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  1. @gruffcymru The screenshot appears to show you had a search filter on [ Edit Search(1) ]. Are you sure your filter isn't fitlering the others out? [EDIT: Ignore! Just re-read and you were searching for Welsh players]
  2. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/465429-i-dont-think-player-development-is-realistic/?do=findComment&comment=11705910 Playing at a level too high for the current ability can harm development.
  3. I don’t believe you are correct there. I’ll try and find the thread I’ve seen it in, but it was from either a mod or maybe Seb Wassell. It seemed to suggest game time alone was not enough but performances mattered too. That causes the player to develop, which results in increased attributes and hence an increase in CA.
  4. I've thought similar, however, just forget PA altogether and have an essential CA cap of 200. In a way, it would almost be like a dynamic PA. Imagine a lower-league youngster, not great attributes, but playing games and averaging say 6.8. The club has poor facilities and poor staff with few good older pro's to mentor him. He could just plod along and have a decent career, slowly developing and by the time he retires he's reached a peak CA of 120. Now, in another game, the same player, maybe due to good tactics and management (and his underlying hidden personality attributes) starts to
  5. Football Manager has always had dynamic potential ability, you just need to wait until next years version is released for it to change
  6. Hi @Harrison Modeste Yes, I'm playing 12.2.2, although I can't remember if it was updated to that when I reported this. I've just loaded up the save from that point (I kept a copy so I could send it here) and the issue is no longer occuring. Very strange as it happened several times - each time it crashed I had to kill FM and replay the game so I tried a few times to be sure. Now when I click on the match, it is generating the match report with no problem, whereas before it would hang when the bar got about a quater full. Who knows. Maybe FMT updated or else just restarting t
  7. Do the roles reflect the starting formation? So maybe the player started as a Mez, and it still shows that later in the game as the formation/position changes? That data also comes from the Data Analysts. You can’t see roles at kick-off and usually takes 10-20 minutes to appear. Maybe if the DA is crap then their information is crap!
  8. I've had the same issue. Reported here as didn't see this thread.
  9. Managed to right-click and terminate his contract...so it seems my 'new' assistant in Jesus Perez has actually been doing nothing and the original one wasn't replaced several seasons ago!
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