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  1. Not a bad way to start season 3, and for Martinez to introduce himself to the fans.
  2. Yea must of rejected it on mine, still can’t believe he turned me down for bloody spurs. Alaba went Madrid on mine. Another interesting one is Martinez from Inter usually always gets a move at the end of 1st season, but he signed a new inter deal instead this time. I usually miss out on him because I keep Cavani for another year, and have never actually used him. So now this gives me a chance to be able to sign him, I’m doing everything I can to make him want to move to us.
  3. Its mad because I said after the Germany win we weren’t utilising the attacking talent we had, and we played too negative. I got slated on this thread for saying it, yet that’s exactly how the final turned out, and a lot of people are now saying a similar thing. Kane 1 of the best strikers in the world didn’t have a single shot because we gave him no service. The quality we had on the bench and it wasn’t used properly. With the draw we had we won’t get a better chance at a trophy a massive massive opportunity missed. As much as these players will be better in 2 years time, so will a
  4. Kane didn’t have a single shot tonight, what does that say about how we played, and how well Bonucci and Chiellini controlled us.
  5. As much I’m disappointed because we didn’t win. I do love Chiellini so I got no problem seeing him with the trophy.
  6. Well to be fair Italy deserved that they were the better team, Southgate bottled it with his subs. As sad as it is to say we all know that Saka, Rashford and Sancho will all get racial abuse tonight online.
  7. Got to say I absolutely love that from Chiellini, stop an attack in the dying seconds. Southgate surely has to act now, get Mount off he’s been dreadful.
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