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  1. This is exactly how I feel mate. I would feel bad managing Utd before because of how good they were vs the rest of the league, but now it should be a decent challenge in FM20, especially with how far ahead City and Liverpool are. As a Utd fan (my English team) , it appeals to me this time around. I think I will try to promote the youth as much as possible too. Greenwood has to get games etc. I will probably try and do my best to make sure Joel Pereira succeeds at the club as he's at my main team Hearts atm
  2. If you plan on making the main goalscorer the striker, then that is very similar to my tactic, almost identical. Good to know I'm on the right track I did plan on playing as Leverkusen on the 19.3 DB but I keep getting that niggling feeling that is stopping me from doing so because I know it's out of date now, for example Brandt is at Dortmund irl, it would feel like I'm cheating slightly by using him for Leverkusen now, so I'll probably wait for FM20. I had it all planned out for a Leverkusen FM19 save though which is a shame. I wanted to qualify for the Champions League 1st season without already having that done for me as will be the case in FM20.
  3. Trust me, neither are we! The guy is an incompetent clown!
  4. It is absolutely bizarre, I have never heard the likes!
  5. I think it will be Utd for me too. Plus, they are my English team
  6. Very interesting, thanks. I'm definitely going to keep attribute masking on from now on, at least in my save as a fairly big side like Leverkusen anyway.
  7. Nice update mate. Are you still using the tactic in your previous post? Pretty impressive getting Volland to score 19 in 27 in that formation considering his attributes.
  8. I have always used player search. Never played a game of FM with attribute masking on but I'm considering trying it for the first time ever. I will miss being able to search in detail though like entering values for 10 different attributes etc. I think relying on scouts will take some getting used to. It's been asked recently but can any SI staff member help here? Do the AI rely on scouts or do they have attribute masking off?
  9. I ended up selling most of the parts I bought, including the i9 9900k. Missed the return deadline of 14 days as I assumed I had 30 and didn't check until it was too late, so unfortunately I did make a loss, probably around £70. I ended up adding 8gb ram to my current setup so I now have 16gb with the i7 3770. For some reason with 8gb I would sometimes get a notification that the game had to close because it had run out of memory. Looks like I needed that extra 8gb.
  10. I think you've been asked this before. Are those regens with a facepack added? Any idea where to find it? @Fola Rivera looks class.
  11. Thanks guys, I think I'll go with the 19.3 database 👍🏻
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