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  1. anyone else have problems with tactic familiarity taking a long while ?
  2. the best thing TFF can do now is get back to making the tactics that made him, and we will see if the down/up voting effected his tactics
  3. Got ya, been using it to judge mentality, problem was I went 1-0 down against a team using positive formation, what to do then? I tinkered with it but couldn’t get back in the game
  4. I haven't had a crash since ive downloaded the newest nvidia driver from ASUS website, If I try the beta could I revert back to my current one at any time or am I stuck with the beta?
  5. So uninstalled nvidia drivers, then installed the bottom link that you provided tried to save game and it just stuck, had to use task manager to shut it down, on reload the game is very sluggish especially just the start screen, my manager is jerking about, ive had to shut the game down
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