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  1. i have decided on a 4123 formation. all narrow so the only width is that of the wingbacks. 3 strikers is a challenge trying to find the right movement and what roles allow for that. my current front 3 are a DLFs/F9/AF. i cant explain why i have opted for these roles but so far so good. AF main scorer, my DLF most assists. my current DLF is martial so not the best DLF of choice
  2. cheers yet again i shall scout around for a more suitable player
  3. i didnt realise off the ball was required for creating. means i bought the wrong kind of player. i went for passing, vision and flair
  4. if i was planning on doing that i would be getting the mrs involved!!
  5. yes that is true and has been great for what i wanted but now i want something else. will try a narrow system and see if i can make my DLF the primary creator.
  6. ive come to the conclusion that its due to my playing style that i cant get the DLF/F9 more involved with assists. i use wing play which of course focuses play down the wings for the forwards to finish. maybe i should try a different style to aid with my ideals? i do however like the playing style and even with the focus down the wings i do still get a lot of assists through the centre of the park. maybe i shopuld just use the 2nd forward as a decoy for the main striker? or possibly use a more creative player in the DLF/F9 role? on a side note i have just destroyed liverpool 5-0 with my main striker scoring 4.
  7. start of new season. still using 442. changed DLF to an F9 to see what it would offer me. so far not many assists only 1 in 6 games but my striker has scored 9 goals in 9 games which is good. my CMs has the most assists so far with 6 unbeaten in 9 winning 8 and drawing 1
  8. can we see the firefox system? i have made changes as you suggested and have seen somewhat of a difference. when the system works it really does. with some big victories but my main aim was to have one striker as the main goalscorer which i did manage to achieve with martial scoring 49 as the AF. i did rotate the role occasionally switching between the AF role and P role. im not sure why it just seemed to make sense at the time??? i just need to learn or figure out how to increase my goal tally as a team and individually for the AF/P role. oh martial was also my main supplier of goals with 18 assists. i would like to alter that and get my DLF involved more with the assists. the DLF score 20+goals which was great but only 6 assists which i feel should/could be more. maybe a role switch is needed? ive given up on the idea of clean sheets so as long as i score more goals than i concede i will happy or at leasat settle for it.
  9. will the iws get in the way of the cms and visa versa? apologies for all the questions, im trying to understand the game better and to get advice from someone with your stature within the community is really appreciated
  10. cheers for the reply @Rashidi. i shall do that. i have made one change in regards to movement. i have changed the AV to a poacher without the MIC instruction as two forwards with that instruction was leaving no one in the middle. much better with a poacher with him being more central. i will be honest and admit i cant see whats wrong with the right side. what issues can you see that i cant?
  11. @Rashidi ive binned the idea of one striker and 2 amcs and gone to a 442 as i was getting frustrated with it. im a fan of the 442 so thought why not. ive got it going some what as to what i was wanting. wingplay with crosses for my forward to be the main goalscorer. team goals this season 42 with my advanced forward scoring 18 of those. 2nd top score has 6 so its going to plan so far. partnered up top with the AF is a DLF on support. How can i get him more involved with assists? or due to my system is he the decoy for my AF. reason i ask this as my AF is also has the most assists so far with 7. where does the movement need to be to allow for more assists from either wing or the DLF?
  12. @Rashidi cheers for the advice. back to the drawing board
  13. @Rashidi it was something along these lines. it may not be exactly like i used previously but its close. the movement between the front 3 was pretty good. the mezzala had loads of space to run in to
  14. yes i was going to do that but i couldnt remember how to do it. then i got sacked. i will start again and try to replicate what i used.
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