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  1. The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    No, but 1 Forward vs 5 Defenders isn't going to give the attacker the best chance of doing anything worthwhile with the ball, is it?
  2. The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Enquiring minds would be interested to know why you're trying to play with one striker up front against a team you're clearly far superior to (thus why they have 5 back in defence). Sage minds would simply point out that this has been the case for several iterations of the game and is, in fact, the case in real life, which is why you get petulant snots like Mourinho or Conte whining about how it's just unfair that people don't try to play 4-3-3 against them, oh and it's just not sporting to actually field a goalkeeper when we're trying to score.
  3. Winston Bogarde was a lesson before his time for FM players
  4. Quickest sacking ever?

    In FM08, I took over a team in Germany and was sacked 5 days later when they were mathematically relegated. The Fitness Coach I'd brought with me from my previous club (when I'd been sacked) quit in sympathy and followed me around my various clubs for the next 25 years.
  5. Offer trial

    I just checked and a player who's turned down a trial can't be offered another one straight away. You might have to wait a little while before you can offer again (there's probably an internal countdown attached to these things, like there is for contract negotiations that go south). Fact is, if he wasn't interested the first time, either you'll need to up your game in the meantime, or he'll have to start going hungry before he's willing to reconsider.
  6. Most people with autism are aware of their own difficulties and therefore try very hard to be nice to other people. In FM18, everyone in your squad is now a raging asshole.
  7. [FM18] A Hive of Activity. Busy little Bees.

    I wonder if your Scouting Package was cancelled because you spent all your money scouting individual players. The costs do seem to add up. Personally, I've reverted to Triallist Lottery as a way of finding players.
  8. I've had a few triallists come in to the club and be good enough that I want to sign them, but for whatever reason, I lose track of the day their trial ends (and their attributes are all revealed) and they leave the club. A few then don't want to join the club if I try to offer a contract, but if I offer a new trial, they're happy to come back to the club and I can then offer them a contract. I've uploaded a save to the ftp (interested not interested triallists.fm). Omar Poli is the player I've just brought back into the squad on trial and offered a contract to; José Dias on my shortlist, I haven't yet, but he was in the "not interested" camp following his first trial. In truth, this isn't the first version of FM this issue has cropped up in, but if it can be fixed, that'd be good.
  9. It kind of works both ways. I couldn't sell a very competent Premier League-level Goalkeeper in FM17, despite his 'market value' (stupid concept though it is) being £12.5m but his asking price being more like £2.5m. Wages weren't unreasonable, either - after I flogged him somewhere for less than £1m, he was only on around £20k p/w - and his performances had been very solid. (I was selling him because I had a different keeper far better than he was). Similarly, trying to get rid of a 21 year-old Brazilian international MR who I couldn't retrain to a position I used; he had a good season out on loan at a Bundesliga side but following that, I had no takers at even £7.5m. You'd think someone would be interested in more than a loan deal, but apparently not. On the other hand, I had Man City come calling for a player who'd had a pretty phenomenal 18 months with my team, but who clearly wasn't good enough for them. I eventually sold him for £55m (his release clause), after holding out for nothing less (no, Man City, not even £51m plus a £375m buyback fee). And then, a few seasons later, they were sniffing around for my most complete MC for around £120m until I decided he was basically irreplaceable. On the flip-side, I unsettled a young player at Nice, who the club were asking for £35m for and by the time the summer transfer window opened, he was on the transfer list for £5m.
  10. I've had it as well for random players, not even ones I'm due to play. Playing in the French National, if that helps.
  11. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Teddy Sheringham, born in 1966, is 43 years old in that screenshot, so if my maths is correct (and my eyes are, too)...
  12. Also: work permit restrictions, language (that does play a part) and tactics. Juninho, when he played for Middlesborough, was one of the best players in the league. At one of the worst teams in the league. They got relegated, but damn if he didn't play well most weeks, with his "flair and dribbling" as you put it. Why don't English players move abroad? Because their clubs in England practically throw money at them; if you can earn £30k per week as a bit-part player for a mid-low table Premier League team, why would they leave? Also, British clubs typically do a horrible job of actually educating young players, so they'll be unable to speak a foreign language and have no life skills their parents didn't teach them. Moving abroad is a big leap if you're a thick 20 year old who doesn't know how to use a washing machine, let alone talk to someone in Italian or Spanish.
  13. Okay, this is just stupid. A good player, in a team that plays to his/her strengths, will play well anywhere; whereas managers who sign players without knowing how to fit them into a tactic, or build a tactic around them, will struggle to get the best from that player.
  14. Overload is like pressing the 'stupid' button. I understand that you're probably only using Overload when you desperately need a goal, but I struggle to understand why it seems to overrule almost all Player Instructions. My goalkeeper starts punting it aimlessly downfield, even straight from defending a set piece (i.e. when I have no players forward); throw-ins are hurled down the line, irrespective of if there's even a player in that direction; players throughout my team start shooting as soon as they get within 35 yards of the goal, and regardless of whether there's a player in a better position. I'm sure there's a way to set up so that going Overload is beneficial to your team, but I've never managed to get it to work. I just end up swearing at my players more.
  15. Run Down The Flank, Perfect Low Cross and Boom(?) Okay, more like 'clang', but whatever