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  1. So when you get the option to vote for the league player of the season award, or the best goalkeeper... does anyone actually take that seriously? Like, does anyone look at the list of Goalkeepers suggested by the game and think "Ah yeah, that's the streak of **** who made a string of wonder saves as we got FMd 0-1, I should definitely vote for him", or check out the contenders for Young Player of the Season and not immediately click the 'Average Rating' column header twice, to make it easiest to pick the 3 worst players? Or is that just me being childish?
  2. A player got sent off in a league match and the standard fine for a red card was issued, despite me appealing the ban (and having it rescinded). Feels harsh on the player.
  3. As per the image below, the text isn't aligned correctly once a player's been offered out unsuccessfully. This is in Windowed mode. Switching to Full Screen doesn't fix it, and neither does switching to Full Screen and relaunching the game. And nor does ticking the 'Reload Skin...' option.
  4. Interestingly, the Steam store gives the following as the minimum requirements for playing The Ultimate Doom: Doom (the original) can be run on a toaster. On a satnav. I think on a kettle, once. Maybe even an electronic pregnancy test, if I didn't imagine that. Minimum requirements are almost always simply a guide. Which is just extending how far this has gone off-topic, but whatever. I've been playing the game since 97/98 consistently, and a couple of years before that on-and-off. The game overall gets better each year (some aspects occasionally get worse). I'm sure
  5. AI managers - and real life managers - will sometimes buy players who turn out to be complete donkeys. And sometimes they'll sign players who perform really well in a particular role within a particular system, but don't perform nearly as well in a different tactical setup. It's quite unusual in the game to be able to sell a complete donkey for lots of money, because a player will usually only attract a lot of attention if he's playing often and playing well, but you can certainly sell some distinctly average players for good money if you can figure out how to get good perfor
  6. A goalkeeper can also get a really good rating simply by playing for a team that wins well, even if he personally did nothing of note. DMs are also partially susceptible to low ratings, if they're played in a defensive capacity. Player ratings are... weird.
  7. It'll slowly rise each season as long as you stay in League 1, until it gets to a similar level as other teams in League 1. I wouldn't rely on cup runs to do much for your reputation - although obviously the money is always welcome.
  8. The 2050 World Cup threw up some surprises. Uruguay and South Korea went home after the Group Stages and Brazil, Colombia and Germany were knocked out in the Second Round. I actually applied for the Brazil, Germany and France jobs after the tournament, but I guess my reputation isn't good enough for that yet.
  9. Season 28: Leixões Portuguese Championship I've got a bit of a soft spot for this club, having managed them on a couple of occasions in the past, including once having a player get a global 6-month ban from football for punching a referee during an international U21 game (I miss the A.R.S.E. command ). Anyway, the job came up over the summer and having had a quick look at the facilities I applied and got the job. The club are professional in the very mixed Championship. There was some slack in the wage budget but much by way of transfer budget, so I mostly aimed at freebies. We got an
  10. Good first season at the top, Jimbo. Beware of that second season syndrome, though
  11. Season 27: Athletic Bilbao Spanish First Division I took my time choosing my next club. In the end, I opted for Bilbao, who I'd always avoided given that player signings is such a large part of how I play FM. The club does have fantastic facilities, though, which is what ultimately persuaded me to sign. Spanish First Division Relatively straight-forward. The club were 10th when I took over, but we had a nice run that got us up the table. We had a couple of poor results along the way - losing 5-1 to Sevilla sticks out for some reason - but a dull 0-1 win over Getafe on the final day
  12. Also, I'm fairly sure that the reputation of a player and the club that he plays for has an impact on Scout Recommendations.
  13. Weirdly, it's even truer now than it was back when Ian used to (rightly) bang on about it. You won't get sacked for being crap in the cups unless you're also doing crap in the league.
  14. In addition to the question about how many players are in Algeria in your save, check the preferences for the Scout assignment - if he's only going to report on players 4* or better and you've got a good team, that's really going to limit how many reports you get.
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