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  1. How do people usually use these meetings? As I look after scouting myself I usually have all the scouts out on assignments (I think I have 16 at the moment) in different regions, therefore when it comes to recommendations I rarely get any suggestions. As an example, I may have 3 or 4 positions in the list but they'll only show potential signing for the 1st one. However, surely the DOF/Recruitment Analysts/Performance Analysts and Chief Scout should offer something else? Again, there are plenty of staff members at the club in those roles. Do other people get many scouting recommendations? Is it better to keep some scouts free so they can make suggestions and provide shorter-term scouting options? Does anyone have any other tips or tricks that might be worthwhile trying in these meetings? Trying to make scouting a bit more realistic and targeted.
  2. Started with a closed window, but brought in Mamadou Loum from Porto (£325k rising to £675k) as a DM and Janni Serra from Holstein Kiel (£1m) as a Target Man/Pressing Forward. Also, got Laird from Man Utd on loan as CWB.
  3. Started a save with Almeria last week, really enjoying it. Good quality squad & definite potential to improve thanks to rich owner. Nearly finished my 1st season so will be interesting to see what happens next.
  4. I know Ben Foster is 36 at the start of the game but has anyone just had him randomly retire? I'm not even into August yet! Wasn't actually playing as Watford so not sure if he got an injury or something... saw he was given a free transfer, thought I might sign him up as a back-up GK but when I clicked on his profile he's now a coach.
  5. When setting up a team I'd like to see how people deal with the staff advice in game. I know a lot of people don't use any of it, or so it seems from this forum, but I like to think it adds a bit to the realism. Anyway, under the Responsibilities > Staff section I'm interested in the following:- Advice & reports Player reports Under Player Development, would you prioritise the Judging Potential or Youth attribute? What attributes do you look for when wanting Player Reports? The same as above? What about Youth Development Info and Loan Feedback? Is there a difference it what attributes are required for staff to report on this correctly? Misc Under Tactical, is it more important to have a good Tactical Coaching or Tactical Knowledge attribute? Training reports, do you ask the best all round coach to deliver these? The Backroom Team advice section doesn't show Judging Staff Ability attribute, surely this is more important than Judging Player Ability or Potential when we're looking at staff? Under the Scouting section:- Meetings Should this just be dealt with by your best scout? In Training:- Who should lead training? Your best all round coach, or those with the best JA and JP ratings? Tactics:- Who should deliver Tactical Briefings? Your best motivator, man manager, or those with the best Tactical Coaching or Knowledge? Who should deliver Opposition Instructions? Those with the best Tactical Coaching or the best Tactical Knowledge? I know there may be no absolute right and wrong answers with some of these questions, but it'd be interesting for me to see what people usually do if they don't take on all the responsibilities themselves. Also, not sure if GD is the best place for this so if it needs to be moved then apologies.
  6. Care to share that tactic? I’ve never come close to scoring 10 in this version of FM. Would be interested in seeing the instructions you’ve given your team.
  7. Leaving aside the match engine and all other issues, what I find strange is that the main benefit of releasing a data update is that people can start a new save game with updated squads etc and yet there's a bug that directly effects how people start these saves before they've even chosen their club of choice. I cannot see how this latest update has passed any kind of testing, & I'm pretty sure if this had been available in Beta (I'm not sure if that would've been possible) then the community would've picked up on this almost immediately. I have no idea regards coding or game development, but quite clearly there's a lot of work being done behind the scenes. A quick look at the bugs forum shows how many problems there are, and I'm sure fixing some has various knock-on effects for other features. I can't help but feel that this update should never have been rolled out, and more care and attention should've been taken to provide us with a better product. I'm sure SI get a lot of questions regarding data updates, however I'm sure most long-term fans of the game (I assume this is the largest player base, however I'm happy to be corrected) are aware of having to wait until all transfer windows are shut, and are in the main happy to do so.
  8. Not sure how many headers I score, however I do feel like a lot of chances are headed high & wide when it looks like it’d be easier to score.
  9. Well, that's that ruined then... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51603039
  10. Hope so, issue has been raised in the bugs forum. Shame they've released an update to give more realism & yet this bug ruins it straightaway.
  11. Had similar issues before whilst trying to play as a team expected to win (Man City), especially when it came to anything other than a counter-attacking tactic. I started a new game, as Chelsea, and tried to think a bit more about how I wanted my team to play, who I wanted to score the goals etc. I lined up like this (R>L)... GK - SK-S RB - WB-S RCB - CD-D LCB - BPD-D LB - FB-A DM - DLP-S RCM - BBM-S LCM - MEZ-S RAM - W-S LAM - IF-S SC - CF-A Positive Shorter passing, play out of defence, and lower tempo. Couter-Press and counter. High defensive line, high LOE, and prevent short GK distribution. SC, LAM, RAM, & LCM set to press more urgently. How did it end up? Finished 2nd, got to FA Cup Semi-Final, CL Semi-Final, and won League Cup. Abraham scored 30 goals, with the Hudson Odoi, Pulisic, and Mount all getting over 10 from their positions too. The play was good to watch, and I was quite happy with everything from what was still a side with plenty of room for improvement. It got me wondering about whether a similar tactic would work with Man City, or had i just got lucky? I mirrored the formation as I felt this suited the team better, and I tweaked the midfield roles slightly. At Chelsea I used a BBM as I had to find room for Kante and his bursts through the middle, however with Man City I felt that I'd play better to my teams strengths by using an AP-A in the LCM slot alongside a MEZ-S on the right-hand side. I learnt the hard way in my 1st Man City stint that 2 playmakers weren't a good idea, it was too safe, so I changed the DLP-S to a DM-S. The only other change was changing my Winger (S) to Winger (A), this is really because it's usually the position I play Sterling and I wanted him to be more of a goal threat but keep some of the unpredictability that might come with changing to an IF-A, sometimes he'll go down the line and sometimes he'll cut inside. Also, because he tends to hold the width more it gives the CF and the attacking midfield more space to move into, or that's how I see it anyway! Haven't been able to get too far into the season but I won the Community Shield, and have won my 1st 5 or 6 games in the PL, scoring quite a few goals along the way. I anticipate I might need to tighten up a bit when playing some of the better teams, maybe changing the DM-S to a DM-D, or changing the Winger back to a support role, but so far so good. Hopefully this might give a few people some ideas. EDIT: This does seem to result in quite a few shots, although thankfully the feedback on the tactics screen doesn't suggest they're all hopeless ones from long-range. I'd say about a 3rd are on target, which I think is quite acceptable.
  12. Well, that went badly! Finished 3rd, 12 points off winners Liverpool but was knocked out of CL in Feb, lost the League Cup final, and didn't perform that well in the FA Cup. Got to the end of the season and was called into the office for the 2nd time, wasn't going to beg so decided to hand my notice in and leave by mutual consent. Made a few changes thanks to the advice above. I tried Aguero (when he was fit) as a Treq & he finished the season with 21 goals in all comps, although I'm not sure how many were pens. Kept Sterling as W-A on the left, but used a Mez-S on the left hand side of my midfield. Experimented with a RPM on the right hand side, however with De Bruyne there he seemed to shoot from distance far too often therefore I kept him as a DLP-S to try to rein him in a bit. As for the DM position, again, I toyed with the HB but it seemed as though it made me muchless defensively solid through the centre so I resorted back to DM-D. In defence, I changed my LB from WB-S to IWB-S, but I didn't notice a great deal of difference... I think Mendy may have some traits which class with that role and duty, which I'm guessing probably isn't ideal. In addition I swapped the BPD role from Stones to Laprote. I didn't quite have the guts to give Ederson the SGK-A role, and kept him as SGK-S. I didn't change the instructions too heavily, I added WBIB and BME. I'm not sure either worked as I really wanted them to, WBIB seemed to reduce crosses a bit, however quite often I'd find teams lined up very narrow and packed the box as expected, yet I ddn't see much expression from my players other than trying a shot, dribbling into a sea of bodies, or playing it out wide for a cross. I toggled Play Offside Trap on and off depending on who I was facing and their lineup, but found when I didn't have Prevent Short GK Distribution on my team lacked the bite I desired... possibly due to Aguero and his Treq role not being able to be a part of the split press? Anyway, I think my team probably was more of a threat going forward, and Aguro did finish as my top scorer, with the changes made, but it obviously came at a cost. Defensively we weren't as solid, and we didn't have as much possession (I wasn't initially worried about giving up the ball if it meant I could be more dangerous, however I do want to maintain some sort of control). The most frustrating thing I found was that my players were supposed to be some of the best finishers in the league and yet I was near the bottom of the table for chance conversion. I was having a lot of shots, not really from stupid distances, more from around the 18yrd mark than 35yrds, but they were either blocked or rarely on target and it all felt a bit rushed.
  13. 1st of all, thanks to you both for the feedback. I agree with you on the playmakers being overkill, I have tried several roles and duties there but nothing seems to have really stood out, therefore I think I've just fallen into the trap of playing Silva in his supposed preferred setup. I have toyed with the Mez before so I'll definitely go back and give that another shot alongside a more progessive midfield. My star performer is Bernardo, who is actually my top scorer, and hopefully the changes made won't has too much of an effect on his performances. @Experienced Defender, can I ask why you feel I should change the LW to an IF? I understand this will increase the % chance of a cross, but I usually have Sterling there & I thought my having him as a W instead of the IF it may make him vary his movement slightly so he doesn't always cut inside. Also, with an IWB behind would this not reduce the width too much, causing congestion in the middle? As for my ST, I've never tried using a Treq up front, always in the #10 role, so I'd certainly be intrigued to see how that would play out. The suggested changes to the defence make sense, when I've tried the Mez in CM before I did use an IWB behind. Would you still recommend using a BPD if the CB has 'Tries Long Range Passes' as a trait? Whilst someone like Laporte is obviously very good at it I don't want him launching it long all the time. In terms of instructions, I did only use slower tempo and prevent short GK distribution infrequently so I can understand why they're not needed, and your explanation of using something like WBIB and BME makes sense. Is there a particular reason why you would choose Offside Trap too?
  14. As the title suggests, I'm having a go at one last FM19 save before the new iteration comes out. I want to do something a little bit different to usual, I've spent the majority of my time this year with York City, my home town team, or with PL teams expected to struggle like Brighton & Newcastle, both of which made great saves. However, as I'm not going to be playing for too long I figured I'd go for Man City and see what life is like at the top. So far I'm genuinely finding it much more difficult, which surely shouldn't be the case?! Previous saves have resulted in me playing more direct, counter style tactics but obviously Man City are much more possession based. Whilst results haven't been bad, in Jan and 4 or 5 points off the top but in 4th, I've not managed to get the team playing as I'd really like. I understand opponents will sit deep, I've tried to factor that in to my tactics. I'm defensively the best in the league, but I need to score more goals. With my current set-up goals are very much shared around, however I want Aguero, or Jesus, to be my main goal threat, scoring a greater % of our goals. Apologies for the lack of screenshots but I currently line up as follows (4-3-3 with 1 DM and 2 Wide Forwards):- R>L Ederson (SK/S) Cancelo (FB/A) Stones (CB/D) Laporte (CB/D) Mendy (WB/S) - Have also tried (IWB/S) when Silva plays as a more adventurous role Fernandinho (DM/D) De Bruyne (DLP/S) Silva (AP/S) - Have also tried (MZ/S), and both roles on (A) too Bernardo (IF/S) Sterling (W/A) Aguero (DLF/A) Team instructions:- Positive Pass short Play out of defence Slower tempo (Sometimes) Counter-press Counter Higher LOE Higher DL Prevent short GK distribution (Sometimes) Player instructions:- Aguero, Bernardo, Sterling, and Silva to press more To reiterate, what I'm really looking for is to become more of a goal threat, with a higher % of goals coming from my ST, whilst remaining quite solid at the back. I'm not looking to recreate Pep's style so 60%+ possession is not the goal unless it helps me achieve my other aims. I've seen a lot of people comment regarding a high amount of crosses per game, I understand with an FB on A and a W on A I'll have plenty too, however I want to keep a healthy balance... hopefully with the right tactics my players will have plenty of passing options and be able to make better decisions. Any help with this would be much appreciated.
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