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  1. Should I just...quit FM?

    shouldn't the Match be the main point of this game and not skipping season by season in no time? but I can understand the frustration with people who don't watch their games on 'full'. just like in real football the life is boring between two games..
  2. Should I just...quit FM?

    isn't winning games, cups, leagues, getting promoted the only fun real life managers have? personally I enjoy managing games which meens watching the games in full. football manager should be about managing games, preparing your team for the next one. all of you who want plug and play tactics or one fits all or skipping your matches on key and such are missing the point of this game (and also the only thing which is 'fun') and that is a match itself. and yes FM Touch is great
  3. Rashidi both goals you scored clearly show completly strange AI defensive behaviour, which would never happen in real football. it's a much bigger problem for AI than human manager and it defenetly makes the game really buggy and unchalanging. and it's simply not how a PL team would ever try to ''defend''. these are basic ME mechanisms which are flawed and need improvements. I've never seen such poor defending on fm16. I'm not even sure what is the point you are trying to make?
  4. if we count 4231 as variant of old school 442 then majority of teams play that way or very similar. bad positioning afects all formations in FM, it only becomes really obvious in 442 against 5 man midfield formations.
  5. no, there were two groups, one that experienced 'FB issue' and the other who didn't or at least not in such a great manner as the first group. which meens the issue was also tactical. I don't have 17 but so I cannot judge the overall ME but from what I've seen here, player positioning looks horrible, people not playing the game because of this, just look at the clip Rashidi posted I don't think I've seen such poor defending on 16 ever, basic concepts are flawed which they weren't..
  6. no it doesn't, Tight Marking, mixed marking, OIs all try to replicate different defending (of course not in great detail) but the problem with FM is that basic concepts of defending are not implemented really well, like positioning. AI cannot cope with current very basic strategies of defending, adding complex stuff like different types of pressing before sorting out the basics wouldn't add nothing good to the game, on contrary..
  7. among some other instructions, Width does influence defensive width, especially when playing high d-line and pressing game you can achieve such effect. anyone watching their games in full will tell you that.
  8. interesting. in three seasons in EPL, no FB was leading assists, av. ratings or POM on my save. far from it. all my FBs had between 10-15 assists together per season. I don't think positioning of the (wide) players was a problem on fm16, unlike on fm17. poor defending mechanism in ME, too many shots and hockey scorelines, yes, maybe there were issues with crossing and GKs staying on line or switching flanks passes but defenisve positioning was ok compared to 17.
  9. I'm defenetly in 'this is the ME bug' camp, defending looks horrible in 17 compared to 16, not just zhe defending of wingers. and I meen really terrible, what kind of defending is AI using in clip you posted? it is defenetly not zonal nor it looks like man marking of any proffesional team. it looks clear to me SI tried to fix the 'wing back bug' from fm16. the problem is there was no bug in positioning of wide areas as long as you didn't use crazy wing back combinations and played with full backs instead. problem was a little more evident when using very narrow formations, congesting the centre and leaving flanks open for attacking wing backs. it was defenetly a little too easy to switch flanks in Xabi Alsonso manner but even that wasn't too much of the problem when a bit more width was used. as for 442 and more structured shape I agree, it's against FM and real life logics, if you want to play like that you need to use some other formation with three midfielders instead..
  10. in 442 wide midfielders should offer defensive support to central midfield duo, like it was possible on fm16. there was nothing wrong about defensive positioning of wide midfielders in fm16. two flat banks of four, even strikers on support reached opposition MCd (on more defensive mentalities) and managed to close them down once the ball enters your half. does positioning improve on Very Fluid since 442 asks for more fluidity by its nature?
  11. La Liga Dominance

    did Barca sign Guardiola and used Messi as defensive winger or what?
  12. I wouldn't care about TTF tactics if I was at SI. if people want to play that way it's their decision. there were absoulutly no big issues with full backs in FM16 as long as you used FB A+S combination. and didn't employ ultry narrow tactics with wing backs (who stay wide) instead of full backs. people forget that AI starts adopting to your tactics and if you use wing backs whole league will use it also, especially in games against you. on my 16 save, all my fullbacks don't have more than 10 assists per season and I exploit the flanks, nor is any AI fullback leading the assist charts, also no team in the league is using wing backs. the only issue was that it was too easy to switch the ball to the flanks without sufficiant player quality or enough width. the only thing needed to fix this issue was to improve defensive positioning and anticipation. but defending cries for improvements for years now anyway. from what I have gathered defending looks horrible on 17. we need to be carefull what we wish
  13. not sure if I agree. there are just too many 5-2, 4-0, 5-0, 3-2 results and too few of 0-0 or 0-1s. both in AI vs AI and AI vs human games. my point was more about the fact it feels weird of not scoring after 20 or 30 shots. and I'm not saying this is impossible in real life but I can understnad the frustration and confusion of people. on the other hand in some rare cases where I guess everything fits together tactically , the ME is able to produce most amazing football, true midfield battle with plently of misplaced passes, small errors, good defending and realistic score and shot counts..
  14. it's just bad representation of normal events and of course it's weird if you score 3 from 100 shots and conceed 3 from 15. too many shots which can be achieved by human managers is a long term issue wit FM. poor defending imo.
  15. Playing against the 'big teams'

    forgot to mention, Work the ball into box on Counter is a must, especially if you are worried about ball posession. on Attacking/Fluid I use it much more sparingly..