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  1. I voted 'yes' (hopefully a mod can remove my vote?) but on 2nd thoughts, I would say no it's not cheating, but it is pointless imo. I used to play that way but then I got bored and my wins didn't feel satisfying anymore. I felt as if my success wasn't down to me.
  2. Thanks. I'm guessing for the defence it isn't that important then?
  3. @Rashidi What is the minimum value of Team Work and Work Rate you look for in a player for this pressing system?
  4. He looks like a good prospect to me also.
  5. info provided

    Man that's frustrating as I would like to use this role in my tactic but I won't use it in its current state
  6. Wow that's looking nice! Looking forward to using it
  7. Thanks. I'm wondering if this is just a Leverkusen issue or if most teams in the Bundesliga suffer from monthly losses.
  8. Is that just with the original squad or have you spent money?
  9. Oh really? That puts me off a bit tbh.
  10. info provided

    Any further updates here?
  11. I'm stuck between choosing Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig or Schalke as my next save. I've never managed in Germany on FM before so this is definitely where I want to be. All 3 clubs have good young prospects. Leverkusen and Leipzig have lots of similarities. Schalke are pretty different from those 2 though. They are the biggest out of the 3 clubs by a decent margin, bigger support, better finances, more income and more trophies won. I like the idea of waking up a 'Sleeping Giant' like Schalke. Mönchengladbach fit that mould as well but I hate the colour green and they are too much associated with that colour so they're a definite no lol. I also like the idea of winning trophies for a club who hasn't won many but has great potential to like Leverkusen and Leipzig. Leverkusen and Schalke are predicted 3rd and 4th respectively with the former in the CL and the latter in the EL. Positives are prize money and the stature of playing European football for the upcoming season. Negative is there will be relatively high expectations of both clubs. Leipzig are predicted 15th with the negative being no European football for the 1st year. Positive is that the expectations will be low so less chance of being sacked. It's a tough choice as I like all 3 of their squads as well.
  12. What kind of tactic are you using? Impressive stats vs 2 top teams
  13. Sorry for bumping this year and a half old thread, but what happened to the OP? I found this really helpful. Never mind, I have found it on your blog
  14. Lol really? Nice