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  1. My AF and IW are my main goal scorers. I thought the DLF would create space for the IW. I have thought about moving him to a IF but unsure about it in regards to defending.
  2. Cheers for the replies. I hadn't taken in how it would have effected the whole team. I shall keep that instruction off for the time being and watch more of the build up instead of focusing on the end product. Also hadn't realised the other roles weren't advancing as far forward as I initially thought.
  3. just a general query really. i am using a 442 formation that seems to be working well for my man united side. i have been keeping team instructions to minimum. as you can see in the screen shot that i have the pass into space option selected which has been great for my AF to score. ( 22 goals in 27 appearances ) my DLF had 5 in 18. i was happy with this as i wanted my AF to be the main scorer. Any way i removed the pass into space option and my DLF scored 4 goals in 1 game and 2 in the following so thats has 6 goals in 2 games. granted against inferior opposition but i was just wondering if removing pass into space caused that upsurge in goals or is it just coincidental? i must add that my AF also scored 3 goals in those 2 games
  4. i really like the old fashioned 442. down the wing cross it in while my central mids do the hard work and ping some lovely balls forward for the strikers. I do not have a vast knowledge of the game or football in general but i know what i would like to see happen. one variation of a 442, i did see that to some extent. however i had far too many draws and beaten by inferior teams that i got the sack as per usual.. defending wise i have tried various types. a high press to nullify the opposition but all i saw was my team turn to jelly, conceding too may goals on the counter. i tried sitting deep and and i conceded long shots for fun. i struggled to find a balance to the defending that i gave up on it and went for the we will score more than you mentality which i also failed at. i have tried writing down my results to help me understand better but i am clearly failing at the game. admittedly i am a casual gamer who doesn't have the time to play as much as i would like. 30 mins here and there if im lucky.
  5. Well I got sacked again. I think I'll give up now. Im clearly failing to understand the game even with all the advice I've received personally and via the forum. Game over
  6. i thought the treq would act like a second striker as well as creator
  7. just recieved this offer for a player that hasnt played a single game. a bit strange but i accepted. only worth 400k
  8. i have just realised that all my forwards have the move into channels PPI which goes against my desired role. so i have purchased a new forward, one with out the PPI to see if it makes a difference.
  9. ive gone back to this still with united and in season 2. new tactic new idea. poacher main scorer as usual. opted for poacher as he doesnt have the move into channels ppi. hopefully i have enough movement and creativity along with variety behind. only TI i have ticked is counter as i am taking things slow. first game home v fc salzburg. ignore players picked that was an error by me.
  10. @Rashidi ive reverted back to the 442 with some changes to roles etc. i have stopped the game at a random point during the 2nd half. im wondering if any one can poin tout any glaring issues they see? also included my new formation and 11 playing this game
  11. i have decided on a 4123 formation. all narrow so the only width is that of the wingbacks. 3 strikers is a challenge trying to find the right movement and what roles allow for that. my current front 3 are a DLFs/F9/AF. i cant explain why i have opted for these roles but so far so good. AF main scorer, my DLF most assists. my current DLF is martial so not the best DLF of choice
  12. cheers yet again i shall scout around for a more suitable player
  13. i didnt realise off the ball was required for creating. means i bought the wrong kind of player. i went for passing, vision and flair
  14. if i was planning on doing that i would be getting the mrs involved!!
  15. yes that is true and has been great for what i wanted but now i want something else. will try a narrow system and see if i can make my DLF the primary creator.
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