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  1. As an avid FMT player I am disappointed, but it’s no huge surprise. If a product doesn’t bring in the income, then a company is always going to see it as expendable. The whole micro-transaction thing in FMT was a load of nonsense but maybe it was actually just an additional income stream to offset some of the development losses. Maybe if we’d all paid 99p to remove a broken leg then they would have kept it going! Hopefully it will lead to a better version of the full version. Let’s be blunt, both FM and FMT are released every year with a whole host of bugs that take months to fix. If this lets the Devs focus on FM and release a better game each year will less bugs then so be it. Let’s see with FM22. No excuses. Time to deliver.
  2. Look at the opposition scout report. Do they score more from wide areas? Or central ones? Adapt your defensive width accordingly. I think it works the same for your attacking focus. If they concede more from out wide, then focus down the flanks etc.
  3. Focus play still modifies the player mentality in FM21 (in most cases). Central defenders, DMC and MC with defend duties will have increased mentalities when focussing through the middle. Similarly with wide players when focussing down the flanks. So players in the ‘focussed’ areas will play with more risk. I strongly suspect that it also affects passing directions. Back in earlier versions, you could instruct a player to pass Left/Central/Right. So now if you focus down the middle, I imagine wide players will pass inside more to the central players who are playing with a higher mentality/risk.
  4. Is the phrase “take up CA” really correct? This suggests that a player has a particular CA and this is then distributed amongst his attributes to determine their values. So the CA is the starting point, from which attributes are determined. But posts from Devs on here suggest that the starting point is the attributes themselves. They are starting point and the CA is simply the weighted average of those attributes?
  5. Just in case any FMT players are not aware, it is possible to use DDT files to add more players to the game. I don’t think I’ll be allowed to post the link here, but Googling FM Touch and DDT files should take you to a 90,000 player database. It really enhances the game. I did spend a while trying to get EDT files to create future transfers and hence add in transfers, but no luck unfortunately.
  6. As long as it happens before I have Grandkids then it will appreciated @Marc Vaughan! Editing (as in IGE) is not important but using custom editor files is essential in my view. I think it was more of a glitch/workaround rather than officially supported feature in earlier games but it worked fine and never caused me issues. As far as I can remember, it was when both game were combined, you started a game on full-fat, selected which custom database files to use, then went to Classic and started a new career. Full-fat players are probably enjoying Deadline Day as they can pick up an update and start a new save tomorrow…meanwhile FMT players are about to start a save to try and save Sheff Utd from relegation from the EPL…
  7. FM Touch/Classic re-kindled my love for FM/CM. Been a player since CM Italia in the early 90's but life started getting in the way and I couldn't devote as much time and keep up as the depth increased. Classic mode was an absolute God send as I've never been fussed for press conferences etc. Transfers and tactics are the things I like most and I can do both of those in FMT. The only downside was when it went from Classic to Touch and custom databases stopped working. That is a big shame and limits the shelf life for me. The game is released November, official update in February and then it's out of date in May when the leagues finish, promotions/relegations and the transfer window opens. So for a game with a new version every year, it is only playable for me for 6~7 months of the year. This time of year I switch to the full-game, grab a transfer update and play until the new Touch is released. I know there is cross-play considerations (and probably the in-game purchases) but @Marc Vaughanif you are reading, please consider separating the PC/Mac versions from Tablets and let us use transfer updates!
  8. What is the point of current ability in the editor? If 'recommended current ability' is the recommended value of current ability based on the attribute values, what is the point of allowing us to set the 'current ability' seperately to the attribute values? We could just set attribute values and the current ability is set automatically to the RCA? The main reason I can think of is: It is mainly used for youth/other players who may have 0/random attributes - in these cases, the CA is the 'input' and the game uses it to allocate random attribute values that create RCA = CA? Any other thoughts?
  9. I suppose you know better than anyone if the game is scripted, lol! If the pitch condition in your new stadium is much better than your current one, then it could help if you play a shorter passing game? I was doing a Farsley save earlier in FMT21 and I certainly felt performances improved after moving to a new rental stadium (in Rochdale, Lancashire rather than West Yorkshire!) with a perfect pitch. But I’d signed a few better players so hard to say for certain it was all to do with the pitch.
  10. Thanks - so in this case are you referring to playing light tackling as a team rather than individual instructions? Or both? Yes, I’m a 2D guy. Better than the text from my childhood and avoids the fans on my laptop going haywire when in 3D! I prefer it to 3D anyhow as you get a much better view of team shape and passing/movement options. But you do need a good imagination to see a dot two-foot another dot :)
  11. Thanks for the reply, the FM2021 manual seems to suggest that Teamwork does play a role though? Teamwork How well the player follows tactical instructions and works for and alongside their team-mates. A team full of players with a high rating here works better as a unit. Players with lower ratings slack off and do not ‘buy in’ to the team ethos, becoming more individual, and not providing adequate support for their team-mates. It is also used to help decide whether or not a player opts to use one of his Player Traits ahead of a tactical instruction.
  12. I believe it is related to Teamwork. A player with a high Teamwork attribute is more likely to follow the Team Instructions. Whereas a player with low teamwork is likely to go for his PPM over his tactical instructions.
  13. Watch out for very tall CB's (e.g. 6'3"+). They often have low agility. This is a killer when playing a high line - the opposition play a ball over the top and your giant CB turns like the Titanic giving them a clear run through on your goal.
  14. Sorry guys. I was just being facetious. I thought the :) would give it away but I think you missed the point. Apologies.
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