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  1. I found Mctominay pretty solid as a BWM either as a dm or in the center of a 3. I always like Partey, he isn’t natural as a dm, but solid attributes and can usually get cheap in jan of 1st season. Otherwise obvious ones would probably be Ndidi or even Emre Can as I believe he has a 45 mil release clause.
  2. Mainly used more of a flat 3, but could work with a dm as well.
  3. Have struggled abit with Pogba this year, had some difficulty finding his best role. But I play a 4-3-3 and using pogba as an advanced playmaker on support seems to work ok, Bruno fernandes I would use as mezzala, then have a dm between them, Mctominay does well for me as a BWM. I’m plan to be having 1 final crack at a Man Utd save, and bring in Bruno fernandes as well, but will probably sell Pogba this time. Just can’t quite get the team to my liking on previous saves, but that’s more down to me being quite particular in how I do the rebuild.
  4. So after I had done my 2nd season transfers, I wasn't happy, mainly as I wanted to keep Pogba, or at least properly replace him and I didn't felt that I had done that very well at all, so I decided to start over and start again. I again started with the 1st window disabled, cleared the staff out and brought the same people in, I also brought Partey in again in January. Oddly my 1st season went very similar to what it had done previously. We finished 3rd, 1 point worse off than the previous save, Liverpool were just too good. We had a heart breaking loss in the carabao cup final to City. But we ended the season on a high winning the Europa league, just like in the previous save. Rashford dominated the season scoring 35 goals in all comps, and also getting 13 assists. Other standouts were Wan Bissaka and Greenwood, who got 15 goals. Rashford also lead England to victory at the Euro's, top scoring in the comp and getting 2 goals in the final. So on to my transfers for season 2, hoping to get it right this time. Bailey and Ajer were brought in again, but this time opted to get Grealish and Reguillon who everyone was raving about.. I wasn't going to buy a striker but felt needed one for depth, wasn't going to touch Haaland as literally everyone is buying him and after initially going for Belotti, I went back and decided to go for Werner as I have never used him and he always seems to do well. Matic, Young and Grant were all released. Shaw was tricky to sell and had to pay 40k of his wages to get rid, but with Reguillon coming in and Williams being 1st choice in the 1st season he had to go. Henderson stays on loan at Sheff Utd on loan for another season. Quite happy managed to get rid of most of the deadwood, and the squad looks much better going into season 2 than it did on my previous save. So my best 11 looks like this: EDIT: Went back and re did some of the summer, so instead of buying Belotti, I went for Werner instead.
  5. I have, quite a good challenge with this man utd squad, as the squad is very unbalanced. 1st time I had ever done it as well.
  6. So finally got round to doing the summer, getting prepared for season 2 and to push on from our 3rd place finish and Europa league win from the 1st season. So my transfers were A fair few outs, Pogba was 115mil upfront with rest in instalments and I didn't even hesitate in accepting. Also young and Grant retired, with the rest of the outs we managed to clear some deadwood, and most importantly I have managed to reduce the wage bill, which was one of my main targets. I tried to keep most of my buys realistic with younger players coming in. All of my buys were also relatively cheap on wages, with the highest earner getting 150k. Matuidi was brought in for his experience, Dembele and Ajer were cheap transfers that were no brainers really. I chose Bailey over Sancho in the end purely because of the wage demands and agent fees, and Maddison was agreed back in March of the 1st season. So going into season 2 this is how we will line up and what our bench looks like. I'm quite happy with that team, left back is the only area I'm not happy in, Williams will be 1st choice, but I shall look to replace Shaw at some stage.
  7. I mainly play him on the left as an inside forward on attack, but also got a few games as a complete forward as a lone striker. He was a lot better on the left. It is painful at the start especially if you get injuries, but adds to the challenge.
  8. For me Bailey, on fm19 he was quality and improves a lot, and on my beta save with Ipswich, I kept an eye on him and he improves massively this year as well. Wouldnt worry about the work permit, I’m buying him and easily get one on appeal.
  9. So season 1 has now finished, and after some early inconsistency because of injuries and because I had disabled the 1st transfer window, the season ended quite well. I was quite happy with 3rd, we had a bad start, but we thought back and only lost 4 games, it was draws that hampered us. We did however win the Europa league, beating Arsenal in the final, Partey my only signing in Jan scoring the winner. We lost early in the fa cup, and lost to Man city in the final of the carabao cup after extra time, Rashford got sent off in extra time as well which didn't help. We did get revenge on City, by beating them 4-0 in the league to end their title hopes, with only a couple games left. Players wise, Rashford was unbelievable and was the talisman all season, because of that I may not buy another striker. Other standouts were James, Mctominay, Wan Bissaka and Brandon Williams, who made the left back spot his own. Sadly Williams missed the Europa final due to having to play in the French youth invitational, which is incredibly annoying as I would of started him, but he still got a medal, thanks to the new medal system fm are using. So onwards to season 2. This summer is going to be a busy one. I had disabled the 1st transfer window and had a quiet jan, so a lot will happen in the summer, to take us up a level to challenge for the title and to bring it back home. Ins I have a deal for Maddison already done for 60 mil, he had a brilliant season for Leicester so had to pay quite abit. I will need another cm, am looking at cheaper options in Eriksen on a free, Paredes from Psg who is transfer listed or Ajer from Celtic. I will also be looking at a right winger, with Sancho, Bailey and Bergwijn the 3 main targets. Left back is also a possibility, but with Williams emergence I will leave that for now. Outs There is going to be a few outs, with Matic already agreed to leaving to some middle east team, Youngs contract expiring, plus hopefully Jones, Smalling and Sanchez will all leave after their loans. Pogba is also someone I'm willing to sell with PSG sniffing around, and maybe Mata as well. That should clear a massive chunk of wage budget which is the aim. UPDATE: Tonali and Chiesa have both been transfer listed by request, so may now be my main targets.
  10. So finally managed to get some time and get through January. The highlighted sections are my business. I had a deal for Emre Can almost sealed for 43 mil, until I saw Partey listed for 8.75 mil, so I went for him instead, he also only want 75k a week in wages. A few outs, Bailly never played, Fosu Mensah just hasn't developed well and Jones has an optional fee of 19mil in his loan so hopefully Everton buy him. Matic has also agreed to leave at the end of the season. It was a quiet window really considering I disabled the 1st transfer window, but a lot of my rebuild is planned for the summer, and there's a few players I can't make my mind up on so thought would give myself extra time to think, and can then also continue to develop the youngsters. So far after a very patchy start with plenty of injuries to the midfield, we have got ourselves upto 3rd. We are in the carabao cup final against Man city, have Torino in the Europa 1st knockout, and have an fa cup 4th round replay against Bournemouth to play.
  11. That's a really good fee for Pogba though, plenty to reinvest.
  12. I’m only at the end of Jan in my 1st season, but Liverpool are top by 4-5 points and Leicester are 4th. I too started with 1st window disabled, then got injuries mainly all in midfield early season and struggled for consistency, but through December and January we have picked up and am 3rd trying to chase down city.
  13. I have quite happily read and taken inspiration on Sanchez, so got him signed to a new deal worth 210k a week, saving me 190k in wages which is nice. Hopefully will make it easier to sell him at the end of the 1st season.
  14. I do exactly the same to be fair, and agree the reality makes it worse especially being a fan, want to get the club back on top and plan long term. I’m already trying to plan out my transfers and the rebuilding of this squad and I’m only 7 games into the 1st season. How was Emre Can? As he is on my shortlist.
  15. So I have finally got my annual Man utd save started. As a Man utd fan this year is going to be quite the rebuild, probably more so than previous years. Ole had made a good start with the 3 he brought in, plus the few he got out, but the squad is still very unbalanced. I decided to start with the 1st transfer window disabled, just to start with the squad as it is, and to see how I do, it also gives me that little extra time to decide on targets to rebuild this squad. One thing I did do was sort the backroom staff, had abit of a clear out of the 1st team staff. Typically following how Man utd have done in real life, I instantly got injuries in midfield (the weakest area) with Pogba and Matic getting injured before the start of the season and Fred getting injured after the 1st game. I don't expect to challenge in the 1st season, especially with the 1st window disabled, but top 4 and a trophy I will be very happy with.
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