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  1. Yea play him as a AF and when I play him on the right, he plays as an inverted winger.
  2. Yes mostly, though I do still play him out on the right occasionally as I still have Belotti who is doing well.
  3. So it's been a week or 2 since last posted, I finished season 5 and then had a weeks break from fm. So here's the summary for season 5. We went on a 34 game unbeaten run in the league, which stretched across the end of season 4 and halfway into season 5. But because of that unbeaten run the league was won in dominant fashion, and we could put the disappointment of season 4 behind us. I was gutted I missed out on 100 points, we lost to Leeds with 3 games to go to miss out on it. But after losing the league title in season 4 to liverpool, we made sure that it didn't happen a
  4. Well I can't believe it but in my youth intake I got this. A son, I thought you had to do 10 seasons or something to get one on the game, I'm only in season 5. He's actually not too bad. The funny thing was I hadn't signed him up and I only realised I got a son through the intake a day before he was going to get released . So I offered him a deal and he signed a couple days after he got released. I will give him a nickname so his name will be the same as my son's name in real life.
  5. Don't think his attributes have massively improved, but he's getting the job done.
  6. A small update from season 5, which is going very well. Hendo won the world keeper of the year, and he actually fully deserved it as well. Bruno and Greenwood were both doing well finished 2nd and 3rd in the world player of the year. Though Greenwood is having an incredible season so if he keeps that up, he will surely win it next year. We also had been going on a long unbeaten run, the last 15 games of season 4 then the 1st 19 games of this season, until we annoyingly lost to spurs.
  7. Thanks, I thought that might be the case. That’s why didn’t post to post the website without asking.
  8. Been a little while since posted. Season 4 is complete and season 5 is well under way. So sorry for the long post but there's abit to cover. So after a treble in season 3, season 4 started badly and unfortunately didn't get much better. We lost our league title. There were some positives though, we ended the season quite well and were unbeaten in the last 15 games of the season. Hendo in is 1st season as no1 got the golden glove, and Bruno and Belotti again were excellent. We also made it to a champs league final. But lost and Pogba annoyingly scored agains
  9. I have kept Cox, 5 seasons in and I've got a few decent players through the youth intakes. I have 1 in the 1st team from my very 1st youth intake, and I have 2 in the under 23's that are coming through and are going to be pushing for the 1st team. I think that's pretty good going from 4 youth intakes.
  10. When he came through the youth intake, he didn’t look that great, there were a couple better than him. But while the others haven’t developed very well, he’s developed incredibly well. He’s played in 2 champs league games, as we qualified from the group early and he scored in both. Yea I’m not 100% sure what I’m gonna do with Cortes yet, but just had to buy him and get him in.
  11. So season 4 summer window is done. Now after winning the treble, I said I was going to freshen up the squad, start a new cycle and give some of the youngsters a chance. So its been a busy summer, mainly selling and here is my business. Alot of outs and big money. After seeing someone selling Martial for 200 mil, only getting 52 seems terrible now . Mctominay going to Newcastle for 56 mil was the biggest surprise, as they had just been relegated. De Gea and Pogba had both been really good for me, but with them both on over 300k a week, I felt was the right time to move them on. Anoth
  12. Rashford hasn’t been getting in the England team for about a season on mine, no idea why considering he’s been excellent for me.
  13. Both on goal difference as well. Demiral does look very good, if you can get him for a good price be excellent signing. But yea Milenkovic is one of my favourite players to use over the last 2 fm’s, always very solid for me, a lot of good attributes and is pretty cheap.
  14. So as my post at the bottom of the previous page, it was very tight going into the final game, could we win the title, a treble or leave the season empty handed. 1st lets talk about the league. Final day we play Fulham, Liverpool play Bournemouth. Liverpool raced into a 2 goal lead and top of the table, and going into the last 10 minutes we were still 0-0, how did it end.............................. Greenwood saved us and won us the title, with a little help from Bournemouth scoring a late goal. Tense final game and to win by 1 on goal difference is insane, we certainly ma
  15. So the 3rd season is coming to an end. It's been a strange season, where for large parts we haven't been that good, defensively at times we have been awful and have so far lost 7 games in the league, yet somehow we have the best defense in the league and this season could have a very special ending. This is the league table with 2 games left, with Liverpool just recently losing to Man City. Our recent results and final couple of games. Scoring alot in the last 4-5 games. Also Belotti for the bargain of 20 mil, is top goal scorer in the league by 1 goal. I have pu
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