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  1. Championship Manager '93

    It had nothing to do with a cracked version or not. They were only in the Amiga Version. Coz they were the guys porting the game to Amiga. You see their names in the game credits of the Amiga Version So they were only in the Amiga Version of the game It Works like a charm With WinUAE Amiga emulator, you can Write protect disks or unprotect at will. The game is also abondomware and can be legally downloaded from lemonamiga.com Ferrah Orosco and Mark Collis were their names.
  2. Oh you nasty little devs, you broke my uber tactics from 16.1 , and I updated FM just before the League cup final against Chelsea Back to the tactical drawing Board On a more serious note: Keep up the excellent work SI.
  3. Championship Manager '93

    I used 3-3-1-3 all central as CM 93/94 Diablo, on the first Amiga version 1.10, 2-4-4 long ball was the killer tactics.
  4. Championship Manager '93

    I don't miss that extreme simplicity. Only CA mattered, A player could have 20 in every skill but the code didn't use it at all. You could have a player with 20 in every ability but a CA/PA of 50, he would be terrible. And you could have a player with 1 in every skill, but 200 in CA/PA and he would be awesome. From 94 end of season they added another stat that mattered and that was a hidden stat called goalscoring.
  5. Is it just me or are there lots of bad passes/headers back to the GK after the RC1 update? It not just my defenders, but the AI players too. I have matches with 4-5 terrible loose backpasses (most of them headers, but also some passes). Also see quite a bit of extremely risky crossover passes where IE the Right fullback tries to find the left midfielder with a low pass that has to pass several opponments (AI players also do this). As a sidenote, I guess these things are more realistic. But its unusual for me in FM
  6. Snooping around in the editor and see players with potential -85. Can I consider this as -8,5 ? Or is it something new? I guess you have changed how negative PA works.
  7. Shameless bragging topic.

    This site doesn't require you to sign up to upload pictures. very easy to use http://tinypic.com/
  8. Shameless bragging topic.

    Brag brag
  9. D'oh. Error has been located between the keyboard and chair. I was thinking £10k a month since in Norway we only operate by monthly wage. Excuse me while I dig a hole to crawl into until my shame wears off. Thanks for the reply.
  10. So is FM 15 now the best ever?

    FM 15 is the best by miles. I've been very happy with it since release version for the first time in FM history. FM usually gets great after sencond or third and final update. But this year it was great from release (for me at least). Biggest difference for me is the match engine, its so frickin good. In FM 15 I can make sound tactics that work as intended just by giving the orders you would do IRL. In all previous FM's I've had 5 to 6 manual overides on every player just to make a great tactics. Also my Uber tactics in all previous FM's have been tactics that would never work IRL. This year I have made tactics excactly like I would do them IRL and I kick a.. The player decision making in FM 15 is 10x better than all previous FM's. When they "fail" in FM15 I think "I see what you were trying to do there, good thinking" In previous FM's I've been thinking "WTF, time to send you on rehab, you must be high as a kite".
  11. Playing Arsenal, it's March 9th 2015. Goalkeeper Martinez has a 10k a week contract expering june 30th 2015. So he has just over 3 months left on a 10k per week contract. His remaining contract value is under £40k, but I have to pay £120k for a mutual termination of his contract. Why is this? I thought you only had to pay the remaining wages of his contract to "sack" him. (accually I thought it was 50% of remaining contact value). I do see his transfer value is 120K, excactly what I have to pay to release him. Might just be a coincidence. What are the real rules around contract termination? I admit I'm not up to date on these rules at all.
  12. Hmm, didn't see anything in the patchnotes about fixing the pitch view bug. You know where you have a perfect pitch but the matchengine displays it as a mudhole. Hope its fixed Time to fire up the game now after some minor adjustments to the database.
  13. I remember one year there was a bug where rivals always drew each other, they fixed it in a update and admitted there was a bug, so I think they would have admitted it if there was a problem in FM15. I don't see a problem in FM15, I've been very lucky more often than not. I just love it when I draw a league 2 or league 1 side and can play the (wonder)kids.
  14. I'm busy that day, very busy
  15. Norwegian window dosn't close until april 5th. Do we have to wait until then?