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  1. I would like a discord invite Knap, it would be nice, thank you.
  2. Knap, I do not ask many questions, but I was wondering if the tackle harder is very important?
  3. Wow with my team in northern ireland it's going well. I hope you update us once you're super underdog and professional!
  4. How does the promotion work from the 3rd division in Finland to the 2nd... I just won the Cup and I didn't got promoted to the 2nd division.
  5. I do have a question... For the Wide Playmaker... I am so much in lower leagues, do I just put some winger there and hope for the best?
  6. My question is more about training, I am unable to actually make my players learn any tactic fully... It seems they struggle with that point. What have you been doing to help you with that?
  7. And it's still impossible to see the stars of the Academy players in the player lists...
  8. On this date 4 april 2020 : My board says I have a club vision object failed : Qualify for the MLS CUP... We're in the beginning of the season... Well in 2019 I have won the MLS cup, and I am 1st on this date in the ranking... I am getting sacked without any reasons.
  9. For some reason, when I go in my Dev. Centre, it's impossibly to see the ability and potential of my players. In the MLS it's always written "unknown"
  10. Well at least I am not the only one with a problem like that... Still makes me mad though! :P
  11. I have been playing with Stockport FC in FM19 and now in the EFL Championship, it's been 3 years in a row that my board tells me that I'll go up to the lvl 3 of the youth level system. But yet nothing happen. I have 3* in my youth academy, my junion coaching is good, and youth recruitement is above average. I have A LOT of coaches in my U18 and U23, but I am still stucked at Youth Lvl 4 despite everything... What is going on with this?
  12. Uncle Sam, I was wondering if it was possible to include U21 teams in the PLSQ and Ontario 1. I know they do not have any, but with how it works during regen day it would help a lot with managing a team. Thanks.
  13. I have an another experience in the PLSQ (2nd division in Canada). I just got my youth intake, and as we don't have a U18 club. All my Youngster got automaticly sign to my team destroying my budget. There was no trial at all sadly.
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