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  1. I would love something like this. FM live was great fun, so an updated version along the lines of ultimate team/myclub would be great
  2. True but to win back to back champions Leagues within 5 years?
  3. It definitely is but I would prefer the touch version which is aimed more at casual use and fast season progress. You mention the classic version, it is now called 'touch'. I made a post on it a few days ago....
  4. I agree. I've just won my 2nd champions League with apollon in the Greek League. It's 2023..... Top class managers need to be better. Squad building AI needs improving. The match engine needs a massive overhaul or preferably start from scratch. I'm using the same tactics as in 18. I'm undefeated in the league for 3 seasons now. The match engine has the same exploits as the last 5+ years
  5. I agree. It perhaps is more appropriate for the tablets, but FM classic was a much better name and I feel alienated people alot less. It's also a shame is doesn't get any mention before release. If you go into the FM touch board, the only info we got about it was from users digging through videos for the odd screenshot
  6. I've seen a few posts on here and else where about how the game has become too convulted, and time consuming. Things like player interactions and press conferences questions coming in thick etc can be overwhelming. Setting up tactics and hiring all the staff can be a bit of a chore. It certainly became that way for me over the last few years and I felt the game lost its identity a bit. Football manager touch is very underrated, and I feel lots of people give it a miss because they perhaps view it as a mobile game because of the touch wording. It does a very good job at removing or at least slimming down all the micromanagement. The press and player interactions are at a good level and alot of tedious things are at a simple level of management. The core game is still there and it uses the same Match engine etc. On the PC version you can play unrestricted just like the full fat version. I'm not knocking the full version, it's not for me since about 2014 but I fully respect that it appeals to the vast majority and the work put into it is impressive. A few of my friends were starting to go off FM in recent years, just like I was, until I pointed them in the FMT direction, and now they are hooked again. So if anyone feels they are starting to lose enjoyment, give FMT a go before you give up on the game completely. Again, this isn't an attack on the full version, just trying to bring some attention to the touch version incase it appeals more to users, as it's not advertised much
  7. If anyone has trouble with the font. Increase it in presences to 120% zoom. It is nice and crisp then
  8. Playing in the Greek League. Every single team I play against has the same formation. 4231 DM wide. (Something like that) Also 3 striker tactics are still over powered.
  9. That's terrible logic. Call of duty have just added a battle royale mode. You could have said the same about them and other titles not adding it for years. Intact they only added it when other more innovative games added it
  10. Amazing! Really didn't like the full version
  11. Tried the full fat version. It's far too convulted and micromanagement focused for my liking. Going to use it to scout players for tommorow
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