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  1. Really love this tactic. My team CA about 110 but can made this result.
  2. Hi Knap can you send that DB to me ? i would like to test your tactic in that DB by Instant result and compare with you table.
  3. Wólczanka Wólka Pełkińska Poland dvision 4 Media prediction 21 VENOM & FAITH 41212 P100 ALL CUPS NO LOSS
  4. FM 2021 - Team Media Prediction 18 (2 points deducted) - Instant Result - OI by Ass man west brom Media prediction 20 - Instant Result - OI by Ass man
  5. Hi Knap you made the best tactic in FM19 Guiseley - From vanarama North to Premiere league PSG - 5 Trophies at 1st season Levante - play same old squad for 4 season (i mean no tranfer for 4 seasons) Sorry, im not sure about name of this tactic but 4-1-4-1 19.3.5 i only just changed it to balanced, and use FMRTE changed ASSman attribute 18-20 OI to Assman Instant result Tactic No2.fmf
  6. Good tactic but i alway got problem after half season(Jan-April) how to solve this problem ?
  7. Girona Media Prediction 20th Daegu Media prediciton 12
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