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  1. I was worried here but it seems from the 2 reports below that I shouldn't be, especially going by the video from Tiger.
  2. Well, after some tweaking, it seems I can hit a 5ghz OC afterall. I'm really not sure how your 3rd test is that quick? @Jakobhg and my new i9 9900k are very close, and we both have overclocked to 5ghz all cores. I even tested stock just to see if I could match your numbers but there's no way I can get near that. Here's my benchmarks with the overclock and without it: i9 9900k, 16gb DDR4 3200mhz RAM, GTX 1660, Corsair MP510 NVMe SSD. 5ghz OC: Benchmark A: 2:14 Benchmark B: 4:30 Benchmark C: 7:15 Stock: Benchmark A: 2:13 Benchmark B: 4:41 Benchmark C: 7:17
  3. It's just a little annoyance that the power scheme status on FM doesn't change no matter what you do, and it's been like this for years now for some reason. Maybe I should raise it as a bug.
  4. Nooo! That sounds disappointing as I'm planning on using a 4231 with an AP (s) in the middle. I love the old classic number 10 and poacher type striker systems. Anyone else finding this a problem like the above poster? Not had the chance to test the beta ME out yet.
  5. Doesn't that create an inbalance in your save? With that league vs database size I'm assuming you load lots of extra players? I've read that loading players negatively affects the balance of the game and just loading more leagues keeps things balanced despite the longer processing times.
  6. That's why I'm hesitant to start a save with your files, incase you release a new version once I've started
  7. Is there a bug in FM? Been like this for a few editions now, when I go to the game status the power scheme always says 'Balanced'. It was like this with my old desktop and now my new one too, I have power settings set to 'High performance' in Windows btw.
  8. I was going to ask if these two would clash but you have removed this feature from this pack I assume?
  9. Very helpful, thanks! P.S. I prefer yours because they look more realistic.
  10. It does indeed, although I'm slightly hesistant to use it as not many people have said they are using it.
  11. Lol, nope, I'm a console man, always have been! I'll be buying the PS5 this winter, which will have Ray tracing for a fraction of the price of even just a top desktop GPU. Tbf the GPU I bought is decent enough for me, and should last ages for FM, it's the GTX 1660. Lol I'll think I'll pass on that kindey selling venture I have been considering returning the current CPU to get it replaced with another one from Amazon, I have until 31st January to send it back. I think it seems rather hopeful and silly though as the replacement could be even worse. I think I should be content with stock settings as the i9 9900k boosts to 5ghz on 2 cores which is still great for FM. I don't play other leagues in full detail outwith my own league of course, so I doubt a 5ghz overclock would take advantage of FM when it boosts to that anyways. Even if I got to a 5ghz all core OC it may not be that stable. Higgo's stock i9 9900k actually beat Jakobhg's 5ghz all core OC by quite a bit.
  12. Yes, I'm that crazy, I bought this PC for FM. I do the rest of my gaming on console
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