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  1. I love those absolute gut-punch Champions League Group Stage draws. When I haven't got a very strong first team, I'm always in two minds between 'make an effort' and 'send the kids'. But when the draw puts me up against Real Madrid, Inter and Liverpool, it's basically an open invitation to get the kids to update their passports and line up some facilities upgrades.
  2. It depends on what your goals are. If your goal is just to dominate domestically, it sounds like you've already got that sorted and it's boring now. Which probably means some extra restrictions; either you can only use your own Youth Players, or you can only sign U-21 players. Or you have to have a player from a 150+ FIFA-ranked country (e.g. crap) in every matchday squad (just spit-balling here). If your goal is to win the Champions League, then at some point you'll have to stop selling your best/brightest players, which probably means building up a warchest of ~$200m or so (enough
  3. Season 12: Burton Albion English League Two I took over towards the end of the season after not really finding any interesting jobs for a long old time. Burton - with their tip-top facilities - were a very attractive proposition, considering the lengths I'd had to go to to persuade the Dinamo board (whom I'd made literally hundreds of millions of pounds for) to fund upgrades. They were languishing towards the bottom of League 2, but in no danger of relegation. A good start to my time at the club, and end to the season. Gillingham finished near the top of the league, so gett
  4. The ball does get 'stuck' more often when the pitch is a quagmire, but I don't think pitches deteriorate to that point often enough.
  5. Getting drawn in a pig of a group is fine, though. If you're going to get smashed in 4/5 out of the six games anyway, there's no reason not to just play the backups and let the good players win your league games.
  6. Season 11: Dinamo Croatian First League April - May The season ended well. League form wasn't great, even if results were still good - the 6-0 against Junak looks comprehensive, but we only scored our first after they were down to 9 men. In the Champions League, we were excellent in the first leg against Barca, but pretty much the entire team **** the bed in the second leg and only a goal from Escobedo saved us. A tight first leg in Manchester (thanks for an Escobedo penalty) set us up for N'Diaye to run away with the tie in the second leg. And then in the final, we ha
  7. Mistake I had a couple of injuries in the squad, so ended up swapping an almost-unneeded DL into the team for a couple of games and somehow saved the team selection without realising. Which meant that - because I Instant Result games in Europe - the superstar below made it into a bunch of really important games:
  8. Season 11: Dinamo Croatian First League February to March It looks like we roared back from the winter break, but we weren't actually all that good. The big wins over Rijeka and Varazdin weren't nearly as comprehensive as they appear, while the win over Lokomotiva was as scratchy as my voice after I'd finished screaming at the players. We were better in March, though. This also goes for the Champions League - the first leg was an even game, but we were much better in the second leg. Barcelona await in the next round. The much-hyped Youth Intake came around and
  9. Season 11: Dinamo & Croatia's entire national ****ing economy Croatian First League November - January + Transfer Window We dropped some points in the Champions League, but still finished top of the group. We've got Sevilla in the next round. In the league, it's business as usual. Transfer Window We've made some money in transfers this season: For context, Croatia's national GDP in 2019 was ~£43bn. We've turned over 0.5% of that this season. Lozada was always likely to leave once Chelsea decided to have another crack at signing him. I'd
  10. Well, look at that. Someone's excited about our next youth intake. If it pans out, that might be enough to convince me to hang around a couple more seasons.
  11. When I visited Chile a couple of years ago, I finished my trip in Arica and really liked it there. It's almost always sunny, almost never rains and almost always feels very pleasantly warm.
  12. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Pitbull? This is Anderson Pitbull. He's been with us almost 3 years and has been a consistent member of the Weekend XI through that time. He's obviously a very good player, but he wants either a new deal (I've been fobbing him off for a while) or to move to a bigger club. Finances aren't an issue with a new deal - we've still got ~£2m p/w spare in the wage budget - but he hasn't progressed the way I would have wanted him to. He isn't very good at Crossing, and he isn't very quick, which can be an issue if teams counter after he inevitably crosses the b
  13. Season 11: Dinamo Croatian First League September - October All going well so far. Sort of, anyway. We've struggled to break teams down in the league, but results have still been positive. We're typically getting ~3 xG from games and the main issue is players forgetting that you can't kick a football through another player. Eh, whatever. The Champions League group stage draw also saw us seeded 2nd (think what ******** that is, then remember that real life is even worse), but it's been fine so far. The record-breaking cup game was bonkers. Random Players of the Upd
  14. It's been put in the game because that's what some Chairmen do. I haven't had it happen to me, but my understanding is that the board won't blame you specifically, but if your new Chairman is the sort to interfere (and I'm guessing he is), there's a chance he'll go over your head to accept bids for your players.
  15. You 'fired up' your players and now some of them are angry. That's... the point.
  16. This was technically a competitive match, albeit against Greys United in the cup. It got to the point I was wincing when we scored.
  17. Season 11: Dinamo Croatian First League July - August & Transfer Window We had a mini clear-out of players. The biggest sale saw our Egyptian AMC go to Liverpool for £20.5m (to join a "better squad" the day after we beat them in the CWC, lol), but we also cashed in another £45m in player sales, often to Premier League teams and with modest % ONS/% PONS . One DM moved to Liverpool for £6.5m and is now worth £32m, but I'm fairly sure 80% of that is from his international appearances. Lozada didn't leave in the end. Having said I'd want £80m for him, Chelsea came in with
  18. Love it when Real Madrid bid a stoopid amount of money for a player and he's all "Nah, it's cool bro". I disagree, Paupol Menga - it is you who are cool, bro
  19. Season 10/11: Dinamo Club World Championship We beat Corinthians 4-3 in our opening group fixture, before the games you see below played out the way you see below The final was... the final, and a bit of a punch in the dick, to be honest. We bossed the game only to lose, but them's the breaks, I guess.
  20. Season 10: Dinamo Croatian First League April - May We weren't able to secure back-to-back Champions League titles. In fairness, we definitely had our luck in the knock-out rounds. As per the last update, we relied on a good performance from our GK against Lyon, and again in the second leg against Man City, after they'd made the most of their chances in Zagreb. Our GK (Dinko Jokic, now the only 'first team' player left from when I joined the club) had another good game in the first leg against Spurs and although he was less impressive in North London, we just about scraped
  21. The last few versions of FM where I've managed in Scandinavia (mostly in Finland) there have always been issues with the schedule that have made aspects of managing really frustrating. In Finland, a big problem for years (irl) was the Finnish Cup Final being during international duty - I hope you like having two-thirds of your squad unavailable. Then there are scheduling issues if you're still in Europe after Christmas - which seem to be happening to you, too, such as: the squad not returning from holiday before the first cup games; the squad returning, but not being able to schedule any
  22. Season 10: Dinamo Croatian First League February - March You can kind of see when I turned the game off for the night on Saturday and then loaded it fresh on Sunday - from a dreadful 1-0 win over foul-happy Istra, to a dominant run of games in the league that saw us put 8 past Slaven Belupo. In the Champions League, we were lucky against Lyon. Without our goalkeeper having a very good game, we would have lost in France, and although he was injured for the return leg and we conceded twice, we deserved to win that one. Man City and their disgusting strikers are up
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