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  1. yes it cant use people already in DB to become future chairman using this method, as you elude it generates a 'regen' if you want an existing non player already in the DB to become a chairman you can use the future transfer tab and set job as chairman to a date in the future at the desired club
  2. have you set up these correctly use swansea as an example otherwise they will enter the domestic cups for the nation they are set to and also change continental cup nation too
  3. Hello my friend long time since we spoke hope you are well and congrats on the Azzurri I had a bet on them well before the comp started could see how Mancini had them playing so made $240 on to your issue as Wolf says or you can also use an IGE to retire Eriksen but do you want him to still be in the DB as a coach etc, if so you need to set up in his career plans that he wants to be a coach/manager etc I think you want him to take part in the Euros then retire ? if so the IGE is best way set contract to expire at the end of euros and select retirement too and he wont play anymore
  4. Hi mate + @Kadath this used to work but it could take sometime to kick in you can use a certain IGE to force a board takeover but even then you cant guarantee it will be the chairman you set up in edt file that is in charge at the end
  5. I am able to enter the stadium section and search however after selecting the venue the box remains empty so its bugged
  6. I have been able to swap countries to take part in the Olympics bar GB
  7. in the first image 'dates' under semi final as themodelcitizen says this is where you can specify the exact stadium you still havent shown an image of where you are editing
  8. in previous versions I have been able to add GB to the olympics it just isnt working this time
  9. even doing that doesnt work iirc when I have done this before GB were called Great Britain in the editor that option isnt there anymore still defaults to Belgium U23
  10. I also set the fixtures up here
  11. as the modelcitizen says here
  12. @jridz96 no need for 2 identical threads mate just wait for a reply check the olympic games history- team GB is called this if you look in editor there are 2 options there is no team GB however if you set GB to replace one of the qualified teams they dont go their place always goes to Belgium U23 in several tests I have done @Wolf_pd any idea why this is happening ? could it be that the UK is not a World governing body member I replaced a european qualified team with GB in both set of rules as default and 2021 have teams registered
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