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  1. Started a new save after 21.3 in Ireland. In the five games I've played I've scored 3 (2 from open play, 1 corner). The AI has scored 5 (2 penalties (one from my own attacking throw in), 2 throw ins (one-two cross), 1 free kick where they played the ball to the always unmarked player top of the box bug).. I've set up all set pieces as best I could - still can't mark on throw ins or even throw the ball into my own team. I'm curious what other people have experienced in regards to the match engine producing open play goals at various levels.
  2. Can we also use this thread for throwins by the computer that result in automatic goals? Holy f-ing christ! One team cant throw the ball into their own team the other scores all their goals off of it.
  3. Has anyone else noticed an odd behavior when trying to set positions for set pieces where there players return to the default position and not retain the set play?
  4. Is there any particular reason why the qualifying places for Europe are not listed in the rules section of the League of Ireland (SSE Airtricity)? I'm quite positive they go into the qualifying rounds for each of the three levels but there's nothing listed there.
  5. Henderson's been at Liverpool for 10 years now. He's not just hit his peak. The team around him is just better than it's ever been. Jamie Vardy is the exception not the rule and it can happen in FM but it's rare b/c most people go by stars and not results/attributes. If your center forward is banging in 20 goals a season in the premier league you really shouldn't care that his rating is only 2 stars.
  6. Another great performance from a world class player. Another player Arsène Wenger and Arsenal *almost* signed but didn't. Who escaped your clutches and wound up becoming a world class player?
  7. Is the ME not a fluid document though? Yes they version it but the difference between the latest 21.x and 22.0 is theoretically one 'update'. It seems unlikely that that moving to work on 22.0 should prevent fixing bugs in 21.x unless they've decided to tear down the whole build and start from scratch. It's a continuously improving document and bug fixes should be prioritised even if its for the next release ultimately. If someone solves the throw in set piece bug it shouldn't really be used as a carrot to dangle for sales in 22. The exception would be if the fixed branch depends on impro
  8. It's kind of a shame that you have to play 10+ years into the future to get the full effect of the personality/event spectrum
  9. I had Haaland miss two. First one against Bayern Munich in the super cup final and a second against bottom feeder of the bundesliga. He made two prior so I hope its not the start of a trend.
  10. Why not make 1 tactic, save and then load the tactic two times? you may have to do small changes but it won't be from scratch...
  11. Posted this over on the FM Touch bugs but not sure if this is better served here. 27' Witsel goal. denied VAR penalty review dialogue box appears. There was a denied VAR claim earlier in the match. Borussia Dortmund v Borussia M'gladbach.pkm
  12. 27' Witsel goal. There was a no penalty VAR decision earlier in the match. Then as Witsel scores the dialogue box appears blocking the camera view. Borussia Dortmund v Borussia M'gladbach.pkm
  13. Maybe but from my understanding it lacks a certain element to the transition and attacking phases that I want to employ. It can't be the only way a central/defensive midfielder stays central in the defensive phase and not try to play as a midfield sweeper.
  14. DM-d. No counter press. Standard individual/team pressing. Higher LOE. Wingers/WB are on support duty. My issue isn't that it's happening on a counter attack where a WB is caught up the pitch and its providing defensive cover. I expect that. Its when the wide players are 2v2 just outside the penalty area. The DM-d will leave the central area and his mark wide open for a cutback in a dangerous position to make it 2v3 on the wing. Even with higher levels of pressing, I wouldn't expect a DM-d to press a wide area in favour of protecting the central areas when the ball is deep in the
  15. Is there a particular setting to stop having CM and DM's to stop trying to cover the wide areas? Particularly in a 3v3 midfield game? It seems silly that a player would go out wide to pressure a winger/WB who is already marked/covered by your own wingers. I don't want them to man mark a position I just want them to cover the central areas.
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