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  1. With money no object and if you aren't bothered about portability, you should go for a desktop every time imo @dannyrefc
  2. @Smurf What's your view on attribute masking? Do you have it on or off?
  3. To be clear, I haven't been downloading wonderkid shortlists and inserting them into my game, merely looking at a few online a couple of times and sometimes the hidden gems thread on here. I'll be starting my save with Leverkusen shortly, the way I see it, my scouts will pick these players up pretty quickly anyway.
  4. I'm not the OP (but someone who struggles with tactics) but if I used the pre built tactics I would feel like the success wasn't my own, that's probably just me that feels that way though.
  5. @Cleon Do you not even bother with setting up defensive set pieces?
  6. I draw the line at using genie scout tbh.
  7. Wow, I really expected the experts to use their own set piece tactics Pleasantly surprised at this one.
  8. I'm not downloading any shortlists and inserting them into my game, I'm merely looking at some of the lists online a couple of times, or looking through the hidden gems thread in the good player and team guide forums. I don't consider it cheating tbh.
  9. I agree with all your points, I don't see it as cheating either. Also, I used to disable attribute masking but I leave it on now.
  10. I really can't decide between Leipzig or Leverkusen. If Leverkusen had Werner and Upamecano I would gladly choose them. Bailey, Brandt, Havertz and Tah are so appealing though, also Paulinho. On the other hand it looks like Leipzig have the better finances and better reserves with many more young prospects, whereas Leverkusen's reserves are poor. What kind of budgets do you get after the first season? Enough to bring in players like Werner and Upamecano?
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