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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50996422 This also inadvertently highlights some of the ways in which the FM version of the French Cup is incorrect - no regionalisation of the draw, the lower-ranked team automatically getting a Home tie - but I love the fact that it's possible for a team from Reunion/Tahiti to beat a reasonably big team from France. Also, I seem to recall a side from the National reaching the French Cup final a few years back and a senior politician having a go at the professional clubs they'd beaten for not giving enough of a ****. Which is pretty funny in its own right.
  2. Season 4: Stade Lavallois Mayenne FC French Ligue 1 On the chopping block this summer were our Spanish MC, backup DC and former ML, who were all released at the end of their contracts along with a bunch of kids whose contracts had run out last season but hadn't taken the hint. Our basically-first-choice DR also left on a free for Rennes, as did one of our youth products who actually ended up having more than a dozen clubs - some Ligue 1 - offer him a contract. I'll feel slightly stupid if he ends up being good. We also sold our Senegalese MR for £2.5m to Atalanta once I'd decided I wasn't going to renew his contract, a young striker I wasn't entirely convinced by for £1.5m to Montpellier and then, a couple of days after our transfer window closed, Porto came in for our German playmaker to the tune of £16m+. I accepted and off he went. The inbound bus saw a bit of use during the summer as well. We picked up a promising striker for £600k from Monaco and a Uruguayan striker on a free, 3 players from Bayern - a full-back for each side on loan and a playmaker on a free - a backup ML from Zebventus on loan, a BBM from Auxerre for £275k and towards the end of the window we picked up a Costa Rican DC for £1m. January was a tad frustrating. Benfica came in for our #1 GK, and £7.75m saw him leave, while we were able to fend off a couple of bids for our Portuguese playmaker before Spurs threw £30m at the problem; neither the fans nor the players kicked up a fuss about that, although my shortlist was kind of lacking in the 'actually good playmaker' category. We ended up spending £1.8m on a Hungarian GK, £3m+ for a 'replacement' for the Portuguese playmaker and £2.5m for a Spanish striker. We didn't actually sell a striker to make space for him - and we couldn't register him due to what I assume is a bug - but he got a few games in the cup and in Europe. Ligue 1 I think the 0-2 win we got over PSG in early December was about as thrilled as I've been by a single result so far in this save. The win left us with a handy 10 point cushion to the not-Europe places, but we went into the Winter Break in 4th, courtesy of conceding a 94th-minute equaliser against Troyes. A poor start to 2026 saw us drop to 5th in the league and we couldn't make up the gap. We got close a couple of times, but got whomped 1-5 by PSG and then lost a 2-goal lead to drop two points against Troyes on matchday 37 that confirmed we'd be in the Euro Cup again. Elsewhere in the league, Marseille beat PSG early on to go top and stayed there from matchday 9 to the end of the season. P:38 W: 23 D:6 L:9 F:82 A:51 GD:+31 Pts:75 Pos:5th French Cup We played Ligue 1 EA Guingamp, our new feeder team Athletic Marseille and then US Creteil-Lusitanos on our way to a Quarter-Final against Nice which we lost. The SI Bingo Machine was clearly working just fine, as we had a league game against Nice 3 days before our cup exit. Euro Cup Some might consider it a bit of a kick in the unmentionables if, having qualified for Europe in their first season in a top league, their team gets drawn in a group with ****in' Dortmund and cockin' Sevilla. Not me, though; not sure why you'd think that. We actually took more points (6) from Sevilla than we did from the designated whipping-boys Cukaricki (4). Scored more goals, too (winning 1-6 and 1-0). We lost in Germany and then had a player (on loan from Bayern) sent off in the first half as we drew 3-3 at home. For finishing 2nd in our group we were drawn against the lavender arseholes in the First Knockout Round. We sauntered to a 0-4 win in Brussels and a 1-0 win at home. The following round saw us pitted against the team no fan will admit they like or love. We won 0-2 in Bern - giving their goal an absolute pummelling in the process - and despite having a couple of players unavailable, gave them an even bigger shellacking at Home, romping to a 5-0 win on the night. The good news kept coming as Sion (yeah, I got no jokes for their name) beat Bordeaux on penalties, setting us up to play them in the Quarter-Finals. So it was a little mystifying to me when we got rather FMd at home, losing 1-3, and then - with both of our regular midweek DCs injured - we won 1-2 in Switzerland but lost another couple of players to injury. Summary Our Uruguayan ST was my Player of the Season. He also won the fans' award, but not by much: our German MC was a few % points behind, with our current "how does this guy play so well?" ML a few % points behind him. He got 28 goals in 34 starts in the league, equalling the league record in his first season. ManCity were sniffing around in March, but I offered a new contract, and upping his wages from £7.5k to £40k was what he was after. He's a really good player. Our January recruit up front actually did better on his few appearances, averaging a goal every 79 minutes. We had decent performances from our on-loan DC and on-loan DL, and I'm keen to sign both if possible. Some sort of bonus point to our Colombian DC who racked up an impressive 18 yellow cards in all competitions. He's on the verge of being eligible for a French passport, which should add a bit of value to him when I decide to sell. He had another good season, but he's starting to fall behind our other DCs, so I think it's time to let him leave. It was probably injuries that prevented us from finishing 4th or higher. Between the turn of the year and the final game of the season, I don't think there was a match where we could play our best XI. Youth Intake A couple of decent prospects this time around. A midfielder who looks like he could be a very solid BBM and a striker who's probably good enough for game time in the National, if I can find a loan for him.
  3. So this just happened: Not sure I've seen that many shots for one side in a league game before
  4. Just had the Squad Registration window close before the end of the transfer window in January 2026. The only squad registration I could do after the transfer window closed was the Euro Cup squad reg.
  5. It works if you select by continent or country, but yeah, not by World.
  6. Season 4: Stade Lavallois Mayenne FC French Ligue 1 With the riches that came with promotion, I went shopping. Mostly we just used the extra wages to push signings through. We got young strikers from Lyon and a club I've never heard of in Cameroon, young Marxists from Rennes and a club I've never heard of in Angola, centre-backs from Bayern and Coton Sport (heard of them, I have), a backup right-back, versatile Armenian kid and then a backup GK from Ivory Coast. We did sell one of the most recent batch of youngsters - for £100k plus 25% of next fee, to Bordeaux. Like all of them, he's a long way off being ready for first-team football, so it looked a decent deal. And with the transfer window winding to a close, FC Porto paid us two visits - and fees - for our first-choice full-backs, each fetching £2m-£3.5m plus 20% of next fee. We also sold our backup DL/ML, which I actually put more thought into than selling our full-backs, but I agreed to let him go for £425k. In return, I signed a DL from Porto, a backup DR from a Tunisian side and decided that the Armenian kid can do backup DL if needed. By the time the January window had closed, we'd flogged a couple of young players for £400k combined and sold a backup MC to Burnley for £1m. We'd also picked up a couple of defenders from Iceland and Ghana, a Uruguyuan DR, Bosnian ST and a Latvian DM. None world-changing, but decent prospects all. We had offers from Dortmund and Lazio for our Portuguese playmaker (£17.5m + 20% of next fee), but he turned them both down. What a dude. Ligue 1 I'd thought we'd be okay in the league based on how our tactics work - well, mostly based on how the tactic worked in FM19, to be fair - but even with the reinforcements, I was surprised at just how effective we were. We got humped against Lyon and Marseille, but got decent 1-1 draws against Monaco and Petrol-Shagging Gits. Ignore those, and a couple of shrug-worthy defeats against Caen and Lorient, and we won 11 games before Christmas. We fell apart towards the end of the season, our form completely going to pieces as we lost a bunch of games. I took control on matchday 35, for what should have been an eminently winnable game against Lorient, but it still took an 85th minute equaliser for us to confirm that we'll be playing in Europe next season. We did win the next game, to end a 9-game streak without a win and eventually finished our last eleven games with a 2-2-7 record. In roll-your-eyes news, the Petrol-Shagging Gits only lost their first league game of the season (their second defeat in all competitions) on matchday 32, so I was amused that the only competition they won was Ligue 1. P:38 W:20 D:7 L:11 F:73 A:48 GD:+25 Pts:67 Pos:5th EUROPEAN QUALIFICATION! French Cup We were drawn against fellow-Ligue 1 outfit Lorient in the 9th Round and lost 2-1 courtesy of an own goal and an 89th-minute winner from their second shot on target. Yeah, we got FM-ed. Summary The Portuguese playmaker was our best player across the season. After him, it was our MR, while our on-loan ST from Liverpool got a goal every 165 minutes. He signed a new contract with Liverpool and I doubt we can get him back after 2.5 seasons, so a new approach is needed. Most of our players averaged above 7.0 for the season, which mostly shows how well they played. The winless run towards the end of the season also demonstrates how **** we are if opposition teams don't play to our strengths. The board agreed to improve Youth Recruitment again, moving up to Excellent. Possibly. Really, until the bug is fixed, who knows? The Youth Intake was definitely a step above what we've had previously. Not across the board, mind you, but we got a forward who's almost good enough for me to think about putting him on the bench, as well as a left-back who looks like a year or so away from getting game time. I was reduced to laughter by the squad at the end of the season. A year ago, they were adamant that 'avoiding relegation' was far below what the club should aspire to. Next season, apparently, achieving a top-half position is unrealistic. I think I might have signed a bunch of *****, folks.
  7. In very exciting news, we've signed a Turkmenistani youngster. And not just for a joke, as I sometimes do. Granted, my scout only thinks he'll be good enough for Ligue 2, and if he gets any game time in the league this season something will have gone horribly wrong, but it's always nice to broaden my club's horizons. Welcome... erm... how do I pronounce your name?
  8. Season 3: Stade Lavallois Mayenne FC French Ligue 2 We released a few players - the ex-Inter kid the only one to have made any real inroads into the first team - while our former first-choice keeper moved back to Bosnia to play with Zeljeznicar. Our backup DR - first choice in my debut season - left on deadline day for £50k. Coming in, we actually had a more sedate transfer window than I'm used to. We renewed the loan deal for the Liverpool striker and brought in another striker from Dortmund, also on a loan, alongside a couple of freebie options for rotation/backup. We got a backup MR from Deinze in Belgium on a Bosman and an Ivorian DC/DM from Portugal for £130k, before getting two Senegalese AML/STs from the same club (Dakar Sacre-Coeur) for £60k each. Oh, and we sent a few kids out on loans. Our Portuguese playmaker decided he wanted to leave, agreed on £2.1m as a decent price and then couldn't really complain when the only bids we received were for less than £250k. Once those clubs had buggered off, he eventually calmed down and decided he was happy to stay. We had more interest in January, including the bid mentioned in a previous post. A bunch of clubs tried to unsettle our Colombian DC - and unsettle him they did - but we didn't get any bids good enough to consider, so he stayed (unhappily). I kinda spent all the poonds and couldn't afford to bring in a decent DR once our first-choice got injured (see below). French Ligue 2 I had a hearty guffaw early on when the Niort manager went with the old "lol, you boys are ****" line ahead of Matchday 2, only for us to shred them 1-6 the following day. We started the season really well, winning 8 of our first 10 games, so the sigh that escaped me when our first-choice (and only natural, having sold the backup) DR popped his ACL in game 11 (which we also won) was almost enough to put out the little tea-light I had burning on my desk. (My fault for not signing a backup, of course. FM always knows ). Having a lop-sided defense didn't really put a dent in our form, mind you. We went into Christmas - the halfway stage - with a 15-2-2 record and 9 points clear of second. The back half of the season was largely an exercise in me swearing at the game, as the only thing we did consistently was pick up injuries and suspensions. We even had one game where we had no full-backs available, due to injury, suspensions and international duty. Despite this - and largely through the incompetence of our promotion rivals - we clinched a Playoff spot with 6 games to go and wrapped up promotion 2 matches later, as we came from behind to win 1-2 at Montpellier. We celebrated by getting three first-team players injured in the next 8 days, including one in the game we clinched the title. The season-closer saw us give 2 players squad numbers - and one of them a start - such was the impact of injuries on availability. P:38 W:27 D:6 L:5 F:78 A:30 GD:+48 Pts:87 Pos:1st LEAGUE WINNERS! French Cup We avoided anything tricky in the first few rounds, unless a round-trip to Tahiti can be described as 'tricky'. An away game at Romorantin shouldn't have required extra time, but it did [shrug]. Our 11th Round game was sandwiched between two important league games, so we used a crap team, but still only lost on Penalties to a fellow Ligue 2 side. Summary We had another solid season from our ML. Bear in mind he only got game time in our first season because there wasn't anyone else remotely decent in his position, I'm consistently impressed with how respectable his performances are. Looking solely at his attributes, I'm genuinely surprised he's even a professional football, let alone someone who can get 3 assists in a top-of-the-table clash as he did against Nimes just before Christmas. His contract's up, though, and I can't justify giving another deal to someone who's so obviously a statistical anomaly. The kid we had on loan from Liverpool is the reason we went up: 23 goals in 30(4) appearances was just too good for the other teams to deal with. Our German ST did pretty well too, with 14 goals from the 'less attacking' role, but it was noticeable that he found it harder towards the end of the season when teams went more defensive against us. I agreed to offer the Portuguese playmaker a new contract, and only afterwards realised that I had a DC with a 'Match Highest Earner' clause. Note the past tense there - I stuck him on the transfer list for a few days, but with no takers and no interest, I released him on the basis that no-one would want him on his new wages and he wouldn't be good enough for Ligue 1 - £450k is a decent chunk of money, but probably the best result over all. We're probably going to need 10 new players for next season who can regularly start. Our style of play should mean that we'll do okay, but our board is stuffed with cheapskates and... well, generally they seem to be a pack of *****, so it's hard to know how they'll respond to any given situation. Youth Intake - the preview looked much more promising than the intial reports suggested once Intake Day happened. In fairness, I didn't think it was too bad. The star ratings look typically mediocre, but I reckon there's a bit of talent in there. We've sold one of last season's intake (a GK - we've got plenty) and the MR we signed made his debut at the end of this season.
  9. Just had the board suggest that we cancel a deal for our Portuguese playmaker on the basis that they reckon they can rinse some more money from the teams who want him. The deal's in line with what I told the player I'd accept for him, so I'm interested to see whether he gets narked off, or just sucks it up.
  10. My Laval side just got drawn against a Tahitian club in the 8th Round of the French Cup, which I reckon is about as far as it's possible to travel for a domestic football game, anywhere in the world. So I'm happy with the game.
  11. Season 2: Stade Lavallois Mayenne FC French Ligue 2 A bunch of players had their contracts expire at the end of the season, including all the players I hadn't wanted last season but couldn't get rid of because the board apparently didn't understand that although, yes, terminating their contract in December means you pay them a lump sum then, but it also means you don't pay them any more money, and sometimes you actually save money. Idiots. Anyway, that freed up a bunch of the wage budget, and the board also increased what we could spend. As you'd expect, given the promotion. Ex-PSG lad moved to back-in-Ligue-1 Lens, for £1.7m plus trimmings; the board accepted it without consulting with me, but I thought it was a decent offer (although I probably could have got more for him). We didn't sell anyone else, but we did let last season's Player of the Year leave when his contract expired. Controversial, I know, but he was a pretty rubbish player. Joining, for actual cash fees, we had a current French U-21 DR for £42k (!), a Senegalese AMR also for £42k, a German U-19 MC for £50k (from the mighty Schweinfurt), an Icelandic winger and a young French midfielder before, on deadline day, splurging £78k on a Portuguese U-21 midfielder. In January, our Argie D/LC moved back home for around £50k and a couple of kids went out on loans. We, meanwhile, signed an Ivorian GK, a Cameroonian DC, a Burkinabe left-sided-type and got a French kid on loan from Liverpool up front. French Ligue 2 We got points on the board early with wins in games 1, 3 and 6 - losing the other games - before five games without a win saw me change things up slightly. We beat Auxerre 2-1 at Home, then went to bottom-placed Nancy and won 3-6 in a bonkers match that saw us go 2-0 down after 6 minutes only for Nancy to have a player sent off a couple of minutes later. Consistency was markedly lacking, but despite missing our best DCs (suspension) and DL and ST (injury), we went into the winter break 10th on the back of a 5-2 win over now-bottom FC Chambly. The reinforcements we acquired in the transfer window helped us push on in the second half of the season and leave any prospect of relegation way behind. With 6 games to go, we sat 8th - 3 points off Playoffs - but we kinda **** the bed. We did have players dropping like flies through injury and a bunch of suspensions, but we still should've done better than 7 points in those games, even if they were a little tricky. P:38 W:18 D:7 L:13 F:66 A:45 GD:21 Pts:61 Pos:8th Our U-19s got to the Playoff Final, but lost to Lyon. They beat Monaco in the final, though. Well done, guys! French Cup I threw our first game, against Ajaccio. It had been pushed back due to a Tuesday, due to international call-ups and then we had a league game Friday and Tuesday again. I sent the kids - except for central midfield, where we have some depth - and the 1-4 scoreline we lost by was flattering to Ajaccio. Summary The Colombian DC spent the first half of the season whining that I wouldn't sell him for a pittance (his contract had a year left). His performances didn't seem to be suffering, mind you, so I kept picking him. Eventually, whoever he wanted to sign for got bored, he declared he was happy and a week later had a new contract with us. Management! Clearly our players' seasons weren't as spectacular as last season, but we still had some good performances. Our Senegalese AMR won the fans' Player of the Season for getting a few goals and assists and generally running his little legs off down the wing. The Portuguese playmaker was very tidy, even if none of his statistics really show it (hmm), while the Colombian had a decent season, as did our young DR (when he wasn't suspended, anyway). Youth Intake was underwhelming again. I probably signed more than half of the players, focussing on the ones with 10+ Determination (as per my habit from FM19). None of them look much good, but I though the same about last year's bunch and I'm now being told that one of them has Ligue 1 potential.
  12. (back on my llama for this one) Season 1: Stade Lavallois Mayenne FC French National I holidayed a couple of seasons while unemployed and took over at the club shortly after the last game of the season, with the team having finished 10th after what looked like a pretty uninspiring campaign. There wasn't an awful lot of talent in the first team, except for a good DR and MC, some 'okay-looking' wingers, a few youth players with potential and a very promising left-sided full-back/winger. We had a GK who considered himself too good for the club and wanted to leave - no-one wanted to sign him and he barely played for us all season. We got rid of a bunch of crap when their contracts expired and I was able to ditch a couple of higher-paid crapsters by offering them out for free. That funded my usual raft of signings, mostly sourced through trialling anything with a pulse. Notable signings were a D/LC (ex-of River), two striker rejects from PSG and Inter, a Bosnian U-21 GK, Croatian forward and a Colombian DC. We also re-signed a DC on loan from Angers and got a midfielder on loan (also from Angers) before getting a 3rd loanee in January (from Lorient this time) as backup. Mix in a few other youngsters as backups, and that's your lot. French National One of the most astonishing seasons I can remember in an FM save. We were relentless from start to (almost) finish, solid in defense (we only conceded more than a single goal in 4 games) but creating loads of chances. We scored the most and conceded the least, yes, but we also completed the most passes, created the most chances - >150% that of the next team - had the most shots on target, the highest ratio of shots on target and were also the most fouled team in the league. Yeah, we were basically the T1000 of the French National this season. The only game we lost, the penultimate one, was probably my fault - our GK was on international duty the game before and I forgot to swap him back in; his replacement was just rubbish. P:34 W:26 D:7 L:1 F:75 A:20 GD:55 Pts:85 Pos:1st CHAMPIONS! French Cup We put 25 goals past our opponents without reply in Rounds 5-9 before reaching the 10th Round, where we gave Nantes a decent game and took them to Extra Time before losing 3-1. Summary I tweaked tactics during pre-season; initially starting with one of the pre-set Formation+Style combinations, but dialling things back to something I thought a bit more balanced. The combination of that and the players I brought in just made things work. At the back, the ex-River guy was solid, the Colombian was very impressive with 3 goals and 3 hoof-it-down-the-pitch assists and even our utterly-unremarkable DR did so well I more or less had to renew his contract. Our BBM got 13 goals in 37 appearances (gotta love that 'Gets Forward Whenever Possible' trait), the Wingers got a hatful of goals and assists, and then our top-tier reject youngsters completed the job up top, with the ex-PSG lad getting 22 goals and 13 assists. I expect I'll be fending off a fair few bids in the summer. Our prospect DL attracted quite a lot of attention at times, but seemed happy for me to tell Ligue 1 teams to bog off, while the ex-PSG kid is already 'Wnt' - and rightly so. Youth Intake was pretty "meh". Hard to tell what the overall quality is, since our best players seemed to flit between 'decent Ligue 1' and 'good Ligue 2' and that's usually what youth players seem to be judged against. Also, one kid who the coaches had at 1(+1) Potential jumped up to 2(+1) when I signed him based on his attributes, rather than Coach report. No-one really stood out, and I think I only signed about half a dozen of the players.
  13. Dunno, sounds like the squad introduced themselves to him... studs first
  14. Having lost my other save to Auto-Save shenanigans, I popped back to this one, only to find that I hadn't ticked the 'Disable Use of the In-game editor' option when I started... because I didn't have the editor when I started. So now I know which of my players are objectively the best ones (these players may not actually be the best ones). Not something I wanted to know, to be honest. Still, there's value to be had in many things, if you can be bothered looking for it. I've gone through my Youth Intakes, looked at the PA of the players who came through each year and compared the PA to how highly the players were ranked by my staff at the time. Just a little observational study of the competence of my staff. Anyway, here is the list - by year of intake and then with the player identifiers, so 1a would be the most highly-rated player in the first year's intake, 1b the second-highest rated player, and so on. Next to that is their PA and how their PA ranks in that intake. (The "AN Other" listings represent a player I didn't give an identifier to at the time of the intake). I've put it in a spoiler, as I know there are some people who don't want to know about the inner workings. Discussion: From 9 seasons, there are only 2 where my staff rated the best player (by PA) as the best one in the intake. There's a fair amount of variety in where that 'Best PA' player ends up in the staff rankings, including one season where they weren't highly-rated by my staff. That said, and remember I haven't used the editor in this save until now, the 'Best PA' player from each intake (except Intake 8) has had at least one season as a member of one of my XIs. In 6 of the intakes, there's at least one player who wasn't highly-rated by my staff who ended up being better than a player who was. It's not quite the 'anyone could be the best player from your intake' lesson that some go by (my staff were rarely completely wrong), but it shows there's a reasonable amount of variation in how staff rank players.
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