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  1. Fixed it now!! sorry was my end it went into another folder for some reason and half of the tactics have been going there instead of normal folder 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤣🤣
  2. @knap no in the game it shows up as forwards playing 1 left IF and another AM ??? can you look into this its probably the wrong formation attached to the download
  3. any tactic is good as long as you get good players in !! so there are loads to choose from some go and have a look for yourself mate this a bit of a lazy question really , C'mon people its easy to do really !!!SMH
  4. hey guys hows everyone ? been away for abit with family issues Whats the going tactics at the moment has much changed ? My last save which im going to fire up in a mo was Everton and i have the Kashmir celtic tactic in play and was storming the prem !! What are we saying will make me do an invincible season ?
  5. can anyone recommend a tactic for Crystal Palace ? i will have a look on tactics page too another save i know i know !!! lool getting bit bored now
  6. I played first10 league games and won all. Then git bored so let the ass man take over . We lost 3 games all season . I'm not worried how others play its about my enjoyment . And I am saying this tactic is up there for me especially using spurs who were hard work before I tried this tactic
  7. Ok , so this happened with spurs first season in Premiere league , Never ever won first season with any tactics so far but this one seems the nuts, I know spurs have a good squad but i have never done this with them in first season , @knap as you know i have struggled with spurs in first season , Anyway to the point i played the first 10 league games then holidayed the rest left it to assistant manager . Beat Man City away 4-0 Tactic is FM20.4.0-4231KnapPar1s-ParisienneWalkwaysSKEWWSSVOL2P108EC.fmf
  8. Need good away tactic , I have these 5 attacking players and cant get them to do great things away v big teams . Richarlison, Dybala, Moussa Dembele, Almada, Versharean. Any ideas
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