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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Teddy Sheringham, born in 1966, is 43 years old in that screenshot, so if my maths is correct (and my eyes are, too)...
  2. Also: work permit restrictions, language (that does play a part) and tactics. Juninho, when he played for Middlesborough, was one of the best players in the league. At one of the worst teams in the league. They got relegated, but damn if he didn't play well most weeks, with his "flair and dribbling" as you put it. Why don't English players move abroad? Because their clubs in England practically throw money at them; if you can earn £30k per week as a bit-part player for a mid-low table Premier League team, why would they leave? Also, British clubs typically do a horrible job of actually educating young players, so they'll be unable to speak a foreign language and have no life skills their parents didn't teach them. Moving abroad is a big leap if you're a thick 20 year old who doesn't know how to use a washing machine, let alone talk to someone in Italian or Spanish.
  3. Okay, this is just stupid. A good player, in a team that plays to his/her strengths, will play well anywhere; whereas managers who sign players without knowing how to fit them into a tactic, or build a tactic around them, will struggle to get the best from that player.
  4. Overload is like pressing the 'stupid' button. I understand that you're probably only using Overload when you desperately need a goal, but I struggle to understand why it seems to overrule almost all Player Instructions. My goalkeeper starts punting it aimlessly downfield, even straight from defending a set piece (i.e. when I have no players forward); throw-ins are hurled down the line, irrespective of if there's even a player in that direction; players throughout my team start shooting as soon as they get within 35 yards of the goal, and regardless of whether there's a player in a better position. I'm sure there's a way to set up so that going Overload is beneficial to your team, but I've never managed to get it to work. I just end up swearing at my players more.
  5. Run Down The Flank, Perfect Low Cross and Boom(?) Okay, more like 'clang', but whatever
  6. I was going to ask whether Dinamo had a player sent off, but I realise that's a different issue. If you IR'd the game, I have a feeling that the game auto-generates a list of penalty-takers according to some very opaque criteria. If your GK doesn't meet those criteria, he'd be down the list. Which isn't to say that penalties are utterly borked, but still.
  7. 1) Doesn't happen that often 2) Yes, but if your Assistant isn't doing them for you, more fool you 3) Yes to weather and pitch condition. Not sure about grass vs synthetic but probably only a minor impact 4) Yes, but don't expect to see it often 5) Yes, very infrequently 6) Yes. The workshy clowns
  8. Mother of all newgens

    Anyway, 2 years later, here's Burhan just before he makes his FIRST EVER START! (Against a 3rd Division team in the cup). As I said before, my coaches do tend to get carried away. There's obviously been some development, but nothing all that impressive. I'm hoping that I can give him some game time this season and his Potential stars will go up (he's now at 2.5, down from 4.5, albeit we are one of the best teams in the world).
  9. Jadedness

    I dunno, but either way, he'd still probably say he's feeling fine
  10. I had to dig out the .txt file I'd saved, but in FM08, I spent the last 8 seasons of a 38-season save file managing KFC Verbroedering Geel* (as it was) and in my final season took them as far as the Champions League semi-finals. And that was when league reputation was static and any club that could find £3m down the back of their sofa could buy pretty much any one of my players. I think that squad building is easier if you have a tactic that you understand, since you can recruit for that tactic. If you're still trying to find a system that works, or you're just trying to sign the best players possible and then find a formation that works, you'll probably have more difficulty. But if, for example, the player knows what attributes they're looking for in a decent second-tier DM, they're at an advantage over the AI who is more likely to be looking for CA/PA/Role Suitability rather than someone who is quick, has good stamina and can tackle. I had a tactic back in FM08 and as long as I brought in the right kind of player for the right kind of role, it worked well. * - also managed in that save file: Barcelona (in D2B), Bayern Munich (in Third Division) and Fiorentina (C1)
  11. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Uh-huh. If you say so.
  12. There's a genuine point to be made about 'real' players and how they're represented, particularly when it comes to freakishly good players. For those players, the researchers have to come to a compromise. In the image you've linked, Xavi's Physical attributes are good while his Technical and Mental attributes are excellent. From what I remember, Messi has a combination of very good Technical/Mental/Physical attributes. That is, as much as anything, a feature of having to categorise 'real' players according to an arbitrary 1-200 ranking system. The researchers have to show that an excellent player has great Technical skill, while still making sure that they're inferior to X player from a different club. If anything, introducing newgens re-balances the playing field. No longer are we relying on researchers to say who's better than who, it's all about the numbers under the hood. And on that note, I find that the best prospects have a good all-round balance of attributes, rather than strengths in one area.
  13. Your argument appears to rely on a facet of the game (newgens) that you admit yourself you don't really engage with. So there's something wrong with your reasoning straight away, but I'll indulge you anyway, because I'm drunk. You argue that 'Physicals are stronger than mentals , which are bad'. Well, good newgens tend to have good physical attributes while bad newgens tend to have bad physical attributes. Is it possible that the newgens you're seeing are simply the good ones (i.e. the players your scouts would identify, not the crap ones they'd ignore) and therefore the ones who are most likely to have good physical attributes? This feeds into your second point, about there being no 'weak' Physical players in the game world. I could point out literally hundreds of 'physically weak' players in my current save. But I won't. Because they're not 'good' players. Because most 'good' players have good physical attributes... because they're 'good'. And so, they appear in the best teams in the world. There are buckets of 'good' central defenders with bad Jumping Reach, mind you. But if you're complaining about there being no players with bad Physical attributes, you're either in a top league (and, therefore, facing 'good' players regularly), or you're in a lower league and just completely blind. On to your third point. And yes, it would be nice if we could find a player on FM with the 'technical' skills of Iniesta. But if we did, there would be complaints about BUGS!!! because of the amount of time the player would spend on the floor, screaming about a foul that never happened. I would also point out that Xavi, at his best, had exceptional Stamina and would be at least 95% as good in the 90th minute as he was in the first, so your point doesn't really stand anyway. It is, in fact, very possible to develop a player with crap Physical attributes and great Technical attributes, but since they'd be useless in a top-tier league, I'm not sure why you'd bother, other than to make a stupid point on a forum.
  14. I've gotten rather annoyed with international managers in my current save, mostly due to their tendency to return players to me in sub-optimal condition. Now, I appreciate that once a player is with his national team, all bets are off, but what the everloving <snip> are these quacks doing with my players? As an example, I have an Icelandic MC. In my last game (a Bundesliga match), he played as a Box-To-Box Midfielder; arguably the role that expends the most stamina. He played 90 minutes and ended up at ~65% condition by the end of the game. By the following matchday (3 days later, thank you Europe), he was at 90% condition. Last international break, he played for Iceland. They had games against San Marino and the Faroe Islands. Now... I realise that Iceland are kind of terrible in FM unless a player is managing within the country (or the country), but surely you don't have to flog your best player to within an inch of his life to eke out hard-earned draws against two of the worst 4 teams in Europe. And it's not like I'm taking this personally or anything, but given that I signed this kid out of IBV's youth team, having him rock up to his club's game with a Match Fitness of 78% is like stealing my last home-brewed beer and complimenting me on how good it tastes while I sit there with a glass of water. For the record, that's 5 of my preferred First XI who weren't fit enough to start a league game (lower than 85% match fitness) after an international break, and that's with a CL game in midweek following. Dear International Managers: <snip> Yours lovingly, turnip
  15. Match engine

    I have seen, more so in previous FM games, the occasional weekend where scores just go utterly bonkers for all teams. I'm talking a full round of fixtures where the average goals scored is like 7 or 8 per match. I always just assume that with the number of copies of the game sold, and with the number of seasons played by everyone (combined), that sort of thing is just the arse end of the bell curve of normal distribution.