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  1. In theory such tactics shouldn't work well. There is nobody stratching play, nobody providing width you need at least two players doing it. IF don't do it, especially not in final third. There are 7 maybe 8 players attacking same central space. I'd be very interested in how AI defends against such tactic it might actually do it very well. IWB-A is same as old wibble-wobble instrcution which everyone considered exploits and SI removed it from game. Please don't take me wrong it's your game play it as you wish, my first was a little sarcastic sorry..
  2. My turn Attacking, Flexible PF-A IF-A IF-S CAR-S DLP-S BWM-S FB-A FB-A BPD-D CD-D SK-S
  3. If you take a closer look at Tactical Familiarity Levels screen you can notice Creative Freedom changes when Team Fluidity changes. Creative Freedom in Tactical Familiarity Levels screen are not affected by the above.
  4. Yeah don't use IWB on attack it's not realistic, probably close to exploting ME. Same could be said about the use of two IWBs. Be a real man and use one IWB on support.
  5. Guys patch is not ready like it or not. You don't want another hurried patch don't you? Next patch could easily be the last one! That being said I do feel sorry for you who bought the game. It was same last year, I stopped playing the game before last patch and never returned, splashed 50 euro for reporting in bugs forum.
  6. Attacking, Very Fluid False9/DLF-S Inside Forward-A Inside Forward-S (hold position, stay wider) MEZ-A AP-S Wing Back-S DLP-S Inverted WB-s CB-D CB-D SK-S
  7. Some roles are not needed maybe especially because AI never uses them. Some of them are unrealistic like IWBa, many of them have too many duties like DLF or CWB. But I think it would be more important to evoluate them, like what we discussed yesterday about dribbling. And even more improtant would be to fix them to play what they're supposed to so that inside forwards don't dribble down the line with weaker foot for example. This wasn't an issue years ago.
  8. It's ready when it's ready, last thing we want is another hurried patch. Remember what happened with last? Hopefully they start to cure causes not consequences.
  9. Since you mentioned Robertson, I think Liverpool could serve as perfect example of the issue. I've seen enough of Liverpool to feel confident enough to comment. I don't know what PPMs Robertson and TTA have in game. Liverpool play with both fullbacks really high and much more conservative central midfield. To me that's both fullbacks on attack duty translated to FM language but considering how AI Klopp sets duties in current ME I would try to replicate that with PPMs. If I remember right AI Klopp doesn't play both FBs on attack duty when using control mantality, that's an UI issue. Currently AI Klopp plays opposite to real life - AMR on support duty and FBR on attack and AML on attack and FBL on support. That's how every AI manager setup unfortunately there's no varity here. To try to replicate real life Liverpool style I'd either put ''gets forward whenever possible'' on both or only on Robertson to achieve both FBs playing like in real life. But that's Liverpool not many teams play with so aggressive FBs. I'd be much more careful usually. Also 433 is formation that allows playing in such manner. Not an easy thing to asses for reasarchers. As for the quoted part and running with ball I think that's much easier, players stats are easily reachable. I don't think carriying the ball forward is enough to set player with dribbling PPM since every player in real life and in ME will do that, Especially wide player will have more opportunities to do it. I'd be extremely careful with setting any player with dribbling PPM. Fullback even more. In current ME far too many dribbles happen. While that's obviously ME problem plus most wide roles have dribbling often ticked, setting too many players with dribbling ppms only enhances this problem. Cheers.
  10. I find it really easy against better teams. I've seen many people say the same.
  11. What about ''runs with ball down the right/left flank''? My mistake. Couple that with ''gets FF'' and you have Marcelo like player. And irony indeed about him. I just wanted you guys to give food for thought, there's always editor for me.
  12. Can you say which PL fullback plays like Marcelo 24/7/365? Then I'm all in for that discussion.
  13. @Svenc So if what you are saying could really be apllied to such unpredictable game as football most games would end 0-0. On very lucky day we'd see one goal.
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