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  1. They are both really solid, means I can force teams out wide as that forces teams to play wide and try to get crosses in and obviously against two giants it's very hard to get the better of them in the air. They can both develop really well mentally on top of having decent pace, so I'm really glad I managed to get them both. They are both really brave so they don't shirk out of any challenge which is what I really disliked about Lindelof. I have a thing about defenders with low bravery, it annoys me lol, needs to be at least 12 for me. That's why unfortunately I can't see Mengi making it here
  2. Thought so. I'm scratching my head as to how most people get an AF to work with United? They do nothing for me because most teams just sit back and there's no space in behind. PF (A) has worked out better as they start off deeper than the AF but like the AF they are still mostly focused on purely scoring goals, compare to say a CF who is more of an all rounder.
  3. I had a terrible experience with Skriniar on FM20 so I'm put off him now My first choice pairing are the two giants Nikola Milenkovic and Merih Demiral, 6 ft 5 and 6 ft 4, we don't lose any challenges in the air that's for sure! Both have good pace but lower acceleration so I'm trying to train that attribute up. I do play Demiral on the left and he's right footed only which worries me a bit but he doesn't seem to have too much trouble. I suppose they are still effectively central so it's not too big of an issue. I have 1 more long term CB target in either Jean Clair Todibo or Josko Gvar
  4. I have two controllers so I just rotate their charges with the usb cable, which means I never have to play wired and there's always one ready to use.
  5. I'm having some thoughts of potentially starting a new save because of the official January update being released but tbf I have most transfers (excluding China and Russia) up to date as I started my save just after February using the sortitoutsi data update. Only things that aren't updated are player attributes obviously and some league rules but transfers are. Tbh United players are almost identical anyway, there's been a few small upgrades to Shaw and Bruno's attributes and their PA, and a couple of small PA downgrades for Rashford and Greenwood. Dalot and Williams have fixed PA now instea
  6. I'm guessing that official fix only affects new games because it's a database fix?
  7. If there's a competition for the biggest backlog of games to play, I think I win by a distance. The list: Watch Dogs 2 Uncharted 4 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Assassins Creed: Origins The Witcher 3 God of War Spider-Man Shadow of the Tomb Raider Assassins Creed: Odyssey Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battlefield V Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Watch Dogs: Legion Assassins Creed: Valhalla Spider-Man: Miles Morales Call of Duty: Cold War Ghost of Tsushima DIRT 5 Sackboy Skyrim was on this list to
  8. I think it does actually. I'm sure I remember seeing something a few years ago where a player was more motivated due to the high bonus set for a particular competition.
  9. What do you guys do regarding selling players, always offer them out or do you wait until bids hopefully come in for them? For example, I sold Lindelof for only 25m, but then I always offer my players out and transfer list them at the same time, so I never get that much for them really. Pogba has been decent for me but as his report says, he's inconsistent and he's not really a team player, so I want to offer him out but I'm worried that I won't receive a good offer for him and he'll cause a fuss at being offered out. I'm quite ruthless with players when I want them out, there's no way back fo
  10. I've had it since launch, only ever crashed once so far plus I also leave it on rest mode every day.
  11. Lol cheers guys, I won't be quitting as I've already invested a lot into this save and we've got off to a great start to the 2nd season I've made some really nice signings too, although City have went and signed Lautaro Martinez and Paulo Dybala 😅 I'll probably update with screenshots later, but 1st season we won nothing, I only signed 1 player in January 2021 which was Gabriel Barbosa for £28m.
  12. Anyone reckon this is worth quitting my game over? 😅
  13. Well I ended up agreeing a deal with Depay but it was 100k p/w. I was looking at Thauvin on a free also but pulled out of the deal and then went to offer him something again, and he instantly wanted to talk again. I then decided to pull out of the deal with Depay so I could offer him 90k instead as nobody had offered him anything, but he didn't want to talk at all, so I will admit I had to reload so I could keep him on the 100k p/w deal. I feel bad about doing it now but I honestly was planning on signing him anyway, I just thought because Thauvin was willing to talk straight away then De
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