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  1. There is a very good one for a few years already, DDS Pro Basketball https://gmgames.org/draft-day-sports-pro-basketball-2022/
  2. You are right, no editor in beta at least in the past.
  3. Sadly it happens too often in press releases. I usually read all the questions and try to use some FM logic when answering, but after the first season, when you have already seen all the questions and the novelty is over, you can just safely chose the second one from the left and you are always fine not even reading the questions or answers. Else I lose fast the immersion when something like that happens or when it's too obvious how to manipulate the press and other managers or your own players to gain advantage and have always a highly motivated team. Thought I would give it a chance past year with the gestures but it looked just as a new skin over the old system, hope it gets improved.
  4. I'll have it on gamepass but... will preorder anyway as I play mainly on my mac notebook and anyways I know myself and can't wait two extra weeks to have it while reading others about the beta. I wish the xbox series x version was the full fat one instead of touch version as my series x is way more powerful than my mac and since mouse was enabled past year it was like playing on pc except that it was the simpler version and I miss some of the full fat features. Will the xbox version be playable in xbox cloud gaming? It would be nice to play it from my mobile from time to time. Of course besides killing part of my life playing FM as I have for the last 25 years, I'll also come to the forums to complain about what I don't like, it's part of the tradition
  5. It'a always confusing to think that the shape you see id the defensive one, a quick change that might help could be as simple as just showing only your own half of the field with your players there in their defensive shape, instead of the full field, because not any team has a forward in the opposite area while their defenders are close to his own (I know, some press and tv shows it that way as well) Something as simple as this, and we all would know it's the defensive shape, no more doubts or questions in the forums.
  6. A bit biased question isn't it? So left=ethical and right=unethical? For me ethics has nothing to do with right or left but more about what they do with their money and how is it distributed/invested, how do they contribute to ethical projects, environment protection, how do they treat the fans, etc. But if they support or even allow extreme right or extreme left, or support or allow aggressive and violent supporters, no matter if right or left oriented, imho they are not ethical clubs but I guess it's a subjective matter.
  7. Buy it at discount price and download an updated database with current players and even promotions/demotions. Will keep you busy until Oct/Nov when the new version should be out or even longer if you wait for the first patches. Myself at least can't wait not paying FM while reading every day in the press about new signings etc and it becomes even worse in August when the major leagues start ad the football fever hits again.
  8. They are fun the first couple of seasons, after that you have already seen most of the answers and it becomes boring.
  9. Agree, good suggestion. Please write it in the suggestions forum.
  10. Koke is not doing anything at all. Id prefer to have there Llorente as B2B with Pedri having the magic and Busquets covering them.
  11. Boring game for sure. I’m happy we are winning but… so far it’s Spain boring playing slow tempo control and Switzerland just playing passive defense on low mentality and hoping for a mistake to counter or a set piece. Still not confident, we can be FMed anytime.
  12. Hope the AI is reading the forums and will do it as well.
  13. Hate Luis Enrique stubbornness and doing all against what every Spanish fan would. Why to remove Sarabia who was the most dangerous player? What about the other changes?? In one hand I want us to go back home just so there can be even more talks about firing him finally.
  14. Fullbacks/wingbacks that are good at dribbling and crossing are really hard to find after 3-4 years. Most of wingbacks/fullbacks generated in the future would better play as central defenders as they are only good at marking and tackling and there is a big lack of generated attacking wingbacks/fullbacks.
  15. As a long (forever) FM fan this is what disappoints me the most about SI. Unless there are big attribute or, physics or similar big scale changes, the ME is a constant evolution and not rebuild from scratch not compatible with the rest of the game code. Id say, at least FM19, FM20 and FM21 ME are evolutions fo the same code. So to have to wait from March until Nov for us to receive an update is a loooong waiting time for a new ME version that is not brand new but an evolution. If you are evolving the ME, why to stay 8 months without a single ME release? why not to let us test these improvements and evolutions? Even if you don't want to force everybody to test it, allow us to voluntarily opt in in steam for the beta ME as some other games do. The only justification I can find and that in fact is the most heart hurting one, that SI (or Sega) wants us to pay for the next version of the game to receive the improvements. But the result is more frustration that loyalty. Most of us are going to buy the game every year anyway. So unless there is going to be a total ME rebuild, that happens rarely every X years, don't have us with the same ME for 8 months when you are internally evolving it. Use us instead to improve it in a constant cycle so for these that are new to the game or buy it every other year, at least they will have a much better product constantly evolved and tested but thousands of clients instead of for a few official betatesters. Even EA (not known for taking care of their clients) releases updates to the ME for Fifa, NHL, Madden etc almost all year long and in fact let you chose the ME version that you want to use in your solo games. I know it's been discussed already, but I wish there was a subscription model with constant ME and data updates over the year, I'd pay it happily.
  16. Have you consider releasing Full Fat FM22 in xbox series S/X as well? It can run it fine with the hardware and in fact probably faster than most of current PCs.
  17. The problem is not that the defensive tactics do not work, as they do as clearly showed by some content creators but are not easy to setup or to understand. The problem is: - In general in FM21 the same team performs better with an aggressive pressing and high mentality tactic so there is little motivation to play defensive unless you are a fan of it. The fix here is probably hard to get. The key is to find the right balance between stamina used, injuries, balls over the defenders from the pressed team, etc. We have gone through several ME versions in FM20 and FM21 with different results one way or another. - The tactic creator concepts are still too abstract and "too FM" in some cases (like mentality), far from the popular football knowledge, that frustrates a lot of players that can't understand them and how to apply them to what they have in their minds when setting up the tactic they envision. - Some of the tactics creator settings affect too much other settings with no clear visible effect, like again mentality, that affects also width, lines height, passing distance, etc and add to the final result, so a defensive mentality with low line of engagement, low line of defence, defending narrow and low pressing is totally overkill and basically putting your whole team in front of your goal waiting for it to happen. - Mentality again, the fact that to play counter, you better setup up positive or even attacking mentality so your team takes more risks to send the ball forward quicker instead or taking low risk and slow decisions, is counter intuitive until you know how it all works together. - It doesn't help that the defensive presets are exactly setup the wrong way, putting together low mentality, narrow defending, low line of engagement, low defensive line, etc that is totally overkill and confuses all the new players even more. Really puzzles me that nobody at SI has pushed the responsable person or team to provide correct presets (or allow us users to share presets), and instead we have the same wrongly and confusing presets for a few game versions already. You are doing yourself a really poor favor here with these terrible presets, specially the ones that are not about high pressing. - Due to all the above, in general an attacking tactic is easier to setup than a good defensive one and much less frustrating.
  18. I play it mainly in a macbook pro and have for a few years already. It works fine, the only issue for the retina screen macs is that SI changed the rendering in FM21 and it uses much more resources even just idling in any game screen, not even in the match, so the mac heats up a lot, the fans run at full speed and battery is drained if you are not plugged in. I complained about it earlier this year but was told there is no solution other than running the game in low resolution to not to use the retina high res, but then it looks more blurry (I'm talking about the interface, not the 3d games). If you want to play with the notebook unplugged over your knees for more than 30 minutes, you have that tradeoff of lower resolution. See here for more info: and also do a search for "retina" in the forums and you will see similar threads.
  19. Currently most of users including me, get rid of players when they reach 30, regardless of if they are team veterans that have been with me for years. I just keep them if I'm more into roleplaying in that save, as I know that if i was a real manager, I wouldn't fire or sell them as it would punish me much more than the game does (or at least what we see it does). That is kind of an advantage or exploit vs the AI. Why do we get rid of them? - Too fast physical declines - Long contract demands - Not any visible advantage other than tutoring to keep them. How would be more willing to keep them? - Tutoring: This is working ok as designed - Leading by experience: not noticeable or at leat the game is nog giving enough feedback about it, other than some messages about lack of leadership in the team. I don't see my young players collapsing more or making more mistakes when nervous, or if they do, the game is not telling us about it. - Mental skills making up for the loss of physical ones, maybe mentals should go up more than what they do with players experience, if you keep CA constant, decline of physicals should raise mentals at same speed. - No declining as fast, currently more and more players take care of their bodies and can last more years at top level. I think FM is still using old modelling for this. - Higher penalty for not keeping them, you can get one player moaning about the loss of a leader, but not big deal, same with fans, they will say in the report that they wanted to keep that veteran but again no big deal, you can ignore it. - Make them realize that their end is closer, so do not ask for long contracts nor expect to keep being a starter (this should be based on the player personality, ambition ego etc). What do you guys think should be improved?
  20. I usually have 2 players per position plus a few that can play several positions and in fact probably rotate too much to be realistic and I'm never punished for doing so. Star players are happy enough, never receive complains from them and I haven't ever used the player talk to tell them they won't start next game. It should be harder to keep important or star players happy with game time not playing all games, we are not punished enough.
  21. An easy option regarding players ratings display is like other sport sims like OOTP use, that is that you can change anytime in the interface options the ratings scale, from 1 to 100, 1 to 20, 1 to 10 or 1 to 5 for example (they have weird scales only used by baseball scouts like 2 to 8 and 20 to 80 as well for those wanting extra realism). 1 to 5 would be already a more challenging game as most of players will have similar ratings except the extremes. As it's just a display feature, it requires minimum changes, only to the interface. But the AI would still use the full scale as it does right now, that in fact is not even 1-20 as humans but 1-200 if I remember well. It would make the game more challenging for the users on a very easy way, while not handicapping the AI. In fact I really wonder why is not already an option when SI knows about this from the times when OOTP was part of SI and it's easy to code as in fact it's already there, translating the 1-200 internal scale to 1-20 that we see.
  22. To avoid confusion here, the difficulty can be only changed using house rules like playing only youth teams, or delegating tasks to your staff so they are like the AI ones, not in game features except starting with the lowest reputation, that makes the game more difficult initially but that is solved before midseason just giving the right team talks, press releases and praising your players training and performances and of course winning games. Of course you can play a save where you only sign and use goalkeepers for every position, or play the game with your screen turned off or with handcuffs in your hands, and I bet it's very difficult to succeed but... I don't think it's the type of challenge we are discussing here. And to be clear, I'm against difficulty levels as I don't know how they could be implemented (I'd hate boosting other teams attributes or stuff like that), what we need is better AI specially in long term teams building and management and smarter players and press interactions.
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