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  1. I managed to improve my gaming experience of fm17 a lot by altering managers attributes and formations. Lowering sitting back might do the trick since many of lower quality teams managers have really high numbers there. My experience is that normal vs normal mentality tactics produce much better games and stats.
  2. I'm really eager to see how many issues will be sorted out in fm20. Have no hope for this one. Threw my money away not just with fm19 but fm17 that I enjoyed but returning to it is almost impossible for me. SI could at least hinted us here (long term fans) something along "we're working on entirely new ME, expect some problems at first"... And I agree with the state of current ME, worst since introduction of 2D.
  3. @andu1 It would be interesting to simulate a season with all league managers being set with 1in "sitting back" attribute to see how much influence has the too defensive AI issue.
  4. Haha. Can you show 10 more pics like that from that game? But as I said, there's equally wrong with attack and defense teams positions in those two pictures.
  5. The issue with defending inside the box no metter where the ball is, is new. In fm17 team pushedup from box when they could. Now the park the bus tactics defend from inside the box like shown in that picture.
  6. I don't think anyone is leaving Liverpool fullbacks completely unmarked free to cross at will. These are elite players not a pub team. The ball is almost on centre and defensive team has 5 players inside the box all spaced up in 15 metre of width? In futsal maybe.
  7. Sure that's why Liverpool had 115 crosses in that game. What's that emoji?!
  8. Issues when AI teams faces extra men in midfield and "wrong" duties assigned. City lost possession battle like schoolboys.
  9. Here's teams parking the bus. There's so much wrong with both teams positions, it's unbelievable. Such situation would never happen in fm17. Want more?
  10. Cant agree here and @akkm post (and other) explains why that's not the case. Not because of good defending but because of poor attacking, lack of quality movement, passing, decision making...
  11. How ,with what? With defensive width? With making movement and half of attacking arsenal non existent? With all teams packing 10 men in box? With use of formations that have 6 midfielders? ...
  12. Well it is a me issue since 4141 shape easily defends against any formation including diamonds. But this is specific situation, diamond has always been hard to deal with in FM. Those wingers should have helped centrally much more effectively, DM is clueless there, there's no true team effort, basics of zonal defending are nowhere to be seen. But none of the issues hasn't been improved in fm19, defensive width is poorly implemented and for AI it does more harm than good. I liked it more before when defensive width was controlled by d-line.
  13. Because somebody has to defend that area eventually. And they do tuck in there to help centrally. But it's the forward too who needs to be a little more engaged there with their DM when opponents have man advantage.
  14. Diamond had traditionally been hard to defend against since it has men advantage in central midfield. I think AI is doing good job there, MCs could be more decisive with tackling and DM looks a little lost but nothing has been improved since.
  15. Can't really agree those wingers at least try to mark somebody. MCs horrible positioning still hasn't improved much, new sliders don't necessarily mean improvements in ME.
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