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  1. Barella was already very good and got tweaked up a bit. Bastoni seemed underrated to me based on last season and he, rightly, got more of a moderate to significant boost. Verona AM Mattia Zaccagni got a big boost. One of, if not the biggest breakout players of the season in Serie A.
  2. He has been tremendous. In addition to his obvious physical traits, his runs (both down the flanks when playing wide and in the middle) have been excellent. He's been their driving force from midfield. He's taken on the role that Aaron Ramsey was expected to take of that surging runs from the midfield into the box. Not as techincally skilled or as creative, but his physicality and defensive work rate and intensity are also strengths. Regarding my assertion that perhaps it is more of a case of db UNDERRATING him at Schalke... It has seemed to me that German db tends to be slight
  3. McKennie has been a real standout for Juventus this season. Both in central midfield and on the flanks. Schalke often used him further upfield as AM or even a FW. Perhaps it's more a case of him having been underrated.
  4. A few more Sporting CP upgrades - - - - DM Joao Palinha AML/R Nuno Santos A/MC Matheus Nunes FWC/R Tiago Tomas
  5. Some Spanish La Liga upgrades DC Ronald Araujo - Bacrelona FW Youssef En-Neysri - Sevilla LWB Pervis Estupian - Villarreal AML/R Javi Ontiveros - Villarreal (loan to Huesca) LWB Javi Galan - Huesca GK Alvaro Fernandez - Huesca
  6. The low Bravery (8) would concern me at DC. If you put him there I'd give him Additional Training Focus - Aerial (Heading & Bravery). I admit that I'm curious how his high Anticipation and Aggression (and Acceleration) would interact with his low Bravery. Would he close down everything like a maniac and then pull out of tackles?
  7. Gorgeous kits! Especially the Home and Away kits. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. You can use the Pre-Game editor to change the colors of the Text box. I'm using a mix of kits from different seasons. So now Zebra in an Earthquake monstrosity 3rd kit for me!
  8. A.C. Reggiana 1919 2nd kit text is set to black on black in Pre-Game Editor. 2nd kit text should be Background - White, Foreground - Red. Appologies if this is posted in wrong forum. Thank you.
  9. This may be because of the "covid rules" with some competitions using different rules (ex subs) this season, but reverting to "normal" next season. I've been able to get it to work by editing BOTH sets of competittion rules. Now what I'm trying to figure out is how to edition UEFA Champions League and Europa League Squad Registration size and/or exempting U21s from requiring registering.
  10. I couldn't find your question in Editor section. What exactly are you trying to do? This is my first year fiddling with Advanced Rules. No promises, but I might be able to help you.
  11. I believe you put the xml file into : Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2021>editor data Then when starting a new game select that xml file in the DataBase menu BEFORE you go to Advanced Setup (to select leagues and db size, etc)
  12. Yes, I ALWAYS check formations, squad status AND the players in similar position that would be competition for places...also facilites, mangers Working with Youngsters rating.
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