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  1. Well they had 15 shots huh lol. Brentford got FMd there...soz about that lol
  2. Thing is as his screenshots show he was getting central play during beta and not after so that's indicative something has changed without knowing full story of tactics of opposition and all that but he's saying his tactics hadn't changed so something has quite what that is im not sure. I of course accept SI saying minimal changes to match engine. On central play there's nothing to suggest those tactics wouldn't generate central play in the real world. Yeah some element of potential clog but dynamic movement from two forwards to drag central defenders out of position and from AMP to find
  3. you're factually correct to say things have changed as jack joyce himself said that. minor as he said balancing but could have certain knocks on unintended even
  4. ah yeah...yeah it was though. simple as that wow the banality of the last two years must be sleep inducing if you found that tedious lol. last two years is fun to watch the ball go wide, over the top, flank to flank different iterations...corner/set piece/long shot/cross, poor movement even poorer pass selection, dearth of creativity, skill, vision and that all leads to quite the exhilarating visceral experience...edge of seat spectacle. Fair points on improved defending but in fm17 players in attacking phase would move a lot more dynamically come in and out move offside check thems
  5. yeah see it was pass decision making that actually made it better than recent versions in terms of slow/possession/creative build up which enabled chances/opportunities to be created better in the top third so yeah whilst middle third was softer allowing possession in that area of the pitch that with what you say that's not what enabled more creativity in the top third so that's essentially where you are wrong about it . Why I kicked back is that pass decision making has regressed since...yeah pressing/better defensive positioning & structure etc have all impacted this but overall it
  6. sure thing . was just pointing something out huh
  7. oddly u have a bias against fm17 match engine/fans of it for the same reasons you keep repeating...you've convinced yourself the advantage in midfield is the reason people enjoy it...that's myopic bordering on obtuse to keep repeating that conclusion of yours...slightly amusing as well. But yeah if you don't get it you don't get it. Course it had flaws as you point out but there's more to it than your crystallised and flawed conclusion on that. Whilst you point out valid issues your conclusions being incorrect can stunt the conversation developmentally as to what elements of that engine w
  8. So I see that quote differently. Firstly the xg will show that the 30 shots producing 0.2 is clearer to the user that the shots his team are generating are in effect not high quality chances. Assuming improvement of the creativity in the engine is better then that should be more indicative of tactics not trying to break down the opposition better. Admittedly in the past the engine is often lacking creative tools to open up tighter defences and then you have the 'engine' taking the shots despite instructions to work the ball into the box...in that instance then it's fair to conclude the engine
  9. agree with your splits of open/non open play shots breakdown in and out of box and the aerial/non aerial attempts...they will provide a qualitative breakdown to analyse how team's play including your own team to see where to address needs for improvements and also opposition's with how to deal with their strengths and weaknesses to counter/expose them. All those things will be very useful as a management/analysis tool. They'd also be very informative and revealing as to the engine's ability to provide quality creativity which has been sorely lacking for the last two years. It would be very ins
  10. So you've hit the nail on the head there product not delivering then people shouldn't buy it. That's the messaging that will ensure any disconnect between customer satisfaction and SI decision making directionally is identified. very interesting thing is FM is for many an addiction which they struggle to wean themselves off therefore even though the product may be not satisfactory and even not enjoyable especially relative to other year's releases then they'll still make the purchase adding to SIs overall sales numbers and thus nebulising the feedback customers convey through their ultima
  11. hey some fair points there especially people will like engines that can enable a style of play better and obviously one they prefer will bias their opinion favourably and fm17 enabled better passing through the middle with passive defending and the wide players thing but thats a small picture view of pass decision simulating real world football as fm17 in the whole simulated pass decision making much better than fm20. as well fairish to suggest biases are there targeted towards high pressing but the bigger point of how that is enabled in fm20 misses the overall point of how its happening. With
  12. technically you could make a crap football game and call it the best game you ever did as well lol
  13. great post. There's a reason teams choose to defend central areas because as said it's the shortest route to goal...you don't see teams prioritise defending flanks (consistently anyway) over the centre and leaving massive gaps centrally because good teams/players first course/default is to look centrally to create...as in with an opening/space players will look to play players in centrally as it's a higher percentage play creating a higher probability of a goalscoring chance. In FM the opposite happens...players often prioritise flanks over central passes so in effect the pass decision making
  14. fair play for saying this. you've been a strong contributor to the community for a long time and I think given the last two years people need to start speaking up like this as you have done there above. well done
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