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  1. Having lost my other save to Auto-Save shenanigans, I popped back to this one, only to find that I hadn't ticked the 'Disable Use of the In-game editor' option when I started... because I didn't have the editor when I started. So now I know which of my players are objectively the best ones (these players may not actually be the best ones). Not something I wanted to know, to be honest. Still, there's value to be had in many things, if you can be bothered looking for it. I've gone through my Youth Intakes, looked at the PA of the players who came through each year and compared the PA to how highly the players were ranked by my staff at the time. Just a little observational study of the competence of my staff. Anyway, here is the list - by year of intake and then with the player identifiers, so 1a would be the most highly-rated player in the first year's intake, 1b the second-highest rated player, and so on. Next to that is their PA and how their PA ranks in that intake. (The "AN Other" listings represent a player I didn't give an identifier to at the time of the intake). I've put it in a spoiler, as I know there are some people who don't want to know about the inner workings. Discussion: From 9 seasons, there are only 2 where my staff rated the best player (by PA) as the best one in the intake. There's a fair amount of variety in where that 'Best PA' player ends up in the staff rankings, including one season where they weren't highly-rated by my staff. That said, and remember I haven't used the editor in this save until now, the 'Best PA' player from each intake (except Intake 8) has had at least one season as a member of one of my XIs. In 6 of the intakes, there's at least one player who wasn't highly-rated by my staff who ended up being better than a player who was. It's not quite the 'anyone could be the best player from your intake' lesson that some go by (my staff were rarely completely wrong), but it shows there's a reasonable amount of variation in how staff rank players.
  2. I am sad to report that the club's fans are complete imbeciles. Maybe even brain dead. Throw them in the biological waste bin, either way.
  3. Forgot to mention that my GK bagged 5 goals last season. I didn't actually set him up as Penalty/DFK taker until about a third of the way through the season, so he could have got more. He's also scored 2 in our first competitive fixture this season, a Pen and a DFK.
  4. Way ahead of you. I almost never start playing that first season. And it's not about making it easier/more difficult, just about the discrepancy between the information you get from a Trial versus what you get from a Scout Report, and how/when you get that information.
  5. I am a big fan of bringing players in on trial. While at a lower league team, it's not uncommon for more than a hundred players to have a trial with my club over the course of a season. This has been the case for years, going back further than FM08. And I like the changes to trials that have happened in the last couple of iterations - I like the idea of the slow reveal of a player's attributes over the course of the first week, I appreciate the verisimilitude of a board saying "Uh no, mate, we're not doubling the town's population this week just so you can look for cheap players; enough's enough", and I like that lower-level teams are more willing to allow contracted (or Non-Contract) players to leave for a week or two for a trial. All good stuff. But, there's a bit of an issue with how this interacts with Scouting. If I've got a player on Trial, training with my team and presumably taking part in any practice games they have, I don't mind scouts identifying this player and recognising if he's any good. However, it takes until a Trial ends for one of my scouts to slap a 'number' on a player, but a Scout report - and I've seen this happen - can be given for a player who's only been on trial with a club for a day, enough for a club to become interested. But a day into a trial, I'm lucky if I know what any of a player's attributes are as a fixed number, while the star rating is often 2-3 gold stars and then the rest black. Sure, there is a star rating and a coach report from the day a player arrives, but it starts off wildly hit-and-miss and not actually much use for a human player (who will probably want to avoid signing a Poacher-style player with 3 Pace). Also, partway through a trial, I still have no idea what sort of contract I need to offer to get a player to sign - something I have a much better idea of after a scout report. It also kind of removes part of the point of a trial. If I could scout a player anyway and get a recommendation on him within a week, it's not actually any more beneficial - within that week - to get him on trial for that time. (And yeah, there are some players who can't be scouted, but can be trialled, I know.) I don't want to get rid of the things that make trialling good, but I wonder if it can be tweaked to make it a more viable option. Maybe Physical attributes are revealed quicker, maybe more Hidden attributes are flagged up, maybe we get a bit of qualitative information about the player ("He's just going through the motions", "He's getting on really well with Player X") or expected wage demands are suggested.
  6. Season 2 - part 2 Pro Piacenza We officially avoided relegation on the 21st February - or at least that's when we paid out the player bonuses for doing so - and then secured a Playoff spot 2 weeks later, before setting a new Serie C/A record for goals scored the week after that. Youth Intake came and went and saw us sign 4 players. I am a fan, as Jimbokav suggests, of looking at every player (irrespective of star rating), but most of the 'bad' players had really poor Determination and the ones who didn't all had really poor Technical attributes. The best player we got - Marco Papa - looks like a potentially very good player, but overall it was all a bit "meh". We did manage to top the table - the Injury Table - towards the end of March, with 5 registered players unavailable (3 of whom I'd consider genuine first-team players). The actual table-toppers, Carpi, though, hadn't lost a game since the beginning of December, although we were one of the two games they hadn't been able to win. As you can see from the previous screenshots, though, Carpi had a very odd three games before remembering how good they were to clinch the league by a point with a final-day win. That threw us into the Serie C Playoffs, where we played Siena first up. After an 8-4 aggregate win, we faced Cremonese in the Semi-Final. We deserved to win the Away leg and lose the Home leg, but after a 0-0 in Cremona, we grabbed an early goal in the return leg and clung on like a mountain goat with superglue-exuding hooves to reach the final. I was genuinely relieved to see that we would face FeralpiSalo, given that our two meetings this season had finished 0-0 and 5-0. We got a goal midway through the first half and despite the referee dishing out 7 Yellow Cards for us, managed to finish with 11 players on the pitch, to seal promotion. We actually did all of this without 3 of our January signings, who were on U-19 international duty (two with Belgium, one with Croatia), so that was nice. Our best player by average rating across the season was Pagano, a guy I picked up in the summer because we were woefully short of MLs. I wasn't expecting a lot but 10 goals and 12 assists from 24 appearances was a very good return. We've got a big job on our hands for next season. A fair few first-team players aren't even really good enough for Serie C (let alone Serie B) and although I'm happy to give youngsters game time and a chance to develop, I can't see more than 8-10 players having much of a role in the higher division. We're also more than £1m in the red, even with me staying within the wage budget. So there probably won't be much money to actually spend on improving the squad. Marvellous.
  7. You may now release your grips
  8. Carpi have gone LLL, we're on LWW. Grip your arse cheeks tightly, football fans
  9. The 'bug' is in the game because there are so many competitions that the game has to schedule each season that somewhere, there'll be a clash. It doesn't happen in the first couple of seasons, otherwise it would have been picked up by the testers. But these things happen. The Finnish Cup final used to clash with international duty (it may still do). Back in a previous version, my Jamaican ST who was the club's record goal scorer missed our first ever Champions League Final because he was off playing for his country against St Vincent & The Grenadines. In FM08, 30+ seasons into the game, I'd frequently have half of my team unavailable for random later rounds of the Belgian Cup due to international duty.
  10. Yeah, but his 2.5* rating is also judged against those same players and eye-balling him makes me reckon he's around 120-125 CA. If he's got any potential to improve, he'll likely make rapid progress with his personality and if an AI club sees a player with good CA developing rapidly, they're likely to bite sooner rather than later. I'd guesstimate his PA at being in the 150-160 range
  11. In fairness, though, Adriano(Driven)(2052)* has basically everything you'd want of a Youth Intake DL. Yeah, he can't yet Dribble or Cross the ball well, but neither is far off double-digits, nor is the only essential Mental attribute that's lower than 10 (Composure). A bit of targeted training and I'd say he's odds-on to be playing at one of the biggest European clubs within 5 years.
  12. A Pro Move Season 2: 2026 - 2027 Pro Piacenza I took over shortly before the end of the 'season' (the bit where clubs are promoted/relegated by the game). The club had narrowly avoided relegation out of Serie C after failing to win any of their last 12 matches. In truth, it was the facilities that attracted my attention - Excellent Youth Coaching and Extensive Youth Recruitment are an enticing combination. (Also, I thought it was the other Piacenza team, which meant I was somewhat confused when we drew them in the first round of the Serie C Cup). The transfer window went like most of my transfer windows usually do; lots of players in and a few unwanted players out. We got a couple of loanees from Serie A clubs and I nabbed a handful of players who were in U-19/20 international squads but on Amateur contracts. I've been making copious use of Trials to get young players in whose contracts are due(-ish) to expire to see if they're worth a punt. Form-wise, we had an excellent start to the season. We've tailed off somewhat going into the winter break - winning 5 of our last 10 games, but the league position is good, the board are happy and we're a looong way from the red bits at the bottom of the table. Best player so far this season has been Prskalo, who we got on a free, spotted while unattached in a Croatian U-xx squad (probably U-19s).
  13. Part 1: Devoured Clergyperson Season 1: 2025-2026 Nuneaton Borough I took over shortly after they were promoted back into the Vanarama North. As always seems to be the case, I had a few half-decent players whose contracts were expiring and who had no interest in staying. I signed a whole load of crap players, trying to fill basically every position. Quantity over quality, for sure. There was a hint of panic in some of the signings and we still ended up with a bunch of no-hopers playing out of position. We had an uninspiring August, which was followed by a pretty wretched autumn. After beating Bradford PA 3-0 on 13th September, we literally went 3 months without winning another league match. We did still win 4 cup games, but jeez. Aside from the signings, that actually all happened on Holiday mode. At the start of December I came back from holiday and we promptly got a 0-0 at Home to Kettering. We then won 4 league games on the spin to finish the calendar year with a bit of daylight between us and the relegation slots. Four points from six games in January devoured that daylight like a singularity, but we won 7 games in February and March to basically guarantee safety before we got smeared across the turf in the last stretch. We finished 15th, 11 points clear of the drop and only 16 behind Fylde, who snagged the final Playoff spot. P:42 W:13 D:12 L:17 GD:-2 Pts: 51 Most of our success was due to a young striker, at the club when I joined, who scored 22 league goals almost entirely because he was quicker than opposition defenders. We did also get a good young defensive type in the Youth Intake. Probably League 2 standard, to be honest. He played 9 games at the end of the season and did okay. After all that, I smiled, dusted my hands off, and quit. Coming up next: A Pro Move...
  14. Again, at that point why not just use the in-game Editor and give the players you want the right second nationality?
  15. Could be he's near his PA, so there's limited scope for his attributes to develop. I do tend to find that Coaches/Scouts struggle to identify those young players who've hit their ceiling already (which is fair enough, since this happens IRL as well)
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