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  1. i want to start a save with Napoli just need the badge and kit anyone no wer I can get it ??? or a link
  2. but he really shudnt be an icon he should be on the legends still hes been a legend in real life for years
  3. this has to be a mistake he shud start as a legend im 5 seasons threw hes retired av won the prem with him and champions league an stil is only an icon !! bad mistake the FM makers haha
  4. because ive always used graphics an been fine
  5. yer ive got graphics on it would that make the game slow ?
  6. its still got that annoying delay any advice ??
  7. ive just done this and it deleted all my saves ??
  8. when I change page im having like a 1-2 second delay any sugestions to help stop this ??
  9. As you see in real life the likes of Gerrard goin over there am just wondering as anyone seen or had a big player signing to the MLS ??
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