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  1. D-23, it was a while ago so I dont remember what exactly I did, but I did it under Liga Portual 2 SABSEG Qualification Rules. TH3 K1LL3R posted the answer about the problem "Check default rules of Liga Portugal Sabseg, there is no teams going to playoff. " Liga Portugal 2 SABSEG > List > LIGA Portugal 2 SABSEG (Default) > Stages > League Settings > Qualification Rules Have to do the same under Liga Portugal 2 SABSEG (Default) and Liga Portugal 2 SABSEG (Fixed Format) and maybe also Liga Portugal 2 SABSEG (2020)
  2. What did you start your career playing and coaching liscenes? What is your current manger reputation?
  3. wanted to share the kits (see above post) that i'm using.
  4. Part of the fun of managing in Netherlands (or similar leagues) is continuing to develop and integrate the next generation of players. With Ajax or PSV you will still be able to dominate the league and be competittive in Europe.
  5. On the De Gea topic, think the game has him about right - elite shot blocking and poor (for "big clubs") mentals. When De Gea was more or less the consesus Best Keeper in Premier League (and one of the best in the world) he was a combination of two things - Consistently Brilliant and Brilliantly Consistent. He was absolute top shot stopper and also made very few errors. No, he was never a sweeper keeper or top ball skills and he was never a commanding physical presence in the box or in the air. However, he also had become very good at arial balls with effective punches, albei
  6. I've been using stevemc's skins and backgrouns for a few season. my personal favorite (especially since I play in windowed mode). minimalisitc, clean, simple. i dont know if he uses a different font, or if i just THINK the font looks better on his skin. either way, I love his skin and backgrounds. plus, he's just a genuinely good dude here in the SI forums.
  7. If you take a look at the Leauge Rules, scroll down to Nations Treated As Non-Foreign. It's a long list in Spain! Including most of Africa.
  8. No. The steps I posted for the Pre-Game Editor will only take effect in a NEW game. It won't do anything for a game that has already been started. It also requires using Advanced Rules, not the basic Database editting. This is my first year using Advanced Rules, and it is pretty daunting to use initially. It certain was, and is for me! You can direct message me and I'll help you if I can.
  9. No. At least not if I understand your question correctly. You are hoping to change the substittution rules in an already in progress save, right? No, Pre-Game Editor can't do that. Neither can the In-Game Editor. The Pre-Game editor only works BEFORE the creation of a new game. If you're already into a save you are stuck with the rules as they are. Using the path I posted above will change setting for season 21/22 and every season afterwards. Because of the changes to 20/21 season Covid rule changes, to change substituttion (or other) rules for 20/2
  10. Go to Advanced Rules > Premier Leauge > Premier League (Default) > Stages > Stage 0 - leag (League) > League Setting Scroll down on the League Setting page and you'll find Substittution Rules The same can be done for Championship, League 1, 2, etc and Cups. That will change for FUTURE seasons only. If you wanted to change first season, you'd do the same except start under Additional Helpers > Move Dates, Schedule Change Due to Virus Restrictions....
  11. A - That's weird B - How'd you manage to figure that out and how many hours did it take?!?!?! C - I'm removing his contract with Pre-Game Editor just to be safe, and also...just because!
  12. Yes. If/when I've succeeded and tested them. Or I can send you my work in progress and try em out...at your own risk! I do hope to be able to pass along what others have helped me with. I am...hesitant to share files yet, cuz I'm really just learning myself.
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