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  1. Planning to catch-up on the Football Manager Show podcast. Subscribed to it upon launch. Does anyone listen to the 5 Star Potential podcast? I’m a big fan of it.
  2. So pleased that there is a a French league thread. Thank you @Ronaldo Beckham I was considering hi-jacking the Marseille thread a few weeks ago lol. Just starting season three of my Lille save (they seem popular in FM21). Will post updates very soon.
  3. Doubt that you are still looking for a left-back, but wanted to recommend Greg Taylor from Celtic. Costs less than £3m in season one, and is very solid.
  4. My guess is that the scout player rating is made up of multiple factors i.e. player ability, potential wage, transfer fee etc. Considering the player in question is available on compensation, is a potential ability of only one division below and is extremely interested in joining bumps up the scout rating. Your current position in the league wouldn’t be factored in. Unless you get promoted at the end of the season.
  5. I’m currently doing a save in France with Lille. The date is 1st Jan 2021 and the U.K. has left the EU. In Ligue 1 you are not allowed more than 4 non-EU players in your squad. Originally I only had 3 non-EU players. With Brexit, my 2 Scottish players, and 1 English player are all now classified as non-EU taking my squad total to 6. This has severely hindered my save. Do I now need to sell 2 non-EU players? Or is there a workaround?
  6. Yeah I was wondering if @warlock might consider a Watford save. I’m tempted to start a save with them myself. Need a Guinea pig! Ha
  7. Could someone please give me their thoughts on which type of tactical set-up suits the ‘Be More Disciplined’ team instruction?
  8. Hey all, This thread is really good for laptop advice, and I think I’m in need of some please. I’ve had my laptop since 2014, and it’s always run FM fairly well. My preference is to play matches in 3D (at low setting). Whilst playing the beta, I’ve noticed a lot of lag when watching matches. Not keen on moving to 2D. Here are my laptop specs: https://uk.dynabook.com/discontinued-products/satellite-l50-a-1e7/?categoryNameProductPage=laptops Should the laptop be able to run 3D matches smoothly? My laptop is mainly used for work (nothing more sophisticated than basic Micr
  9. I am unsure how this will work, if the icons represent match condition and match sharpness. Can we see the difference between someone at 90% match condition and someone at 92% match condition? Numerical differences are required.
  10. Fingers crossed for the UCL final. Think Inter have got Cagliari and Parma as affiliates (might have changed in your save), to help with loaning talented youth.
  11. Great work thus far, and congrats on the two title wins. Looks like you’ve built a strong squad with an Italian core. Guessing that winning the UCL will be the main aim now for the rest of the save?
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