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  1. I suppose you know better than anyone if the game is scripted, lol! If the pitch condition in your new stadium is much better than your current one, then it could help if you play a shorter passing game? I was doing a Farsley save earlier in FMT21 and I certainly felt performances improved after moving to a new rental stadium (in Rochdale, Lancashire rather than West Yorkshire!) with a perfect pitch. But I’d signed a few better players so hard to say for certain it was all to do with the pitch.
  2. Thanks - so in this case are you referring to playing light tackling as a team rather than individual instructions? Or both? Yes, I’m a 2D guy. Better than the text from my childhood and avoids the fans on my laptop going haywire when in 3D! I prefer it to 3D anyhow as you get a much better view of team shape and passing/movement options. But you do need a good imagination to see a dot two-foot another dot :)
  3. Thanks for the reply, the FM2021 manual seems to suggest that Teamwork does play a role though? Teamwork How well the player follows tactical instructions and works for and alongside their team-mates. A team full of players with a high rating here works better as a unit. Players with lower ratings slack off and do not ‘buy in’ to the team ethos, becoming more individual, and not providing adequate support for their team-mates. It is also used to help decide whether or not a player opts to use one of his Player Traits ahead of a tactical instruction.
  4. I believe it is related to Teamwork. A player with a high Teamwork attribute is more likely to follow the Team Instructions. Whereas a player with low teamwork is likely to go for his PPM over his tactical instructions.
  5. Watch out for very tall CB's (e.g. 6'3"+). They often have low agility. This is a killer when playing a high line - the opposition play a ball over the top and your giant CB turns like the Titanic giving them a clear run through on your goal.
  6. Sorry guys. I was just being facetious. I thought the :) would give it away but I think you missed the point. Apologies.
  7. It could be argued that P&P tactics wouldn’t be needed if the tactic presets were better :)
  8. Why would someone from Whitehaven in Cumbria be particuarly bothered about the rivalry between Man Utd and Leeds? I've seen a similar message with Mason Greenwood ("As a Bradford lad..."). Will be better to just say "As an Academy Graduate...", leave their place of birth out of it.
  9. 1. See Rashford average role rating at the bottom right - 4.9 for Inside Forward 2. The average rating is including the Newcastle game in which he only played a few minutes and didn't receive a rating.
  10. @Rob Heckman Granted in those circumstances you don’t need to produce any kind of in-depth change list, but a single sentence would suffice and stop people wasting time wondering.
  11. Do we really need to be asked 'Were you pleased to see XXXX scoring for his country?' in every single international break!? It is infuriating, especially during a tournament, when you can be asked it every day. I used to respond, but never really saw any positive responses from the players. A lot of people play Touch because they can't be bothered with the press interation, so to be asked the same question again and again and again and again is completely boring ands add nothing to the game.
  12. @gruffcymru The screenshot appears to show you had a search filter on [ Edit Search(1) ]. Are you sure your filter isn't fitlering the others out? [EDIT: Ignore! Just re-read and you were searching for Welsh players]
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