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  1. I know the new patch is making the 442 formidable but does the old 433 tactics still win leagues ?? or do they just not work anymore ?
  2. im going to do a wolves save can you give me the link to that tactic please knap or indeed what is your best tactic to date ? and also link thanks in advance
  3. OK i think i have this 109 all cups tactic now the one everyone is raving about ! Just one thing do you have any instructions for set piece takers like who should take throw in etc or is just leave it for who ever the game says !!??
  4. Hey knap im still using your 19.2.2Beowulf442 tactic and its amazing its not even fluid and blowing teams away , Have not played for a month and back on today and must say its the best and most fun i have had playing Football manager for a few years , Thanks
  5. Been hearing a lot about the 424 can anyone point to the right tactic that people are raving about please ?
  6. knap can you point me to your best tactic to get Liverpool's front 3 scoring ?
  7. with all these tactics about how does everyone train the tactics ? Do you just put the one tactic in all 3 slots or train 3 different tactics at the same time ? some help as i tried quite a few and cant seem to say which one really suits my Liverpool team
  8. is this been updated for 19.4 yet as it dont seem to be scoring many with liverpoo, infact the strikers hardly score
  9. Knap im playing with Liverpool on the full game would you recommend these tactics for the full version ? or which one as i love to get 3 strikers scoring for them in my games ?
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