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  1. Aye but some England fan on Twitter said Gilmour was the 3rd worst player on the pitch and Mount was the best according to OPTA stats! 🤣
  2. I've stopped playing now. Didn't win anything in the 1st season, 2nd season we won the CL but nothing else. 3rd season we won the league and FA Cup, should have won the CL also really. 4th season started well but ultimately starting to get bored already so I have taken a break.
  3. Yeah, I have him at Utd. I'm in season 4 and signed him in season 3. He's been hit by a few injuries, so his physicals took a knock when he was out, also his bravery. He was amazing for me in his 1st season, scoring in most games he started as you can see, he had a lot of sub appearances but mostly scored in the games he started. I played him on the wing but now with his low physicals he plays as a poacher up top in my 4231, he's not 1st choice any more though. He signed on a player coach deal, and he's a pretty handy coach also.
  4. I wouldn't say so, as crossing is a different technique from taking a corner which is a dead ball situation.
  5. There are multiple ways to set up a balanced 4231. You don't have to use the 2 MC's as holders and yes, you can use 2 support wingers, I do that myself in my 4231. For a more detailed answer it would be better for you to open up a thread
  6. Ah yeah I forgot you are Dortmund I had it in my mind you had also bought Haaland and Sancho but obviously you already own them
  7. How on earth have you managed that? I would assume monthly installments?
  8. Rashidi's favourite AMC role in the game is the Trequartista. I've seen it used in multiple setups, so it can definitely be very effective depending on how you set up.
  9. Yeah that's true. Yeah I tend to get good ratings for most of the front 4, usually though one winger can perform well and the other is a little more quiet in some games, but that's to be expected sometimes. The two behind do really well. As you can see I have went for a triple playmaker system, I really wanted the focus being on those 3 combining with each other and it works really nicely for me. They dominate games which is what I wanted.
  10. PF (A) IW (S) TREQ (A) IW (S) DLP (S) RPM (S) WB (S) CD (D) BPD (D) FB (S) (Overlap) Those are my roles and duties, kind of goes against the views in here, I know
  11. I use a similar system to yours and it's been absolutely fine for me. There isn't a fixed rule that means certain roles and duties can't work together etc, it just depends on what you want to do yourself. This season my Treq at AMC doesn't have many assists, but he's my top goalscorer which is nice. He's absolutely my top performer but then again he is Bruno Fernandes who is absolutely insane in this game.
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