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  1. OPZ and I have added my own tweaks to it just for personal use
  2. sure it will be if not a few tweaks in advanced rules will solve it will have to update U23/18 regional comps too as each/both clubs will be banned from those comps too so numbers taking part in 2019/20 will have to be reduced
  3. for anyone wanting to do it in FM use advanced rules change the number of teams taking part to reflect the club/s being removed (I would hang fire as looking like Bolton will go the same way too) amend the fixtures dates and round number the league games finish on for league one it would now be a 22 team comp for one season so a few tweaks there should resolve the issue and then you have to have another set of rules to kick in in 2020/21 season to go back to 24 teams as normal(this is easy to do)
  4. I have downloaded the latest versions mate and no older files either the transfer doesnt happen unless I remove your main update file, then it takes place
  5. as I suggested mate there is an issue with rooney game recognizes the future transfer However it doesnt take place and he remains at DC United
  6. you may find having the 2 changes will cause a conflict so might have to remove the player transfer one cheers
  7. regarding your latest live update rooney is shown as transferring to Derby but this will result in him being a player at Derby not a player/coach cheers also I have upgraded to be a premium member to support your work but there is no difference in the file before I upgraded thanks
  8. Thank you Pro for your great work I see on your site the changes are done via an online editor kudos to you mate are you able to make changes like players changing to staff eg kompany/ or creating new players/stff etc or is done old school in the pre game editor, just curious Many thanks once again
  9. very good stuff are there any plans to have the real fixtures for the 19/20 season please(obviously not in all leagues) cheers
  10. Ty for the reply and I understand the issue it would be impossible to provide all FFP info however the question raised hasnt been answered is it a bug with the examples given? why are there several entries for the same time periods, with vastly different amounts and which was does the game use as it will have long term effects...eg as above being £580m or £56m in terms of FFP credit has a massive bearing
  11. if you dont remove that maximum player section you still get this remove it and
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