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  1. really well done with this file, its usually something I do myself but no need to as this looks totally comprehensive only one question I cant see any specific youth cups think previously they are called something like FAW youth cup kudos once again for this I know the amount of time effort/testing that goes into it, really appreciated
  2. just open advanced rules find the fixture rule for the comp/s you want to eit click on it and a drop down tree will show the ffp rules remove/edit accordingly
  3. answered here https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/53120/disable-jan-2020-transfer-window-in-light-of-new-data-update?page=1#comment_522512
  4. you didnt state that in your OP and I am not really sure what you want to do if you want to keep all squads as is for whole of 19/20 season either put a transfer embargo in place for all clubs and play out the season or use a custom start date with/without real fixtures/results and start at the end of may 2020 so the 19/20 season is done with current squads hope this helps you
  5. that may well be an option mate I havent had chance and I am away for a few weeks now so perhaps when I get back I will give this a go
  6. I have been trying to add this and thought, a simple EDT file would work but no joy, obviously there is nothing specific regarding this in the general editor and with teams like Milan it has been hardcoded however in advanced rules I have found I can exclude city but this would be permanent as there are no date ranges(eg like the points deduction in advanced rules for leagues etc) anyone with input on this please IMO it cant be done as its hardcoded by SI
  7. right got some joy in advanced rules can exclude City from the UCL however the kicker is it is permanent as there are no date fields etc any input mate?
  8. chelsea was just a transfer ban ? not a competition ban so that is very straightforward via finances section of the club banning a club from a comp though is different and I would suggest could be done with an EDT file I have banned players before but havent tried this hopefully we can get some input on this, it may well be added to the game in winter patch will be interested to see hoe SI do it...if it is indeed added
  9. years since I 'played' with using EDT files anyone know if it possible to add Man City's ban this way? I can remember adding players to be banned but not adding a club ban also seem to remember you accessed the extra files in preferences- and then into extra files there was a list of EDT files I am unable to locate these now any input is appreciated cheers
  10. close the thread please no explanation why a non edited league shows errors not even a response from the staff here
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