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  1. Why a player attributes are decreasing? This very annoying. Also, when some attributes are decreased, it's hard to raise the attribute back to original value even if you train them and even if you have great-rating coaches. One of attribute decreasing time is when your player is in holiday. I know that you will say that the reason of attribute decreasing is for a realistic of the game, but, the way of attribute decreasing is unrealistic too. Let's take a look of Messi's attribute. Messi's attributes of FM2019 is exactly same as FM2020, but, if you play FM2019 until year 2020, Messi's attributes are decreasing. In real life, the attributes should not decreasing. This is unrealistic if you compare to the real life. Please consider this for FM2021.
  2. Why there is no preview of 3D animations of FM2020? When the 3D animations preview of FM2020 will be published?
  3. Will afro haircut and other haircut can be edited by data editor and ingame editor?
  4. Don't forget Arturo Vidal, Radja Nainggolan, and David Luiz haircut.
  5. Will there be a new haircut in 3D match engine of FM2020 beside bald, short, medium, and long? I want afro haircut (for example Axel Witsel, Leroy Sane, and Fellaini), curly (for example: Mo Salah), dreadlock, Wavy hair, Ibrahimovic style, and Van dijk style.
  6. I want potential ability be more realistic for an old players in FM2020. For example, Messi's attributes is decreasing only few weeks after the game starts in FM2019. But in real life, Messi's attributes is not decreasing, even better. For example, how about if the potential ability for an old players changed from 200 to 300 or more. This attributes decreasing is annoying and unrealistic.
  7. I would like to see hyper-realistic 3D animation in FM2020. It's been 10 years since SI introduce the 3D match engine in FM2010. I don't want to see poor and ugly 3D animation again in FM2020.
  8. Will there be a realistic 3D animation and haircut variation in the 3D match engine of FM2020?
  9. It's been 10 years since FM introduces 3D animations in FM2010 but why the 3D animations still look poor and ugly? The progress of 3D animations are too few.
  10. I don't think so. See my other post requesting a new 3D animation for FM2018 in the early year of 2018 (because SI told me if I want to have a request then I should post it in the early of the year (e.g. January)). But look at the 3D animations of FM2018, it just the same as FM2017. Is this what you call with "The game gets better every year"?
  11. The 3D animations in 3D matche engine of FM2018 still look nasty. Please make a realistic 3D animation of football in FM2019. I want a new Goalkeeping 3D animation and how the football game processed (defending, attacking, etc.) in FM2019. Also i want new dribbling 3d animations.
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