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  1. Annoying thing and it really doesn't much make sense. And it's not only strikers. No metter how good the weaker foot is players should use it far far less than they are currently. Looks funny when someone like Messi shoots with weaker foot all the time.
  2. how to take a screen shot screen shots imageupload This is not complete setup you need added PIs (or TIs) especially dribbling and passing risk/length to balance these tactics and mix things up in hope the play is even more unpredictable and flowing. I mix roles for MSN depending on opposition and game situation. Usually I play on very fluid. Important thing is to understand the difference between these to aproaches, especially Exploit the middle tactic. You can drop both Retain posession and exploit the middle sometimes or each depending on what you want and the scoreline is. img The right PI's are especially important for full backs as they really need to have enough options and support in final third. The other FB has slightly different instructions. upload an image Maybe a key role in this setup.
  3. To me it was 4231 but I can accept 4411. I think for wide midfield positions it's a little harder to compare to FM. Because both in FM and in real football the AML/R support duty will track back and mark opposition FBs, just like ML/R players. Imo biggest distinction between M and AM strata players in real life is wheater a team presses high or drops deep. On contrary it's quite easy to spot difference between DM and MC and I really don't know where all the DMs are comming from ..
  4. Let's look at a few of CL recent games where teams play with more cautious aproach. Only game where CMs were clearly used as DMs was Real's awey game vs Wolsburg and that was clearly a mistake and he has stopped playing with that aproach since. From that game on he moved Modric to be the furthest CM with Kross and Casemiro as holding unit which operates much further up than against awey game vs Wolfsburg. Anyone who watched that game and remembers how Real midfield trio played should easily spot the difference. Clearly all 3 players defend in straight line of three in MC strata against City. On the flanks they had typical FM setup with Bala replacing CRs attacking role which meens staying further up when team was defending and Vazquez was tracking back to offer more defensive support. pure 4-3flatMcs-3. On the other hand City's midfield duo quite clearly took advanced positions and pushed up further awey from defense so this setup can't be anywhere near to DMs. Silva, Navas and De Bruyne were all contributing in defense but they start pressing further up and they hold typical 4231 shape defensivly. Classic 42MC31. In yesterdays game there was one DM on the pitch Xabi Alonso playing behind two MCs. Bayern's wide men don't hold the line with MCs and are positioned further up while defending and that makes Bayern play 4-1-2-2-1 when defending in FM terms. Atletico on contrary defends very deep with 2 clear lines of four and that makes 4-4-2 with two MCs. Busqets the most typical DM and the person the reason why a HB role was invented in FM, he also plays less and less in that role under Enrique. Instead Barca will line up in flat midfield three and adopt form there if needed.
  5. Each team mentality has it's own default settings for each instruction. Default setting for D-Line in standard is medium high block. You can lower it to medium-low (default setting in counter) or low block (defensive) or push higher up to high block which is default setting in attacking team strategy. Default setting in higher block is three-quarter press and in high it is opposition third.
  6. Of course it affects the hole match process it's not a grafical representation. Just like every role, duty, player attributes, ppms do play a part of your system. It's a bit of a number game really. For example I preffer to play with 3 MCs in 4-3-3 (with central being MCd) formation especially if my goal is to close down the opposition. The only time I put a player in DM slot is against really strong opposition playing with 2 strikers or any team with 2 strikers and a AM. I don't like DMs in no one's land which happens against 433 or 4231. Flat 3 midfield produces much more agressive defending and closing down. Central defenders deal with opponents forward duo or lone striker. Prefferably with stopper duty if I can afford.
  7. This tactic oveloads the flanks and pushes everyone forward. This its against AI logics, to have all 4 wide players on attack duty (WBS is almost attack duty it certainly pushes them forward very aggresivly) and AI is not really capable or reactive to deal with such tactics yet. The AI systems just like the real life will have 1 or 2 players at most not tracking back and contributing defensivly. You have 3 such players. While most human managers would easily deal with such tactics it is a little harder for AI to cope with it. Plus you are exploiting MEs biggest defensive weakness by creating such agressive play in wide areas. I would expect these things to improve in next ME though as these couple of things are its biggest problem.
  8. It is low defensive line that instructs players to retreat and congest quicklier. And closing down instruction of course, standing off opponents instead of pressing. Parking the bus. And than play wider in posession.
  9. That's true and I agree with everything you said. But the AI seems more cautious employing too many (FBs) attack duties than us. Rightfully so.
  10. Completly agree. It shouldn't be hard so for AI to punish too many attack duties. There are tactics with both FBs and both AML/Rs on attack duties which is totally out of realms. Anyone experiencing FB crossing issues don't play with attack duty FBs and you will see much more realistic football.
  11. I would put him in AMCR spot and give him all the freedom in 433 asymetrical formation with AML on support.
  12. Time to move to asymetrical tactics... Messi as Trequatrista, stoper centre backs... with PIs for many players. photo sharing websites upload img
  13. Work ball into box and having playmaker might help. Playing through centre and without winger role too. Wait for overlap can enhence more crosses since your forwards wait for FBs.
  14. I guess it was not easy as balancing the wide attacking play, making wingers and FBs less effective, less willing to dribble, worse at finding space for crosses, improving defending of wide area and then fine tuning finishing and improvingattacking play in central space maybe it's just not as easy as we think. But it would be shame if this ME wasn't fine tuned for next release, I really hope we get 'finished product' next year instead of new one being in testing program.
  15. Thanks Svenc for the post. This post also shows the big improvement in defense in 16 ME. Like Difference in AML/R S/A positioning when tracking back exellant for me. How a wingerAtt becomes 2nd striker and on suport almost can defend like MC. We need more things like that. Defensive line works great its just I dont understand how they could not fix the FB/wide play/problems issue. Now the expectation is huge for next ME.