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    [FM19] Not all that glitters is gold.

    Depending on how the club reputation's going, Valderrama looks like a £25m+ sale within a couple of seasons.
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    Sods law

    Thanks for sharing
  3. Attributes already go from 1-200, but the view is simplified to make it easier for people playing the game to 'read'. That's why you'll see a Red/Green arrow next to a player's attributes, but the number hasn't changed - it's an increment within 12 (e.g. 12.5-12.6). The reason those managers do well is because they're good tacticians and can make use of good players (although I'll rate Guardiola behind Klopp and Benitez until he manages a team where he doesn't have massive piles of money to buy players with).
  4. Season 9, Summer Transfer EXTRAVAGANZA!!! TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 1 I said that I'd probably have a bit of a clear-out and that's what happened. Buoyed by our Champions League win, the players got sizeable bumps to their values, which made selling some of them pretty easy. So, in no particular order, other than chronologically, we sold [deep breath]: Sebastian Grasser: £10m to Austria Vienna - Sebastian lost his place to Mascaroni last season and was never going to get it back, so toodle-oo Matt Bennett 5c: £31m (£45.5m) to Southampton - a bit out of the blue, this, for a player with only two starts under his belt. But, for that much money, I was never going to refuse (I would have accepted a lot less, but that was their first bid) Pascal Eschwaltrup 1b: £8.5m to PAOK - didn't really play last season, wasn't going to play this season. Byeee Jassim Al-Thani: £10m to Watford - too inconsistent and would have blocked a youth player from getting a place in match squads Stanislav Tomic: £10m to FC Augsburg - I agreed this sale with a heavy heart, given how good he's been, but we've got two DLs who are a lot better and a young player who'll pick up the scraps, so Tomic was no longer required Hans Ebbers: £39.5m (£58m) to Schalke - not a sale I was expecting to make, but it was good money and although he'd been good, I didn't think he was irreplaceable (although, as Albert Einstein said "Time vill tell; sooner or later, time vill tell") Marvin Feldmeier: £20m to Shakhtar - with our new GK incoming, it was time to say goodbye to Marvin and his steadily-increasing desire for a new contract Ignacio Silva: £15m to Mainz - an injury in pre-season last year lost him his place in the side and he never got it back Nestor Suarez: £25m to Porto - started agitating for a new contract, annoying me in the process. We didn't make much money here, due to contract/transfer clauses, but we didn't lose out Jorn Dismer 1f: £2.4m to Augsburg - had some really crap performances last season, so it was time for him to shuffle along Nedzad Suljic 1c: £5m to PSV - probably would have kept him for another season, but his contract was due to expire next summer, he was never going to get a new one and I agreed terms with someone better If you've got your calculators out, don't worry. It's £176m Players In There wasn't quite the strength-in-depth to promote entirely from the U-19s, so some signings were required. Key incoming players were a Peruvian DC - an absolute bargain at £650k - a Brazilian GK for £750k plus extras, a Colombian MC for £1.5m and finally, on deadline day, a French DC for what will probably end up being around £35m (with a Transfer Budget of over £200m, I was seriously mulling this decision over. I'm such an idiot. ) My DoF also earned his corn by picking up a Nigerian ST from FC Midtjylland whose Work Permit had expired, for a deal that I brought forward for less than £9k; he's not first-team ready, but looks like he could be a very good player in time. Barboza will partner Wagener in the Weekday XI, while Lefranc-Crepin will play alongside Kovacevic in the Weekend XI.
  5. Have I mentioned that Duarte is a bro? Because Duarte is a total bro
  6. The plural of anecdote is not 'data', etc The game is as hard as you make it. If you visit the Tactical/Good Player Forums here for advice, you're already making the game easier and giving yourself an advantage the AI doesn't have. Maybe try that?
  7. Youth Intake retrospective(s) Youth Intake #2 Then: - Gullenbeck(2a) has barely developed. We released him last summer and Bayern picked him up on a free, but there's nothing there. - Ivan(2b) did okay in terms of development, but was always just not good enough. He had a couple of mediocre loan spells, then we flogged him for £10k in the January window - Ahmetovic(2c) made a bit of improvement, but not nearly enough to warrant game time. We released him last year and now he's playing in Australia, albeit for a decent team - Prokos(2d) then: Prokos(2d) now: - San(2e) has, again, done okay. He's made just enough development that I gave him a new deal last summer, but I think second tier is his level Summary: a bit of a rubbish intake if we exclude Prokos. Youth Intake #3 Then: - Moller(3a) has developed okay, but we're looking to move him on. He should still have a good professional career, mind you - Kovacevic(3b) then: Kovacevic(3b) now: - Gerlspeck(3c) hasn't really had any game time with us, but my coaching team still rate him. Somewhat injury prone, mind you - Auer(3d) got a new deal last summer, but will probably never play for us - Doumbia(3e) - I didn't get a screengrab of him when he came through, but he's a solid member of the squad now: - Filipovic(3f) has done okay in his two seasons as a regular starter, but I'm not sure he's got enough improvement in him, given how good Egermann is - Tuting(3g) looked like a decent GK when he came through, but didn't really develop, so we sold him a couple of years back Summary: a good intake, with three players being good enough to get Bundesliga Winners medals
  8. Season 8, Summary TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 1 Some good performances across the season. Danso showed that he's got an eye for goals in the big games, with 15 goals in 13 appearances in the Champions League, although his league form was somewhat less impressive. One of the newcomers to our Second XI - Bari - was inconsistent but basically unplayable on his day. The same goes for Mascaroni, who slotted in at MR due to an injury to Grasser and resembled what I imagine happens if you breed a Terminator with a Roadrunner. In terms of the youngsters, Kovacevic had a good first season at DC and Doumbia had another decent season without really blowing me away. I didn't see much development from Filipovic, but Füger had a run of games due to Phillip fracturing his skull in January and did alright - 13(5) appearances and not embarrassing himself. I do think we've reached the end of the road with Dismer, Tomic and Eschwaltrup. Tomic lost his place to Rodriguez, while Eschwaltrup spent most of the season on the bench. Dismer did play regularly, but that's more a failing of my scouts and youth intake than a factor of good performances. For next season, I'm prepared to have a bit of a clear-out. I've signed too many players (particularly up front, jeez) and we've got five potential 5-star players who will be eligible for the first team next season. And bear in mind that Duarte is now considered a World-Class player, at 4.5 stars; so those kids could be phenomenal. The two I'm immediately earmarking for game time are Pieri and Egermann.
  9. Champions League Final - Live: second half No changes for the start of the second half, although with 12 substitutes on the bench, we've got plenty of options. 49 minutes An 1860 corner from the right is cleared, but when Ebbers swings the return back into the box, the Benfica keeper can only parry Phillips' first-time header and the rebound is easily slotted away. 2-0 to 1860 München! 57 minutes Benfica attack down the right, but the ball is cleared to Phillip, who gallops down the left and swings in a cross. A couple of 1860 players have their shots blocked and the ball is hacked clear 68 minutes A Benfica corner is cleared, but the corner-taker crosses to the back post where his unmarked teammate can only slam a header against the crossbar, after which it is hoofed into touch. 71 minutes A Benfica free kick just inside 1860's half is worked to just outside the box and the player has a shot, but it's straight at Feldmeier, who easily makes his first save of the match 78 minutes Duarte gets on the end of a clearance from an indirect free kick he just took, gets into the box and shoots, but it's a comfortable save for the Benfica keeper 85 minutes 1860 take off Danso, bring on central defender Suljic and change to a 4-1-4-1 formation 87 minutes Benfica get it out wide and put in a cross to the far post. It looks like there's a push on the DR, but nothing is given and Feldmeier has to make a double-save to prevent Benfica from scoring 92 minutes Benfica are now playing with 4 up top and some quick passing sees them get the ball to one of their 4 strikers, unmarked, in the box, but he smashes it a few feet over the bar
  10. Champions League Final - live! So, it's us versus Benfica. They beat Porto, Schalke and Barcelona to get here, so they're clearly no mugs. 5 minutes An aimless ball forward is missed by the defender and Carstens is just about able to keep it in. His cross reaches Duarte, but the angle is tight and it's over for a goal kick. 27 minutes My players knock it around in midfield for what seems like 5 minutes before a cross comes in, but Carstens can only head straight at the keeper from about 10 yards. 33 minutes We win the ball back just outside our box and the ball forward gets to Phillip, who charges down the left wing and crosses. The keeper comes, then doesn't and Danso has an easy header that he doesn't miss. 1-0 to 1860 München! 35 minutes Some good work down the left sees Benfica get their first shot of the game. It's deflected, then blocked and although it falls to another Benfica player, there's a defender there to clear. 40 minutes From a throw-in, Wagener hoofs a ball over towards the corner flag. Phillip chases it down and puts in a decent cross, but Carstens - again - can only head at the keeper. 45+1 minutes Our GK, Feldmeier, takes a Free Kick from just outside the Benfica box. It hits the wall and Benfica break, but their 60-yard shot hits the post and goes wide (and I immediately take him off DFK duty for this game) Half-Time We've had most of the chances, but only have the one goal to show for it so far.
  11. Season 8, Part 7: End of the Season TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 1 League Our form wasn't brilliant in the last 3 months of the season. Of our 9 league games, we won 4, drew 4 and lost the other. But, as with previous seasons, our opponents didn't really manage to put a convincing run together either. That meant that we sealed the title with an impressively-incompetent defensive performance against Mainz - their AML scored twice after being slipped in unmarked, while Doumbia - 18 yards out - passed the ball straight to an opponent for their third goal. Prokos in goal also made 4/5 great saves as I alternated between fist-pumping our (very good) goals and screeching with rage at the drunken iceskating-elephant defending on display. A horrible, entertaining game. Cup We squeaked a 2-1 over Dortmund but dominated the Final in a fairly dull 1-0; Alvarez getting the only goal. Europe Danso bagged both goals in our routine 2-0 win over Inter. That set us up with a tricky Quarter-Final against Leverkusen, which we won courtesy of three more goals from Danso. Against Arsenal, losing 1-2 at the Emirates was a fair result; as was stomping all over their faces in the return leg. Meanwhile, Benfica beat Barcelona in the other Semi-Final, which set up an interesting Final at Old Trafford...
  12. It's up to you, really. SI have confirmed that most players get more benefit from training than game time until they're 18, at which point they get more benefit from game time. Realistically, by the time they're 18, you'll probably have an idea about which players are likely to be good enough to play for your team (now, or in the future). At that point, they can still play for your U-19s, so you can wait for a space to appear for them or loan them out. You probably just need to be selective about which players you keep on once their initial contract has expired and ditch the ones who'll never make it. But who knows, SI might 'fix' the II team not getting any fixtures.
  13. I think the idea is that it's an option for young players who need game time to improve. But my B team has never been promoted up to the 3rd Division, and the manager only arranges 5-6 friendly matches per year, so it kinda fails on that front. Much like you, I've used it for players who've outlived their usefulness.
  14. I'm reasonably sure that, at least in England, the referee should call off a game if one side is reduced to less than 9 men. Which does beg the question of: "if a referee is so biased that they've sent 3 players off for one team before the other team has been given even a solitary Yellow card, should we expect him/her to follow the rules subsequently?"
  15. In most computer games if a feature repeatedly appears on screen, you'd probably be completely screwing yourself over if you didn't engage with it. That the same doesn't necessarily apply to Player Interactions in FM19 isn't on @YUK0N if they're new to the game