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  1. I don't think its as potent with the last update but then it is Haaland. I'm not getting as good results using greenwood
  2. if you go omega lukes youtube channel. join his discord page then you will find it in the ryans tactic folder. im sorry i dont know how to upload tactics
  3. so after 5 seasons of Haaland banging them in, ive decided to sell him on. hes scoring 80+ goals a season. time to try someone new
  4. i just use the burning hammer tactic.
  5. Haaland has just overtaken Bobby Charlton as the clubs all time top scorer (league) Hes still only 24! He had a pretty poor season after smashing 100+ goals in the previous season. Only 70+ this season.
  6. Hes done it. He has scored 106 goals in a season!!!
  7. nope i am using the latest update
  8. im using a tactic called Burning Hammer, it uses a CFs and AF up front. i can send it to you if you wish?
  9. start of season 3 and Neymar is transfer listed. I took my time in deciding to but in a bid which i eventually did once i realised the window was closing soon. Offered him a contract which he declined. Glad in a way as im not really a fan of his but then i know its just a game and hes good on it. although it doesnt matter any way as he declined the offer
  10. just finished season two. season one with haaland in the team. he scored 95 goal and was injured for the first 7 weeks
  11. reason i asked is that i have a scouting tool which mentions his PA which is a bit low for the results that everyone is having. other players with a higher PA that dont seem to be getting the same praise as haaland which made me wonder if its more than just PA. i shall pair him with a taller striker and see what happens
  12. ive followed the trend and purchased him at the end of season one. he now plays for man united. he is unreal. hes scored like 4 hat tricks on the bounce. my question is what makes him so good? is it his ppms or his stats?
  13. how do i use the tactic where liverpool scored 155 league goals? i cant see the download link
  14. Just bought Moukoko for 113 million. Hes only gone and bagged 4 goals on his debut!!
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