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  1. the overall tax the same may well be a very good idea but it looks like the super tax goes after the super rich and thats where I believe we will see the best results for my project...operation- 'address the balance' aka 'smash the elite' I am also going to tweak it so it starts earlier than current game set up so I may well set it to start in 2019 so you then get to see immediate results as in my sims its the second season where it really kicks in, but I am using a custom start up date for lat May 2021 so that may well influence the first season I may just sim from a normal ga
  2. Here is the file with squad rule changes cheers Germany changes.fmf
  3. if you manage a squad [I just took over a club on squad submission date] it wont let you exceed the wage cap..and so works as expected it stops you from submitting your squad until you are under the set amount however I am seeing this for some AI teams- Bayern clearly exceeding the cap and the selected players do play in league games and there is no punishment that I can see at the end of the season when they do this so 2 questions why is this happening and what is the point if there is no punishment cheers
  4. the wage cap partly as I am only finding 1 or 2 AI clubs bypassing that cap the'' super tax'' - corporation tax seems to work on all teams AI and user controlled but we need others to try this for a couple of seasons to get some feedback on what works best NB also seeing the AI elite clubs offloading several of their top players to counter the lack of 'huge income' and meet the wage cap next test is to run corporation taxes in all top nations only tried England/France at this stage, PSG taking an absolute kicking
  5. if you manage a squad [just took over a club on squad submission date] it wont let you exceed the wage cap it stops you from submitting until you are under the amount however I am seeing this for AI teams, and there is no punishment that I can see when they do this?
  6. Here is what I did on first test NB as with all editing 0 is the top division and so on[eg EPL is 0, Championship is 1 etc etc] now there are already corporation taxes set up initially in the DB- [there are 4 for England so I removed them and replaced the entries as image 2]
  7. think this is a tad high for a team who isnt raking it in so some tweaking is needed would be good to get some other users testing this to see what the results are and then put the best option in place my goal is fairness and a level playing field so it isnt the same boring teams over and over at the top, its getting there but it could be better
  8. yes it would be country by country for the 'super tax' I have removed the dirty dozen from UEFA comps and have them in a poorly funded ESL[if I just banned them from UEFA comps they had a weeks rest to prepare for the domestic games- this way they are playing more games for less money and domestic form suffers too👍] also increased the finances of UEFA comps so after a couple of years with the above measures the 'elites' are reigned back in along with a wage cap for domestic leagues it means the domination is almost over for the 'big 6' in a 5 year sim so far Liverpool have won
  9. as a test imposing a 'super rich tax' set at 70% for higher earners lower earners are 20% Man Utd pay this at the end of the 20/21 season all their super sponsorship deals are smashed even when they announce new deals the following season it is swallowed up in tax now I am going to tweak this and see how capping high end plays out over a few years [ran a quick sim with the top 6 relegated to second tier as punishment for ESL shenanigans and liverpool/city go up straight away but the other 4 are languishing in mid table]
  10. yes I have not seen this before wonder if this is a way of stopping mega rich clubs from spending? they can have billions coming in but if they cant spend it also wondering if the tax rules might be interesting to address the disparity ? surely this is for clubs rather than individuals
  11. @Wolf_pd Have you ever tried the expenditure cap? am I right in thinking this a new option I also have found in previous attempts the yearly wage rise/threshold doesnt give the result I am looking for as in game in the league rules you will see a proviso that the restriction applies unless there is an upturn in revenue... and I always saw the clubs I was trying to rein in get that upturn also have you ever tried using these options re wage caps and % of income allowed to be spent on wages cheers
  12. cheers That is exactly what I am doing I believe I expected to see punishments for clubs exceeding the wage limit, but am I right in assuming that what happens it is the squad selection where you see this working -namely a club cannot select all their high paid players if they exceed in my example 1.3m a week? so a club could in theory pay 10m in wages but they can only pick a 25 man squad that amounts to 1.3m I always try to get a game set up with a fairer DB -prize money etc etc it is almost impossible to stop the elites generating huge income through sponsorship[even
  13. yes mate there are various things re squad numbers and I address it by match rather than squad rules eg elite clubs can only have 1 non EU player in match squad but this thread is regards salary cap and everything I have shown above indicate this does not work many clubs break the annual wage by a lot but there are no penalties and as the images above show the feedback is they are NOT breaking FFP but they clearly are
  14. @Wolf_pd can you show what your set up was/is in FFP settings as you can see my results are just bizarre
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