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  1. On my new Man Utd save I got really lucky with Sanchez. In the 2nd season Man City brought icardi for 140mil, and then when I transfer listed Sanchez, inter came in and brought him for 50mil after abit of negiotation, I did still have to pay 150k of his wages though. I think you do need abit of luck to sell him, maybe keep an eye on what teams sell their players for big money.
  2. If spurs beat Liverpool then you should put a bet on for next season Chelsea, spurs being the final ha.
  3. Can’t say I’ve ever been interested in playing online. I get what your trying to say and the idea, and I’ve seen YouTube creators doing small online tournaments which have looked good. But I can’t see fm ever going down the route of fifa ultimate team as i don’t think it would get the interest.
  4. In any of the saves I've done, Liverpool have been good but haven't dominated. They have won league titles but not won any European trophies, and in fact Man city have been better on all the saves I've done, especially since the winter update. In all fairness if you look at their squad, their 1st 11 doesn't really have much of a weakness, with only Man city having a better squad in the prem. Liverpool have a team of players hitting their prime in Mane, Salah and Van Dijk, plus young players excelling such as TAA and Robertson, and if the AI buys well for them then it doesn't surprise me they dominate in some people's saves. However on a new save I have just started, I holidayed the 1st season, took over Man utd at the end of the season after they hadn't finished in the top 4, and man city won the domestic treble, and Liverpool won nothing. So its going to be different for everyone but I wouldn't say they are overpowered not for me anyway, they are just very good.
  5. So this might be me being stupid. But I have started a new save, holidayed a season then taking over the club I wanted, to start where we are now in rea life. Anyway clicked on the contract expiry to look at staff that needed new contracts, now I can't get the default view back. This is the view I'm getting. So usually the default is that it will show senior squad manager, ass manager, goalkeeping coach etc then then the under23s, then the under 18s, I'm sure you all get that. But I can't get that view back, just keep getting the above view, where showing all the managers then ass mans etc. Anyone know how to get that default view back as I have pressed everything.
  6. Positioning 14 on a newly loaded game. This is after the winter update so may have been 10 before the update but its 14 at the start now.
  7. His positioning at the start of the game is at 14, so by no means awful, probably one of the best in the game at his age.
  8. Oh didn't notice that, that's quite useful then. Thanks Great cheers , weren't sure on the rule, thought you might have to sell one to bring one in. Don't do Italian saves often.
  9. I am playing a Serie A save with Roma, have just finished the 1st season and this is how my scorers chart looks. 5 of the top 6 are strikers, and have 15 or more goals, including my 2 strikers. Yes Ronaldo is top and played left wing all season, but it's Ronaldo. Also both my strikers got 24 goals in all comps. How is it a joke that your wingers have got double figures over a course of a season, there's nothing wrong with that, loads of wingers score double figures in RL, just look at Sterling and Mane for example. You say it's your 2nd season so how did the 1st season go? Did it have the same pattern with strikers not scoring? Yes the game has flaws and strikers have been an issue, but strikers do score, and since the update, I have noticed that strikers get involved a lot more and it is easier to get strikers scoring. To constantly say it's a joke just isn't true.
  10. I wonder if anyone can help. I have started a save with Roma, and I'm not quite understanding on the non eu player rule. I've just finished the 1st season. Now the Roma squad has 4 non eu players in, Dzeko, Kolarov, Juan Jesus and Cengiz Under. It's the start of the summer, and I have just sold Under to Aresnal so takes me down to 3 non eu players. I have a deal agreed for 8 mil for Sergio Romero to become my new keeper, and I should imagine he will take a non eu player slot, but he won't join until the 3rd of July. Now because I sold Under, Romero will just take his non eu slot right? Or would I still need to sell another non eu player to fit in with the rules, because Romero won't join until after 30th June?
  11. I highly doubt they will let you terminate his contract due to the pay off. I never transfer list a player for a value, always leave it unspecified, as I think it makes it easier as more clubs will then bid and you can then negotiate, putting a value in I think will limit what clubs will even think about bidding. i managed to sell Fred for 45 mil to palace fairly easily, leaving his value as unspecified. Sanchez is a pain to sell because of his wages, think just have to suck it up and accept paying some of it, I had to pay 150k of his wages to sell him for 45mil, still gets 200k off the wage bill.
  12. It's good to see other people are getting success with Chong, I'm a massive fan of his on this fm, he has developed very well for me. As have mentioned before he also developed well for the AI Man utd on my beta save. So it's been a little while, but I have finally finished the 4th season, this season seemed to lasted forever. It has been another great season, retaining the prem title, and making it 3 titles in a row, and 3 in 4 seasons. We only conceded 12 league goals and was just short of 100 points, which was brilliant, as you can see Rashford was top goal scorer, and Bailey top assister. Also Pogba won players player and footballer of the year, with Rashford young player of the year. De Gea won golden glove again with 26 clean sheets. We had 6 players in team of the year, with Kouilbaly and Lindelöf yet again the spine of the team. We also won the fa cup again. Making it 3 fa cup wins in 4 seasons as well. We did also win the European super cup and club world championship, but I'm not too bothered about them. Sadly we couldn't retain the champs league which was won by PSG. Here was the season stats for my players. One player that can't see on this list is Shaw who was excellent all season, and had the highest average rating. Belotti had a poor season and so did new signing Kluivert, who was a poor buy really. So onwards to season 5. Now I did say if I won the league title for the 3rd time in a row, that I would sell a few and use the yougsters to keep the save fresh, so that's what I 've done. No one in, Belotti and Militao who were brought in the 3rd season, struggled to settle in, so both went for a profit. Kluivert as mentioned was a poor buy, and Semedo gone as I've got Laird, made a nice 37mil profit on him. So out of 5 seasons, I have only spent more than 100 mil in 1 season, pretty lean spending for a man utd manager haha. Puigmal has been promoted to the 1st team, along with 2 regens a centre half Latham who's decent, and a striker Farley. Farley came through the youth intake in the 2nd season, and has developed incredibly well so far, he spent last season out on loan at 2 different clubs, so am excited to use him this season as back up to Rashford. We now have 9 players aged 22 or under in the 1st team. Chong and Laird are the pick and have been the standout youngsters so far. So lets see how the youngsters fair for a season.
  13. Gomes can play on the left hand side as an inside forward, I have played him there a few times. His best position is the no10 role but is equally as good on the left.
  14. I have signed Belotti he is pretty good, you will get him for a lot less than 90mil though so don't just bid his release clause, I signed him for 45mil. He had a good 1st season with him, but has struggled a touch in his 2nd season with me. Go to the history on the players profile and that brings up all the previous seasons.
  15. Well could try defend and retain the champs league, try and beat and get past Liverpool's 5 trophies. Try develop some of the youngsters and win it with them. Trying to beat Liverpool's 5 trophies, should be more than enough motivation haha.
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