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  1. hopefully there will be improvements about this in fm20. it's kind of boring now, playing against barca and alike i guess.
  2. SI need to improve tactical AI which will reflect how real football works, i think it's a huge issue now. it's far too easy to achieve 20, 30, 40 shots per game even against top teams. also beating them is too easy. of course it feels like cheating droping points in a game where you had 40 shots per game.
  3. i see plenty of room for improvements in defensive behaviour.
  4. defensive tactics with men behind ball usually combine with quick and direct attacking style in real life. but in FM lower mentality displays too possessional nature and when it's coupled with extra man in midfield like it happens with some defensive formations, such teams can keep the ball too easily then. on the other hand attacking tactics are too direct and urgent when played against defensive tacics so what happens on the pitch is opposite to what it should be. part of the issue is that attacking tactics combine too urgent mentality + aggressive roles/duties + aggressive TIs which is unnessesary and this basic tactical principle hasn't been touched for long time now. i think urgency displayed by both mentality ends is questionable if it reflects real life football well. playing safe doesn't mean keeping the ball at the back and controlling possession in opponents half is risky style which needs more patient build-up.
  5. Sorry Herne if my post sounded insulting it wasn't my intention! And I don't really understand why it was destructive post when you try to prove me wrong almost all the time. It's not urgency or mentality thing its not poor AI tactics choice badly implemented into ME. Dismissing problems and playing down peoples thoughts won't help the game to improve. You're not doing much better than me in this discussion. Your explanation the issue is about bad pressing can also be found destructive and dismissive. Tactical creator has all the tools needed to produce realistic looking games but some aspects which are around since CM days need improvements. Just watch any AI game between big team vs underdog where defensive tactics plays against attacking. And you will see opposite things happening than expected. Why it happens? Urgency and directness play no part?
  6. Why do you need to defend something so obviously wrong? The pressing thing it is a small piece of puzzle but it's more complicated than that. And you know AI Pep has highest pressing stats which will be even more pronounced in attacking tactics . First issue is poor defending and pure numbers game in 433 vs 541 Diamond, second thing is urgency with which both teams were playing. If you watched that game you could see City was playing direct counter attacking football and Newcastle tiki taka like style.
  7. Dig deeper. You can find what you're looking for. Fm19 has huge ME and AI tactics issues, everyone knows that. Even mods say that and it doesn't happen too often.
  8. Why should I are you some kind of secret SI agent? On a more serious note check the bugs sections you'll see plenty of proves etc.
  9. FM19 ME has good defending, really? The funniest thing I've heard here in a while. Those of you defending fm19, when was the last time you played fm17? I wouldn't call packing the box with some weird looking formation an improvement.
  10. Of course it's not trying to outpass but it happens anyway because defensive mentality and defensive tactics are too possessional and patient and this was acknowledged by SI member (urgency). Thats one of the reasons of course. All defensive tactics irl are quick not safe, especially with lesser teams. Teams giving away the ball unnecessary has more to do with team quality. Can you show one example of defensive possessional football like fm19 produces and where lesser teams outpass elite teams?
  11. And again we come to mentality/AI tactics issue. Irl it's usually defensive teams that play more urgent, they rely on quick and direct passing to try to get something from game. No Burnley ever tried to outpass City. And attacking teams usually try to control the game high up the pitch which means more possessional style and thus more patient. But in FM it's the opposite. That means in FM there are football styles that don't even exist in reality. Basic tactical principles in FM haven't changed from CM days and real football evolves on daily basis almost.
  12. Attacking formations and tactics setup more pressing especially Pep's so i dont think its just about that. In that game for example City had huge defensive issues against 541 diamond and Newcastle were able to dominate possession in central midfield. Second thing is urgency with which both teams played. And that's wrong too. Teams don't play ultra direct football just because they're facing underdogs. Both issues are basic football principles which are currently not implemented well.
  13. Take out first few teams and last few from those stats and you get pretty even pattern showing some 400 to 450 passes per game for most teams. And thsts onlz statistical point of view, no PL team plays defensive football like in fm. Surely not for 90 min. Teams usually show some desire to score.
  14. i think on paper or in - game description there's nothing wrong with such tactics, they're saying the right thing. men behind ball and quick counters but lower mentality in general displays possessional nature and attacking to impatient. it's been like that for years. if you can't fix it then remove it since there is no possessional defensive football irl anyway. too defensive AI issue in fm19 and pic i posted is perfect example of what i'm trying to say and what's wrong. of course it's tactical, and of course some of us understand how to play and what's important but 99% of fm players will have no idea about it all. as for looking at stats and that game, yes it's AI vs AI and City won. i watched that game and what i can tell is exactly the same as stats confirm and what i'm trying to say here. it's the opposite in AI world. City setup in attacking variant and urgency and directness with which they played is.....laughable really. coupled with defensive ME issues they were all over the place chasing the ball like headless chickens but were unbelievably effective at creating shots. on the other hand Newcastle couldn't fire a single shot despite totally outpassing them. no tiki-taka just cross after cross, tiki taka was Newcastle domain. so what's going on is the opposite to what it should be, Newcastle playing possessional style and City playing counters.
  15. how to seperate tactical input with ME? i'm not sure what you're trying to say.
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