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  1. The most glorious way for them to finish their cup run is by embarrassing your team of over-paid prima donnas. Really, they should be thinking about going easy on you...
  2. turnip

    [FM18] Fire by Trial

    Season 11, Part 2: November - January HNK Hajduk, Croation First League Transfers PSG came sniffing after Martinez, so we had a chat; he said he wanted Champions League football, but agreed to stick around to find out whether we qualify for the big cheesy trophy or not. It's nice when my players aren't sociopathically ambitious. He's now wanted by Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool and Tottenham as well. Elsewhere, a Chinese club came in for my 31-year old MC so I cheerfully waved him goodbye for £1.9m. With my new-found riches, I bought a Saffer DC and an Iranian DL and brought in an MR on loan and another MR on a free, because I'm a signings-hungry degenerate. Domestic We're now top of the league, with a 9-point gap over Dinamo, courtesy of the 7 league games we've played since the last update. Thanks Winter Break! We're out of the Cup, though, losing to HNK Gorica 2-1 three days after we beat them in the league. Europe We topped our group, although not convincingly in the end; a scrappy 1-1 with Partizan giving us just enough. Next up is Stoke.
  3. Just think, if you can squeeze past Australia and Jordan beat Japan (more likely than you beating Aus, imo), you could have a straight shot to the Final. No pressure.
  4. If I'm in a top league and in Europe, I'll have a First XI that plays midweek games and a Second XI that plays weekend games. Wherever possible, I try not to mix them. The difference in performance you get as a team with 95%+ condition in a European tie, compared to the 85-95% your opponents will have, cannot be overstated.
  5. turnip

    [FM18] Fire by Trial

    My scouts can be quite lazy, so I periodically look through national/U-21 squads and scout anyone who's been called up who is either significantly young or playing at a low standard of club compared to the rest of the squad. Between that and the work my scouts do independently, I get quite a few good recommendations. And sometimes just scouting players from teams who produce good players (like Envigado).
  6. turnip

    [FM18] Fire by Trial

    Season 11, Part 1: June - October HNK Hajduk, Croatian First League I added the Croatian, Serbian and Romanian leagues to see what jobs would come up. I debated Dinamo and Partizan (and FCSB) but opted for Hajduk - so there's at least one domestic milestone (dethrone Dinamo) to reach before the European stuff begins. Transfers Not much money to spend on fees or wages, but Kaiserslautern took a ML off our hands for £1.2m, which gave me a little leeway. I brought in a DL and an attacker from Colombia, an ML and DC from Germany, a Mozambican D/RC, a few youngsters and a couple of Croats. The core of a decent team was already here, just a bit patchwork. Domestic With 14 games played, we're in 3rd - 3 points behind Lokomotiva and 2 behind Dinamo - with a game in hand. We're also unbeaten (6/7/0) but teams are defending against us, so I'll already rolled out the Killdozer formation. We're struggling a little to break teams down, but that's reasonably understandable given we're also in Europe, so it's the B-team doing a lot of the work in the league. Cup progress has been steady so far - played 2, won 2. Europe There's something rotten in the coefficient of Croatia. Not a fan of starting any sort of campaign on the 6th July, I must say. We drew some decent teams in Qualification for the Europa League - CSKA Moscow, Austria Vienna, Dinamo Bucharest - but any alarm bells were largely muted. We're now in a group with Genk, Partizan and Zenit (easier than I'd expected); we've won all 3 games so far, scoring 10 goals and conceding none.
  7. turnip

    FM19 Discussions Thread!

    Aim for the sky while you're at it. I demand full costume customisation, including accessories. I want the tiny sprite wandering around on the touchline to look like he's just wandered out of a particularly depraved Saints Row IV save.
  8. Countering your opponents' tactics is a sign of weakness. Alternatively, go ultra-attacking and hope you score more goals than they do
  9. turnip

    Must haves when playing FM

    I tend to go with Polish lager these days for late-night sessions. There's nothing quite like waking up in the morning, loading FM, peering at your squad and being all "who the **** is that?"
  10. turnip

    [FM18] Fire by Trial

    Season 10, Part 3: February - May KAA Gent, Belgian Pro League A Domestic We'd threatened it last season, but this year we went unbeaten. We just had too much strength and depth. Our record isn't dissimilar to last year's, but we just turned our losses into draws and apparently conceding 3 fewer goals across the season made all the difference. We also beat Anderlecht in the Cup Final, 3-1. Deserved, but not exactly thrilling. Europe We lost 1-2 to Chelsea in the First Knockout Round, but easily won 3-0 at Home. Another pretty straight-forward game saw us beat Napoli 4-1 at Home. We lost the return leg 0-1, which was a bit harsh. A first-half hattrick from Mathieu saw us to a 4-0 win over Bayern, in a pretty even game. We lost 1-3 in Germany, but I'd put a 16-year old in his first ever game into the team as a BWM, such was my lack of interest. As seen above, we won the final at the last possible moment(s), but it was probably deserved, on chances. So that's that, I suppose. As you can tell, my motivation to keep going with Gent is near-zero. My interest now will be in how big the firesale is in the summer window. Baez won't leave - he broke his leg in the Champions League Final, but at least a dozen of the first team(s) are likely to be heading on their way if past AI managers are anything to go by. Meanwhile, I'll move on somewhere else and see what's available.
  11. turnip

    [FM18] Fire by Trial

    When your team has a flair for the ultra-dramatic:
  12. I think the way it works at the moment is that if a foreign young player's family just happens to move to Manchester for work/whatever, then the player is allowed to sign for whoever he wants in that country. Which is how you end up with 14-year olds with a Brazilian passport coming through academies of English clubs.
  13. turnip

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    A great debut season in the Championship, well done!
  14. I'd just send my scout out as usual and look to see who's available. Have an idea in your head of how much you're willing to spend on a 'Backup' player, see who fits the bill and try offering them a contract. Or just pick someone clearly worse than your main guys and hope he's smart enough to know his place.
  15. turnip

    [FM18] Fire by Trial

    Season 10, Part 2 - November - January KAA Gent, Belgian Pro League A Transfers There was lots of talk of moves as December rolled on - Baez was off to Barcelona, Mitrovic to AC Milan, Camporro to Chelsea. I signed an Austrian DC as a replacement for Mitrovic and, like Camporro last window and Baez the window before that, no bid materialised. I should probably stop being pro-active; clearly it's wasted when the AI is this moronic. I'm not complaining: Mitrovic is going at 7.82 and Camporro's 28 goals from 17 appearances have his average rating sitting at 8.31. Of course, even that pales in comparison to Baez - from 17 appearances, he has 6 goals and 15 assists at an average rating of 8.59. His bio calls him "truly one of world football's global superstars", and he's playing in Belgium. Belgium. Madness, I tell you, madness! Competitions Little of note in the league other than the usual wins. We're coming up against some inventively defensive formations these days, to the point where I sometimes wonder whether I really need two DCs set to 'Defensive' (other than the fact I'd forget to set them back if a team started being more attacking). In Europe, we got a point in Lisbon, did our best Big Bad Wolf impression against Sparta Prague at Home (huff and puff, then blow it all down) and got a somewhat flattering scoreline on our trip to Spain. The Club World Championship was straight-forward enough, but it was nice to win it anyway. We unconvincingly won the first leg of the Belgian Cup Semi-Final and, due to the rescheduled league matches (from the CWC), the second leg isn't until March. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's the Wednesday before the Final usually takes place. In fact, if we get through to the Champions League Quarter-Final, I think one of the legs will be on the same date.