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  1. Doesn't a F9 play even deeper?
  2. Brilliant post. I like the way you approach things, I didn't think you played in such an easy simple way
  3. I understand you mate, I'm not the best at creating tactics either. I used to use downloaded tactics but then I realised after a while the success was down to someone else's super tactic and it all felt cheap afterwards. Funny thing is, I have purchased FM 16 & 17 but have never got around to creating a proper save The reason for this is because I am trying to create a possession based tactic which hasn't went well. What I do is, before starting a proper save I will test on FMT trying to come up with something I'm happy with. I have yet to do so. That's all I have done over the past 2 editions, tested possession based tactics on FMT unsuccessfully Because of this I won't be purchasing FM 18. I won't be wasting more money on another FM until I have come up a tactic I'm happy with
  4. Gee_Simpson

    Snake oil

  5. Hopefully you don't catch any diseases and be on the look out for stray needles.
  6. I would rather be excellent at a game than **** put it that way I still think being that good at the game would be enjoyable as you have player development which is a very rewarding part of the game
  7. Gee_Simpson

    Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Thanks. I will give it a go
  8. Gee_Simpson

    Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Thanks. I will keep that in mind. Ideally I want my system to be like Barca when they were excellent to watch around 2008-09 under Guardiola in his 1st season in charge. I wouldn't know where to start though in terms of team shape or mentality.
  9. Gee_Simpson

    Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Because I know it is more of a challenge to get it working on Control and I would like my team to not just play sideways and backwards passes in our own half like Counter brings. I want to dominate in the opposition's half.
  10. Then the OP realised, he had f***ed up
  11. Gee_Simpson

    Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    By traditional do you mean a basic tactic without many TI's or fancy roles? Then experiment form there?
  12. Gee_Simpson

    Already struggling...

    He did say he wants at least 60% possession or he's not happy and tbh I'm the exact same. I like dominating possession, I see no reason why it can't be achieved and being successful at the same time. Pity I suck at tactics so haven't been able to achieve this but I wouldn't want to use or copy anyone else's as the success then doesn't feel like my own that way.
  13. Gee_Simpson

    Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Yeah I have read it multiple times but no luck so far. I'm not great at creating my own tactics but I don't want to copy/use others either.
  14. Gee_Simpson

    Pep's Manchester City 17/18

    Slightly off topic but still related to possession; I wanted to dominate possession with the 'control' mentality on FM 17 but I couldn't do it. I used the same 4123 formation as it's supposed to be a good formation to retain possession but no matter what TI's, roles or duties I used I struggled to reach my target of 60% in each match. I found that the 4231 got me higher possession numbers for some reason even though it's more known to utilise possession better vs retaining it. I don't have FM 18, not sure if I will buy it yet. I want to achieve 60% on 'control' in FM 17 first