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  1. Not really no, as to be fair the teams don’t really buy anyone in the 1st window, I think Man City have brought Cristante from Roma, but apart from that hasn’t really been any transfers. I just wasn’t going to play him, James, mata and Pellistri would be in front of him, and to have over 250k in wages with him and the others stilling there doing nothing would just annoy me.
  2. So I have finally got my annual Man Utd save going being a fan it's always I save I play, I really enjoyed the save on fm20, where I played 8 seasons, which is the most I have done for a few years, so I want to match that. So a couple of things to note 1st off, I was going to have the 1st window disabled as I wanted to play with the team as it is, however after an initial start, I realised there were too many players I just weren't going to use and its a waste of wages, and I like to have a tight control of the wage budget. So I have the window enabled, I won't be buying as mentioned I wa
  3. You got to remember season 1 schedule is covid affected. Season starts later and is more congested, so if you have gone far in cups then very likely that will happen.
  4. I don’t understand why people feel the need to say I’ve been playing the game since blah blah, to try make their opinion sound more important. Everyone likes different things and plays the game differently, If you don’t like it fine, but it doesn’t matter how many years you been playing. I like the new UI, I admit it took some time to get used, but now I am used to it, I don’t think I could go back now. Oh and just to say I’ve been playing fm for as long as I remember .
  5. Yea I’ve watched his videos, he does a lot of his transfer in installments so can stretch the budget Massively.
  6. Great season 👍🏻. How did you do in the 1st 2 seasons?
  7. I will be disabling the 1st window and I did on fm20 for my Man Utd save as well. If I don’t it will be to just get rid of players, I won’t buy anyone till January.
  8. Look at Seppo Eickhorn. He’s a scout at Schalke, but his coaching attributes are insane. I always sign him on every save I do.
  9. The club have done really well in youth recruitment the last summer or 2. Shame not as much effort has gone into the 1st team.
  10. Playing as an 8 and in the mezzala role puts him in just as good positions. On my fm20 save he got over 15 goals and regularly over 20 assists. I think he can be great as a 10 or an 8. I however agree that Pogba will be sold on mine as well.
  11. Bruno can easily play in cm in a 3. He was excellent as a mezzala on fm20, and probably what I will use him as when I get my Man Utd save started.
  12. Nothing wrong with the order for me. When your selecting your team and look at match ratings in game, it generally lists it in that order and always has done.
  13. Got a few games in now, ME looks great and feels really smooth. My only criticism is struggle sometimes to see the ball, but I believe Miles mentioned that on the stream last week. Love the main skin and UI, processing is really fast even after I added a face pack and logos. Some very nice little touches, overall very good so far.
  14. Press conferences and player interactions were one of the biggest areas that needed improving, hence why people always skip them. These improvements bring people back in, and get people enjoying them features again.
  15. Agree with this, the press conferences feel so much better, actually makes you want to do more instead of just giving them to the assistant.
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