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  1. it is possible but not with the SI editor you can extend that retirement date to whatever you want using an IGE it cant be discussed here though
  2. read this too you will have to do a few other things too if you want an equal playing set up I give a few pointers there, most are common sense but can be easily overlooked but same principle applies, take a club you want to use as your template and then edit all other clubs to have the same income /balance/debts/reputation etc copy and paste to mass edit each section
  3. copy and paste, save you a lot of time if you want several leagues to have the same details( as I do ) on your initial league use it as a template so as below(and the prize money isnt edited via final ranking money its via the league settings tab)
  4. if you have made the changes in the right sections they will work
  5. How to Access Advanced Rules Open the editor load the DB go to Rules Add nations Rules select the country you want here it is Belgium select add lower divisions and finish NB now if you are going to add any real fixtures to a comp now is the time to do it while still in basic rules now to get to the advanced rules back up to rules and select Convert to advanced you then get the full comprehensive rules for that nation see recent posts here from some users still confused how to do this and some not even aware the advanced rules exist,thinking they have to recreate the whole league structures from scratch, hope this helps
  6. thats how they look like in advanced rules
  7. you can do that now easily by just accessing the advanced rules you do not have to recreate anything from scratch everything you mention can be done in seconds , if you are unsure there is a load of info here how to do this
  8. it is and has been for several years just access the advanced rules there is plenty of help/info here on this
  9. I do a similar thing and try and make most top leagues equal so you need to edit the prize money of comps, and obviously need to address the financial doping the EPL has over other leagues too especially in terms of tv money There are lots of things to factor in sponsorship deals/club reps tv revenue so if you want to make it a level playing field give all clubs the same income/debts etc obviously as the game moves on new sponsorship deals will be generated and so you need an IGE to keep on top of it one thing I am about to trial is reducing the value of £ and see how this plays out
  10. not sure if that works with the original DB the one at FM Scout does
  11. you can use correct squads too there are options sortitousi or fm scout have updates, the later has one for the 19.1 DB
  12. use the original DB and the files will load or take a look in bugs forum this is a known issue
  13. you have to add these through the basic nation rules, so you will lose any changes made via advanced rules, in basic rules 1) Extract the text files that you wish to use 2) Open the editor file in the database which modifies the nation which you wish to import the leagues for 3) Click on Nation Rules - [Nation Name] in the top left panel 4) In the bottom left panel, expand the menu called 'Divisions' 5) Expand the menu for the division which you wish to import fixtures for 6) Click on 'General' under this menu 7) In the main panel, check 'Use Specified Fixtures8) Expand the Fixtures menu which has just appeared in the bottom left panel. 9) Select Fixtures from the new sub menu 10) In the main panel select import and choose the .txt file that corresponds with the league. or you could try creating a separate file just in basic rules and save it in .xml format open in notepad ++ you could then take the code from that file, with fixtures and put in your advanced rules files (also save it .xml format)
  14. where does it go mate as it is a glaring issue and I have pointed this to SI several times as can be seen I have posted it elsewhere and been told to post here by SI staff?? the fact is as pointed out the future transfer option does not work as intended no money actually moves and so the rich club gets a good player without spending a bean and far worse the ''lower'' club loses its best player for nothing, so a terrible flaw surely? the bottom line is Ajax needs 75m euros added to their balance and barca needs a drop in theirs and this is just one of several ''future transfers'' that need addressing
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