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  1. I preferred the forum as it was before tbh
  2. Schalke. Although they do have £100m+ debt but it doesn't affect the finances much really.
  3. I don't think Retain Possession does that anymore.
  4. That worked, thanks
  5. I hope you can sort out 'wage' being cut off at the bottom on Yacs B profile view. It's only a small thing though, I would do it myself if I knew how to.
  6. So you meant there's no free in game editor, cool.
  7. He looks very much like a younger version of Sead Kolasinac from Schalke.
  8. Thanks. I wanted to know this before I bought it. There is the free one you can use before a game save but I guess you're meaning there is no in game editor that's free?
  9. Just to be clear, I'm meaning the editor that you have to pay for, is this option there for that?
  10. This guy does seem great, his team seem to want at least £7.5m for him in my save which is still ok but he wants pretty ridiculous wages, especially the bonuses he asks for.
  11. Haha I didn't notice little Mike there until you mentioned him
  12. I have never bought the in game editor so I was wondering if the option is there to set a player or manager to leave at the end of their contract to reflect their real life choice?
  13. Let's hope he's back with a skin for FM17.