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  1. NB Just be aware if you do try to set up a new World Cup structure when verifying in advanced rules you may get errors saying there isnt enough teams selected you can resolve this by changing the 'type' to something else and then back again to get qualified teams and/or using save editor data as to create a new file each time [a pain if you need to verify a few times]
  2. yes mate after getting bogged down initially starting simple was a breeze I have increased the WC to 64 and Euros to 32 as I want more smaller nations in the finals, the only issue I encountered with the WC after converting to advanced rules is the venue for stadiums in group stages wasnt what I set up the comp to use, the options I had set for KO rounds worked fine and in later World Cups the group stage did too it was the initial first WC 2022 which I had playing on its ''normal dates'' so I think the problem lies there but not a big deal
  3. as @Wolf_pd says I tend to use advanced rules and initially it proved fun/challenging doing this however just doing what you want can be achieved quickly and easily in basic rules you need to edit the qualification comps too and allocate the numbers from them, then move to advanced once its verified to tinker with group set ups etc the issue may well be things like the nations league as that impacts on the qualification I removed the nations league totally as I have a group system for nations taking place bi annually in Europe to replace friendlies
  4. only just started my first save and this is pathetic really time after time I have players on their own with instructions to cross early and just wait for an oppo player to hit it at to get a corner lol its a joke once again
  5. yes you can select more than 1 rule have a play around see what works best for you
  6. no problems yes mate it caught me out initially left me scratching my head but worked it out
  7. its the additional helpers there are extra set of rules to cover covid many leagues have this added and include sub rules changes for the 20/21 season, it will override your change so you need to edit that too
  8. yes mate the user has been answered on other sites too previously and informed it can only be addressed using the pre game editor
  9. remove/edit this rule from the fixture rule relating to the various comps
  10. yes it cant use people already in DB to become future chairman using this method, as you elude it generates a 'regen' if you want an existing non player already in the DB to become a chairman you can use the future transfer tab and set job as chairman to a date in the future at the desired club
  11. have you set up these correctly use swansea as an example otherwise they will enter the domestic cups for the nation they are set to and also change continental cup nation too
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