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  1. Early impressions are very good. It looks and feels very clean and smooth so far.
  2. It’s been a pleasure to read this thread you guys are legends.
  3. I got 5 a side in an hour . Hopefully they push that button soon so I can at least get it downloaded.
  4. As set piece coaches are becoming a bigger thing amongst the top leagues then I would put a good bet that next years fm will have a set piece overhaul.
  5. If you look at his game with Bayern though, Bayern did dominate him and his players were knackered. It was only when he made subs that he nicked a goal to win it. But yea the other games he was massively dominate, having Haaland will have some effect on that though, as he’s abit of a cheat code.
  6. Watched a couple of the YouTube videos, and I know people were concerned with amount of goals from corners so I thought would check out the goals. From what I saw on Lollujo video, he was Dortmund so had Haaland who is just insane on the game. But he showed 4-5 games, in them games he showed 15 goals (which 2 were disallowed) and 3 of the goals were from corners. There were a pretty good variety of goals, and animations did look quite nice.
  7. I will be starting with a Man Utd save straight from the beta on fm22. I don’t usually on the beta but got a bigger save planned for after this save. I always look at 4-3-3 for us, as I’m not a fan of 4-2-3-1, but this time I also want to try out a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1, with the midfield being the biggest issue to sort.
  8. To be fair they were playing as Sheff Utd, one of the best rated teams in the league. Also they were only about 12 games in at the start of the stream or at least when I started to watch, so I should imagine stamina when playing gegenpress will start to see effects of fatigue later on in the season.
  9. Watching the stream, and you can really see the difference with the new animation engine. I’ve noticed so many good things already. They also touched on the new transfer values, which seems a bigger change that it initially looks, so see how that plays out. But with the new animation engine and now the dynamic youth ratings, they are 2 pretty big changes and potentially massive improvements. I don’t get why people moan all the time
  10. I think a whole new animation engine, which they talked about in part 1 of in the studio, is a pretty big feature. Might not get classed as a new headline feature, but it’s still pretty big, and will make a huge improvement for the match day.
  11. Just caught up with watching this video. Really liking the sound of it all so far, the animation and match engine improvements look very good. I know people like to moan about the lack of actual of new features, but a whole new animation engine is a pretty big feature. One that will only improve the game massively and hopefully make the matches represent the tactics and players a lot better.
  12. End of season 3 and we lost our league title. Now if you look below your see why we lost it. Haaland with 43 league goals for Liverpool, there simply wasn't much I could do. I even beat them both times in the league. To make matters worse we lost to them in the fa cup final with Haaland scoring. However the season wasn't all bad, we went and clinched the big one, the champs league. We had a great run, and a very difficult run as well, which has made the victory even sweeter. Martinez with a goal in the final won the champs league golden boot, Pogba who has had a really poor season had his best performance of the season with the winning goal. On the subject of Shaw, though his attributes aren't amazing (definitely get a boost in fm22) he's easily been one of my best players. He even won player of the year in the league on the 1st season.
  13. Not a bad way to start season 3, and for Martinez to introduce himself to the fans.
  14. Yea must of rejected it on mine, still can’t believe he turned me down for bloody spurs. Alaba went Madrid on mine. Another interesting one is Martinez from Inter usually always gets a move at the end of 1st season, but he signed a new inter deal instead this time. I usually miss out on him because I keep Cavani for another year, and have never actually used him. So now this gives me a chance to be able to sign him, I’m doing everything I can to make him want to move to us.
  15. Its mad because I said after the Germany win we weren’t utilising the attacking talent we had, and we played too negative. I got slated on this thread for saying it, yet that’s exactly how the final turned out, and a lot of people are now saying a similar thing. Kane 1 of the best strikers in the world didn’t have a single shot because we gave him no service. The quality we had on the bench and it wasn’t used properly. With the draw we had we won’t get a better chance at a trophy a massive massive opportunity missed. As much as these players will be better in 2 years time, so will a lot of other teams.
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