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  1. With more support duties and fluid setup lines are closer together. With less support duties lines are further apart. It meens transitions, penetration, solidity is afected with differnt fluidity levels. Also more fluid systems come with more creative freedom if we believe in what tactical creator displays.
  2. Winger support plus max team width is probably your best bet. Also higher mentality makes them move inside earlier.
  3. Didn't want to start new tread as as was asking for people's opinon in general. I was thinking maybe this thing of IFs not cutting inside more often has to do with opposition OI's (show onto weaker foot). Judging by your answer it looks it's not ME related. I've seen that playing with more width is crucial here. Thanks for quick answer though.
  4. My inside forwards barely ever cut inside with the ball. I understand they won't be able to cut inside all the time against packed defenses but even when they could they dribble down the flank. Is that tactical or ME related?
  5. Why are some in game editor staff attributes without value, like free roles, marking, offside? Will giving them value have effect?
  6. Ok thanks. I'd like really like to know does AI use presets only or it builds it's own tactics too?
  7. But what's the point of tactical presets then? And isn't AI using these presets with all additional TIs? Cheers.
  8. Mangers Sitting Back atribute is responsible for how attacking they will play. Anyone tried to lower it in editor?
  9. There is serious lack of total passing attempts currently. In EPL most games have at least 900 passes many of them 1100 even 1200. In FM very few have 900.
  10. You should decrease Sitting Back attribute, not Attacking. Att is for Mentality. Cheers.
  11. Of course. But on the other hand imagine Burnleys trying to outpass Cities. In FM it happens all the time. Passing decision making is simply better on lower mentalities.
  12. It would take big changes to how mentality works. For example passing game is much more suited to lower mentalities. Higher mentalities are simply too quick and impatient and look more suited to running with ball or counter-attacking style. Practically it's the opposite to what it should be.
  13. Yes. I think the biggest problem is in games between hard favourites and underdogs where teams play with extreme tactics - attacking and defensive. That's where crazy stats appear. Games between two more balanced tactics produce more realistic stats. Use of ultra defensive formation, defensive mentality, too many defensive duties and too defensive instructions and vice versa for att team creates strange games with strange stats where for example defensive teams can easily outpass attacking without firing a single shot on goal. Narrow defending has taken it to another level where play is
  14. I'm yet to see 30 shots in my games on fm17 in two seasons I played. And I play with top team. For example in my last game I scored 2 goals from 5 shots on target. My avarage is 8,3 SOT and 17,6 shots per game.
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