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  1. Just played a game between Man City & Leicester and there was a clear kit clash both wearing blue was very hard to see which team was which Included a screenshot not sure it is a bug but thought i would post it anyway
  2. Anyone signed Mbappe for United im considering making him my long term target but not sure where is best to play him
  3. Anyone ever got Ronaldo back to Utd on FM ? Juventus wage is a nightmare to solve
  4. Hey guys Just wanted to let you know i have a youtube channel with Lets Play's & Player Review (which you can request players) Posting the first videos in the current series we have going on at the moment hope you guys can check the channel out would be great to see you over there I will be posting new video's as they are released Dortmund Rising Lets Play: Stars Of Tomorrow Episode 1:
  5. Would be great if we could have fake shots in FM in the future at the moment they just shoot and its blocked where players like messi for example would more likely go for a fake shot commit the defender and get a better opportunity
  6. Seems this year no matter what formation you play if AI plays a flat 4-4-2 they just are perfect
  7. Having a issue with getting teams to press on FM 21 what im seeing on the tactic graphic is not being shown in the game players just stand off & are on half way line rather than right inside the AI's half
  8. Thanks man & yeah i like 4-2-3-1 my issue has always been getting the AMC's to work on FM goal wise
  9. Anyone managed to get a 4-2-3-1 formation to work with United this year ?
  10. Just have a question about the Database when the FM 21 Beta comes out. Will it be locked or is there a chance the database will be changed on full release for example player stats and ability
  11. When the BETA is out is the database locked meaning thats the final one and no changes to player stats or potential will be changed
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