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  1. Think its the highest the player have been in the past. Like an older player with CA 143 and peak CA 160 telling he has been at 160 in the past. Could have something to do with media. Or just put there for future fm versions.
  2. I made a sub, put in Maitland-Niles for Tonali and pressed confirm sub. Then decided to Sub in Martinelli for Sancho aswell, So went straight back into tactics and dragged Martinelli on for Sancho. Then we scored before I pressed confirm sub and it asked me if I wanted to do the subs despite scoring. I pressed yes (this is before I pressed confirm sub on the Martinelli for Sancho sub. When I pressed yes to do the Maitland-Niles for Tonali sub despite the goal. It switch around the pending sub Martinelli in for Sancho to Sancho in for Martinelli. Even though Sancho started and Martinelli
  3. I noticed in player exchange deal that only the club that made the bid got the inbox message with options like send on intensive language course, ask captain to welcome to club, assign squadnumber, register player when the deal went through. For the club accepting the exchange bid, nothing . Tried it again just to check, same result.
  4. I noticed they have removed my home town from the list where you pick where you were born. I had to pick the neighbour town. Strange.
  5. How things have changed. In my day (wow, Im old) There was a beta1 beta2 and when the betas was shaping up, one of the last betas became a release candidate. You could even have RC1 and RC2 and so on. These days everything is released in alpha or beta stage, so I guess now RC comes before beta. Frickin wierd.
  6. OK, I didn't want to have to resort to this. But Miles, unless you release in 10 minutes we will buy Watford through crowdfunding and get them relegated out of the leaguesystem. That should do it
  7. Haha. Watching this thread makes me think of Eddie Murphys Icecream man standup bit: And he'd be in his truck with his friend going " Lets see how fast we can make these m...... run" Si in their tower going "lets see how desperate we can make these m...... get"
  8. Game processing is fast, but navigating the interface feels much more sluggish.
  9. I find the Interface much more sluggish than FM18. In FM18 when I press tactics it jumps straight to tactics, while in 19 it just hangs for a split second before it displays the tactics screen. In the Squad list I most of the time have to right click a player twice get the player menu up. Things like that. Hoping for some optimizations in future updates. Nothing gamebreaking, but feels sluggish compared to FM18. I7-8700k , 16GB RAM , GTX 1080, Game installed on 2x SSD in raid-0.
  10. Have some issues with this too, but not quite the same. Have loan listed players, get several loan offers for a player, accept the best offers and deny offers with too low squad status for my liking. Player joins a Club on loan and then a week or so after he left on loan, start complaining that I rejected some loan offers since he feels he needs a loan to get playing time. Thats a wierd complaint considering he's already been loaned out for a week. Saw this with several Arsenal youngsters yesterday. So I think they need to tweak the code for this a bit.
  11. Hmm, didn't see anything in the patchnotes about fixing the pitch view bug. You know where you have a perfect pitch but the matchengine displays it as a mudhole. Hope its fixed Time to fire up the game now after some minor adjustments to the database.
  12. Hehe, I remember those two. They were actually the guys coding the Amiga version and they were only in the Amiga version of the game. Collis a AM/F C and Orosco a D RC Here is the opening screen from CM94 EOS, note aditional code & special thanks to http://cdn.wikimg.net/strategywiki/images/a/a6/CM94_End_of_Season_startscreen.png
  13. Yeah agree with ppl saying 11.3 ME is fubar. The most successful tactic for me no matter team is a 3-1-3-3 all central players. 3DC,1DMC-3MC-3ST . Something that would never work IRL.
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