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  1. did you think 3 in the back, is a good formation or is others more effective?
  2. which is the best tactic if you want to play with 3 in the back? :)
  3. That's all right, too many ask, you also need some free time
  4. Hey @totalfootball could you show me the best line up for Leeds? Thanks.
  5. Hey @Totalfootballfan How would you lineup Italy?
  6. It's okay, I can see but would still like to see your results: D
  7. @Totalfootballfan - would you be able to simulate a season with Genk, I wanted to see how they do in CHL. and how you lineup
  8. Then we have finished the 38 games, all matches are played with IR Tactic: Raptor.
  9. here are my first matches played with, Raptor and Zeus. for home matches I've used Raptor and away Zeus - Lost to Watford, on penalties. But should have won if we had scored on some of our 1v1.
  10. But do you think Raptor is better than Zeus? or are they very similar?
  11. Glad you are back! I want to try it with Bournemouth many have success with 532, do you think it could be an option?
  12. Great tactic Kami!, do you play all the matches yourself or are you using IR? - And are you change things, in the match?
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