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  1. does anyone know a way to edit the english league cup so only the bottom 14 prem teams participate. I'm trying to balance out the top european leagues and england are the only ones with a national and league cups. i'm trying to avoid disabling the cup for this purpose so that the teams outside the top six and maybe either lower in the league can win the cup i either wanted set the big teams to not treat the cup seriously so they basically field much weaker teams (i know this can still be a strong team) force the teams that finished in the top 6 to use under 23 team or use only homegrown players exclude the top 6 from participating whoever that was
  2. I've created a nation and league system but I haven't created any players. The nation has good ratings as good as Russia or Holland and so do several the clubs, but when I load the database and add players to playable leagues the quality of players don't match the reputation of the clubs. Are there any settings I can change to improve the quality of players generated?
  3. I did find another work around, but I'll give yours a try
  4. - If you have used my previous versions please remove all the files from the editor-data-folder what files now correct/fix those issues?
  5. Do we still need the RBS Change V1.0 sugardaddy fix v1.1 there not in the updated pack
  6. I wouldn't add more teams to the prem. as the top teams would have 42 league games, that on top of national and league cup fixtures plus Europe would be a pretty hectic schedule. english top teams already play more games then the other top leagues
  7. why not use one of the extinct clubs in Ireland, you wont be moving an existing team and you can edit the team name and stadium if you still wanted. i've had a look and you have quite a few choices to pick from. plus it makes it easier to use the file with other files as its a team already in the base database so the unique ID will always be the same.
  8. someone must have a fix or work around for this, I've seen people release no brexit/work permit files which require advanced rules editing
  9. that is really annoying, i spent hours creating my own nation and league structure using Gibraltar. just wanted to stop brexit in that nation and leave it for the others
  10. Hi, anyone know how to fix this error? the only change i made was delete Scotland and Gibraltar from brexit i havent edited anything else but i cant verify the file.
  11. anyone know how to fix the following error, the only change I've made is to delete Gibraltar from the Brexit agreement. haven't touched anything else but won't let me verify.
  12. Hi Keysi, I had 2 question about the club info screen, is it possible to add City & Local Region to the club details section and is it possible to add the following the details to the finances section on the club screen.
  13. Hi Daveincid, great file as always. does the file below still set all balances and transfer budgets to zero? Daveincid's financial behaviour improvement v1.1 New
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