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  1. cant blame you mate it is a joke AR rule editing now has become just trying to find ways of managing a workaround to solve the bugs and as you say to SI riddle me this how can you not add -1 in those fields[it does default to 0 now] yet they have been able to do this with ''their editor''
  2. to the OP there is nothing to really be afraid of with advanced rules been using them for years, however there are so many bugs/issues so what is the point in wasting time doing projects using AR hopefully the latest patch has addressed the issues but there still seems to be problems around I will give it another month before I decide if once again it is worth doing what I bought the product for...nearly 3 months ago
  3. try using -1 for min/max number of teams in those leagues not ideal but has resolved problems for me previously
  4. have you tried setting the min/max to -1 not ideal but this has resolved bugs like this for me before and its not you mate this time SI have really excelled themselves the editor was released untested is the best conclusion IMO, because if it was then they just dont care/ or need to employ more staff either way its a pile of poo
  5. just re tried and even though I had the same as above-only thing I did different is change mode from playable to view only and then back again to playable in game I get the full 10 tier option, with only 1 league unplayable Gwent central division 2, as long as that doesnt cause any issues down the line I dont mind
  6. Hi I have made changes and got the file now to load in game and be able to select Wales as a playable nation, However there is no drop down menu to select playable leagues, its greyed out, so if I continue to load a game only the JD Prem is an option in game
  7. Hi mate I have made some changes and removed the verf line in XML file allowing the file to load on game start up now however then get the red triangle for Wales and lots of errors re incorrect team numbers, I will change the number of teams in those comps and see what happens mate changed the number of teams to comply with the errors and still they show up
  8. we have been trying to resolve issues like this for a few versions best way I find is just use match day rules rather than overall squad rules this way you can get mostly what you want to do as squad rules have proved to be a total pain for x number of years, I just havent got the time or patience to try and resolve it anymore
  9. @Rainbowz many thanks for this comprehensive file and the work involved getting an issue FYI when I try to add any changes(eg sub rules prize money to any league) this error appears when trying to verify, and the rules are flexible format rules
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