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  1. I get a lot of duplicates too for Non-Playing History, Favorite/Disliked Person/Club...perhaps others that I'm not remembering. By "lots of duplicates" I mean 2-5 (not 132, yikes, what a nightmare that must be!) Pre-Game Editor RECENTLY slowed down for me...DRAMATICALLY. Painfully.
  2. Ability to edit Career Plan - Edit, Add and Delete Ability to edit Retirement Date To be able to have more options in Transfering players. - Able to set transfers for Future Date - Able to assign Squad Number for new club (as with the Move on Loan options in In-Game Editor) - Addition Fees (Installments, Apperances, Goals, Competition) - Additional Clauses (Selling Team Wage Contribution) Ability to edit Club Ownership Ability to edit Club Debt
  3. When viewing a Club's Players On Loan screen to have columns that display the On Loan Players Squad Number, CA and PA just as it does on the Club's Player's screen. Ability to Edit Career Plans for National Team. For example, to set career plan to manage/play for a French National team, but not necessarily in French league. Possible to have plan NOT to play/manage in French league AND to have plan TO play/manage French National Team. Ability to set career plans for later in career, or after other career plans realized. Bring back multiple nickn
  4. I'd like to be able to see key attributes of the Opposition on the Opposition Instructions screen without having to click on each individual player and view their Attribute screen. Specifically, I'd like to be able to see - Their Strong foot and how strong their Weaker foot is. - Bravery - Composure - Decision I seem to remember years ago this was viewable via a Toggle. Manually checking each player's attributes is a tedious task. Having Strong/Weak foot represented numerically (1-20) like any other attribute would also
  5. In Order of personal preference: 1 3 No Logo Juventus's "J" Logo 2
  6. FuSS - thanks for your tactics. I've always found you to have a better execution of a similar philosophy of football to FM. Question - What is your thinking about the forward 5 (ST, IFs, AP & Mezz) on Tackle Harder individual instructions? I've always set players with lower Tackling Attributes to Ease off Tackles figuring their low Tackling Attribute would make them not only less effective at tackling, but also more likely to get beat by player with ball, not mention picking up cards and injuries. A few thoughts on OIs I have found Opposition In
  7. I had problem with In-Game Editor "disappearing" after a previous update. After hours of trying "everything" I was poking around in the Preferences menus and saw that "display in game editor" box wasn't clicked. It appeared to have "unclicked" itself in the Preference menu. I clicked the box, and it was back.
  8. I edited Career Plans - Wants to be - Player for Neymar (Barca) and Mbappe (Real Madrid). Which i think is IRL accurate. As for PSG endlessly spending and buying too many players in certain positions...isn't that the way it's always been in FM? I've always started the summer by checking what top class players the Super Clubs want to clear out for a fraction of what they paid for them...often one season after they bought them. I can't recall selling a player to Real Madrid or PSG and then buying them back for 1/2 or 1/3 of what I sold them for, but have read numerou
  9. Right click/Insert-Full name worked for me too. I'm not complaining (I am a full on fan boy), but FM 20 has been by the weirdest-buggy FM for me. A lot of my issues seem to be Sync related. I also had the In Game Editor "unclick" itself in the Preferences after an earlier update (20.1 to 20.2?) I do appreciate that you guys care. Thanks
  10. I tried deleting and re-stalling via steam....still no names displaying on player search.
  11. Cherno Samba....those were the days. Cherno Samba, Andri Sigporsson (sp?), Ibrahima Bakayoko and Robbie Keane are the ones I think of.
  12. Ruud was the only one I "recognized." It was only after Ruud that I even noticed the kits behind the players. I got Bellion by using a kit number search, using David May's ManUtd career as my time window for #12s. I think it's David May on the left and Giggs on the right, but I say that with very little confidence.
  13. Based on the name and numbers on the kits behind the "Santas" - David May, Ryan Giggs...David Bellion (appears to be a 12 to the left of May 4) and Ruud van Nisterlrooy .
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