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  1. I am unsure how this will work, if the icons represent match condition and match sharpness. Can we see the difference between someone at 90% match condition and someone at 92% match condition? Numerical differences are required.
  2. Fingers crossed for the UCL final. Think Inter have got Cagliari and Parma as affiliates (might have changed in your save), to help with loaning talented youth.
  3. Great work thus far, and congrats on the two title wins. Looks like you’ve built a strong squad with an Italian core. Guessing that winning the UCL will be the main aim now for the rest of the save?
  4. @jmgrima Cool, I’m just starting an Inter save. How have you managed the squad over the three seasons? Any trophies or big signings?
  5. @Weston Thank you for taking the time to explain how your squad has developed over time, regarding the HGN and HGC requirements. Yes, I can now definitely see the benefits in youth development regarding squad building. Also thanks for showing the filters about HGN and HGC due dates. Usually I wait for my staff to update me, but it’s handy to have a look myself every few months.
  6. I really like squad rotation, and get paranoid about injuries and suspensions 🤣
  7. This is extremely helpful thanks. I’ve been fortunate previously to do saves at clubs, with five or six homegrown players in their first-team squad. This is the first time I’ve noticed a squad with a real lack of HGC at senior level.
  8. I did a Feyenoord save and thought Jorgensen was very average. Also starts the season injured, which means a lot of his physical attributes decrease quickly.
  9. @quee Thanks for the advice. I’m going to attempt to bring back some HGC players who are currently on loan. The game states, I need to wait 28 days. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go with your suggestion.
  10. Understood thanks for your help.
  11. Ah ok thanks. Any suggestions on how to manage the homegrown at club issue in the full game?
  12. Hey folks, Lots of great content in this thread. I have just started a save with Inter Milan and noticed that they only have one HGC player in their squad. Which is an issue for squad registration. Has anyone who has done an Inter Milan save noticed this? Would appreciate some help please. Think I’ve seen @Muttley84 be quite active in this thread with Inter Milan.
  13. @Vladis Congrats on the top four finish, and league cup win mate. Quick question about how home-grown players work for Welsh teams, in the premier league. Do you need a quota of Welsh players registered in your team i.e. four?
  14. @Jogo Bonito Cool thanks mate. I’ll post updates here. Once the save develops.
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