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  1. I've never seen anything like it!
  2. There is no harm in using it. I wouldn't use it with a deep d-line though, only a high or moderate one.
  3. Whats your tactics / formation?
  4. I'm no expert but I imagine you're on the right track there with your thinking. Fluid or Very Fluid compresses your team together so they will naturally be closer and more available for a short pass.
  5. Hmm.. Lemar and Silva can easily play on the wing along with Mbappe and Boschilia as cover. Dirar offers another option although he isn't that good.
  6. @Jonny2J can I ask what skin is that? I like the font.
  7. Thanks. Does the star rating matter though if they have the right attributes? I haven't played FM since FM13 so I'm not sure about these suitability ratings.
  8. Dunno where to ask this. Do staff star ratings matter? Like for example a HOYD as an Assistant Manager, the star rating drops. Or should I only go by their attributes and not worry about the star ratings?
  9. I'm gonna be starting a Monaco save within the next week when I have time. Already tested them out in FMT just to see what they were like and I like what I see. What a great young squad they have, a hardworking team as well with no real selfish players in the squad. I'll be using a high block pressing possession style tactic, either a 4231 or a 433 wide.
  10. Cheers.
  11. Are these for individual clubs or are they the competition ones? As I know you can only have one or the other.
  12. Is it possible to play a high pressing possession style game with a few players in your starting 11 with low teamwork / work rate? I'm Schalke but if you look at their attacking players, they have quite a few who have low work rate / teamwork. Will I possibly have to compromise 1st season and play a different style?