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  1. If you check like one second before, just after it hits the inside of the post it is in, the whole ball. It bounces from the sidenetting into his heel. But I'm not going to argue with you, I see how that could have been deemed an own goal IRL.
  2. Game processing is fast, but navigating the interface feels much more sluggish.
  3. I find the Interface much more sluggish than FM18. In FM18 when I press tactics it jumps straight to tactics, while in 19 it just hangs for a split second before it displays the tactics screen. In the Squad list I most of the time have to right click a player twice get the player menu up. Things like that. Hoping for some optimizations in future updates. Nothing gamebreaking, but feels sluggish compared to FM18. I7-8700k , 16GB RAM , GTX 1080, Game installed on 2x SSD in raid-0.
  4. Crossbar? deflects downwards? Do you mean post? its a low shot by the root of the post when I watch it. Ball is nowhere near the crossbar. Its well over the line before it comes back and hits his heel.
  5. Here is the match with 2. first one is debatable, but if anybody scored the own goal there is was the keeper, game named the defender at the post as scoring own goal. Second is just wrong, game said GK scored an own goal. Edit: after watching it again in slow-mo I see that the ball acctually wasn't over the line by the post, it didnt cross the line until it hit the GK's heel. My bad. Edit2: cant agree with myself, it was well in , But when I view the highlights now, most of the commentary text is missing . Was more text when it happened live in match. Have to watch the highlights from all the other friendlies to find the others. Think there were 2 more. Arsenal v Sporting.pkm
  6. Started playing FM 19 yesterday. And in pre-season several "normal" goals were classified as own goals. But this only happened in pre-season, stopped as soon as competitive matches started. Had two of them in the same match, One of them was so clearly not an own goal, striker places a shot just inside the post, GK rooted in the middle of the goal, game says GK scores own goal. Another was a header near the post, game says their left back scored own goal. Had a few more in pre-season, but not seen it after season started. Will start a new save when I get home from work to see if it happens in the new save too. Anyone else seen this?
  7. Have some issues with this too, but not quite the same. Have loan listed players, get several loan offers for a player, accept the best offers and deny offers with too low squad status for my liking. Player joins a Club on loan and then a week or so after he left on loan, start complaining that I rejected some loan offers since he feels he needs a loan to get playing time. Thats a wierd complaint considering he's already been loaned out for a week. Saw this with several Arsenal youngsters yesterday. So I think they need to tweak the code for this a bit.
  8. A couple of years ago, think it was just before the launch of FM16, a SI employee (possibly Miles) said that by 2020 watching a match in FM would look pretty much like watching football on tv. They are running out of time it seems coz they still have a long way to go to reach that goal.
  9. For FM17 determination was the biggest factor in their chance to reach their potential. A player with 16-20 in determination who got playing time almost always reached their potential. Its probably influenced more by other factors in FM18, but I haven't played enough yet to say that for sure.
  10. I think Arsenals problems are due to lack of real influential leaders (IRL). You don't have a Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira or so yelling your head off when you don't work hard or don't perform. And doesn't help that Wenger is a goodie little two shoes saying its ok to not perform and not to worry about it to the players.
  11. From a different thread about Sanchez I read that its his agent that won't negotiate with Arsenal. Its hardcoded in some edt file. So I think your only option to get him to sign a new contract is to convince him to sack his agent. Keep in mind I'm just guessing it might work based on what I read in the other thread.
  12. Yeah, this has been annoying for a few versions of FM now. If you know you want to get rid of a player and you sign his replacement before selling the player, the rest of the squad don't understand that his replacement has already been signed and keep nagging me to sign a replacement.
  13. Have to agree FM18 is cluncky in many ways, where FM17 was so intuitive a 3 year old could find what he needed. IE: in a preseason friendly I had used all my subs when Giroud got injured, spent 3 minutes trying to get him off the pitch coz the continue button looked greyed out. I finally just tried to press it and I could finish the match. Hehe. Mbchuz's post above cracked me up, coz I can relate to the frustration of not finding things in FM18
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