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  1. I'm genuinely surprised to see that people have been so trusting in their backroom staff when it comes to judging the players, since I've definitely noticed that first impressions of players are an informed guess at best. I'll generally keep all but the weakest 4-5, choosing those by looking at their attributes alongside the Coach rating. If I agree with the Coaches that a player is unlikely to bring any value to the club, I don't mind being wrong in the future.
  2. 'Jewel' is a relative term. In previous versions, I've got a lot of mileage out of getting triallists in. You're unlikely to find anyone who'll blow your mind, but you can absolutely fill holes in your squad, or find someone with potential to play a division or two higher.
  3. Good to see someone doing (very) well in Belgium. I enjoy managing there, but bloody hell do the transfer windows make me want to gouge out my own eyes so I don't have to witness the mauling my squad gets. You've picked up some gems, though!
  4. Anywhere else in France and I'd offer some encouraging words, because if nearby clubs lose rep/do badly, I think fans start migrating towards other clubs that are doing better. But, PSG... I had a long save in France in FM15 where PSG averaged a £120m net transfer spend per season over 15 years or so. Good luck!
  5. Probably because it's in a small town 30km outside Paris. You can obviously attract the locals, but only 10k people lived in the town in 2012 (according to Wikipedia) and you're competing with other clubs for fans from nearby regions (like Paris).
  6. I mean, it's transfer deadline day and you've already been trying to buy the player. Depending on the fees involved, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd held out for more than £4m. Who else are you going to sign at that point?
  7. One of my favourites was from FM08 where Juventus won a penalty but on the 2D display, it was clearly at least 5 feet outside the box. Complained, FA was silent. I remember at least one occasion, but can't remember what version, that I moaned about a referee after a game and that referee was actually sacked for ongoing incompetence. I think his average rating was something like 3.9 for the season.
  8. Yeah, it's not a Youth Development issue, just that for whatever reason, holding midfielders only ever seem to kick on to be excellent once they go to other clubs. I've trained up some excellent players in pretty much every other role, but I can never quite get those tackle-y midfield players to be better than 'good'.
  9. What the title says. Goalkeepers: handy and dandy Defenders: parkin' the bus Wingers: running' free and fine Playmakers: killer balls, all day every day Strikers: picking their spot(s) ... ... ... Holding midfielders: ALWAYS seem to be a couple of coach star ratings lower than they should be. Loans don't seem to help, first-team football does nothing. Once I sell 'em, they seem to do fine, but for me they just do nothing. Thing is, I kinda like having some chimp to run around doing the donkey work while the talent gets creative. Anyone else have certain positions they just can't bring talent through in?
  10. Anyone seen a referee in-game give a Yellow card for this? Just had a game against AA Gent where, with 100 seconds left in Injury Time, their goalkeeper spent 40 seconds examining the blades of grass around the ball before punting it aimlessly downfield, at which point my DC headed it out for a throw in. Which was the cue for another Gent player to study the stitching on the ball for another 40 seconds until the final whistle went. Obviously, I only saw those examples because they were the last 'action' of the game. I imagine that with their 4-2(DM)-3-1(AMC) formation, the rest of the half was end-to-end stuff. I mean, I don't care all that much on this occasion, since we'd won the league the previous game (by the way, deep-fat-fry whichever idiot came up with the new Belgian league structure) but still... if time-wasting is going to be in the game... well.... 40 seconds is a... lot of time... to spend staring... at... blades... of... grass... ,... SI... ... .
  11. During a career save in Italy back in, I dunno, FM05 or something, a Grey player from my Reserves went on to have a pretty good Serie B career once I signed him. He was an MR with low-double-digit scores for Dribbling, Crossing, Pace, Acceleration and Passing which is why I signed him. Those attributes all got to around 15 after ten years, while a few others edged above 10. I've never seen anyone else even remotely worth signing.
  12. For most of my players, I have a 'value' set for them. This is basically how much I'm willing to sell a player for. I'd say ~50% of the time, the AI will open with a bid that - with add-ons - will come close to that value. Most of the time, that bid isn't something I'd accept outright, either because the add-ons are rubbish (ooh, 20% of profit from next sale), or just because I reckon I can eke out a bit more from them. So, I'll re-arrange the various fees (and change the '% of profit' to '% of next sale'), crank the overall value up a bit and I usually get a positive response. But, sometimes, I get an offer that's way below the value I've got set for the player. I assume the AI is scouting my players and getting a vague estimate of the value I've set and possibly it can think that I've just slapped a massive price-tag to avoid bids, but anyway. If I'm willing to consider selling the player and I'm not irrationally annoyed at that moment, I'll counter with the sort of value I want. Sometimes, the club will come back and offer more or less that figure: in one example, Real Madrid bid £9m for a striker, I replied with £40m and they straight away offered a structured deal for a little more than that. However, sometimes they don't: in a different example, Man City kept bidding £9.75m plus a few add-ons worth less than £5m for one of my midfielders, and the only thing they would 'improve' was the '% of profit' clause. I assume they just didn't have the money to improve - or they wanted to unsettle my player. In that instance, Real Madrid (again) bid for another of my midfielders, so I sold him and gave the other guy a new contract.
  13. Or you could scout a player thoroughly and not sign him if his PPMs go against your tactic. I forget to look half the time, but at least that's my fault. On the subject of referees, in a previous iteration of the game, I did see one get fired after a bad game with a couple of very poor decisions. I think the referee's average rating was also really poor before that game, so it wasn't just that game that caused it.
  14. I've always had fun in France. Going into the lower leagues, you've got a few teams with good training/youth facilities and a very generous approach to which nations are part of 'Europe' (hint: most of Africa, the Caribbean and a couple of Asian nations) that gives you some extra options for signing players.
  15. Yeah. Convention dictates a referee lets something like that go, but I think something happened recently in a game in England recently so there you go.