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  1. He's pretty decent. Good physicals and mentals. Could get to League 1 standard, I reckon.
  2. That's a good point, but I'm not going to play Chicken with SI's code when it's my best player.
  3. Season 4, Part 1: Summer Transfers TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 1 We let the loanees leave except Bukowski. We then basically replaced them, bringing in an ST, MC and DR. The signings this summer were also mostly low-key. Paucinac and Blanco are the ones I'm expecting to get the most game time. Escalante can play at ML and ST as well as MC (where I signed him to play), so he shouldn't be too far behind in appearances. I'm also retraining Dukic to play at DL. Diatta came with a good scout report, but looks closer to first-team football than I'd assumed. Likewise with Dieng, although his low Strength isn't inspiring. Although I promoted a bunch of players to the First Team squad, only Tomic will go straight into the starting XI. Wagener will be a first-choice DC and Hain will take over from Sanders in goal. Suljic, Grasser, Zimmermann and Ahmetovic will be in the Second XI, though. Pre-season went well enough. The tour of England was a little rough at times, as our players were kind of knackered because some bastard arranged a whole bunch of games in a short period of time (and I don't like to rotate until players are fully fit). The match against Roma looks astonishing until you find out they had a player sent off in the 2nd minute.
  4. Yeah. My first thought was that I'd had a stronger squad at my disposal that season, but looking back through those players, I'm not sure I did. Makes me a bit more optimistic for the upcoming season.
  5. Eh, Viela could be a decent AP. Good Passing & Decisions, decent Vision
  6. Yeah, it was more me not wanting to give him a new contract 6 months after the last (when his agent locked in the clause). But, he's too good to lose, particularly for £3.3m.
  7. Okay, cheers. I figured that would be the case, so gave the kid a new contract. Problem solved.
  8. If I have a player who has a Min Fee Release Clause for Higher Division Clubs... and I've just clinched promotion to the top tier, but we haven't officially 'moved' leagues yet... Am I going to have to sell him if bids come in from currently top tier teams?
  9. Season 3, Part 2: March - May TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 2 So, the run-in. The only 3 teams with a realistic chance of stopping us were VFL Bochum, Darmstadt and MSV Duisburg. So how did that go for them? Well, in that order: And us? So there you go. Promotion at the first time of asking. Worth pointing out that, improbable though our season may have been, the other club to get automatic promotion were Duisburg... who got promoted with us last season, while Braunschweig - who came up via the Play-Offs - finished in 6th. Something something reputation, I guess. Players-wise, we had some good performances. Carstens got 17 assists, which was great - he got a new contract in December, but his agent insisted on a Min Fee clause, which I'm desperate to get rid of, because he's clearly got a £25m sale coming up at some point. Kadric was pleasingly consistent as our DLF, with a very good goals:games ratio. Hain got a few more games in goal and isn't far behind Sanders as first choice. Wagener is now my best contracted DC, but Andersson had a good first season. The loanees might look from the above as if they carried the team and... yeah, they did a fair chunk of the donkey-work, but they weren't exactly superstars. Bukowski is probably the only one I couldn't have improved on with an actual signing, and I'm hoping to get him in for next season. Monnier surprised me with how effective he was and while I was happy with Peuget's overall performances, 1.8 Key Passes per game is rancid donkey-**** levels for an Advanced Playmaker. That won't stop me from getting in a new bunch of loanees for next season. Our strength in depth resembles 'wet tissue'. Youth Intake A very decent intake here, with some telltale signs of that boosted Junior Coaching in the 2 stars for Kovacevic and Auer. A couple of others had their Potential stars bumped a little after signing. I'm not yet sure what to do with Müller - slow, weak, can't jump, wretched Composure/Concentration/Decisions... with Kovacevic, on the other hand, it's clear that there's a good first team DC there. Shame he's a January kid, though - that'll delay his first team debut by a year. Youth Progression Next on the way to the First Team are Dismer, Suljic, Achrainer, Tomic, Yıldız, Grasser and Ahmetovic.
  10. Season 3, Part 2: November - February TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 2 Transfers Two significant departures. Kuznetsov was my backup DL who hadn't played many games and wasn't rated particularly highly, so when Frankfurt came straight in with £800k, I accepted with barely a second thought. Duda actually attracted a couple of pathetic bids, so I put his Asking Price up to £2.5m and then Hoffenheim came in with exactly that amount. Good as he'd been for us, he was well worth selling for that much, so off he went. Esswein was Duda's replacement, hurriedly scouted and signed - he's decent but I'm not expecting him to be with us for a long time. Caraballo, meanwhile, was one of a group of triallists I brought in who were pretty good. Three of the other good options ended up signing for other teams, which is a gripe I have: AI teams seem to 'find' my triallists too quickly and get enough information on them to feel a bid is viable, even before the trial period has ended. The Brucey bonus of selling Duda was that we went back into the black and - with Youth Intake not far off - persuaded the Board to upgrade Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment. League Results have remained good. Our two defeats since the last update have been against promotion rivals and although we've dropped points, we haven't really lost much ground. We're still getting a fair few of what the game calls "fortunate" wins - where we defend for most of the game, give up the overwhelming majority of shots/chances, and then score 2-3 goals from our 4-5 chances - but that's the way we're set up. The final stretch could be tricky, though. The last two seasons, we've faded badly in the last 4-5 games and there's a real chance that we won't seal promotion if that happens and have to endure the Playout. Hopefully if that does happen, it'll be because Bochum and Darmstadt have **** the bed and we've already confirmed we're going up.
  11. **** me... Was that referee on commission or something?
  12. Season 3, Part 1: July - October TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 2 Transfers As with last season, I was short on options for how to improve the squad. I wanted to make sure that our young players have an opportunity for game time, but our best contracted DC was also our best MC (and better there than in defence), with our young DCs not quite ready. Similarly, we only had the one MC on contract after *someone* decided to let the chaff go. Oh yeah, and our best ST was rated as a 'good Regional player'. So, we got some loanees. Again. But, we also supplemented them with a couple of actual signings. We picked up a Swedish DC formerly of Chelsea and a Bosnian ST, both on frees. Competitions We went out of the cup at the first hurdle, losing on Penalties to Braunschweig. The board had wanted us to make the Second Round, but gave me a "Never mind" when it happened. The league, meanwhile, has gone, um... Look... Let me just say that I'm happy that whatever SI did with the match engine between FM18 and FM19, they didn't break my 442. The team instructions might be slightly different from the formation that saw me win the Champions League with Gent, Unterhaching and HJK, but the basic tactical premise is intact - getting the ball forward sharpish, putting it into the box and seeing what happens. Unsurprisingly, our goals are coming from the strikers and assists are coming from our wingers. Well, not Duda as much, since the kid can't Dribble, so he mostly just humps them in there from a ways back and we try to pick up the second ball. It's working well so far.
  13. turnip

    [FM19] French Lingerie.

    I've never noticed there being any money in the National, but as long as you keep to your wage budget, it's not like they can blame you, right?
  14. Season 2, Part 3: March - May TSV 1860 München, German 3rd Division Our league form stayed good long enough that the chasing pack couldn't get close enough and with a few games remaining, MSV Duisburg pulled clear of the others (while still remaining a safe distance behind us). After that, our form kind of nosedived, but we clinched promotion and then the title on consecutive match days thanks to Duisburg's incompetence, so I started sending the kids out for some first team experience. Which didn't go particularly well. We had a fairly compact squad for most of the season, blooding some youngsters along the way. The best of those were Carstens and Duda(ML) (who went from 2 stars to 3.5 over the course of the season and won himself a new contract), but we were also able to give Hain (GK), Kuznetsov (DL), Zimmermann (ST) and walking trampoline Marcel Treiber (DC) a few games along the way. Our players understandably did pretty well with average ratings across the season, so it's only a moderate surprise that they swept the board in the Player of the Season award. Although given two of those 3 were loanees, you might be able to spot a future problem.