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  1. Personally, I aim to have at least 2-3 players in the box when the ball's about to be played in. My teams play 4-4-2, so that's usually both Strikers + one Winger. If you're watching highlights, I'd suggest just keeping an eye on where your IFs are when the final ball's about to be played - it might be that you need to have both on Attack duty. Also - and this might seem a little contrary - try changing your team's Mentality to something like 'Cautious'. Doing this actually gives your players more opportunities to get themselves into better positions. Your team will still counter-attack if the option is there (and you keep players forward), but with your team roles, playing Cautious could mean you have your striker, both Inside Forwards, both central midfielders and a Wing-Back in an attacking area. Finally, have a think about changing/removing 'Lower Tempo'. Your players are good enough to deal with a bit of one-touch football and if you've got a bunch of players in attacking areas, moving the ball around quicker could open up some space. Hope that's helpful.
  2. At a guess, teams are defending deep against you. So the shots your team are getting are having to go through 7-8 players plus the goalkeeper... so they're being blocked. Also, playing Very Narrow is a risky business, since it makes it easier to defend against you - since they can just pack the box with players. Also also, Higuain as a DLF when he's a lone striker doesn't seem like a great idea. He's not someone who's going to streak past 3 defenders with the ball to score, so with that role, he's going to hang back a bit to see if he can play it through to... who, exactly? Hudson-Odoi possibly, maybe Hazard (although with a Support role, it'll be a few seconds before he can be up with play), Kovacic at a push. I reckon you either need someone up front with him, or to change his role (CF-A, maybe even just an AF) so he's the one getting on the end of through-balls. But mostly, you need to change Very Narrow. Whoever you play up front it going to have no space whatsoever if you're playing 'weaker' teams than yours.
  3. Season 11, Part 4: February - May TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 1 German Cup We lost in the Quarter-Final, going down on Penalties to Hertha in Berlin after a pretty even 2-2 draw. League We drew 1-1 twice in Away games during February (6 out of our 7 games were Away in that month) but managed to stay unbeaten. Meanwhile, Bayern lost to Dortmund and Nurnberg. Which meant that we won the title on Matchday 29, Pieri getting both goals for our Weekend XI in the strolliest of strolls imaginable against Freiburg. In the remaining games, we prevented Hamburg from getting a single shot but were otherwise pretty dire as we scraped a 1-0 win thanks to a penalty, Omar Bari scored in the 80th, 88th and 95th minutes to seal a 2-4 win at Schalke (amusingly, that turned out to be Hans Ebbers' 50th game for them, so they also had to pay us £12.5m straight afterwards), reverted to "pretty dire" to edge a 1-0 over Mainz and then swaggered to a 0-3 win against Wolfsburg on the final day to finish unbeaten in the league. Champions League We kept a clean sheet in Madrid but although they scored in the return leg, we were 2-0 up at the time and kept it tight in the second half before Duarte converted a pretty soft penalty to give the win a bit of gloss. A pair of 2-1 wins over Dortmund were enough to see us through against them, although leaving it until the last 10 minutes in the second leg to get our goals would have left me feeling twitchy (if I hadn't IR'd the game). Against Barcelona, we dominated the first (Home) leg, only to draw 1-1. Luiz Phillip was out for that game, and then Sebastian Alvarez, Daniel Mascaroni and Malte Egermann all got injured before the second leg, and then we trashed them 1-5 (while also missing a penalty). Which meant that we faced Man City in the Final. While I went to take a dump and get some beers, a reasonably entertaining 0-0 was played out over 90 minutes, then each side scored in Extra Time to take it to penalties. Oliveira went the right way for all of their penalties, saving the first, while we inexplicably managed to score all 5 of ours; even Pieri - usually utterly hopeless from the penalty spot - put his away. Summary As the long gap between posts may indicate, I've mostly lost interest in this save. It's nice to put this on hiatus with the team where they are - and I've arranged the signings of a few potentially brilliant youngsters for the summer in case I do return to this save - but it's time for something different. I'm not going to switch clubs within the save, as I set it up with the intention of this being mostly a one-club effort.
  4. A very impressive feat to both get to Ligue 1 and be competitive with some of the worst players I've seen in a French team outside of the National!
  5. Who cares? Let the little snot complain as long as he's under contract with your club
  6. At the bottom of the pyramid, most players are pretty awful, so yeah, any tactic you can develop that helps you get the most out of the limited talent in your squad is a good one. Until you've actually got decent players, fussing over Player Instructions is a bit of a waste of time. If for no other reason than that your players won't be skilled enough to actually do what you ask them to anyway.
  7. Dear FM19 - injuring both of my first-choice strikers before the first leg of a Champions League knockout round is what we call 'round these parts a ****ing dick move. Particularly when they only play once a week, so the usual "ooh, wear and tear" excuses don't apply. 'Duck cough', etc.
  8. Season 11, Part 3: December - January TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 1 Transfers Healy was the only notable departure, going to Juve as previously agreed. He'd only made the 4 appearances for us (two in the cup), so he won't be missed. Elsewhere, Bayern decided to sign former youth loser Christian Möller for their B team for no apparent reason. The arrivals were also fairly muted. Chavos is a very promising Greek MR; Valenta a more-than-useful DC and Perini a DM my DoF picked up who is highly rated by my scouts and coaches (albeit not me, yet). We also signed a Mongolian DC (for a laugh) among our cheapo purchases. World Club Championship We thrashed Al-Shabab in the Semi-Final, although the scoreline doesn't reflect the number of chances they had. And then the opposite was the case in the Final, where we had chance after chance against Chivas, only to see them score from their only shot on target (from a corner) and frustrate us until fairly late on. Other competitions We had some tricky games - we often find it difficult against Mainz and Werder Bremen - but are still unbeaten in the league, while we strolled to a win against Salzburg in our final CL group game. That sets us up against Real Madrid in the First Knockout Round. Lovely. In slightly irritating news, Egermann tore his hamstring in our game against Leverkusen, while Doumbia has wandered around the pitch for the first half of the season, collecting an average rating of 6.79 for his "efforts". What this means is that Roger Brummer (5b) is coming into the team to replace Doumbia while Haruna Diallo (5e) will pick up Egermann's slot for the time being. I'll look to sell Doumbia in the summer.
  9. Personally, I think with Mentoring/Tutoring they've taken it from something that felt too much like busywork and only really worked half the time at best, into something that seems sensible in theory with a UI that is actively unhelpful and game mechanics (I'm thinking specifically about 'estimated impact on group') that rarely make sense. That said, once I spend the hour or so faffing around at the start of a season to get some targeted players into the right groups, it does do what it's supposed to. And even then, I only use it on players where Determination is at problematic levels. I'm not going to bother trying to turn a 13 into a 17. Overall, I'd say it's significantly worse than Tutoring was, in terms of how enjoyable it is for how much time it takes.
  10. Season 10, Part 1: October - November TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 1 Competitions A very good couple of months. We only dropped points against RB Leipzig, but it was a Home-heavy period. The win against Bayern was as sweet as always and given that they're second at the moment, means we've got a very healthy points cushion for this early in the season. Duarte has been ripping it up for us in midweek while the weekend goals have been spread around. We actually managed to get 47 shots in the game against Aue (15 on target), helped by their suicidally aggressive tackling that saw them to down to 10 men before half-time and finish the match with only 8 players on the pitch. Their first red card was shown to Nikita Kuznetsov, who started for us at DL in my first full season at 1860 Munchen. His sliding tackle was both magnificently-poorly timed and almost defied the laws of physics, so far did he travel across the turf.
  11. Depends how much you think about transfers between windows. Could be you want to arrange a transfer so someone arrives in the next window. But I suppose if you've got your scouts busy, you're more likely to find someone worthwhile through them.
  12. With Merino, I'd train him as a BBM and focus on Quickness. My experience is that 2-3 years working on Quickness can get a player 2-4 points (at your level of facilities). Add to that a few points in Tackling, Passing, Long Shots and Stamina and you're looking at a very handy player by the time he's 18.
  13. From our Second round game against the team unofficially known as 1860 Rejects (Erzgebirge Aue)
  14. Season 10, Part 1: August - September TSV 1860 München, German Bundesliga 1 Transfers Leaving were Stefanos Prokos for £10m to AEK and Adem Aksoy for £4.6m to Fenerbahçe - both moving to clubs of their second nationality. Belarmino was given the first half of last season to impress and mostly just earned shrugs, so off he went, while £15m for Vazquez was probably a bit too little (I'm glad to be rid of him, mind you). I spent most of the window trying to get rid of Craig Healey; Juventus finally came in with a £22m offer... for him to leave in January... when clubs could approach to sign him on a Bosman. Useful to have a handy 3rd choice DL hanging around until then, I guess. Omar Bari fits in that category as well - Bayern met his £84m release clause but he rejected them, while continuing to be annoyed at me for not giving him a new contract. Hopefully half a season on the subs bench will make him reconsider his position within the squad. The players we signed make for a motley bunch. El Esawy the most exciting of the bunch; an Egpyptian ST who's taken Bari's spot in the Weekend XI. Stevanovic also looks like he could be a very good player, which he'd better be given the contract my DoF agreed. El Khatib was a cheapo signing of a DC my scouts reckon has 5-star potential, while Kowalski is another youth player my DoF picked up who looks very promising. The rest are mostly me just messing around. Which explains the DL from Guinea-Bissau, the Estonian (also a DL, as it happens) and - right at the bottom - a 16-year old Model Citizen from a Spanish D2B club I spotted while idly browsing the Player Search for youngsters out of contract. (He's potentially got 3-star PA, mind you). Fixtures We beat Dortmund in the Super Cup and then beat Dortmund in the Euro Super Cup. We also beat Dortmund in the league in a good September where we got our Goal Difference up to +10 in the Champions League (Slavia Prague are the other sacrif- uh, team, in our group) and road-tested our new formation in the league after some experiments of questionable utility during pre-season. Also, one of our players is out for a few weeks after being savagely mauled by a wild animal while our for a run. His Bravery has now dropped to 1. Moron. Formation As mentioned, I've introduced a new formation - specifically one for dealing with bus-parkers. One of the downsides of being the best club in the world being that a bunch of teams aren't keen on getting pasted (well, other than Red Bull Salzburg, anyway). So, after a bit of thinking, I've gone back to something I used in FM17: 4-3-3 strikerless. The idea is basically to get lots of players in and around the box. I haven't yet seen the sort of running-from-deep that strikerless formations seemed to thrive off in FM17, but early signs are promising: it dominates possession, the chances we create are good ones and we don't seem to give away many chances. The main downside is it does ask: "what about my excellent wingers" - a question I haven't really got a good answer for, although Phillip plays pretty well as a Shadow Striker and Carstens can play as an AP. Still, it's early days, but I'm encouraged by what I've seen so far.
  15. I just told a player he's got plenty of time left on his contract and he went and complained to his team-mates. Sure enough, I'm encouraged to talk to three sour-faced players unhappy that I'm treating him unfairly. I tell them "He's being unreasonable, if I grant this to him, you'll all be wanting a new contract." They perk up, 'Good point boss, that clears things up, cheers for the chat.' All three of those players also want new deals and two of them have asked to leave the club because of it. My raucous laughter resulted in a coughing fit. Thanks, SI.
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