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  1. This is an issue I've had with Football Manager for a very long time. When making a custom view, the game will occasionally bug out for me. It's difficult to explain using screenshots, but here goes. I have posted the issue here: https://imgur.com/a/4oyVhir I feel as if this issue can be resolved as easily as making columns their default minimum width when originally created, always indenting them left (this problem is clearly caused by you trying to have columns indented to the right, which is unnecessary) and then only increasing the width of the view to match the current manu
  2. @JordanMillward_1 forgot I even had it to be honest, that's been my header since the beta phase. It certainly wasn't in response to anything that happened today, and no harm was meant by it.
  3. Appreciated. Another legitimate issue I raised in the removed messages was the fact that Emrehan Gedikli (as well as over a dozen other Bayer Leverkusen players) still has random attributes. Just repeating it here to ensure that it gets fixed for the January patch, now that he is featuring for the first team.
  4. @Reddiablo the CA is the least of it. You justified lowering a fair few stats, often by 2-3 points, by upping attributes like Flair and Off the Ball. His defensive shortcomings were accurately portrayed - his Marking and Tackling were 11, and he is actually decent at both - he wouldn't be playing out of position as a left-back if he wasn't as good as he is. Again, no idea what you mean by him being injured for a long period of time. He hasn't been injured at all this season. Before this season, he missed BL matchday 30 and the cup game that followed - besides that exception, the last time
  5. Any reason why Daley Sinkgraven was completely and utterly decimated in terms of CA, PA, attributes, just about everything really compared to last season, despite competing with Wendell for a position that isn't even his most natural. He also has an Injury Prone rating of 18 despite not even being injured as much as others in the squad last season i.e. Lars Bender? I don't believe he's done anything to merit any of the downgrades, if anything he was probably deserving of a slight upgrade having featured so regularly at left-back over a fit Wendell, who as I pointed out during the Beta sta
  6. I appreciate the sincere response. Is there any way whatsoever that I can change this manually for my version of the game? Even if it takes going into the game files and editing a line of text?
  7. I mentioned back in January that the number was reserved for fans. When I mentioned during the Beta stage that his number was still incorrect, surely the researchers job is to work out why it is still incorrect, and not mine? By the time this is fixed in January, this issue will have been broken for a year. That's actually ridiculous, especially since it is an issue you cannot fix manually with the editor. Hence my refusal to buy the game this year.
  8. Despite being promised both in January and again during the Beta stage that this issue would be fixed in the full release, it's not. Edmond Tapsoba. Shirt number 12. We have not, nor have we ever to the best of my knowledge, retired the number 12 shirt for the fans. Since I'm pretty certain a fix to this issue will now not be released for some time, I won't be purchasing Football Manager this year. It's not about this one issue, it's about the harsh response I received from the research team when I brought the issue up during the Beta stage, and how clear it is to me that the Bun
  9. Regarding this, I don't agree that Baumgartlinger's pace has decreased that much in his old age. He's still finding it comfortable to move between our own half and the opposition's box, and I don't think his pace should be lowered just because he's getting old. 14 would probably be sufficient. I would edit his Stamina before touching his pace, as he is routinely substituted out. Hradecky is another player that could also do with an improvement actually. One of the standout goalkeepers in the Champions League group stages last season, I'm sure I remember him placing top 10 for saves per ma
  10. That really is incredible thank you! Also came to ask about Edmond Tapsoba (not his shirt number again don't worry!) On FM20 his CA was the same as Retsos and his PA was considerably less. This season, he currently has more ball recoveries (and recoveries per 90 minutes) than any other Under 21 player in Europe! He's quite an exceptional talent, and I hope we can maybe reflect that in his stats this year now that he has proven himself.
  11. No of course not, at the very least I would expect Samed Onur to be in the game given that he has actually played for the first team and has considerable ability, but to ask for all of these players in such a small timeframe, I would never do that! I only hope you can understand how disappointing it is to have so few players from our football club to work with in the game. To have an U19 league would be a dream come true, hopefully a future Football Manager eh? I'm surprised to find this out, but also kind of not surprised, as our U19 team has always been limited to a small ha
  12. More on Bayer Leverkusen, and again if this issue is not present in the full game then just tell me I am wasting my time, but since this was also an issue in FM20, I would not forgive myself for not posting this here. We do not have a 2nd Team (Bayern II, Dortmund II etc.) and just an Under 19 squad. Therefore it is even more important for us compared to other clubs that our youth team is more fleshed out, not less. And yet, if you exclude first-team players Ayman Azhil, Florian Wirtz, Emrehan Gedikli and Joel Pohjanpalo, we have exactly six players in our youth squad. I feel as thoug
  13. Yeah no worries, I am just too passionate a Leverkusen fan to go through that disappointment again haha and I have been assured it will not be in the full release.
  14. I know I'm petty as hell I won't even deny it but it's something that should never even have happened. A new player signs and idk about the researcher but I'm checking to see if their shirt number is available or if it's not. Oh and also I have mad OCD for my favourite club and it stuck out like a sore thumb from Jan to July on my save so would rather not have to go through that again
  15. Yeah, his shirt number is 17 in the Beta. I know it's a small thing but this has been an issue for 11 months. If it's in the full game, I won't play it.
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