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  1. It's rough luck to draw Lille in the Champions League Qualifiers
  2. When you choose 'Get Scout Report', you can select which scout you want to do it. You have to go through the right-click sub-menu, but the option is there. Personally, I can never be bothered remembering which of my scouts is where, but this should solve [part of] the problem for you. The other part of the problem could be that your team is just too good. If you're Kings Lynn and can send scouts around the world, I'm assuming you're challenging for at least the Premier League. Young players are likely to have lower CA, so it might be that your scout is looking at good-but-not
  3. The problem with short-arse defenders (as a short-arse myself) is that a real manager would have the sort of granularity of control to say "Okay, if they start doing little tricks out on the wings, then [HULKING MIDFIELDER] you come in to the penalty area to defend the high balls in while [DWARF DEFENDER] looks to close down any pockets of space". Whereas we, the Football Manager, have to cross various appendages and hope the ball doesn't inevitably home in on whichever lanky **** has inevitably ended up being marked by your team's token Liliputian. That said, I've found I can get aw
  4. If you can, try putting an expiry date on the Clause. You can often get them to agree to a Clause that expires in less than a year. And teams generally don't make offers within a few months of a player signing a new contract.
  5. Season 12: Burton Albion English League Two As the near-month between updates suggests, I wasn't really engaged with this season. The players at the club when I joined were pretty much all Vanarama National -levels of quality, the wage budget was at Vanarama National levels and the staff were about as poopy as the Youth Intake was. Still, it often takes me a little time to get going with a new club, so whatever. Transfers Katlego was a Chelsea reject. I don't think he's ever going to be brilliant, but there's enough there to work with, as long as I can get the tacti
  6. I love those absolute gut-punch Champions League Group Stage draws. When I haven't got a very strong first team, I'm always in two minds between 'make an effort' and 'send the kids'. But when the draw puts me up against Real Madrid, Inter and Liverpool, it's basically an open invitation to get the kids to update their passports and line up some facilities upgrades.
  7. It depends on what your goals are. If your goal is just to dominate domestically, it sounds like you've already got that sorted and it's boring now. Which probably means some extra restrictions; either you can only use your own Youth Players, or you can only sign U-21 players. Or you have to have a player from a 150+ FIFA-ranked country (e.g. crap) in every matchday squad (just spit-balling here). If your goal is to win the Champions League, then at some point you'll have to stop selling your best/brightest players, which probably means building up a warchest of ~$200m or so (enough
  8. Season 12: Burton Albion English League Two I took over towards the end of the season after not really finding any interesting jobs for a long old time. Burton - with their tip-top facilities - were a very attractive proposition, considering the lengths I'd had to go to to persuade the Dinamo board (whom I'd made literally hundreds of millions of pounds for) to fund upgrades. They were languishing towards the bottom of League 2, but in no danger of relegation. A good start to my time at the club, and end to the season. Gillingham finished near the top of the league, so gett
  9. The ball does get 'stuck' more often when the pitch is a quagmire, but I don't think pitches deteriorate to that point often enough.
  10. Getting drawn in a pig of a group is fine, though. If you're going to get smashed in 4/5 out of the six games anyway, there's no reason not to just play the backups and let the good players win your league games.
  11. Season 11: Dinamo Croatian First League April - May The season ended well. League form wasn't great, even if results were still good - the 6-0 against Junak looks comprehensive, but we only scored our first after they were down to 9 men. In the Champions League, we were excellent in the first leg against Barca, but pretty much the entire team **** the bed in the second leg and only a goal from Escobedo saved us. A tight first leg in Manchester (thanks for an Escobedo penalty) set us up for N'Diaye to run away with the tie in the second leg. And then in the final, we ha
  12. Mistake I had a couple of injuries in the squad, so ended up swapping an almost-unneeded DL into the team for a couple of games and somehow saved the team selection without realising. Which meant that - because I Instant Result games in Europe - the superstar below made it into a bunch of really important games:
  13. Season 11: Dinamo Croatian First League February to March It looks like we roared back from the winter break, but we weren't actually all that good. The big wins over Rijeka and Varazdin weren't nearly as comprehensive as they appear, while the win over Lokomotiva was as scratchy as my voice after I'd finished screaming at the players. We were better in March, though. This also goes for the Champions League - the first leg was an even game, but we were much better in the second leg. Barcelona await in the next round. The much-hyped Youth Intake came around and
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