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  1. I prefer FM touch. It is limited in terms of leagues and database, but the other things is doesn't have such as player interactions and press conferences, I actually feel make it a better version. I find on the full version just going through the motions and clicking the same answers every time. It's very tedious. The rest of the game is largely the same. Some stuff is more behind the scenes then on full fat but it's the superior version in my opinion. It's also super fast
  2. Scripting is being asked if it exists in the game. Dynamic PA is discussing if how PA is interpreted in the game. Not really the same
  3. None. It always ends up upsetting the players even when it's completely illogical to do so. So I don't use any
  4. Dynamic PA. There have been multiple threads on this, and has been debated heavily, with valid points from both sides. I favour dynamic PA and feel it is needed, as do others, but there are many that oppose it. Ultimately its SI decision. It is something that's been brought up for years now by multiple people so there is something to it.
  5. Because a player needs to be able to show that potential. How do they do that? In part, by playing above themselves at times. Look at Rashford. Was a decent youngster but had times, sometimes a whole game, sometimes just a moment, where he played at the level he is today. As he got older, he has grown into that potential he showed. The point is though, he showed that potential at a young age. In FM, if PA is simply room for attributes to unlock, that's not then allowing players to show their potential as it's locked away
  6. That's a shame. I feel a high PA should have some level of influence over the current CA
  7. What I mean is, if there are two players, completely identical and let's say 130 CA, and the same attributes for each one, however one player 1 has 190 PA where as player 2 has 130 PA, would this effect performances? Because I feel a player with higher potential should be able to play better then a player with less potential. Not consistently, but perhaps in flashes and moments, as I feel that is more realistic. That is after all, partly how we gauge potential in players in real life. We see in them moments where they are playing at a level above themselves, and wonder if they can g
  8. ive updated it and added a 3 at the back version. this tactic is insane for me
  9. This is my tactic ive created, as struggled to find any other 433 tactics that worked for me. I havent been able to test with a lower league team, but if you have a top team live Liverpool, it should be really potent whilst also strong at the back. if you find youre not creating enough, change one of the two DLP on the sides to Advanced playmaker (attack) and tell him to dribble wide and forward. https://imgur.com/AYsYIDq https://imgur.com/F641Xon https://imgur.com/C7jHo7H Crazyshots.fmf Crazyshots 3ab.fmf
  10. Ive found in this version and recent versions of FM, that the user seems to get stung for money more then AI. I am constantly battling to keep my finances in the green, despite winning the league and champions League every year. My sponsor and income is high, and whilst my wage bill isn't low, it's not crazy either. Meanwhile the other clubs of a similar level to me in the league, have far higher wagebill and income, don't get the same prize money I do, yet have far more cash each year. It doesn't add up. I don't think it's a bug as such, as it's been the s
  11. In my experience, to hang onto a lead I continue to attack. If I play defensive I concede alot more. Better to keep the opposition on the back foot. It's a bit nonsensical but it works in the match engine for whatever reason. It you are constantly conceding late goals, perhaps your players are exhausted by the 80 mins
  12. Has this been hotfixed yet? It's a massive problem for long term saves. It effects the whole economy of the game and has other wider issues
  13. I hate all these interactions that really slow the game down and become boring and time consuming. Such a needless feature, or at least in its current format
  14. No but after a long term save, taking say a tiny club and building them into a powerhouse, I sometimes retire and go on holiday for years and years, just to see how they fared without me. If they drifted into the lower leagues again or became a new Madrid/Liverpool etc
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