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  1. TopToffee

    [GUIDE] How to Locate or Move Your User Data Location

    Yeah, have tried no / at the start and/or end (all combinations). Have also tried starting the path with Macintosh HD, before Users
  2. TopToffee

    [GUIDE] How to Locate or Move Your User Data Location

    Yeah, the folder definitely exists. Fingers crossed @Lucas Weatherby can help. I'm going through several stages of insanity with this - really doesn't seem like it should be this difficult.
  3. TopToffee

    [GUIDE] How to Locate or Move Your User Data Location

    Trying to change my user location on Mac is driving me absolutely up the wall. Needed to get it out of my Documents folder, because it was causing iCloud issues. This is what I have in launch options at the moment: --user_data_location="/Users/j*********r/Games/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/" and this is a copy/paste of the directory info: /Users/j*********r/Games/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018 I've tried putting it in any way I can think of. With/without the / at the front and/or back, with/without Macintosh HD before Users... etc etc. Nothing seems to be working. Does anyone know the 100% right way to make Steam/FM find that folder?
  4. TopToffee

    Podcast Recommendations

    Feel like anyone who's interested probably already knows about these, but: Pod Save America: Political podcast with 3 guys who used to be speechwriters (two of them) or National Security Spokespeople for Obama. Really funny, excellent guests and informative with it. The 45th: Another political one, from the people who did Undisclosed
  5. So... yeah... that was absolutely brilliant
  6. TopToffee

    FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    Yeah, he's so good I think he's legitimately ruined my save. Currently in January of his first full season. He doesn't turn 17 for another 3 months, and he's averaging 1.3 goals per game. (including 13 in 6 CL games)
  7. TopToffee

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    I dunno, even as an Everton fan I don't know if I'd blame it on that. I think a lot has to do with Rooney's character/personality. When he was 16/17 he literally looked like he could end up the greatest player in history. He was far better than C.Ronaldo was at the same age. I think the difference came down to 2 things: 1) Rooney didn't dedicate himself to his craft the way Ronaldo did. By all accounts Ronaldo was the first in, last out of every training session, and was absolutely obsessive about fitness etc. The same simply can't be said for Wayne. 2) Rooney has throughout his career been far more willing to do whatever was best for the team, irrespective of whether it was best for him as an individual. This has meant he's played all over the place, and throughout games has been willing to do a lot of running, tracking back etc etc.
  8. TopToffee

    FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    (posted this in the Everton thread yesterday, but thought it may be of interest here) Comfortably the best Newgen I've ever had come through my youth setup in any version of CM/FM:
  9. TopToffee

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Definitely in that ball park. Think people forget how good Rooney was (for his age) back in 2002. Even with everything he's accomplished in the game, I don't think he lived up to the potential he showed at that age.
  10. TopToffee

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Solid advice.
  11. TopToffee

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Couldn't until he turned 16!!
  12. TopToffee

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Just had a ridiculous Newgen come through in my Everton game.
  13. TopToffee

    [FM18] 5-2-3 WB Everton

    No idea how you're getting those defensive performances mate. I'm conceding about 2.5 goals a game using this tactic, with an upgraded defence.