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  1. He looked more rounded on FM20 but still with that great crossing. He was really good in different ways on the 21 beta but they have nerfed him a little in the full game. He still plays well from what I've tested on FMT. I will finally be starting my save today/tomorrow (Thursday) but probably will take a while to get everything set up like I usually do at the start, and still to decide on how many leagues I'm going for. I'm sorely tempted to start with the 1st window open but I'm going for realism and keeping it disabled.
  2. I don't think Dalot is fixed although that might have changed this year, not going to check though this time. Yeah it's unfortunate with Telles as even on FM20 his positioning was 13, he got hit with the positioning downgrade for FM21, and has also been slightly downgraded overall from the beta as was Cavani.
  3. Also the youth intake bug been fixed too! Nice. Surely nobody will disable Brexit in the editor now? As it's happening irl so we should just deal with it
  4. As am I! Love your Agents file, been using it for as long as I can remember!
  5. Quite an extensive list there and not easy to find lol. Aww I really like AWB in game, he's not outstanding going forward but can get to 13's for crossing, dribbling, first touch and then is obviously brilliant defensively. Williams and Laird both look good though yeah. Dalot I can't see making it but depends if you get lucky with his PA, suppose that's the same for the former two also. I'm guessing you aren't a fan of Telles then due to his poor positioning?
  6. I would imagine if you are using him as an AP or a MEZ, the fullback you are using on that side is very conservative?
  7. Lol I was about to say. English players are overrated if anything.
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