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  1. Assuming that a player's Preferred Side has an effect on their performance, which I believe it does, this is a change that needs to happen before the release of FM21. Currently if a player is not assigned a Favoured Side (appears in Pre-game Editor as "None") then the game will automatically assign him a preference in-game. This is bad, considering the vast amount of players that do not have an assigned preference and the amount of players that actually don't have a preference in real-life. There is no option to completely remove preference from a player, as far as I can tell, and th
  2. While I'm here... I've been fundamentally disappointed with Sports Interactive and the effort put into making Bayer Leverkusen as realistic as possible this year. You would think, since we were actually featured in official advertising and marketing campaigns for the product, that we would be given some sort of level of detail this year. Nope. As per, the Under 19 squad is bare bones. Only a small handful of players below the age of 18 actually have any sort of manually-assigned attributes, and several real-life players who deserve to be in the game, most notably Samed Onur and Emreh
  3. At the start of FM20 the club is ideally suited to 4-2-3-1 but there is the potential to use 4-1-2-3 or even a flat 4-4-2. To be honest, the players at the club are so varied and balanced that even playing 5 at the back is possible, as you have Sinkgraven and Weiser who can both play further up the wings.
  4. @Gungner they shouldn't do, so long as it's the occasional exception. You can view your board's preferences under the "Club Vision" tab.
  5. @Gungner my bad, you're right sorry it's been a while since my last save with Leverkusen! I'm currently managing Napoli. I've had a look in-game and can't see any specific circumstances, but it's a "preferred" board preference so perhaps that's what I meant? Maybe I was referring to real-life exceptions such as Baumgartlinger and Hradecky.
  6. @Gungner I'm not aware of any restriction preventing you from signing players over 30? Might it be something that the board has added in your save after a season?
  7. Simple request: in the future, when researchers update a player's attributes (specifically in the Winter Update) these attribute updates should also be applied to the "Default" database, for people who want to play the game without the Winter transfers, but still enjoy updated, realistic player abilities and potentials. In terms of the way this could be implemented in a way that is easier for the researchers, I would suggest they update transfers in one editor file, and attributes in another. That way, the attributes file could then be easily applied to the default database.
  8. I'd like it if the Pre-game Editor could go back to how it used to be regarding a lot of things. For a start, remove the current mechanism that prevents you making any other edits after removing exising edits / the prompt that forces you to reload the database after removing existing edits, or at least make it optional. I assume this was put in because of people complaining edits 'didn't work' due to misuse (see example): but not all of us were so clueless in our operation of the editor, and by forcing us to reload the database after removing edits, editing itself can now often b
  9. Massive apology if this has already been addressed, Emerson (Real Betis, on loan from Barcelona) has an Optional Future Fee of €6m in-game; this is not the case in real-life. In real-life, Barcelona signed him for €12m from Atletico Minero and then loaned him out to Real Betis immediately for two seasons, until 2021 (currently in-game only loaned out until 2020), as part of this loan deal Real Betis paid half the transfer fee (€6m) but as far as I am aware do not have an option to buy permanently. This is reflected by his status on transfermarkt which displays him as on loan at Betis unti
  10. @tajj7 Matheus Henrique has been amazing for me in my Napoli save, he's quite a player! I've been meaning to update the guide with our January transfer business amongst other things, but I'll make sure to add that in. I'll also be doing an in-depth statistical analysis on future signing Lennart Grill (Kaiserslautern) and potential signings including Emerson (Real Betis/Barcelona) either on this page or for the next guide, depending on how bothered I can be
  11. @Reddiablo Exactly! also I can't believe I forgot this: - Leon Bailey as well, we signed him as a left winger from Genk who had been playing predominantly on the left wing for his time there. Since joining, he's also featured for us on the left wing regularly, and today against Koln being a perfect example, often players less fluid on the right wing such as Moussa Diaby are put there instead of him. He's definitely not been playing out on the right for long enough or regularly enough to merit a natural position change. [Suggestion: Positional Familiarity for Right Wing changed to 18-19, a
  12. Welcome @Reddiablo @Fire_03 @GameCrasher and congrats on drawing the long straw for the best league in football :P I try to stay as unopinionated as possible as a Leverkusen fan but this is just one small change I'd like to be reviewed and possibly considered: - Lars Bender should still be a natural Defensive Midfielder, my reasons for this are that he played there solidly for the better part of a decade before starting to migrate to a right-back role for us in the last 3-4 or so years, but still continues to feature as a DM on occasion and certainly appears by all means more s
  13. @tajj7 CA/PA does not take into account a player's non-essential attributes, such as supportive and defensive attributes, which are vital for a team that plays high-pressing football such as Bayer Leverkusen. You want to replace your most supportive player with an attacking-only player, that's your perogative, but a small handful of better attributes don't make him a better player. The more tactically-savvy of us prefer to have a short, supportive player and a tall, aerially present finisher to compliment each other. Now you're stuck with two of the latter for £8m waste and complaining about
  14. You need to learn more respect than to call your own opinion "fact" and someone else's opinion "wrong."
  15. @tajj7 not sure you understand what "each to their own" means at this point. It means it's different for everyone, there's no right or wrong answer, just opinion and certainly not "fact." On average, they both manage a goal every 2 games in real life. Comparing the two in-game, Volland edges some areas while Belotti edges others. The attribute comparison actually puts Volland ahead if anything. But I'm glad to hear Belotti is doing a half decent job for you anyway. It does ring a little hollow to then complain about finances when you've just spent £8m on, at best, a slight upgrade. In re
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