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  1. Can someone clear this up. Does the players preferred side have an affect on their performance? I've asked before but does someone have proof that it doesn't matter? For example Pogba prefers to play on the left, Bruno prefers the right. Does it matter if I use Pogba on the right and Bruno on the left?
  2. How do you all get through the seasons so quick? Do you watch games on extended or even less?
  3. So I've decided to delete my save and start over again. I wasn't happy with how things went, don't get me wrong, it was nice to win the title in the 1st season but we should have kicked on after that, but instead we went backwards. As weird as it sounds, I didn't really want to win the league in the 1st season, I want to build up to it. Also, I think I signed too many players in the summer window of season 2 and want to be a little more sensible this time.
  4. So I just ran a little test with a small database and tbh I found little to no difference, there was not any more interest in my players vs a large database.
  5. Cheers. Although tbf I'm comparing your Williams and Laird with my 2021 versions, so they're bound to be better.
  6. What training schedules do you use? Your Williams and Laird look great.
  7. Yeah I feel that way too after looking back. I think I went crazy 2nd season because I had the 1st season summer window disabled. I'm most likely going to restart my save as I've not been happy with my transfers, although I could also just take the hit and come back stronger next season. Most likely I'll restart though and try again.
  8. Interesting. I'll give it a trial run and see if the market seems busier. I would rather wait for FM21 to play a lower league save, as I tend to only play the one save, and because I haven't played FM regularly for a while I would rather an easier save to start with.
  9. I've decided to start over again as I'm not happy with how things are progressing tbh. I can't sell the players I don't want either as nobody is interested in them.
  10. What would you say is the minimum amount of leagues you should run if selecting a small database? @Brother Ben @oche balboa I'm thinking of restarting as I'm getting really fed up with nobody bidding for my players.
  11. Here are the 10 signings I made: Tbf 4 or 5 of them are backups or players with potential so it's not THAT bad, but yeah Skriniar, I wouldn't recommend him to anyone! I thought he would have been a good alternative to Ruben Dias but he's been awful! One of Nouri or Chilwell will leave in January, probably Nouri as Chilwell has put in some good performances and only cost me 28m due to him being transfer listed, he's only on 57k p/w too.
  12. I'm gonna keep going, even if we don't win it this season. Just played Liverpool away and we got a good 1-1 draw after beating Dortmund at home 4-0 so there are positive signs of recovery. I think my main problem was certainly bringing in too many new 1st choice players. I should have taken the 201m bid for Pogba for sure and will be letting him go at the first opportunity, Barca are interested so he will probably leave in January. I will also be trying to move Skriniar on for at least 50m as he's been dire. I'll probably bring in Onguene or Milnekovic as backup instead. Sancho has been poor for me, and it seems for some of you as well. My intention is to get Greenwood firing again but if I can't then I'll probably play him out wide instead. I'm certainly not letting him go though. I did manage to get a hat trick out of Martial at CF (A) vs Dortmund but Greenwood never plays well in that role, probably due to his low strength.
  13. We just beat Everton away 3-0 after I reinstated James, Lindelof, WIlliams, McTominay. Chilwell, Skriniar, Sancho and Pogba out. Liverpool lost their 1st of the season at home to Chelsea, back down to 7 points in it, there's hope!
  14. @Zeonflux You still using a 4231? Mine seems to have collapsed for some reason.
  15. Hmm... seriously considering starting over as I've had a shocker of a 2nd season so far. We're 2nd but are already 10 points behind Liverpool after only 14 games. Greenwood has stopped scoring up top, and we are conceding in almost every game, especially away from home. I brought in Skriniar for 65m and I have to say, he's been absolutely woeful, he looks amazing on paper but the amount of individual mistakes he's made is crazy. I think I've signed too many and now don't know my strongest 11 really. Dunno why I decided to sign 10 players when we won the league 1st season.
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