick to be unlocked but a basic feature from FM, back to full fat then.
  6. Is there any way to enable attribute masking in the beta version of FMT? in FM15 classic you had to use the feature unlocked from the online shop to be able to use it, and as the shop is disabled in the demo... I guess there is no way to enable it, either paying or unlocking it by reaching goals. If that is true, it makes the beta unplayable for those of us who only play with attribute masking enabled
  7. Totally free with you here Neil, but imho the main problem and please correct me if I'm wrong, is that the AI weights CA to heavily when signing up players, setting up lineups etc while specially in LLM I look myself for cheap or free players that are the perfect fit for my system. The AI would be way more competitive if the CPU managers would have a more defined style and would sign players to fit that idea of football instead of searching for the highest CA ones. I'm probably exaggerating here and the AI also search for attributes (player roles maybe?) and not only CA when deciding who to sign and who to pick for their lineup. Please can you confirm either?
  8. Me too, the central midfielder is usually a DLP and the two midfielders at both sides are B2B so they both join the attack and help defending.
  9. Awesome! finally going to start my first serious long term game! There goes my challenge of winning the world cup with Spain with all players being named Eneko Osia
  10. New patch, nice, going to try it right now! Btw, why not to have a new thread for every new patch (closing the old one to avoid cross posting) instead of renaming the old one? If you have not been following this thread hour by hour, it's confusing and a waste of time to read pages and pages of old stuff discussed and probably outdated after a new patch is out.
  11. What about unemployed free transfers? you can't scout them for X matches because they are not playing any match.
  12. downloads store error

    Same for me in Spain.
  13. Was going to post, it, the code you need to apply as Support Monkey posted is the scanned one, not the text one. Just did it and works fine following these steps: 1) uninstall the beta game from steam 2) add new game using the scanned code then the game started to download and it's the right non beta version.
  14. Custom league files (lower divisions) and to be able to update the database other than the Feb database release from SI. I don't care at all about leaders tables, steam achievements, etc and if you want to avoid "cheaters" editing their game to be easier and climb the ladders (how sad must be their life) then make the editor optional and conditional, like if you enable the game editor, your can't earn achievements or appear in the leader tables as it's done in every online game. Do not penalise us, old veteran FM players with family and work that play FMC for those reasons, because the "sad" guys that feel better leading a game scoring table even after cheating their way up.
  15. Custom with around 80k Players (Euro top 8 countries with all levels playable, Mexico and Brazil playable, and then all current international players for all continents)