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  1. Interesting thread! I always end up coming back to 4231. I’m currently playing with a very similar setup, I have the same roles but on slightly different mentalities. My FB is on Attack, with a MCL on Defend, & then my AML on Support. Not as aggressive with a much higher line, or by closing down much more... one notch down on both. Seems to work ok, the football maybe isn’t quite as good as I’d like but I’m getting results. It’s coming to the end of the season so I might put into effect some of the elements you’ve mentioned above during preseason & see how I get on.
  2. Has anyone used the Steam Link App to play FM on your tablet or mobile? If yes, how have you found it? Just seen Apple have blocked the app for iOS, but apparently it’s still available on Android devices.
  3. Obviously not Cleon but just thought I’d share my experience using an AP out wide in a similar setup. Found it can work well, especially if you have a full back take advantage by being on an attack duty. I’d try a more defensive role on the right hand side of the midfield 2, someone who’ll cover for the full back in their absence whilst they venture forward. Having the striker on AF should mean he’s in the box for any resulting crosses, but it might not be the best role against teams that defend deep as it’ll be unlikely he’ll get in behind & onto the through balls. I usually end up going with a CF/S or DLF/A if this is the case.
  4. Was just about to play a match, selected my first XI, went to pick the subs and got this crash dump... FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.30 12.28.08).dmp
  5. saware

    New game set-up

    I'd like to see a feature included where you can set up a preferred database set-up when creating a new game. Quite often I have multiple saves on the go, or I get bored of one and want to re-start, but I always find setting up a game a bit of a drag. I, more often than not, use the same nations and leagues so it would be great if I could set this as some kind of default. FM already remembers your tick-box preferences so I don't see this being a huge step. I appreciate it's a feature that might not appeal to everyone but it would save a few minutes and a lot of mouse clicks.
  6. The year is 2021, I've been managing Spurs since July 2016 and I've just been sent an email by my PA that I'm now able to speak fluent English! Great news you might think, but I am English so passing this course probably didn't present too much of a challenge. Has anyone else had this pop up? All I can assume is that somewhere along the line the game has confused this with a coaching course.
  7. Not sure about the big gaps, but I'm on my 4th season in PL too & West Ham have been right up there every season. Obviously had a half decent season last year but do seem overpowered, especially with Zaza. Absolute donkey in real life (according to my West Han supporting friend) but excellent on FM17.
  8. I've played as Spurs regularly over the last few years & Kane is great, however I don't think it's that far beyond the realms of possibility that he could get 40 goals a season. My main issue with the team is the full-backs. IMO, Walker & Rose are right up there with the best in the PL, if not Europe, but their stats & ratings don't seem to show it so I'd suggest a slight increase in CA & PA to both players. I've never had any issues from either of them in terms of performance, but Trippier & Davies are apparently just as good. I think it's common knowledge that's in real life that's not the case. I understand it's easy to say players deserve to be higher rated on the back of a good 6 months, but the ratings for these two have seemingly been the same or similar for the last couple of FMs whilst they've certainly improved under Poch & are now key to their coach's way of playing.
  9. Can understand the immersion of being in the game world, but not all managers are on Twitter & the game forces you to act like this is the case. Assume it can be tweaked with different subscriptions etc, but this was already in the previous iterations and that news could be delivered straight to your inbox if you so wished. I know there's a lot more to the social feed, but I'd much rather be able to check on it when I wanted rather than being forced to see it nearly every time I press continue. I don't think it helps that the screen looks like it's come out of FM Touch either, appreciate that's probably a skin issue but it seems to me to be out of keeping with the inbox etc. I think, as the OP has suggested, a way to toggle this on/off or set defaults like you can with other landing pages would be the best way forward.
  10. I think he meant in Staff>Responsibilities>Backroom Advice. In FM16, when it was under the Personal Assistant tab, it showed you the key stats for the advice you were getting eg. Tactical feedback, you were shown the Tactical Coaching & Tactical Knowledge of your coaches etc. Now, it seems, you can only see these stats by going into each coaches profile, one by one, and not in a handy drop-down menu. If this is the case then this definitely could do with changing back, the new way is so much more time consuming and quite frustrating.
  11. Definitely the toughest FM for me, don't usually like using so many instructions but this seemed to work so I've stuck with it. Having said that S2 isn't going as well, conceded a lot more goals. Have bought players in & rotating the squad a lot more than before so that's been an issue. Haven't really had an problem with the wide players, but in all honesty I haven't looked too much into how they do defensively. If that is a concern I'm sure a 4411 could be used if you've got the right players.
  12. I've been working to try & get Man Utd up to speed with a 4231 and I've come up with this... The wing-back (s) has cross more often, cross from byline and run wide with ball added as PI's. The full backs were my best players last season, Darmian got player of the year, while Shaw got 17 assists. The centre-mid (d) has close down less as a PI. I tend to get around 60%+ possession and between 15-30 shots per game, if anything the team are a bit wasteful and I'd like to have less shots with more accuracy as they aren't all clear chances. Comfortably won the league last season, and while I've not had the best start in my 2nd season I'm only 5 points off top in 5th.
  13. A quick few ideas to try out... 1) Change the RB & LB from auto. If you want Janmaat to bomb on change him to attack, with Dummett to support. May be worth changing Sissoko to support too so you're not over exposed on the right. 2) I'd play on control, leave attacking for when you fall behind in a game. Go to the TI screen & you'll see how changing effects passing, width etc. 3) Tiote is a liability as it is, but not helped by being a BWM. He'll try & close down too aggressively all over the place. I'd suggest changing him to a CMd, with a close down less PI. 4) If you're bothered about possession, it's not essential to win games, then I'd lower the tempo & pass shorter. Maybe don't play as wide. 5) If you're Defenders are getting caught with a ball over the top when you're pushing higher up try playing offside. Quick centre backs are needed though because you will get caught out on occasion. Hope that helps a bit, let us know!
  14. So arranging to go & see Spectre tonight wasn't a great idea! Damn! Only got as far as manager creation before needing to leave the house. Didn't see a beard option, is there one? Looking forward to playing the game, some pretty good feedback so far!
  15. I'm wondering if there are some issues regards the Steam Achievements not working as they should. The first problem I've come across is with the 'Cup Streak', I've won 5 different competitions (The Champions League, The FA Cup, The League Cup, The Super Cup & The World Club Cup) but it didn't trigger. Has anyone else had this issue? I've also noticed that the 'Best in Europe' achievement hasn't triggered, but I've just had an in game news item that my player was the 'Best in Europe'.
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