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  1. In my current save, at Dinamo, I had a bid of £69m for one of my centre-backs, who was 'worth' around £4m. The bid got that high after I rejected a bunch of smaller offers. I don't think the player has particularly good CA/PA, but clearly the team were desperate. My advice is not to pay too much attention to the 'value' the game assigns to a player. It's influenced by their contract and reputation. Scout a player and see what your scout thinks is a suitable bid, Then put in a low bid to see if the rejection you get indicates whether he has a Release Clause or not. Then work upwards from there until you either reach an agreement with the club or you hit the maximum you're willing to offer (you do have a maximum in mind, right?). The Transfer module isn't perfect - I'm really not a fan of clubs still asking for 8-digit fees for players when they've got 7 months left on their contract and they're not even getting game time - but the fact is that you usually have to pay a lot of money to sign an exciting talent or world-class player.
  2. Yes, but what's your Knowledge of the country that he's playing in?
  3. We've managed to make it through to the Champions League Group Stage again! Maybe this will be the season w- [draws Man Utd, RB Leipzig and Ligue 1 title-winner Rennes] -e again play the kids and let gravity deal with the situation.
  4. If you use the in-game option to Add Leagues to regions you're interested in having youth players come through from, that will help. If I choose to add the Australian league to my save, it'll increase the number of players by 1.5%, and I'm sure they'll mostly be from the region.
  5. Anyway, have some player pictures. Here's our 5* brat - already pissed that signing a contract has consequences - alongside our new Club Captain, who's my new favourite player for becoming Home Grown and also signing a new 5-year contract without even asking for a Minimum-Fee Release Clause.
  6. Season 21, Dinamo Croatian First League For all my kvetching about bigger teams coming in for our better players, they didn't. Possibly my best players aren't as good as I think they are/would like them to be. /shrug We signed reinforcements, because I always do. The players to actually get game time were a two-footed MC from Dortmund, a fascist from Zilina and - to make those dratted Home Grown requirements less of a faff to meet - we spent £20m on a striker from Rijeka. Who got da money? Well, Rijeka do now. Honestly, I kinda spaffed away the transfer window. I don't feel like my scouts are finding many affordable players who could bolster our best 22, so I just sort of nibble around the edges trying to get the squad into shape. Our Club Legend socialist left for Guangzhou and an eye-watering £215k p/w in January for £12.5m (he was 28; go and fill your boots with cash, mate) while Chelsea bought out a release clause of £7.75m for a young MC everyone seemed to rate higher than me. We also accepted a £69m (hehe) bid for our Serbian DC from a Chinese club, but he turned them down. First League As per last season, really. A somewhat challenging start, with European qualifiers keeping the schedule busy and then a mostly breezy final 2/3s of the season, with Hajduk having yet another miserable return from the winter break. They finished second, 24 points behind us. P:36 W:25 D:10 L:1 GD:+51 Pts:85 Pos:1st CHAMPIONS! Croatian Cup With the mixed match squads, we put out stronger teams this season than we had done previously, and consequently strolled to the club's first Cup for 15 years. Europe We started even earlier in the qualifying rounds this season, which was just swell, but the fixtures (Dinamo Tblisi, Partizani and Slavia Prague) were at least simple enough. I reworked the Weekend and Midweek XIs to have a mix of players, to see if we could be in Europe after Christmas, but our Champions League group consisted of Inter, Real Madrid and Benfica; a clear indication that the FM gods did not want progression to be a thing this season. Youth Intake Pretty average overall, but we had a 5-star prospect come through who looks like he could be really good. PSG had already bid for him before we were halfway through June, to which I couldn't have slammed the 'Reject' button any harder if it came with the option to slap their recruiting team in the face. Summary A good season all-round. Our defense was more miserly than last season... well, domestically, anyway. Our GK got himself 12 goals in all competitions, but if we get a good offer, I'll let his injury-prone self leave. One of our new DLs - a Slovakian - made good progress, but we lack good-quality options on the right. I just about avoided having too many MCs to keep happy by sending a few off on loan and rotating frantically. The £20m kid did well, with 14 assists and 5 goals and is, of course, now wanted by a bunch of clubs. **** 'em, though; there's no MFRC, so it's either the sunny side of £55m or go and spin. The Salvadoran again flattered to deceive in terms of quantifiable 'end product', but has kept improving.
  7. The game tries to keep a balance of nationalities within the game, so if the players in the game are (pulling numbers out of thin air): European - 80%, African - 5%, South American - 10%, Asian - 3%, Oceanian - 2%... then the game will generally try to generate newgens to keep that proportion over time. So yes, the game will generate newgens for view only nations.
  8. Can you not shift-click to mass-select them and then choose 'Cancel Assignment'?
  9. The perils of European qualifiers - actually having to give a **** about results. This results in us playing the Second XI in league games. So consider this: we play a crap team, but our DL gets sent off after 20 minutes for a red card that is rescinded when I appeal. Great? No, because the AssMan took charge of the game and brought on our first-choice DL when the red card happened, and be promptly broke a toe, because FM is a god with a cruel and unusual sense of humour.
  10. I wonder what his technique is like. I had a player who had 7-8 for Long Shots, but had really good Technique. He scored quite a lot of goals from outside the area, purely (I reckon) because he was given time on the ball to line his shots up (opposition teams usually packed the box against us).
  11. Season 20, Dinamo Croatian First League We brought in a few squad players in the summer, with the major signings being a versatile young Romanian attacker, a young Norwegian MC and a wing-back-ish French kid. In the January window, we again mostly brought in squad players, but did sign a new first-choice GK from Velez, for £5m. There was one who got away; a young wing-back from Nantes, who wanted £15m for him. Given that his contract had a year left, I thought we'd get him in on loan and then make a more reasonable bid nearer to Christmas. However, Nantes were intent on playing silly buggers and still wanted >£10m for him, so when he could be offered a contract, we were in the same boat as every other club and he eventually committed career suicide by agreeing to join PSG. What a waste. Croatian First League A harder task this season. Hajduk didn't have a nightmare start, despite selling a few first team players and not obviously replacing them. The early nadir was a 0-4 loss to Hajduk, sandwiched between two European qualifiers. And that was kind of the theme for the first part of the season - our tricky league games were at the times when we had fewest available resources to play our best XI. We had 6 injuries to first-team players at the end of November, which left me anxious about how the rest of the season would unfold. I needn't have worried. Hajduk shat the bed in impressive style, winning 2 and drawing 3 of their first 10 games back after the winter break, while Osijek were better but couldn't match our form. We only dropped 4 points after Christmas. P:36 W:29 D:5 L:2 GD:+52 Pts:92 Pos:1st CHAMPIONS! Croatian Cup A second-string team got FM-ed 0-1 by HNK Gorica. Europe We scraped past Malmo 2-0 to reach the Champions League Group Stage. I didn't think we had enough to beat Barcelona or Dortmund... and we didn't. FC Kobenhavn traded Home wins with us and our 5-0 trumped their 1-0, but they FM-ed Dortmund in their final game to get a 1-1 draw and finish above us. We played a second-string team in all games except the 5-0 win. Youth Intake The preview suggested it would be a good one, but initial impressions weren't as positive. There are a few who could be useful, mind. Last season's intake is looking much b- uh, more adequate than it did at the time, too. Summary Our Colombian playmaker got 72% of our fans' votes for Player of the Season, and picked up the league award, too. He's got a MFR Clause of £21.5m, with a few Premier League clubs after him, so I suspect he's leaving. I've got replacement options on my shortlist, though. The French DC attracted interest in January and was briefly upset that I wouldn't sell him to BMG, but he calmed down shortly after and signed a new contract - he's a no-brainer first pick at the moment. Our Salvadoran striker was also attracting interest, but broke his ankle in mid-November, which kept clubs away in the January window; he didn't actually have a particularly good season, but there are also clubs after him.
  12. ... than the words "Joining PSG on..." on the profile page of an 18/19-year old really promising youngster. It would be nice if the text was modable, just so I could change it to "career doomed to die miserably on..." RIP, youngster.
  13. A player's suitability for a specific role will increase if that player has their key attributes (for that role) improve. So a DC with poor passing will see his suitability for 'Ball-Playing Defender' improve if his Passing (and Vision) go up. Personally, I'd view it as a guide. If you really want someone to be a Raumdeuter, go for it. At the lower levels, every player is rubbish anyway, so what difference does it make if he's a rubbish Raumdeuter or a rubbish Inside Forward.
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