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  1. why not use one of the extinct clubs in Ireland, you wont be moving an existing team and you can edit the team name and stadium if you still wanted. i've had a look and you have quite a few choices to pick from. plus it makes it easier to use the file with other files as its a team already in the base database so the unique ID will always be the same.
  2. someone must have a fix or work around for this, I've seen people release no brexit/work permit files which require advanced rules editing
  3. that is really annoying, i spent hours creating my own nation and league structure using Gibraltar. just wanted to stop brexit in that nation and leave it for the others
  4. Hi, anyone know how to fix this error? the only change i made was delete Scotland and Gibraltar from brexit i havent edited anything else but i cant verify the file.
  5. anyone know how to fix the following error, the only change I've made is to delete Gibraltar from the Brexit agreement. haven't touched anything else but won't let me verify.
  6. Hi Keysi, I had 2 question about the club info screen, is it possible to add City & Local Region to the club details section and is it possible to add the following the details to the finances section on the club screen.
  7. Hi Daveincid, great file as always. does the file below still set all balances and transfer budgets to zero? Daveincid's financial behaviour improvement v1.1 New
  8. great work daveincid, your hard work is much appreciated. I have a query about one of the files (alternate youth) I've had a look through the file to see what edits are made and i can't understand your reasoning for the ratings you have used. The highest rated African nation is Egypt (56 yr) yet countries like Georgia, India, Finland, Iran, china are rated higher. in the base game there are at least 7-9 African teams in the top 30 but on yours there's not even 1 in the top 60 it seems to me that African nations are rated lower than many smaller European and south American nations
  9. is the team you choose professional status or semi professional status?
  10. has there been any further update on this file for FM21?
  11. I like to play the game as close to real life as possible, which this game does allow but the staff section seems to be very limited I'm also very hands on with the staff and like to go through my whole team and see what I need but I like to use the advertise job feature which is very limiting unfortunately It would be great if 1. You could place a job advert for how many of that position you want filled. currently if you want 3 new physios every time you hire one from the job advert candidates the advert closes and you have to keep placing new adverts which takes at least 3
  12. thanks, i'll have a look at that thread, I always place job adverts for my staff vacancies so should still make it hard for me while allowing the AI to hire better staff. i had a look at the thread and tried to load that file in the editor but it crashed the editor, not to worry though. i can't remember but what did the second file actually change again?
  13. i created some wonder kids on my game and put them at a low level team with high youth facilities, i loaded the game with some mods and looked at which teams what i required. i then wanted to make a change to reputation, and i had a look at the team (almeria) and noticed that the base game give them poor-ish facilities but when i checked in game it was great facilities so i thought it was one of your mods, it's not a problem, as all the mods i use work fine, i was just curious. i know now to load the game with all the mods i want, check what i need then make the change in my file
  14. love these mods, great work. do any of these mods change the youth facilities or training facilities of any clubs?
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