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  1. did you play beta or you think it's different?
  2. if you read my comments before the one quoted, i was comparing it to fm17 where all that worked well and the difference between players and attributes was clearly visable. for example if there are big issues with players not being able to spot most obvious, practically the only option he can make than representation of attributes doesn't work as intended. (player has both vision and decision 15+, he doesn't make that pass). such examples are abundant and in all areas.
  3. sorry Neil but the issues raised in ME bugs forum about movement, different roles, passing, technique were all acknowledged by your team.
  4. this is also related to mentality issues where they produce different football than claimed which is even more important for AI and realism in matches.
  5. currently there are attributes having little or no effect, like movement related or dribbling, technique or passing/vision/decision, tackling related.... what you said seems science fiction at the moment.
  6. of course not and also there's demo to try the game. but that's a very poor politics and clearly SI don't follow it. FM is very specific game with many fans supporting it for long time and being the only football management type out there the pressure is even bigger on SI. what is the most important for me and it seems you forgot this fact is that instructions, roles, attributes or basic football stuff like passing don't work (as intended) and it all worked well in previous FMs, that's a big problem for far fans and the game. nobody expects the game to simulate real football to perfection or to be without bugs. but you do expect improvements not basic things not working because these issues will undermine everything good about game. i'm sure i'm not the only one who won't play the game in current state.
  7. that's how i understand it too. hopefully.
  8. all that worked nicely in fm17, like one-touch passing forwards, solid off the ball movement, one-two's around penatlty area. it's beyond me how it got that worse two years later. i don't get it. for me both elements are lacking currently, also the rewamped tactical system doesn't replicate real football more than fm17 had.
  9. i agree but even bigger problem with brainlassly crossing are fullbacks who are poorly marked and have all the time and space to cross highly umrealistic amounts. it should simply be coded with WBIB instruction crossing is the last option not the first. it's simple as that. there is total lack of dribbling in congested area. it's such a basic stuff in football it's amazing simple body move where defender gets cought on wrong foot move can't be coded into the game, without it there is no point of dribbling attributes. this. without movement, stretching play which opens defense and individual technical ability to pull it off, there's no football in final third.
  10. there are two seperate issues actually. fullback retreating and wide forwards (attack duty) not helping midfield. https://gyazo.com/b8a6d3096123ced664551a1054199187
  11. most of complaints like no forward passing, lack of throughballs, lack of movement in final third are acknowledged issues.
  12. Mitja

    defending and crazy me

    fullback retreting issue, plenty of timed examples here:
  13. i gave thumbs up but hope 19.2 being not far from release meens week or two at least. very few of major issues were fixed, some are even worse than ever before like crossing.
  14. without even looking in editor i'm sure all the managers of lesser teams have high Sitting Back attributes. and that's the only ''bug''. Let's Play Pig In The Middle tactics is too easily triggered, no team in EPL would ever try that with top teams (or any other). such tactics and formations usually have extra man or two in the middle of pitch than normal formations which will in turn also have one to three players in AM starta on attack duty not doing defending particulary well. this is ME issue, partly. and major reason why possession stats are opposite to what they should be.