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  1. I'd like to be able to view CA/PA and assigned Squad numbers displayed for Players On Loan as they are on the Players. Thanks
  2. The Editor Hideaway has long had "fantasy" leagues and nations. In the past there have been Soviet Union file, and perhaps even an Eastern-Bloc (can't recall if I saw that done, or just discussed).
  3. If you don't want Brexit to "ruin" your game, simply download a NoBrexit file from Steam Workshop, or elsewhere. I'd imagine that there are "Hard Brexit" and "Soft Brexit" files out there too.
  4. I don't start what I consider to be a "real" save until first ME patch. I realize that the noble thing to do for my fellow FM'ers would be to jump right in (especially with the public BETA) and contribute feedback for the patch...but I just don't have the motivation until that first major patch. I get way too invested in the game. Not that anyone else can identify with that....HA!
  5. I think part of the confusion is that Qualification rules changed again begining 2018-19 season. My intention here is not to argue with people, but to make sure I understand correctly. So thanks for the discussion for the motivation to look it up and double check. Adding to the confusion the initial "official" site I read was actually OLD qualifying rules. From UEFA --- For 2018/19 they will be ... UEFA Champions League holders (1) UEFA Europa League holders (1) ****Top four from associations ranked 1st to 4th: Spain, Germany, England, Italy (16)**** Top two from associations ranked 5th and 6th: France, Russia (4) Champions of associations ranked 7th to 10th: Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Turkey (4) If the UEFA Champions League holders have qualified for the group stage via their domestic championship, the vacancy will be filled by the champions of the association ranked 11th (Czech Republic), who otherwise compete in the champions path If the UEFA Europa League holders have qualified for the group stage via their domestic championship, the vacancy will be filled by the third-placed club from the association ranked fifth (France), who otherwise compete in the league path *****An association may have a maximum of five teams in the group stage******* end quote The key lines are - Top four from spain, germany, england & italy and "An association may have a maximum of five teams in the group stage" In the OP Arsenal (4th in EPL) didn't have to win the champions league to qualify, UNLESS they were beaten by another English club who hadn't already qualified. So if Arseanl were playing for example Southampton (or another english team who finished outside of the top 4) in Champions League Final, then Arsenal would need to win final to secure champions league. If they lost to southampton (or other non-top 4 EPL) they would be in Europa. yikes. why am I so invested in this? ha ! Edit - While I was composing this, previous poster, Nacaw, said same thing...cept more concise and understandable! Thanks Nacaw
  6. Who was your opponent in Champions League Final? Was it an English club (who hadn't already qualified via league place)? If not, you would/should have qualified in 4th place regardless off result of Final (top 4 EPL qualify unless BOTH Champions and Europa Leagues are won by English clubs who haven't qualified for Champions League through EPL table)
  7. 4th Place in EPL could only miss out on Champions League if English clubs won BOTH the Champions League AND Europa League, AND that both clubs failed to qualify for Champions League via EPL table. I believe that is the only scenario that 4th place in EPL would be denied Champions League and would play in Europa League. While it all worked out in the end, unless there were English clubs who hadn't finished in Champions League places in BOTH the Cup finals, I think this is a bug.
  8. Don't complain about a player being over/under/mis rated...I use the editor(s). Become as addicted (more?) to "correcting" the database than to the game itself. Spend hour after hour on the first day of a new save...and days in pre-season. More often then not, start a new save without playing a game. "Gotta fix this damn database!" Play (and/or edit db) in widowed mode....so I can have porn playing in another window so my gf has no idea how much time I spend playing a stupid game (or worse, not even PLAYING but editing the damn databse). I'd much rather have her think I watch endless hours of porn. Take my gf out to a nice restaurant for a "special dinner...just because you're so good for me"...when it's really to celebrate winning the league. Hiding from family, friends, gf, co-workers and other acquaintances knowledge of players in Scandinavia, Bolivia, South Africa, etc. Have a list of suggestions for future versions...that I never post. Consider Tonton Moukoko, Cherno Samba, Andri Sigporsson, and others as legends. (Bendict Vilakazi and Legohang Mokoena anyone?) Have a solid justification for buying a new laptop...but being honest with myself that it is really to be able to play FM with a huge database and active leagues. Flip the order of my substitutes. Keeper at BOTTOM, FWDs at TOP. Manage multiple clubs simultaneously in one save. Loan my players...to myself. Become more emotionally invested to one of my "other" clubs. Start following Roma, Hertha Berlin, Dynamo Dresden IRL because of FM saves. Think of players IRL as "one of MY guys." Still think sliders were better. (I want to set my AM's mentality to 15, not 16!) Take time before every match to set OIs. Download and tweak posted tactics instead of spending MORE time on FM. Admit that I'm an FM addict, see SI as my dealer...and all of you as enablers ! Erase twice as much other stuff that I'm too ashamed to admit...even to fellow junkies.
  9. There are some guides online for team talks, haven't checked any for fm19, but seems to be fairly consistent from year to year. My guess is that the combination of the pressure of the matches, team and player personalities and you geeing them up with team talk has them nervous. Which can then cascade if things go poorly. I've long put player personalities as top priority for signings, mostly to keep team talks as simple for me as I can, yet still be effective.
  10. My first guess is your team talk with your players. Do you do different team talks for big matches? Or, if you stick to your normal interactions do they respond differently? As boring as pre-match and half time talks are, they do make a difference. Certainly not something I'd leave to your Assistant, no matter how high is Motivation rating is.
  11. It has always annoyed me when started a new game from July that there are injured players whose IRL injury didn't occur til AFTER the new game's start date. Perhaps it could be done in Pre-Game Editor - Remove injuries started after x-date An option to void transfers and new contracts for player managed club that were completed after start date would also be good.
  12. Being able to adjust injury rate +/- % would be good. If just to stop the constant "injury bug" complaints !
  13. Ha ! It just shows his professionalism. Did you post this in bugs forum?
  14. When using in-game editor to transfer players, the IN Transfer is listed twice in the transfer history and "both" are counted in Total Transfer IN. The same transfer is not listed twice in the OUT for the outgoing club. The transfer sums do not seem to be doubly deducted from Transfer Balance, or on the club Finances Page. This happens for edited transfers for Human and AI clubs. Is this a glitch? Or is in intended to prevent players posting edited transfers and passing them off as "legit?"
  15. I'm curious where the top players are playing and if they moved the transfer fees and years. Neymar, Mbappe, Kane, Milikovic-Savic, Dybala, Griezman, etc
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