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  1. Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Thanks. I will give it a go
  2. Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Thanks. I will keep that in mind. Ideally I want my system to be like Barca when they were excellent to watch around 2008-09 under Guardiola in his 1st season in charge. I wouldn't know where to start though in terms of team shape or mentality.
  3. Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Because I know it is more of a challenge to get it working on Control and I would like my team to not just play sideways and backwards passes in our own half like Counter brings. I want to dominate in the opposition's half.
  4. Then the OP realised, he had f***ed up
  5. Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    By traditional do you mean a basic tactic without many TI's or fancy roles? Then experiment form there?
  6. Already struggling...

    He did say he wants at least 60% possession or he's not happy and tbh I'm the exact same. I like dominating possession, I see no reason why it can't be achieved and being successful at the same time. Pity I suck at tactics so haven't been able to achieve this but I wouldn't want to use or copy anyone else's as the success then doesn't feel like my own that way.
  7. Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Yeah I have read it multiple times but no luck so far. I'm not great at creating my own tactics but I don't want to copy/use others either.
  8. Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Slightly off topic but still related to possession; I wanted to dominate possession with the 'control' mentality on FM 17 but I couldn't do it. I used the same 4123 formation as it's supposed to be a good formation to retain possession but no matter what TI's, roles or duties I used I struggled to reach my target of 60% in each match. I found that the 4231 got me higher possession numbers for some reason even though it's more known to utilise possession better vs retaining it. I don't have FM 18, not sure if I will buy it yet. I want to achieve 60% on 'control' in FM 17 first
  9. @Rashidi Sorry for the very late reply, not been on FM or my PC for the past few months. I was using this but the posssession numbers weren't good:
  10. By saying "highlights" I'm assuming you don't watch the full game at any time?
  11. I hope to reach that stage in FM some time soon, where I can focus more on the other side of the game like player development etc and just watch matches on extended/key highlights.
  12. Yeah personally that's my main problem. I have only ever watched matches throughout my life from a football fan perspective rather than a tactical perspective. So now it's hard to readjust and adapt my thinking.
  13. Yeah and it's also helpful for those of us who struggle tactically looking in too Some good tips in here for sure.
  14. Mate I understand. I do currently still suffer from depression so I can totally understand the frustration this game creates at times. What's worse though is I have severe OCD (been diagnosed) and it's probably the worst mental health disorder you can have for a game like FM. OCD and FM don't mix lol but I'm still trying to start a save on FM17 (yes, I've had FM17 since release and haven't committed to a save yet!)
  15. Nah I still can't seem to achieve high possession numbers on control for some reason. Can PPM's have a big impact on possession? Maybe it's my team.