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  1. Season 22: Lech Poznan PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa November - December Bayern drew their final group game against Ajax, which was a relief since they had the head-to-head advantage and meant we finished ahead of them. Elsewhere, we're just ploughing on. Our backups are quite a lot better - overall, at least - than really anything our opponents can put on the pitch, and it shows. Inter are one of the trickier teams we could have got in the Knockouts, but we were comfortably better than them last season, so I'm hoping a repeat win is on the cards. We have a fat cush
  2. Season 22: Lech Poznan PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa The game against Cracovia was aneurysm-inducing stuff. We took a very early lead, they scored from countering two of our corners (one via a penalty); we surged back to take a 3-2 lead, only for them to grab an utterly undeserved late equaliser. Otherwise, it's all been fine. I've been giving Polidori more game time and he's still a long way off being top quality for the league; thus the goals conceded against Cracovia, Wisla and Podbeskidzie. Players of the Update Cuadrado has continued to make increme
  3. The breakthrough for my teams in Europe always comes when I've got a second string who can - at least - be competitive in the league when my first XI has to be rested for the big games.
  4. Season 22: Lech Poznan PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa Transfers: Edgar Gonzalez was a sale I didn't really want to make, but knew I'd have to. We tried to negotiate, but he wanted to leave and Liverpool were pretty stingy. Ah well, it's profit. Topalovic was another I wanted to keep, but it was either him or Frydrych and Frydrych has more utility. Cissé was a good player, but not £10m good; Frank Morris and Leighton Fowler were free signings we managed to develop a bit and flip for a lot. Tomczyk had outlived his usefulness, while Costa, Rey and Franjic had all fallen down the
  5. Croatia is a good pick because they have a high Youth Rating, so once you're one of the biggest teams with excellent facilities, you should get some very good youth players coming through.
  6. As knap points out, my experience is that - when players come through a Youth Intake - Current Ability correlates strongly with Potential Ability; which means that the better a player is when they're generated, the better they are likely to become. So if you're looking at a 15/16 year old player, if he's already pretty good for his age, there's a reasonable chance he'll go on to be a good player. Next, I think about nationality. It's possible for a player to come through at pretty much any club in any nation in the world at 120 CA (which is broadly good enough for the English Championship
  7. Signing players is always a gamble, which is kind of the point. If there was a foolproof way of doing it, the game would be incredibly boring.
  8. General Miscellany Trying to write up the season update at 2am doesn't leave much leeway for random bits and pieces. Just beating my own records. Turns out when you START QUALIFYING IN ****ING JULY and play 19 games in a competition, you have a chance to score lots of goals. "so far this season" I'm partly including this for the hilarity of the dark blue font on a dark green label, and partly to compare with the next image. Note R. Francés in goal for the European Champions Cup Dream Team. Now note who was the best Goalkeeper in the tournament
  9. Season 21: Lech Poznan PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa February - May The strength and depth we now have in the squad was pretty evident as we tumbleweeded our way to the end of the season. The 6-0 clobbering of LKS Lodz secured the title for us, while the Second XI romped to yet another cup final win, this time against Pogon. Our Goal Difference of +90 in the league (F:104; A:14) tells a story, y'know? We've just got a lot of very talented players. And once our inexorable march to an Invincible season in the league was complete, the only thing left was the small matter o
  10. Season 21: Lech Poznan PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa Winter Transfer Window We - for the first time ever - didn't sell any important players in January. Astonishing, I know, but I guess our reputation is high enough and our bank balance fat enough that there's no real pressure there. That said, we had a series of bids for the usual suspects - Ian Sega, Canobbio, Cisse, Frydrych, Del Favero, Nielsen, Franceschini, Oosting, Morawski and Rymaniak. Of those, I only accepted a bid for Nielsen, but he turned them down. Frydrych, Morawski and Rymaniak got a bit upset when I rej
  11. Season 21: Lech Poznan PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa November - December We were lucky to walk away from Czestochowa with a point, and lucky to get the 3 points against Man ******, but our other results were deserved, regardless of how much the Juventus manager whined about it (hey, our xG was at least 0.05 higher than theirs...). We are continuing to score boatloads of goals. After 19 matches, our Goal Difference is +56. Player of the Update Apologies for the slapdash screenshot. But hopefully you can see just how bonkers Diego's season has been so
  12. Season 21: Lech Poznan PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa September - October The draws against Pogon and Man City were, I would say, equidistant from each other, but on opposing sides of the middle of the 'deserved' scale. We totally deserved to beat Juve, though. Shakhtar, too, but certainly not 7-1. We're giving up a bit more than we were, defensively, but I'm fairly sure that's because Ian Sega has missed quite a few games through injury and rotating through our 3 backup DC options - while good for their development - means we lack consistency at the back. I don't care t
  13. Exciting Transfers News One of my scouts came across this guy kid on his travels. Now, I love me a good full-back, but the way the game is at the moment (specifically, the attribute weighting), they're pretty hard to find because only the very talented ones are good defensively and offensively. And, as detailed in my last update, I'm really struggling to find good ones at the moment. So this guy kid immediately caught my eye. He's at Real Betis, though, who don't really need the money. Thus began what - if I was the AI manager - would have been a rage-inducing period of h
  14. Poland is 13th. The issue, as always, is that the other Polish clubs really aren't doing much to help. Lech is 19th on the 5-year co-efficient, which I'm happy with in general. We were 3rd seeds for the Group Stage this season, we just had pretty horrible 1st and 2nd seed draws.
  15. Season 21: Lech Poznan PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa Important things out of the way nice and quickly - we re-signed both Baia and Daza to new contracts without those pesky MFRCs. Baia's on £15k p/w and Daza's on £17.5k. Very happy with both contracts - I think we can offer up to £150k p/w now, but I'm not doing that any time soon. The reputation boost we got from reaching the Champions League final was so small I didn't really notice it, so none of our players' values reflect what they should be worth. There's still plenty of work to be done to improve things. Transfers Out
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