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  1. I done a poll a couple of years back to see whether people enabled attribute masking or not. This time it's a poll for first window budgets when starting a new save. Do you allow them (yes) or not? (no).
  2. Can determination be increased through training or can only mentoring improve it?
  3. @RVP32 How are the finances looking? When I started my test save with Leverkusen, the finances took quite a hit after the first transfer window. Do you make a loss every month?
  4. It's your team, of course you should go!
  5. If you feel like you have taken them as far as you can, then I would jump ship.
  6. Ah, I just negotiated with them for £9.5m straight away (test save) so when I start for real, I'll do what you done and hopefully get him for £5m. I won't be disabling the first transfer window either way, I want to bring in my own players and staff ASAP. Especially with Leverkusen only starting with 1 recognised LB.
  7. Yeah I suppose so, none of those presets exploit the match engine either. Thanks for the advice mate, hopefully I can get something working
  8. Marin goes for around £9.5m on the new DB, so not too bad. Probably a more realistic fee anyway compared to the £1-2m on the previous DB
  9. Yeah that's good advice mate. I was excited when I heard that FM19 had tactical presets, it was one of the reasons why I bought it this year. Then though I develop this complex, that if I use the presets then I'm taking the easy route and copying things. I feel like then it wouldn't be my own tactic that has got me positive results, lol.
  10. Interesting. I'll probably end up leaving it and just playing how I usually play then I'll be starting on 19.3 database as the only player I can't sign first window as a result of that is Almiron. Marin can still be purchased for under 10m.
  11. So what I'm asking is, is it possible to learn as you go? Can you teach yourself how to start identifying problems without being tactically astute? @Cleon @Rashidi @Y2Jones
  12. So what do you all use? Attribute masking and first transfer window disabled? I'm leaning towards just the former but not the latter.
  13. Leverkusen indeed have a problem at LB! They only have one in the entire squad. I'm leaning towards attribute masking but not disabling the first transfer window.
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