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  1. @Ronaldo Beckham A year and a bit later but I thought if you're still on the forums and interested in a Scandinavian save, I'd advise you to try out Brentford this year. They're strongly recruiting from Scandinavia through their affiliate Midtjlaand (?) and Scandinavian players from elsewhere including Christian Norgaard from Fiorentina. Worth a try, I'm really enjoying it myself!
  2. @michaeltmurrayuk @santy001 Reviving post, Bournemouth have below the capacity stated in this thread, and a smaller capacity than my own stadium at Brentford. Yet when I got promoted to the Premier League I had to rent Selhurst Park?
  3. They typically use Wendell for every single game, but Jedvaj and Retsos can both cover there well. Personally I've never played the game with attribute masking on either, perhaps missing out on a large part of the game. Woe me. Disabling transfer budgets though, as previously stated, depends on the team and how comfortable you are with it in its current condition. If for example you take over Liverpool and feel like you don't want to change a thing, then it makes sense to stop all the other teams from making signings and trying to steal your best players, for increased realism and immersion if nothing else.
  4. I recently downloaded an editor file for changing fixtures. The instructions that came with this were as follows: thing is, my FM Editor doesn't have a "Nation Rules - [Nation Name]" option, or seemingly any of the other options. Can anyone help me to install the .xml file? I can't use the editor data files as I already have the league changes files by @claassen installed, who I have linked here because his updates are golden and well worth checking out.
  5. Wasn't sure where else to put this. So Tom Heaton got a rather substantial downgrade to his Technical attributes. Not sure where that's come from, and seems mighty reactionary for SI's usual approach to editing players. Burnley have been poor this season granted but the majority of this season they have featured Hart (19 apps to Heaton's 10). What I've seen from Heaton the last couple of weeks, including a rather spectacular display against Tottenham involving some pretty acrobatic saves, his technical stats aren't the ones lacking. Anyway that's my piece, interested in what you think. If there's a more suitable thread for this post then feel free to move it
  6. So I noticed if you click and drag the sidebar icons you can move them, which is handy. I like my 2nd Team and U19 Team buttons right below my Squad button. However I often return to the game after a while, or after switching to another save for a bit, to find that they've reverted back to the default order. I can't tell if this is an intentional feature that isn't working properly or if it's an unintentional feature that's correcting itself.
  7. I try to keep to the numbers 1, 13, 22, 23, 25, 29 and then after 30 it can pretty much be anything. Unless you're Bernd Leno, keepers usually get these numbers.
  8. Hi, This year I'd like to put a bit more effort into understanding training, and what gets the most out of the players under my command. Currently I've taken over Hamburger SV and I'm keen to develop the likes of Arp, Vagnoman, van Drongelen etc. What I usually do is control general training myself and leave individual training to my Assistant Manager, but I am finding that difficult this year. General training has become a lot more complicated and I have no idea what I should be doing. Some general guidelines would be appreciated on that front. In regards to Individual training, I'm trying a realistic approach with Mangala in DM, Jatta on the left wing... but despite this, my Assistant Manager refuses to assign them these positions for individual training even though they need serious work on it. As previously mentioned I'd also like to work on developing the young players and aside from featuring them in the odd match I'd very much like to know how I could train them in order to get (at the very least, close to) their best out of them.
  9. I'm having the same issue constantly, my save files from the PC are showing up on the laptop but files started on the laptop do not show up on the PC. I've left my laptop alone on the Steam client staring at "Syncing... 0% (0mb/s)" next to the game title for a good 10-15 mins with no indication whatsoever that anything is happening at all, before it disappears. Then I load up Steam on the PC, load up FM and hey presto... the games aren't there. The whole thing is pretty shambolic, there's no way to actually ask Steam to download save files from the cloud, or any indication whatsoever that it attempts to do so. All we ever see is the ever-vague "Syncing... 0% (0mb/s)" which is about as informative as Theresa May on Brexit. Update: After half an hour of swearing and getting frustrated, I've just started the save again from scratch on the PC. Thankfully I was only 2-3 games and 2-3 transfers into it.
  10. @Eckfahne You may be right. My initial reaction to the removal of what makes the game smoother for me and others who play the game was over the top at the time, and I've changed the title to a more suitable one. As previously mentioned, I'd just like to know that they care about the select few of us who use this option, and are working on ways to bring it back into the game. So far we haven't heard anything.
  11. I can see this isn't getting a reply, as was probably deserved.. Having given the game a further week I am still struggling. I have honestly given a lot of time to this game and trying desperately to get used to it but it's difficult. All I am hoping for is for SI to perhaps reply saying that they are looking into a way to get them back into the game? As research on this topic has shown that the alleged reason for their removal is that they were causing visual glitches with the new skins, it would be disappointing if this feature - a long standing feature since at least FM07 when I joined the franchise - was removed simply because the devs gave up trying to accommodate it in the new-look skin. I would honestly rather play the game with the FM18 skin to get this feature back, as it is I am just having to stick to FM18 playing the dafuge challenge so I don't notice the old squads any reply would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. @Freddie Sands Thanks for the reply, that's understandable. I get that the game can't achieve 100% realism in all aspects and to be fair if the club is technically based further north then the difference is probably minimal.
  13. Wasn't sure where else to post this, but the game seems to be struggling with the English tiering system at the very bottom of the tree.. as you can see, Braintree have been relegated from the Conference Premier and for some reason find themselves in Conference North, despite being very much south this seems to be very common. Edit: Having since researched this further, I have realised it is just about possible but very unlikely - any teams in Conference South in the border counties (listed on Wikipedia but don't include Essex) would be moved to Conference North instead of Braintree Town, and as previously stated Essex isn't one of these border counties so it's highly unlikely that they would find themselves in Conference North before any other team. Worth looking into at the very least, although organisation at this level in the real world seems rather vague as there have allegedly been instances of teams having to be relegated twice due to being unable to make the long hike.
  14. They were linked with Andre Gray over the summer, usually Bournemouth tend to sign players with massive Determination and high levels of Stamina and Work Rate, to fulfill the squad mandate of not giving up until the final whistle. Even young players such as David Brooks are capable of meeting this demand. I haven't gotten around to starting my annual Bournemouth save myself, instead choosing to start with West Brom. But they have a good striker themselves in Jamie Soule, who I'd suggest taking a look at.
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