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  1. Will there be an FMT21? The exact reason I play FMT is that it doesn’t typically include all the kind of stuff headlined here. So it seems FMT21 won’t be too much different from FMT20. However, if the squads are updated along with a ME update then I’ll be happy. If there was an editor for FMT then I’d be delighted.
  2. You can do that, I do it regularly (on PC/Mac at least). Right-click on player, make available for reserves (all the time or until match fit). The go to Dev Centre/Reserves/Fixtures and arrange a friendly.
  3. I’d post this in the skinning forums. I imagine it’s not hard to change the thresholds.
  4. How are you going to add in all the summer transfers over the next few months? Or are you going to play with the existing database until November when FMT21 comes out?
  5. What is the attribute threshold? If you are talking about the colours on the player profile then it is probably related to the skin?
  6. Look under staff responsibilities. Back room staff may be responsible for signing new staff, not the manager.
  7. I managed to get a new stadium (which was subsequently increased in size a couple of times) in my Wigan save. Since I’d just won the Premier League and Champions League I was hoping they’d name it after me but instead I moved into the ‘Roberto Martinez Arena’! Maybe depends on Chairman attributes? I’d been taken over by a consortium who were later bought out by a different consortium.
  8. I think there is a bug in the training. At the start when I first take charge, all the training intensities are at ‘automatic’ but the intensity is very light. I usually change it to something else and then back to ‘automatic’ and it usually increases to medium.
  9. If the tactic is pretty much symmetrical, why don’t you put the Mez on the left so Pogba can play on his favoured left side?
  10. I’ve always taken it to be like that based on this post by Herne. He was a very good moderator and seemed very knowledgeable.
  11. PIs can also be useful for toning down (and also emphasising) a players PPM e.g. shoot less to discourage players who shoot from distance, hold position to stop defensive players with gets forward etc. PPM have a big effect on the game and are hard to take into account when importing tactics created (and tested) with other teams and players. The other players PPMs may have contributed to a positive test so with different teams may not get the same results.
  12. Have you thought about Touch? Same match engine but less fluff so much quicker. I can holiday a season in about 20 mins. 1 division, small database. It is also good as it supports Instant Result which can give more realistic test results. You manage the squad and then just skip games. With holiday there may not be rotation or players getting unhappy which can affect the morale and performances.
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