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  1. So 5th season with Pompey has finished. It had been an amazing season, our 1st season in the prem finishing way above expectations in 9th. We could of finished as high as 6th but our end of season form wasn't great. As you can see we got a European place and that's because of this. We won a trophy, completely undeserved but that man Geubbels finishes his time with us in style to clinch a famous victory. Geubbels, Lowe, Mctominay, Tymon and our captain Close were our best players. MacGillivray also did a great job as he played every single game, I will however be looking for another keeper. We have been given 53mil to spend, replacing Geubbels is going to be the biggest problem I will have, as he has been a god over his 2 seasons on loan. I will also as mentioned be on the look out for a new keeper as well. Roll on season 6 and a crack at the Europa league.
  2. Here's Lowe. Abit like some of the others, I don't think he has developed much at all but he just keeps performing, did try to improve his passing and technique, but didn't get anywhere. Here's his stats for the seasons. Probably been my best player over the 5 years, mr consistent.
  3. I know this is a football league thread but thought would give an update to how my pompey team is going in the prem. So it took us 3 attempts to get out the championship, but so far our 1st season in the prem has gone incredibly well. In contention for Europe, even though Spurs have got games in hand. We are also through to an fa cup final, due to face Chelsea, who we have a terrible record against. Geubbels has been my best player, he was decent on fm18 but so far on fm19 he is a god. Sadly I can't afford to buy him and Monaco won't let me loan him for a 3rd year so replacing him is going to be incredibly difficult, hopefully we will get a great transfer budget to splash out with. Also Lowe and Close 2 players that have been with me since the start have been excellent as well, Lowe is up with in the assists chart as you can see. Would be a amazing if I can achieve Europe one way or another at the 1st time of asking, but we have something great to build even if we don't.
  4. Oh I meant 1 more signing on top of the ones already made, from the previous post that I have put below. Good to see you are still top, and looking very good with that 10 point gap. How many points ahead of 3rd?
  5. So the start of the 5th season and back in the big time of the prem. We only added one more player of Kenneth Omeruo on loan. The fixtures have been fairly kind to us, but we have had an incredible start. Considering I was looking for another keeper, but couldn't find any decent keepers I could sign, MacGillivray has a good start with 4 clean sheets in 7 games. Geubbels has been incredible, plus Lowe who has been with me the whole journey has been great too.
  6. All it will take is 1 lucky win, or a win due to a late winner and that form will turn around.
  7. I'm sure many others can post juve dominating and regularly getting 90+ points as well.
  8. Thanks, I'm excited for the challenge of the prem, took me a little longer to get there than I wanted, but I feel that we are more than prepared for the challenge now. Good to see you doing well with Pompey, see if you can get back to back promotions.
  9. They have got 90 plus in 2 of the 4 seasons so far in my save. They also won the champs league in the 1st season. So I wouldn't say they massively underperform.
  10. So here's an update for the end of the 4th season. And we got promoted by finishing 2nd in the championship. As you can see Vokes got top scorer and we managed to sign him permanently in the summer. Geubbels was amazing and we have managed to extend his loan for another year, Mctominay was also excellent and along with Close and Besic formed a great midfield 3. So the board gave me 36mil to spend and 450k a week in wages, to prepare ourselves for the prem. It's been abit of a slog and with it being 2022 and with the world cup in Qatar, it has meant the season starts abit earlier and the window is still open for a few more deals. A few players were released in Ledley, Dann, Spence and Lee brown. Brown had been good for us in the 4 years but isn't good enough for the step up. We brought in some good experience in Smalling, Welbeck and of course Vokes, along with some great young players, Tymon and Wan Bissaka. So that is my current best 11 for the start of our premier league journey. I still need another keeper, it's an area I've struggled to find anyone in, also I think could do with another centre mid and centre half, I still have 15 mil to spend so will see what we can do. Our 1st game is against Norwich who came up with us, so hopefully 3 points straight off.
  11. Thanks, yea Pompey is a really fun save. Thompson and Naylor were fairly solid for me too, but as I got some better players, they just weren't going to get games for me. Here are screenshots of May, Whatmough and Close, I don't think they have developed much to be honest, Close especially I don't think has just changed at all from what I can tell, possibly my fault though, but all 3 have been very good for me. I sold Clarke after the 2nd season as he wasn't very good, and I think he's actually declined slightly since leaving. I have just been promoted to the prem so I will post an update later, but I intend to give all 3 of these boys a chance in the prem. I still haven't got an U23 side, which like you say can be irritating, especially if you get a good regen, but I have just about coped without it, think I only got 2 decent regens in 4 years, and Pompey don't seem to be massively bothered about youth, as they rejected my request to upgrade the youth facilities.
  12. Agreed the championship is possibly one of the hardest league's to navigate through.
  13. I've only just seen this thread and wanted to share my Pompey save, so I apologise for the long post. Season 1 Transfer wise I didn't really do anything, but we managed to win league 1 at the 1st time of asking, and on the final day. Brett Pitman, Jamal Lowe and Lee Brown were my star players, Gribbin was good as well. Season 2 We had a tough season in the championship, surviving relegation. Some of my transfers didn't work but Jordan Rhodes was good. Clough was particularly disappointing and has now been sold. Season 3 We managed to sign Rhodes on a free transfer but he ended up having a poor season, we did however get some great loan signings in, Tymon was excellent and the 2 man utd loans were very good too, but we missed out on the playoffs by goal difference, losing our last 2 games. Season 4 So far in season 4, we are looking great for automatic promotion, made some great signings, Sam Vokes and Matt Doherty on loan and picking up Mctominay and Besic on frees. We pulled off an amazing signing in Geubbels on loan who has been fantastic, we are having to pay his whole 20k a week wages but its been worth it. So after nearly 4 seasons this is what our starting 11 looks like, my midfield 3 has been the foundation of my team, really made us solid, and the front 3 have been pretty deadly so far. Lowe, Close, May and Whatmough have been brilliant all the way with me, and will stay with me in the prem if we can get there. I have managed to extend Geubbels loan for next season, which I'm very happy about, Doherty's Wolves contract is up at the end of the season so hopefully can sign him on a free, and would love to keep Vokes if I get the money. As you can I've barely spent anything and have relied on loans, does mean I've built some money up in the bank, which hopefully will get to see the benefit of if/when we get promoted.
  14. To be fair this is the 3rd maybe 4th thread I've seen about man city and Pep, and you will get a lot of different opinions as, as proven from the threads he performs very differently in everyone's saves. I think to improve on the point your trying to make, it would be worth posting what Zidane's win percentage is after the same amount of games. Just to share though in my Pompey save Pep did really well, and in fact city have been poor in the 4th season after he left. As you can see Pep won the league in the 1st and 2nd season and also won the champs league in the 2nd season. He left of his own accord and is now manager of Juventus. Benitez took over at city and they sit 4th with 8-9 games to go in the 4th season. I think maybe its just the ME can't replicate his style as well as it could perhaps, and as this is the 3rd/4th thread on this then people do have issues with it, but on a lot of people's he also does perform so its difficult for SI to address in my opinion.
  15. sedge11

    [FM19] Manchester United

    I plan to get my usual Man utd save started in a few weeks, once I'm done with my Pompey save that started during the beta, Mctominay has become a vital part of my pompey team. Big plans for the squad, as a Man utd fan there are quite a few players that I don't think are upto scratch, transfers over the last few seasons since Fergie left haven't really been that great bar a couple and the squad does need some work. Be some of the usual players like Darmain and Jones, but I will also plan to sell Lukaku, as I think he's a good striker will get you 15-20 goals a season no problem, but for me he's not a title and champs league winning striker, and I can't see man utd winning the league with him as our main striker. We have some great youngsters which I will, like many others try to develop. What's good to see is on my Pompey save Chong seems to have come on very well and is in the 1st team in the 4th season. Here is how he looks with AI Mourinho developing him.