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  1. Nope status says trained at club. Here's some screenshots.
  2. So this specific player was born 16-July-2020 I bought him in the July transfer window of 2019. Loaned him out to Birmingham basically immediately (did not play any games for my club that year). Came back and played 2020/2021 (Age 20) and 2021/22 season (age 21). I don't think the 2022/23 season would count because he would be turning 22 during that season. The only thing I can think of is Birmingham was an affiliate club. But he definitely did not spend 36 months as my player without being loaned out between 15-21.
  3. Strange. I've definitely bought and loaned players in their age 19 season (19 after June 30) but held on to them in Age 20 and Age 21 season that have counted as home grown at club. It was FM10 but I don't think the rules have changed maybe that was a bug in that version.
  4. Is that right? I didn't think loaning a player out affected HGC status.
  5. Have you tried compatibility mode? The latest XP service pack would be my first choice. It may not run as a windows 10 program.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Intuitively makes sense to press but there's obviously some better formations for that than others. I've had some success with Lazio playing a 5-3-2 with wing backs and a somewhat lower tempo but I tend to give up tons of possession in games where the AI just wants to knock it around the back.
  7. Perhaps a bit unfair I managed to snag Victor Moses as Brighton in FM07 and he got the wonderkid label in the game. I forget exactly when I signed him (he was still under 21 I know for sure) but managed to get Brighton to the Premier League and he was usually near the top of the goal scoring charts. Not a spectacular failure like some others but probably not worthy of the wonderkid label in hindsight
  8. Has anyone else noticed an excessive amount of back passes in FM20? My centre backs seem to prefer that to a fullback/wing back or an open midfield player. I don't use the no-nonsense role and usually try to have one BPD and never tick the play out from the back. Even tried the Libero in Italy for a season without seeing any real significant difference. Also seems to be a problem for AI that tries to control possession. Related to this the keeper decision making also seems terrible (or the pressure on him seems poorly represented). So many times I've see them have an option to pass
  9. I have to get this off my chest... I've never seen so many shots go straight to the keeper from point blank range. They wander offsides on freekicks from the defensive half repeatedly. And can't head the ball towards goal to save their life. I just don't understand what I'm supposed to do anymore in the game.
  10. Whole back line decided to stop chasing after the ball - Daejoen's first goal ~ 60'... on the plus side the Daejeon striker scored a 1v1 Additionally no option to select penalty taker appeared after VAR check for Suwon FC. Suwon FC v Daejeon.pkm
  11. Fair point. But you can also imagine a player that is quick can get away with being rather poor at marking because he has the pace/acceleration to recover and perform at the same level. It's like being Kurt Zouma instead of being John Terry. When Zouma's physical traits go, he'll have to learn to position and mark better because he won't have the pace to make up for mistakes in positioning or marking. Otherwise his CA would drop. Having he ability to use your weaker shouldn't affect your overall ability. All I'm saying is that you should be able to have elite attributes for the particular leve
  12. So let's take that idea for a minute. First the game mechanics: If I'm looking for an elite poacher and I search for players with greater than 18 in finishing, I filter out the two footed player. It seems to me that having a two footed ability makes their attributes lower to balance the game and we don't have an easy exploit. That's why I want to run the experiment. Is there any difference in player performance controlling for all the variables I listed above based on their weaker foot rating. Because what I am hearing is that if we take players that are equal in CA, the two footed player will
  13. I see your point, however, to me that is not a correct assumption. Or maybe rephrased, I am on the other side of the fence where a player with two feet should not require a higher CA to have equal ratings. Here's my point, suppose we take the current system where CA points are allocated to weak foot. When searching for a player that has the same ability the mental, physical, and technical attributes are much lower. Your ability to use both feet shouldn't make you an overall worse player in every other metric. By being two footed I certainly am not a less determined or slower player potentially
  14. I've been playing FM since 07 and have always been curious as to why two footed players have worse stats than single footed players. Just to be clear, this isn't a question of CA/PA, but rather why the mechanic exists in the game. My curiosity extended to a question I'd like to posit (below) and hopefully answer with some regression analysis. The problem I'm running into is extracting all the data/variables I need run the experiment properly. So before I go on a long diatribe about a research question and possible methodologies, I'd like to first know if it is at all possible to extract in-gam
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