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  1. One thing that hasn't been brought up is your Reputation and Attributes. If you're at a top club without comparable Player Exp and Coaching Qualifications AND high Motivating, Discipline and Man Management Attributes, players will NOT respect or respond to you. There are some options I haven't heard mentioned - promise to sell NEXT season and...SELL THEM NOW...or ride it out through the transfer window and then offer them NEW contracts even if they have just singed in summer. In short - buy their happiness. Of course, if you do this other players will expect similar treatment. It seems completely realistic that players, even many players, are Unhappy and want to move to a bigger club. It seems completely realistic that a bigger club will lowball bids when a player is unhappy at a "smaller" club, especially if there is a widespread morale issue. If they can create more morale problems for you, they're more likely to get the player they want for a lower price. Big fish eat the little ones and they do not do it gently.
  2. What's the deal with Giorgian De Arrasceata? In previous FMs I believe he has had Basque nationality but not in the one. Was he mistakenly listed as Basque in previous FMs? Or mistakenly NOT in FM20?
  3. Giorgian De Arrasceata (Flamengo/Uruguay/Italy) is also Basque.
  4. Victor Tsygankov AM/M R/L Dynamo Kyiv looks comparable to last season and more than good enough for all but the super elite clubs.
  5. Adrián Lozano's Santos Laguna jersey number is 191. The first time I saw him playing in that number I thought "huh, I wonder what FM20 will do about THAT!"
  6. Normally I go for Roma....but...c'mon...ATALANTA !!!
  7. Absolutely keep him with you! Either train him with Senior Squad and make available for U23, or train with U23 and look for opportunities to get him minutes with Senior Squad (Europa League, League Cup, Substitute for Premier League). In recent additions of FM I've found young players develop better with even some First Team minutes at high level, with better coaches and better training facilities then regular first team football at lower level of competition, lower quality coaches and facilities. No spoiler here, I'm guessing his PA is probably random (-9? -85?)
  8. Ok, so this is weird. First I have been playing FM a long time (god how did I get so old) and using facepacks, logos, kits etc long time too. Initially with FM20 beta I got logos working successfully, without much effort (cept figuring out the new interface for Preference settings) Then I decided to delete the logo pack I was using to try a different logo pack to save disc space. But I couldn't get the new pack to display. Then I put the pack I had been using back in and after multiple efforts (and much ranting profanity) couldn't get it to display either. I tried re-downloading the pack. Couldn't get it to display. This is where it starts to get weird... While I was unsuccessfully trying to get the logos to display again, I successfully got facepacks and kits displaying! Just now I FINALLY got logos to work. The only thing I did differently was instead of putting the logo kit in a sub-folder in graphics called "logos" I just put it in the "graphics" folder, without a sub-folder. Weird. Weirder still is that "facepacks" and "kits" ARE in sub folders of "graphics" folder. I am certain I didn't do anything differently except not have a sub folder "logos" in the "graphics" folder. While I am curious to figure out the why, I aint foolish enough to risk it not working again.
  9. I am also getting "game won't save" I do not have a windows update pending
  10. The lower motivation certainly could be a factor. As could not give "right" team talks to team and/or individual players. I experience the opposite (with my high motivation attribute self) - my team having significant boost in second half.
  11. While we're at it....isn't it time to create the ____ is Over Powered thread?
  12. As FM20 release gets closer I find myself thinking about shortlist planning and looking for ideas about who will be upgraded/added to db. Here are a few obvious ones Eduardo Camavinga - Stade Rennais Ansu Fati - Barcelona Carles Perez - Barcelona Stefano Sensi - Inter Milan Thomas Partey - Atletico Madrid Luca Waldshcmidt - Freiburg Jeremy Doku - Anderlecht Bukayo Sako - Arsenal
  13. The skin is really cool. FM17 or not, I'm interested in what it is and who made it too. Maybe they'll make an FM20 one.
  14. Turkey! Bursaspor, one of only 5 clubs to win Super Lig since it's founding in 1959 (Galatasaray 22, Fenerbahce 19, Besiktas 15, Tranzonspor 6, Bursaspor 1) were relegated last season. Getting them back to top flight (not too much of a stretch) and making them competitive with the Istanbul powers (a much bigger challenge) already is tempting me. Super Lig allows 14 foreign players, so plenty of flexibility signing players, but the bulk of your squad has to be Turkish. If you are not familiar with Turkish Leagues it's almost like using regens and the joy of discovering quality players. The Big Three Istanbul clubs - Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besitkas have been joined by a 4th Istanbul side - Basaksehir, making a Big 4 of Istanbul sides. Trabzonspor if a good side too, but a ways behind the Istanbul 4. Kasimpasa, the 5th biggest club in Istanbul, is a fun challenge too, with Derbies with 4 bigger clubs.
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