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  1. Season 10: Dinamo Croatian First League July - August & Transfer Window We had a fairly sedate summer transfer window, with only 24 players joining the club. Most of them were youngsters, but a few should play a role for the first team this season. An Egyptian MC came in on a Bosman, we got two new DLs, the Croatian Niall Quinn and a Dutch AMC late on in the window. We also moved on a few young players, either because they hadn't developed as I would have wanted, or because I hated their guts - about £4m was raised from that car boot sale. Amidst that, Orsini asked fo
  2. Weekend XI lineup: GK: Daniel Antonic DR: Anderson Pitbull DC: Joao Lozada DC: Dejan Pusic DL: Ryan McLaughlin MC: Kevin Wong MC: Oke Witt AMR: Mirko Pavlica AMC: Abdul Diallo AML: Djuro Mandic ST: Emmanuel Lacroix Midweek XI lineup: GK: Dinko Jokic DR: Rui A
  3. I had 64 players out on loan last season. And at one point, we had 83 players called up for international duty. I think my squads may run bigger than yours do...
  4. Season 9: Dinamo Croatian First League Season Summary: We continued to roll onwards in the league, trampling everything in our path. It's pretty much a development league for us now - we have our best players in the Midweek XI, and then the next-best player in any position gets a season in the Weekend XI so we can see whether they're ready or whether they need to be moved on. The Scrooge McDuck-esque piles of money we have mean that the turnover of first-team players has reduced so we really don't need to sell many players. Intxaurraga is the only one with a MFRC, so he might l
  5. Season 9: Dinamo Croatian First League April - May We'd already won the league, but we put in a series of professional performances to see it out in style. The less said about the game against Rijeka, the better, though. That was mildly horrific at times. The Cup final against Hajduk was as one-sided as the scoreline suggests. The overall league performance was very good, but let's be clear: we've got a very strong squad. The fact that we can go 35-1-0 for a season with our Second XI speaks for the depth we have at the squad. This season, we were able to give so
  6. Two boring games of football, 1 moment of magic from my [checks notes] DR! We're off to the... M-Mill...ennium Stadium!?! Yay?!?
  7. There comes a point you've just got to throw your youngsters in at the deep end and hope they've learned how to doggy-paddle
  8. That's the Quarter-Finals successfully navigated, then. We've got Sevilla next, who were almost certainly the best of the remaining bunch to play next (Bayern, PSG and Zebventus are on the other half of the draw and play tomorrow). Sevilla probably feel the same about us, though!
  9. Season 9: Dinamo Croatian First League February - March This is, despite my whining about matches being grindfests, our best season yet. We've managed to maintain good results even when our performances have been pretty average, and even give game time to a GK we signed in the summer. His party piece - which he shows us each game - is in absolutely whiffing attempts to save a shot that passes about a foot past his body. I wasn't that annoyed about getting Real Madrid in the Champions League. They scored early in the first leg, and then we just battered at their door f
  10. Your question was "how to deal with this" and people are responding "just make your players play for the wages they're already getting". A team full of League 1 quality players can - if managed well, with a suitable tactic - do reasonably well in the Championship. You've been promoted, what, 8 times so far? I assume you've got some idea of how to put a tactic together. If you can stay ahead of expectations, the players you have will be less annoyed with you. You might still struggle to sign 'Championship-level players' (i.e. overpaid wasters), but you could probably find a few hungry
  11. More money for nothing. Benali is a young Moroccan we signed for nothing and made a couple of appearances for us. The initial part of the fee was £2.5m, I think. I'm fairly sure he'll be released when his contract at Chelsea ends. Koré is an Ivorian striker we also signed for nothing, who couldn't shoot and was uninspiring at best on the loan deal we arranged for him. Man City paid £850k up front; he's now been capped by Ivory Coast, so I expect he'll get a deal to move, rather than being released.
  12. Interesting. I'm gonna give this a go on my BPD. I've spent 2 years dragging his Pace up from 10 (him breaking his leg didn't help), and although I'd be fine if it didn't improve any more, I'd be delighted if we could get it up a couple more (it would add another £10m to his sale price).
  13. Season 9: Dinamo Croatian First League November - January + Transfer Window As expected, and hoped-for, we finished the Champions League Group Stage stronger than we'd started it, to be level on points with PSG and with a better goal difference... but because they beat us 2-0, and we only beat them 1-0, they topped the group. Boo, I say, BOOOOOOOO. In the league, our tepid form dragged on. I played through most of these games, and it was hard going most of the time. Just eking out wins against 11 men trying their damndest to kick lumps out of us. Boo, I say, BO-
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