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  1. Nah I still can't seem to achieve high possession numbers on control for some reason. Can PPM's have a big impact on possession? Maybe it's my team.
  2. Yeah that's one of the best threads I have bookmarked although I have had no luck so far on control as of yet using some of those ideas/methods. I don't like to do it but I even tried the exact tactic just to see if that achieved those high possession numbers but it didn't for me. This was just a test though with various different clubs on FM 16. I'm trying to get one to work in FM17 so have been testing multiple versions of my 41221 (my preferred formation) and also a 4231 but I keep finding myself struggling to get above even 55% which is the lowest I would be happy with. On counter I can achieve these numbers easily but still struggling with control. I don't actually have a permanent save right now, I'm just testing in FM Touch mode atm until I'm happy. Thanks. As I said above, I'll keep testing for now until I can come up with something I'm happy with.
  3. How do people manage to get high possession numbers using control mentality? I can only ever achieve high possession numbers with counter or lower in FM. I use all the shouts, roles and shapes that would help possession on control but nothing seems to make a difference.
  4. @Seb Wassell Is it better to loan out players after they are 18 if they aren't getting game time at your club or is it still beneficial to never loan them out? I have seen differing opinions on this.
  5. AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    I had planned to start this save as far back as March so none of the players had left yet but I've only just managed to get around to it. I have the same feeling as you though, I was considering playing with a summer transfer window update but wanted to use the 2016/17 squad as it will be the last chance I would have to use that group of players. What formation are you thinking of using? I'll probably go with either a flat 433 wide or a 4231 wide.
  6. Manchester United or Paris Saint-Germain

    @dannyrefc Go Monaco instead
  7. FM17 - RB Leipzig

    I've never seen anything like it!
  8. There is no harm in using it. I wouldn't use it with a deep d-line though, only a high or moderate one.
  9. AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    Whats your tactics / formation?
  10. I'm no expert but I imagine you're on the right track there with your thinking. Fluid or Very Fluid compresses your team together so they will naturally be closer and more available for a short pass.
  11. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Hmm.. Lemar and Silva can easily play on the wing along with Mbappe and Boschilia as cover. Dirar offers another option although he isn't that good.
  12. FM17 - RB Leipzig

    @Jonny2J can I ask what skin is that? I like the font.
  13. Thanks. Does the star rating matter though if they have the right attributes? I haven't played FM since FM13 so I'm not sure about these suitability ratings.
  14. Dunno where to ask this. Do staff star ratings matter? Like for example a HOYD as an Assistant Manager, the star rating drops. Or should I only go by their attributes and not worry about the star ratings?