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  1. My FM20 plans are the same mate. Like the signings of Senesi, Fer and Narsingh. Plus they have a few youth players with promise i.e. Azarkan.
  2. Thank you mate. Some key players in that squad like Lewis, Kenny, Da Silva, Burke, Romero and CCV. Think you can achieve mid-table in the PL with some good fortune.
  3. Congrats mate! You have massively overachieved to get Salford into the Premier League. Quite keen to see your current squad and tactics please.
  4. I had the same issue as Jaywillo tonight. Thankfully had a back-up save to refer to. Sorry about your save mate. Must be very frustrating.
  5. Started my Villa save on Friday night. Tough job due to the unbalanced squad (no quality defenders) and zero transfer budget. Difficult to sell the deadwood as well.
  6. Really hoping there is a workaround for this. The decision to take out the disabling of Brexit from in-game editor is odd. Not sure why SI have done it
  7. Fairly sure that the 'No Brexit' option has to be chosen before a new save starts. Like you I am waiting until the patch is created before starting a long-term save. Hoping to see something online to download on Nov 2nd.
  8. Yeah I’m hoping we get a patch via Steam or a fan site that takes out the Brexit option.
  9. Hang in there regarding the title race mate. The aim will be to close the gap if possible, going into the December and January fixtures.
  10. I’m enjoying this thread. This is my current team with Lyon. 8 league matches played so far. Depay has been my standout player! Auoar has been class also.
  11. Great points raised mate. Exactly why I’m intrigued by an Aston Villa save for FM19.
  12. I’ve just stumbled upon this thread and really like the format of your series mate. You are creating a strong and steady Villa team. I’m considering doing a save with them in FM19. Hope you come back to this series soon.
  13. Congrats on winning the title mate. I can see you raided Atlanta for Petagna. How much did he cost?
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