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  1. I got him to sign a new deal after the 1st season. I sold him in my previous save once I had brought Bruno, but the Bruno Pogba duo was too hard to resist this time round.
  2. I’ve not personally used him, but I’ve seen a lot people do and he seems to be very good, and develops well so 20 mil is a good deal.
  3. Right so the summer and my 1st transfer window is done and season 2 is underway. Here are my transfers. Plenty of outs, Smalling was one I was going to keep, but I felt at 30 and that fact the club as whole are trying to move on and move forward I decided to sell. Sanchez was tough to sell, even though I had got him on a reduced contract, and even though I'm still paying 80k of his wages I'm glad to be shot of him. I didn't buy as many as I thought. Bailey is a player I really like IRL and on the game, I tend to buy him at least once on any save during each fm edition, I hadn't brought him yet this year and as I didn't want Sancho he was the perfect alternative. Grealish comes in as back up to Bruno and Pogba, and Onguéné is a player I took notice on my Lazio save, Inter had signed him and he developed into abit of a beast, so although its not the top class cb I was going to aim for, I feel I have someone who will be in the future. In other transfer news look at this deal. 205 mil for De Bruyne, never seen a deal that big on the game, and rather surprisingly City haven't really spent that money or replaced him. These are the formations I shall be using for the coming seasons. We have started well, winning 4 out of 4 in the league scoring 13 goals in the process. We did however lose the super cup to Barca, but I weren't that interested in that.
  4. Well when I started in Jan, Pogba, Bruno and Greenwood hadn't played, I covered why in previous posts. But Pogba got 6 goals 3 assists, so could of been better. Bruno got 7 goals and 11 assists. I play him as a mezzala on attack in a mid 3 and he's excellent in that role. I'm expecting big returns from Bruno for season 2, especially if my last save is anything to go by where he was regularly getting 20+ assists and 15 + goals. Greenwood got 11 goals and 5 assists.
  5. So as my previous post, I took charge in January. We were 12 points off top 4 and Arsenal, we had a brilliant start and closed the gap very quickly and this is how the table finished. So we turned a 12 point deficit to a 6 point lead in an incredible turn around. Arsenal and Spurs falling apart abit while we kept getting results. We managed to walk away with a piece of silverware as well, winning the Europa league. Was an excellent performance, sadly Martial who was our top scorer in the comp was injured and missed the final. This was our results from when we took over. Our only losses come to Liverpool, the league loss in particular was hard to take, but they just battered us. Overall though I am very happy to get the top 4 and win a trophy in the 1st season. Maguire, Bruno and Greenwood were probably my best performers from the January onwards. The board have given me 160 mil to spend, I plan on getting a RW, DM and maybe a CB. Sancho is the obvious target but I am going to avoid him, as lots of people buy him plus on my previous save I did buy him and use him for 2 seasons before selling. Already have deals on the go to sell Jones, Lingard, Mata and Bailly.
  6. Never signed Nouri, he looks quality. Will definitely be someone I look at in future and maybe for my current save too.
  7. So my new Man Utd save is started. I wanted a different challenge, so I decided to start in January of the 1st season, I kind of wanted to take Man Utd pre lockdown when they were struggling (before Bruno) and get them back into the top 4 and competing. So what I did was to pick a random League and had the start date of 20/1/2020, then when I loaded up was to make sure Man Utd weren't in the top 4, and to also kind of have the league looking as realistic as possible. It took a few attempts but I got one, so this how the table looked when I started and took over. So as you can see 12 points off top 4 with 15 games to go, so will be a challenge. We also have Gladbach in europa 1st knockout round and Bournemouth in 4th round of fa cup, while they were out of the carabao cup. A couple of things to note with starting the save in January: The January transfers count very much as that, with the players joining date as the 19/1/2020, which I quite like instead of having them at the start of a season, so Bruno has just joined and is yet to play and make his debut. Pogba and Mctominay both start with injuries that seem very similar to what they had in real life, not sure if coded in or luck with that start date, both only been out a month but neither have played a game yet, which is slightly weird. During a test run there was no youth intake on the 1st season, that is a shame but with the amount of good youngsters we have I'm not overly bothered. I also disabled the 1st window, so that means the rest of the January window is disbaled.
  8. Yea will be my main formation, with a 4-2-3-1 as a secondary tactic. For the DM role as well, Matic is also good as just a defensive mid on either defend or support.
  9. I’ve used Bruno as a mezzala, he’s insanely good in that role. Pogba maybe go a dlp, he’s someone I struggled to get much out of this year, but hoping for better success on a new save. Dm wise could play a BWM or a dlp on defend, depends on the player really, Mctominay works well as a BWM while Matic is better at dlp.
  10. So with football returning after the Covid 19 break, I’m thinking of starting a new Man Utd save. But I’m not sure if to start at the beginning as normal, or if to load up a league so I can start and takeover in late December and or January of season 1, preferably with Man Utd in like 5th-7th in the league, kind of taking them from where they were before the lockdown and finishing the season. EDIT: Only issue I have come across, is if I load up a league so I can have the start date in January, it looks like you don’t get the youth intake in the 1st season. Not the biggest issue for me but something to think about.
  11. Think only way of doing it is to offer them a new contract with the new role.
  12. Milenkovic from Fiorentina, he’s class. I’ve used him on 2 saves now and he’s just brilliant. Shouldn’t be too expensive and is young so can put your main cb for years.
  13. So my 1st summer with Man Utd is done, and the 8th season has begun. Here are my deals. So the outs 1st - Tolisso and Dalot had deals to leave before I joined so couldn't do much about that, but I would of kept Tolisso. Chiesa was on too much money for me to keep him as a back up so off he went. David they had brought for 118 mil 3 seasons prior and has been a flop really, so wanted to cash in, the board weren't happy with losing money on him but that's not my problem they overpaid for him in the 1st place, I think 85 mil was a good deal. Lycett is a very good regen striker and felt he needed a season of 1st team football before I used him. So now the ins - They are all regens so the names won't be familiar. Brown is a younger winger who has been brought in and loaned straight back to Pompey. I have brought 2 player from RBL with me, firstly Kevin Lewis. He was the 1st regen I really found and took notice off, had him on the shortlist for a liitle while and he was my 1st signing at RBL, brought from AZ Alkmaar and he was my 1st signing for Man Utd, he is just incredible, perfect attributes and was getting constant 7 ratings at RBL, I needed a cb so was a no brainer and had to buy him. My 2nd signing from RBl, Tiago. He was also brought in at my 1st season with RBL from Gremio for 17 mil, he had a slow start and a few injuries but over the 3 seasons developed very well, and in particular my final season in Germany he was excellent, with Chiesa and David both leaving, and with Greenwood as my only proper striker, I needed someone and he seemed perfect. Final one Joel WIlson. I wanted a back to De Gea, who could then possibly takeover. I tried many keepers and the fees and wages were mental, then I saw Wilson. He came through the very 1st youth intake at Dortmund, they barely played him over the years, he was in the final year of his contract and transfer listed for 1 mil. I scouted him and my scouts rated him at 92 and sign at any price, with a potential of 4-4.5 stars. If I can develop him and get him to that 4 stars, it could be the best 1 mil I have ever spent on the game. So this is my best 11 and bench, and what we will be going with for this season. I played a 5-3-2 wb formation at Lazio and RBL and that is my 2nd tactic, if I need it but the 4-3-3 suits us better. Still got mainly real players with my 2 RBL players being the only regens in the best 11. I have got Bruno as captain with Rashford vice captain.
  14. On my previous Man Utd save, Greenwood was good as an AF but also trained him to be an inverted winger on the right and he ended up being better for me on the right, but he is class this year and will develop into a beast. Rashford is perfect for the IF role on attack so you will have no problems there, I hadn't developed Gomes so wouldn't know on him, but using them 3 roles for that front 3 looks good to me. But saying that on my current save I have just joined Man Utd and Gomes is still there so I can use them as a 3 now if I want. Also Williams is very good and was my number 1 left back from season 2 onwards. Garner and Tuanzebe are decent back ups but I find their potential isn't as high as the others. System I used and use for Man Utd is the 4-3-3, can either be a flat midfield 3 or a dm and 2 cm's.
  15. I would highly recommend Milenkovic from Fiorentina. He’s quality, I’ve had him on 2 saves, once at Man Utd and on my current one where started at lazio, he left lazio After I did for Real Madrid.
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