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  1. just started a new save on FM Touch and using Knaps41131 with West Ham . Thing is i can only put in 1 tactic is that right as i wanted to use 2 tactics for Home and Away ?
  2. Is there a new Tactic Table test we can see for the new patch yet of all different tactics and from different tacticians ? either by Mr L or who ever is testing ?
  3. No it only happens when playing this fm20 nothing else !! and its a touch pad built into laptop
  4. New version . Sorry for late reply. Bluematter433 think the tactic is on page 116 or there abouts not 100% sure .
  5. smashing it with blue matter 433 on new patch so far , But to be fair i am Liverpool . just beat genk 9-2 in champs league was 5 nil up after 17 mins , Mane got 9 minute hat trick LOOL
  6. why dont you upload it with your changes and lets see how it goes for others ??
  7. i have to say the beta game is soo much better than the retail version , Results and gameplay is much better 1v1's is more real than before .
  8. Hi i got FM20 yesterday and several times since playing the game i have had to turn my laptop off as i could no longer control the touch pad as it would not move whilst playing the game ? Any ideas i have updated all the drivers for this and its not the laptop at my end , please help as its destroying my fun playing the game !!
  9. Knap , Can you post the last 2 tactics you mentioned please ? Beowulf 442 P107 and wulf 4132 P106 ???
  10. Thanks Knap , I am playing as Liverpool in the full game and only got it today !! Which Tactic is standout in full game please !!
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