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  1. come on too many shots per game and poor conversation rates are common issues in last 10 or so years, since the introductions of 2D. and poor defending and closing down. look at steam and other reviews it's hard to find one positive commnet there. you are loosing many of devoted fans playing this game since CM days with each new FM. mostly because of ME and AI tacics, squad building, shame really...
  2. wouldn't you say modern top level football is played on much more aggresive mentality than standard? except for few teams that try to dominate posession (control mentaility), all modern football is about extremly quick transitions (countering, finding gaps), fast tempo and outrunning the opposition. for exaple yesterday game between porto and juve two teams coming from leagues tratditionally assosiated with 'posessional' and 'defensive' football. both teams play very modern, fast transition, fast forward playing football, without having any concerns about keeping posession. standard mentality is very safe one, with plenty of timewasting aka posession type of football in FM ME.
  3. the biggest problem I see is AI will change team playing mentality depending on opposition. in real football such scenarion is almost not possible because changing 'mentality' is much more than just tactical tweak, for example PL players probably never tried to play anything similar to 'counter' mentality in their careers, 'counter' mentality in FM terms. such slow tempo, time wasting, safe football is simply loooong gone from football scene. even serie A traditionally very 'defensive' football tradition modernised completly in last decade or two, because of the simple fact modern top level football cannot produce results with such aproach. of course more patient aproach will be used iwhen securing the lead or when trying to rest for a couple of minutes but I doubt the completly different football philosophy will be used, like changing between Control and Defensive mentalities in reallity is. just like in FM small tweaks inside the same mentality like changing two attacking roles to support or playing narrower, deeper make huge difference in tactics. what happens in FM is almost the opposite to what would happen ire, big team or home team playing on attacking mentality which produces very fast, counter attacking football giving all the posession to defending team which will happily waste time and play safe at the back with little attention going forward. add to all this poor closing down and defending in ME and the opposite thing happens what would happen ire. and add to all this there's simply no way any team would ever try to play such 'defensive' football in the first place because there's no way they would cross the centre field let alone create chances. modern top level football is simply full of tempo, extremly quick transitions and running. control (posessional) + mentalities. defensive stability is easily achieved even with very attacking mentality. attacking mentality+drop (much) deeper+ play (much) narrower+more displined is example of modern tactics in my books. things like time wasting should have long ago been removed from tactical module and should be hardcoded to team's behaviour and football tradition. current tacical setup is simply to big of the task for AI, simplifieng it and trying to modernise tactical templates would make things so much more easy for SI, for exaple poor defending and closing down issues are hardly noticed in attacking vs attacking mentality games, unlike in defnsive vs attacking.
  4. you are consusing low block with mentality, which is about riskiness, quick transition and quick ball moving forward in FM tactical setup. you can still play fairly low defensive line or narrower, more disciplined on attacking mentality. and that's exactly typical PL league or Leicester aproach, rock solid defense and quick transition. personally I see PL tactics very basic, full of tempo, outrunning the opposition, extremly quick transitions, attractive, non tactical free flowing football. in FM terms such football can only be achieved on attacking mentalities. and that was exactly my point, on contrary defensive mentality FM tacics produce slow build up, time wasting, low risk, posession orientiated football which would NEVER be even closly considered as basic tactical aproach by any PL team simply because such football was never played there and simply because such football wouldn't be able to create goals. not only in PL, in top level football, perfect athleticism and tactical discipline simply dictate quick transition and fast tempo style to achieve goal in football which is scoring goals and not conceeding. in FM terms such scenario is not possible on defensive and balanced mentalities, which are standard templates for games between undergods and big teams. sound defense can be easily achieved even on very attacking mentalities, there are many tools in FM to achieve such scenario, just changing two attacking duties to support makes huge difference to consolidating the defense. I simply can't believe SI can't understand this long lasting issue and make things so much more easy for themselves. they are so close but so far with the stuburness to change templetes. top level football is all about quick transition and fast tempo, except for few very teams that try to dominate posession but still at fast tempo, not by time wasting scenario.
  5. Guardiola style, slow transition tactics are extremly rare in modern football and need top quality technical and mental ability. on the other side the attacking, fast tempo, fast transition football comlpetly dominates top level football. with different versions in different football traditions. I'm not for exluding it from tactical setup just trying to give my opinion on FM and real life tactics. but I agree it's defending that sucks big time, still I doubt any PL team would score more than 10 goals in season with defensive or counter setup in real life. in FM these tactics are used comonlly.
  6. most of posessional issues like in games where teams parking the bus tactics or 9, 10 men dominate posession are closing down problems in ME. in real life such tactics are extinct and reserved for last minutes of games in leagues with traditional more catious aproach. personally I believe all modern top level football is played on control, attacking and even overload mentalities in FM terms. days of slow tempo, time wasting tactics is loooong gone and that's something SI still haven't understand.
  7. football manager is still long way to replicate real life football unfortunatly. ME wise and AI wise. football produced by less aggresive tactics is long gone, this fact and poor closing down and defense produces games with completly unrealistic scenario. modern football is played on 'attacking' and 'control' mentalities no metter the difference in teams. slow tempo, time wasting tactics are reserved for last minutes of games mostly in leagues with traditional 'defensive' traditions. real life team in premier league would not score more than 10 goals with FM defensive or counter aproach. iPL team wouldn't be allowed to play such football in the first place. it's a shame really for this game, so close but so far at the same time.
  8. It's been like that for a long time now. I believe it's due to poor defending mechanism compared to attacking part in ME.
  9. True. But it's too early yet, Wait a couple of weeks, I can already see the new crossing thing going on, like wingers defending issue, crazy scorelines, GK..
  10. It's a bug in my books. Defensive positioning-formation should adjust to opposition movement-attacking formation. Simple as. I would post it to the bugs forum.
  11. Annoying thing and it really doesn't much make sense. And it's not only strikers. No metter how good the weaker foot is players should use it far far less than they are currently. Looks funny when someone like Messi shoots with weaker foot all the time.
  12. how to take a screen shot screen shots imageupload This is not complete setup you need added PIs (or TIs) especially dribbling and passing risk/length to balance these tactics and mix things up in hope the play is even more unpredictable and flowing. I mix roles for MSN depending on opposition and game situation. Usually I play on very fluid. Important thing is to understand the difference between these to aproaches, especially Exploit the middle tactic. You can drop both Retain posession and exploit the middle sometimes or each depending on what you want and the scoreline is. img The right PI's are especially important for full backs as they really need to have enough options and support in final third. The other FB has slightly different instructions. upload an image Maybe a key role in this setup.
  13. To me it was 4231 but I can accept 4411. I think for wide midfield positions it's a little harder to compare to FM. Because both in FM and in real football the AML/R support duty will track back and mark opposition FBs, just like ML/R players. Imo biggest distinction between M and AM strata players in real life is wheater a team presses high or drops deep. On contrary it's quite easy to spot difference between DM and MC and I really don't know where all the DMs are comming from ..
  14. Let's look at a few of CL recent games where teams play with more cautious aproach. Only game where CMs were clearly used as DMs was Real's awey game vs Wolsburg and that was clearly a mistake and he has stopped playing with that aproach since. From that game on he moved Modric to be the furthest CM with Kross and Casemiro as holding unit which operates much further up than against awey game vs Wolfsburg. Anyone who watched that game and remembers how Real midfield trio played should easily spot the difference. Clearly all 3 players defend in straight line of three in MC strata against City. On the flanks they had typical FM setup with Bala replacing CRs attacking role which meens staying further up when team was defending and Vazquez was tracking back to offer more defensive support. pure 4-3flatMcs-3. On the other hand City's midfield duo quite clearly took advanced positions and pushed up further awey from defense so this setup can't be anywhere near to DMs. Silva, Navas and De Bruyne were all contributing in defense but they start pressing further up and they hold typical 4231 shape defensivly. Classic 42MC31. In yesterdays game there was one DM on the pitch Xabi Alonso playing behind two MCs. Bayern's wide men don't hold the line with MCs and are positioned further up while defending and that makes Bayern play 4-1-2-2-1 when defending in FM terms. Atletico on contrary defends very deep with 2 clear lines of four and that makes 4-4-2 with two MCs. Busqets the most typical DM and the person the reason why a HB role was invented in FM, he also plays less and less in that role under Enrique. Instead Barca will line up in flat midfield three and adopt form there if needed.