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  1. think you have perhaps posted in the wrong forum ask a mod to move it mate
  2. dont think they can resolve that squad bug we have been reporting it going back years and it hasnt been addressed yet
  3. I have loaded edited files to workshop previously but I have a saved game I want to load to the workshop how do I do this please Thanks in advance
  4. there is a way that works Found an interesting great workaround to keep players at their current clubs for those that want to keep say Kane at Spurs, I posted earlier in thread if you set up a future transfer that will work, but if that is not for you , it also looks if you edit the date the player joined the club to be several years ahead/and same for date contract signed he will even if his club accept bids for him not agree to join other clubs even if they are bigger ones as he will say he has only just joined his current one I am also using an in game editor to keep changing those dates when a transfer window is coming up, so just experimenting with this,the results are great so far ...even young/old players at lower clubs refuse contracts at big clubs can confirm this works like a dream even if his club accepts a bid for him he always rejects the contract so becomes ''untransferable''
  5. Its spot on mate sums him up perfectly makes me chuckle too
  6. @handy500 forgot to say adding the manager folder from this file to the mega pack will also work just make sure to clear cache and reload skin(not teaching you to suck eggs) as I use my own files too for missing players/staff/wonderkids and I have been banging my head on the wall when they dont work...only to remember I havent ....
  7. I am using both packs and get this as @wkdsoul says mate go to say @stevemc I love this one it totally sums him up its perfect mate I can hear him saying ''I am very very happy''
  8. lovely stuff TY and @handy500 I use the mega pack too there was no issue with a clash using this file too hope it works for you
  9. Many thanks once again Great addition to the game
  10. Why should he do that for you he has done enough already the entitlement of some people here is totally unxxxxxxx believable
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