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  1. I think its 3D animations are better than Rush Football 2, watch this on Youtube:
  2. Please add tackling 3D animation like Alessandro Nesta and Paolo Maldini in 3D match engine of FM2022. Please see below Youtube video for Alessandro Nesta's tackling style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzx63QJQzpY For example, see it on 00:49, 1:19, and so on.
  3. Please add more realistic animations in 3D match engine for FM2022. Also please add goalkeeper 3D animation such as Courtois blocking Timo Werner's shot using his leg (please see below video clip at 3:05 for more detail): https://m.vidio.com/watch/2198459-highlight-real-madrid-vs-chelsea-i-uefa-champions-league-2020-2021
  4. Does dynamic potential ability available in FM2021? If not, Can SI make it in FM2022 as its new feature? For example, who expect Ibrahimovic become the top goalscorer in Serie A with A.C. Milan?
  5. Is there available any 3D match engine preview of FM 2021? I would to see whether it is has some improvements or not and I hope it's not poor and ugly.
  6. Please add more various realistic goal 3D animation in FM2021.
  7. I really like all of the new features idea written in below website especially for Dynamic Potential and Split Formations: https://fminside.net/football-manager-2021/football-manager-2021-wishlist/?amp Don't forget add more realistic 3D animations and various haircuts in 3D match engine.
  8. I have a request for FM2021. The 3D animations need to be more realistic. Current crossing 3D animation is too ugly. The 3D animations need to be completely overhauled. Current 3D animations were not similar with a real-life football at all. Consider a new defending 3D animation such as defender grabbing an opponent's body and pull his shirt.
  9. I have new feature request for FM2021 about PA (potential ability). What about if the PA is changed from a 0-200 number to an age-based. For example, if the PA is 35 years, then the player attribute will not decreased until his age is 35. Also don't forget, improving the 3D animations so that the 3D animations is more realistic 3D animations like a real-life football match.
  10. Why a player attributes are decreasing? This very annoying. Also, when some attributes are decreased, it's hard to raise the attribute back to original value even if you train them and even if you have great-rating coaches. One of attribute decreasing time is when your player is in holiday. I know that you will say that the reason of attribute decreasing is for a realistic of the game, but, the way of attribute decreasing is unrealistic too. Let's take a look of Messi's attribute. Messi's attributes of FM2019 is exactly same as FM2020, but, if you play FM2019 until yea
  11. Why there is no preview of 3D animations of FM2020? When the 3D animations preview of FM2020 will be published?
  12. Will afro haircut and other haircut can be edited by data editor and ingame editor?
  13. Don't forget Arturo Vidal, Radja Nainggolan, and David Luiz haircut.
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