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  1. Of course. But on the other hand imagine Burnleys trying to outpass Cities. In FM it happens all the time. Passing decision making is simply better on lower mentalities.
  2. It would take big changes to how mentality works. For example passing game is much more suited to lower mentalities. Higher mentalities are simply too quick and impatient and look more suited to running with ball or counter-attacking style. Practically it's the opposite to what it should be.
  3. Yes. I think the biggest problem is in games between hard favourites and underdogs where teams play with extreme tactics - attacking and defensive. That's where crazy stats appear. Games between two more balanced tactics produce more realistic stats. Use of ultra defensive formation, defensive mentality, too many defensive duties and too defensive instructions and vice versa for att team creates strange games with strange stats where for example defensive teams can easily outpass attacking without firing a single shot on goal. Narrow defending has taken it to another level where play is channeled to the flanks. Hopefully we'll see some improvements here. What needs to be done is that particular style plays what is supposed to because currently it's the opposite - defensive football controls possession and attacking produces very direct fast counterattacking football. But I wouldn't hold my breath since this issue is as old as 2D.
  4. I'm yet to see 30 shots in my games on fm17 in two seasons I played. And I play with top team. For example in my last game I scored 2 goals from 5 shots on target. My avarage is 8,3 SOT and 17,6 shots per game.
  5. Very interesting reviews there All you guys disapointed with ME you should try 17 really.
  6. Central areas are defended well in FM17 it's the flanks that are problematic and only AMLR positions don't offer enough support centrally. But hardly noticable imho or game breaking. Exploting central play happens because MCs and wide forwards are willing to make forward runs beyond strikers and strikers dropping deep and into channels. This movement creates space for one-two's, inteligent through balls and cutt-backs. But the AI knows how to defend the middle so it's not that central play is OP far from it, for exaple I'm in position now where I can't play that style because teams defens easily aginst it. In FM20 or 19 there's very little movement upfront and when defending teams play deep and narrow it is logical the magic never happens. Lack of movement is well known thing.
  7. You won't miss any of those new instructions with FM17. Teams will normally defend narrower when ball reaches penalty area. I wonder how's LOE any different to what's been called simply Closing Down? Defensive Width option is good idea but it's implementation is poor or very one dimensional. All teams are using it with more defensive tactics which shouldn't be the case. It's use should be limited against narrow formations or against teams that have extra men in midfield. You never see team defending so narrow leaving flanks totally open.
  8. Oh come on both those issues are acknowledged in dozens of threads in last two years. You managed to hit the sweet spot and adapt where ME looks better. Good for you and I was in same position where many of issues weren't noticable in my setup but once I changed my approach they appeared. While descriptions might be misleading they are logical, for example I don't see anything wrong with different mentality or styles descriptions. It should be fundamental that descriptions match what is displayed but it's not. While it might not be a problem for you or me it is a huge problem for AI and thus whole football world in the game. We are talking about sooooo basic stuff here not some unimportant details.
  9. All the things I listed are simple and basic football moves and actions, they are esential part of football and happen all the time in every game. I'm not sure what are you trying to say? That simple pass forward or into space is extremely rare in football? That strikers mark centre-back during attacking phase and don't make any movement? The only problem I have is the ME&Tactical systems regression. It was all there once. To a degree you're right every ME is different and favours something more. But I'm playing FM17 and everything looks so much more balanced and realistic, even low block defensive mentality tactics are deadly. Attacking tactics work too you can even dominate possession big time (like it's claimed in it's description). In FM19 and 20 tactics don't even resemble what they claim and play the opposite type of football than expected. Hence the prefference to balanced tactics in TTF or strange loooking everyone forward high press in download section. I'm yet to see solid defensive mentality low block tactics for FM20, nobody is even discussing it anymore.
  10. How can it be management when players don't spot most obvious through balls or missing all chances? Don't want to be rude but can you post some highlights of central play working for example? From your posts I'd say you tweaked your tactics to suite the ME and that's exactly what some of us are saying is wrong and differnt to pre FM19 ME where you didn't need to adopt to ME because different approaches were playing as they should. I'm talking about basic football stuff here like player movement, decision making, playing through balls, one-two's it was all there. I'm glad for that you managed to achieve all this but don't forget lack of central play, movement, poor crossing, possession issues etc are all acknowledged and we shouldn't adapt to ME version to achieve wanted style or even worse basic football moves. I'd say you managed to hit that sweat point but all other managers (the AI) in your game won't. Don't you think it's a problem?
  11. I used City just as example. All I'm saying is that tactics should reflect real life logics and play like what they claim so that both humans and AI especially can play to their strengths. If you don't think it affects you and your gaming experience that's strange since every game you play is against AI.
  12. Of course it's a good thing to improve link between managment and matchday but at the same time the game needs to give you idea why something is happening a little more if that's the case. I get what you are saying but I agree with kiwityke that squad management is too repetative once you know the right things to click. But I really doubt we should be looking for reasons why some basic football stuff is missing currently outside of ME. How AI plays directly affects your play and gaming experience. It also affects game's realism and how challenging it is. That's why different styles must play type of football they claim and at the moment that's not the case. Imagine City playing long balls but hey that's what's happening now not because of management but because of poor representation of different styles. They don't even come close enough of what they claim in their description.
  13. Sorry but how do you know all that about non tactical stuff having more efect on matchday than before? Morale had always affected how team plays that's not new. To me it looks ME went downhills because of adding unnessasery new instructions like defensive width and combined with stuff like AI being too defensive in manner with no real life logics. This two things killed attacking play. It looks looks like the balance between attacking and defending is off and current tactical system can't replicate different styles of football. Resaons for that are really simple though and I can't believe SI still stick to outdated tactical principles. The game needs styles that play like what they are supposed to, currently it all looks very abstract. For example defensive tactics being able to dominate possession. Etc.
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