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  1. i give you credit for not save scumming. A run like that would have a lot of people here claiming the game is fixed against them.
  2. Loan or sell your first choice keeper at just take your lumps as he develops for a year or two if you think you can survive.
  3. That sounds like it should be a PPM as well. Something like prefers to bring ball under control.
  4. If I rephrase the question then given what you've both said... can we assume then that a player >190cm and >16st will also likely have limitations on agility or acceleration given those height and weight values vs someone like Insigne or Sterling (I don't know their attributes in the game just first players to pop into my head)
  5. Oh yeah I'm fully aware of the disclaimer. Short of one of the devs coming on here your answers are probably the best input I'll get regarding the matter. So thanks for taking the time to respond.
  6. Good to know. I figure the rest of my question then doesn't really apply then. So we can take physical attributes at face value b/c height and weight is already accounted for in the attributes.
  7. So hypothetically... players who are equal in all attributes but differ only on height - how does the ME handle aerial duels between them?
  8. I think by now it's been well documented that taller players have an advantage over shorter players despite the same jumping reach value. Are there other 'hidden' effects of height and weight that affect physical attributes? For instance, if two players are equal in agility but one is short and the other tall. Is the smaller player more agile?
  9. I ususally play with a lot of leagues loaded - been following daveincid's guide for this version but would usually load a lot of custom leagues anyway. The world I generally play is fairly robust. I figured as much. I may see if there's some skins out there that cover certain attributes. knowing a player's determination as a specific number seems a little gamey since we know the impacts it can have on matches/development but potentially not the AI. Almost feel like it should be a hidden attribute.
  10. I"m having the most difficult time scoring from set plays. I've tried Zagadou and Hummels at the near post. Haaland and Isak at the far post. Nothing. I consider myself lucky if I even win a header for a shot on goal. Guerreiro and Reus usually taking the free kicks with a mixture of other players with highly rated crossing, I don't usually concede unless the game bugs out and either puts two players defending the far post or no one at the near post (I'm not complaining about the bug more just annoying if I don't catch it). So I'm clearly capable enough in the air to not give away goals. If anyone has any tips on being more dangerous from set plays it'd be a big help.
  11. The other component to the preset positions/roles/duties is it limits the user to the same set of instructions as the AI. That limitation prevents a fair (but not all) amount of possible game breaking tactics. It also allows the devs to focus on making the ME function within the predefined construct. We may not all be a fan of the ME or think certain tactics are a little overpowered but its something the devs can test reliably rather than wondering if the people reporting OP tactics are doing something crazy like you could in the old WIB-WOB or slider systems. That said.. I do miss the flexibility of the sliders but I'm not sure I'd have the time or patience to learn it again now that I'm much older.
  12. Does the AI view low determination players the same as human players? Almost as a rule I'll never sign a senior level player with low determination. It feels a little like cheating though because I'm not sure if the AI is capable of making the same decision when buying/selling players. I don't think it should be all AI managers but some should have preferences of only wanting high determination players in their squad.
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