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  1. my match engine is Laggy even though my graphics is 5 star rating. its not the worst lag but its seems to be when a set piece has been takin or a shot which is annoying. if anyone could help I would appreciate it
  2. Ive been debating a german league save for a while but player fitness has really put me off because they cant play for the 2nd team to gain match fitness. just wanting to know how youse go about it an does it get annoying when half ye team arnt upto match fitness ??
  3. First season with Lazio - Coming to half way point and didn't expect it to go this well, whole team is flying. Leroy sane for 12.5 mill has absolute bargain man shout out for Luis Alberto an Milinkovic-Savic aswell running the show haha just wondering for people who always play in serie A an Italy do they find it easier than other leagues or what ? this is my first time on fm 20 in Italy
  4. Thinking on managing in germany for my next job but ive realised all there players on the bench and in the squad who don't play match fitness are very low. cant they play u21 games or anything to keep match fitness up ? it would annoy me having a lot of players not ready to play to there best.
  5. Thanks , Ino he wanted to leave and I need the money to improve the squad as it was thin, but yer im stuck with my second choice keeper see how he does hes started ok
  6. Took over At Lazio after 2 great seasons at Liverpool needed a new challenge. lets see what the Serie A brings Made some quality signings that I think can make me challenge for the league aswell. Also probly had the maddest game ive ever had in all fms since ive played 4-3 away to inter an they missed two pens and a late Leroy Sane winner
  7. after two seasons with the redmen is was time to leave after winning back to back premier league an champions league tittles it wasn't much more to do. Tuchel has took over an had a bad start maybe ill return one day haha. I took over at Lazio regret leaving abit to be honest.
  8. ive signed Sancho second season hes been poor and I spent 97 mill on him but and ive seen grealish go to spurs and hes flying. but Sancho surly will become good his ratings seem to good not to. cant decide on a postion for Sancho anybody had success with him and what postion ?
  9. Not yet, hes playing to good to change creating more than anyone from right back an average rating of 7.77 and assisted 14 in 21 games this season. like playing with an extra midfielder with him just like Liverpool in real life to be fair!
  10. Istanbul revenge came around 15 years later 3-0 up half time they come back 3-3
  11. im the same im on second season now an can see the potential of Hoever alredy so im thinking of moving trent into midfield but his performances at wing back are far to good alredy got himself onto the icon list. it would be a gamble for me to do it cant decide.
  12. The season ended the way i wanted couldn't of went better !! we go again in my second season. Timo Werner first signing of the summer 52m. be hard to repeat first season but ill give it a go.
  13. First season coming to an end could turn out to be the best in recent history exciting finish on my hands alredy won community shield, super cup an League cup, now its time for the league and champions league couldnt of got a harder run in the champions league played well all through it barca in the final now would top off a perfect campaign!!
  14. Considering adding the offside trap to my tactics with a high line with liverpool , what makes an offside trap work in fm ? Is it a defence who have played together for years an good patnerships or is it more to it ?
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