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  1. Kind of expected a slightly later release as it took a while for them to give a date. It doesn’t bother me though, I’m enjoying my final fm19 save, so gives me an extra week or 2 on that. I don’t get people moaning about it, it will be released when it’s ready, as I’m sure they would be the 1st to moan if it was released early with loads of bugs and issues.
  2. I wouldn’t say he has fell out of love for it, all the videos with the youtubers etc last year I think proved that. I think as much as it comes with the terrority with social media, he clearly gets bombarded by the same questions over and over again every year, for example getting asked when the beta is out probably over 100 times a day when it’s close, so must just get fed up at times as well most people would.
  3. I agree with the longshots, way too many goals from that this year, made it unenjoyable and boring for a while. But I don’t really agree with the strikers, I don’t download tactics never had, always like to make my own around the team I’m managing at the time, and I’ve not really had any issues getting strikers scoring. Even on my save at moment in 2 previous seasons at Lyon my main striker has got 20+ goals in the league, Geubbels in particular scored for fun. I’ve had the odd striker that I can’t get to score like Dembele, had him twice and just couldn’t get him scoring, but generally not had a problem. I do think the AI have had some issues at times getting their strikers to score though.
  4. That’s kind of debatable now, with free kicks getting given for nothing, but that’s a whole different debate.
  5. Haven’t seen a lot in how and what teams qualify, only thing I have seen is that the carabao cup winners will go into it, and that 3rd places teams in europa league groups will drop into it. It all seems a bit messy and can’t see many teams taking it seriously. Might not be in fm20 depending on if there’s more information about what teams qualify and how.
  6. The code of conduct is a really nice touch, hopefully less moaning from players after being sent off then. Also the regen face on the code of conduct screenshot looks good so that’s also a good sign.
  7. Just because you don’t like the new features, doesn’t mean they are crap for everyone, it’s comment that doesn’t benefit anyone and just causes unnecessary arguments. The new features and extra bits Miles is announcing is what a lot of people have been asking for.
  8. Like the new features, the club vision could be interesting especially when playing as a Lower league club. Just in general the features look to be some really nice touches to add that extra depth. Already on the fm20 hype train, roll on the beta.
  9. But they haven’t decided on what the impact is for league 2 yet as it says in that extract, so that will need to be sorted so fm can make it realistic.
  10. I should imagine it could get very complicated in real life let alone in fm, so I reckon they will still be in fm20 with their points deduction. Because if I understand correctly, league 1 season will just carry on with 2 less teams, and only 2 will go down from league 1, with possibly the same amount of teams still getting promoted to league 1, but then where the 2 extra teams come from to then fill league 2 is where it can get complicated for the national league and lower. Its an issue which I don’t remember the football leagues having to deal with before, especially during a season anyway.
  11. So after a few other saves and a break from fm, I finally got my man utd rebuild save going. What I did, was disable the 1st transfer window, started unemployed and holidayed the 1st season, and what I wanted was the 1st season to finish similar to how real life has, anyway after a few attempts at holidaying the 1st season I got one where Man utd finished 6th, I wanted it to represent real life, so I could have the challenge of the Europa league and the struggles it brings especially with transfers. Oddly enough Man city won the league and Liverpool the champs league as well. So I then took over Man utd and started the rebuilding process. 1st thing to do was a big staff clear out and brought a lot of my own. Then to the transfers, it was actually quite tricky, some players didn't want to join because of no champs league, and some players chose other teams that were in the champ league, for example Bruno Fernandes. But overall I was happy with my business in the end. I got very lucky with Sanchez, City brought Icardi for 140mil so Inter had money to burn and luckily they wanted Sanchez once I transfer listed him, I still am having to pay 150k of his wages but it was a great deal to sell. Also on transfers Valencia and Herrera were realeased. We had a good season, it was tricky with the Europa league as players got tired so had to rotate a lot, especially at the back end of the season, which meant I lost a couple of silly games in the league. Also Wolves knocked us out of both domestic cups. The prem for season 2 finished like this: On the Europa league, well we were only in it for a season and we won it. The Europa league ended up being quite easy, managed to play a lot of youngsters in the group stage, with O'Connor, Fosu Mensah, Garner, Greenwood and James all getting games. My best players for the season were Shaw who got a lot of assists, Dias, Ndombele, Martial and Rashford. So plans for season 3, well the rebuild process will continue with hopefully the last few players leaving. Matic and Fosu Mensah are out of contract and will go, Lukaku, Mata, Andreas Pereira and Smalling will be sold, am unsure on what to do with Pogba though but I may sell him. I want 4 players in, possibly 5. A LB, mainly a back up CM, possibly 2 if Pogba goes A winger or a striker Then maybe another CB. De Ligt would be ideal but he had moved to Bayern
  12. I know what you mean, I have started a new man utd save and its been a massive rebuild and have enjoyed doing it so far.
  13. On my new Man Utd save I got really lucky with Sanchez. In the 2nd season Man City brought icardi for 140mil, and then when I transfer listed Sanchez, inter came in and brought him for 50mil after abit of negiotation, I did still have to pay 150k of his wages though. I think you do need abit of luck to sell him, maybe keep an eye on what teams sell their players for big money.
  14. If spurs beat Liverpool then you should put a bet on for next season Chelsea, spurs being the final ha.
  15. Can’t say I’ve ever been interested in playing online. I get what your trying to say and the idea, and I’ve seen YouTube creators doing small online tournaments which have looked good. But I can’t see fm ever going down the route of fifa ultimate team as i don’t think it would get the interest.
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