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  1. That's simply not true though. The rules for sporting or entertainment visas/work permits will be written or rewritten to minimise impact on the Premier League. They won't be subject to the same rules as your corner shop trying to employ someone from overseas.
  2. They're not "scripted". Think about it this way - you say "why would Bayern sign such an average player?"... How about "why would SI script the signing of such an average player for Bayern"?
  3. Not sure which of those would need “multiple teams of lawyers to sign off on” only one one I could see MAYBE fitting that bill would be Switch cross play? But even that might not fit in, because Miles said he expects the “mystery feature” to be in the game at launch - you wouldn’t really describe Switch cross play like that, since the Switch version isn’t out for quite a bit...
  4. Really curious about this feature. Very unusual for SI to have something new appear in the full game that's not in the beta...
  5. Really? You're either not paying attention or you're expecting it to have turned into an FPS or something...
  6. Sané was transfer listed and Mendy loan listed (joined PSG on loan) on mine. Laporte wasn't listed, but also wasn't registered for the PL squad
  7. Sounds too complicated for the likes of me. Hopefully someone more capable will have a look.
  8. I noticed that on FM19, at various points, media sources have little "icons" alongside them as per the attached screenshot. Anyone know if these can be customised/replaced with specific images?
  9. That sort of makes sense I guess in terms of the raw numbers... The real issue is the way the game reacts to that number... It forces the club to take out a new (and fairly significant) loan - which impacts the finances in a negative (and unrealistic) way for the long term (repayments, interest etc).
  10. The loans that are in the database are absolutely fine. As is the transfer budget being low (to take into account the players brought in over the summer) having a balance of -(£50m) seems odd though - especially when it triggers the implementation of a new £45m bank loan days into the game.
  11. Ditto for Everton starting £47m in the red, and taking out a £45m, 10yr bank loan in the first few days. One of Moshiri's main aims when coming into the club was to reduce the externally held debt down to zero, which he did by repaying various loans. I don't see any reason for the negative balance or subsequent loan if we're aiming for realism?
  12. That's just the thread talking about how retina wasn't available in the beta - I used it the entire time. Or are you talking about it negatively impacting performance once enabled?
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