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  1. Totally agree with this. I can not understand why they would want this in the game the way it is now....The whole point of goal-line technology is to see 100% if the ball has crossed the line or not. It`s like showing close offside calls but only from a camera at the middle of the pitch. Hopefully this version of a non-working goal-line technology is upgraded or not included in fm22.
  2. I love Football Manager and i´m sure that FM22 will be a great game. But i find it slightly disappointing that one of the headline features are deadline day. One of the main reasons for playing FM is to finally put things right at my favourite club Nottingham Forest. For years they have been going after the wrong types of players and every deadline day seems like a race against time to buy or loan someone that will be added to the "bomb squad" within 6 months. So i play the game trying to avoid deadline day chaos and instead build up a solid structure at the club with proper scouted players and transfers done well ahead of time. I have never understood how big, well functioning clubs can be so clearly mismanaged when i see some of the things going on at deadline day. So for that reason i can´t see this being something that will make the game more enjoyable, but i hope to be proven totally wrong.
  3. I am really looking forward to the new game. Miles and the developers seem confident and the new features look good. And don´t forget that every new version of the game brings small improvements that goes largely unnoticed because they are not defined as "new features". I enjoy reading the comments here and especially the discussion about improving the stadiums to enhance the match day experience. I totally understand that many couldn`t care less about the stadium graphics because that won´t make the game playable if the match engine/tactics, transfer system, player interaction etc. doesn`t work properly. But i really don´t get the comments about it having to be a well functioning game but with poor/repetative stadiums or great looking/varied stadiums and a poor game - why can´t we have both? And no, i do not mean FIFA style graphics. But my main point is this: All the good suggestions about graphics, stadiums or anything else must be posted in the feature request forums, not just in the general discussion or on twitter, facebook etc. https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/680-football-manager-feature-requests/ Good ideas that get posted in general discussion and random places will probably just get ignored and percieved as "noise", but if many of us have the same suggestions then posting them as feature requests will make the developers take notice. I made the mistake of commenting about the stadiums being generic after watching a few seconds of the match engine from the teaser trailer. That´s the equivalent of commenting on a news article after reading only the headline. So what i will do, and i urge everyone else to do as well, is to play the beta when it`s released and as soon as possible start reporting bugs and feature requests/suggestions in the correct forums
  4. I am trying not to judge the stadium graphics too early based on a few seconds of FM22, but.........i generally feel that the stadium templates in FM gives you the feeling of all stadiums being basically the same. I don`t like to criticise just for the sake of it, but make suggestions where i can. There is no doubt that some graphics have improved a lot in FM, but there have also been big problems with building new stadiums with wide open corners. I have reported this as bugs for both FM 20 and 21, and gotten the reply that this would be looked into. So my suggestions to improve the graphics for the stadiums/fans would be: - More variations in the colours of clothes for the fans. See this picture from FM21. My team plays in red and you would expect many fans to wear red, but not like this: Compare that to Old Trafford and another team in red and you see much more variation in the crowds: And this is from Stamford Bridge and a team in blue. Certainly not everyone in the stands wearing blue: Now for the short clips from the match engine i was hoping to see something new for the stadiums, and of course there might be a lot of that when more is revealed, but it does not look promising. One stadium is for a team in red, the other for a team in blue but they look exactly the same except for the colours. The huge tunnels are the same size and placed at the same spots. I am really hoping that the stadium variations are greatly improved for FM22. More stadiums with "soul", for lack of a better word. Asymetrical stands, oval shapes, less huge tunnels pitchside etc. And it seems there was more of that in FM17 - don`t know what has happened since then........ But what i am hoping for the most is basically a stadium editor
  5. In 2032 this is how Evertons new Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium looks. 52,500 capacity and just 4 big blocks with wide open corners. Sorry for going on about this issue, but i feel very strongly about the need for this to be improved in future versions.
  6. After guiding Leyton Orient from League Two to becoming Premier League champions in 2030 i decided i wanted a new challenge in FM21. I have superb reputation and Man City are interested. I noticed that the Nottingham Forest job became availabe with them stuck in League One. So i resigned as manager of champions Leyton Orient to avoid Forest having to pay compensation. I applied for the Forest job thinking they would jump at the chance to appoint a manager that has just won the Premier League....around 30 days pass before they invite me to an interview. A week later they appoint....Darren Ferguson. No disrespect to Ferguson, but he has been managing clubs like Doncaster, Portsmouth and Sheff.Wed. in the lower leagues. I have won the EURO cup and the Champions League... I have restarted the save game 3 times giving different answers in the job interview, but every time they go for Darren Ferguson. Surely this must be a bug? I have uploaded the save game just before the job interview. It`s called "Nottingham Forest Interview 2030.fm"
  7. It`s extremely dissapointing having to report this same issue as i reported for FM20: Brand new stadiums are being built with 4 old school blocks of stands and empty corners.... I started out with Leyton Orient in League Two, stadium with a capacity of around 9,000. I quickly charged up the leagues and got promoted to the Premier League in season 23/24. The stadium was then immediately expanded to around 12,000 to comply with the rules of the division. 5 more seasons passed before the board would finally agree to building a new stadium. I then got relocated to Tottenham Hotspur stadium for 2 seasons waiting for the new stadium to be built. The average attendances for those seasons were: - 45,418 - 53,185 But still with attendances like that the board only decides to build a brand new stadium with a capacity of 31,004. Just that alone should be considered a bug in my opinion. So i finally got to move into the new stadium and was looking forward to playing in a nice and intimate stadium, but what a dissapointment to see that nothing has changed from FM20....a horrendus stadium with three tier stands but empty corners which kills any atmosphere for the home games. I reported exactly the same issue when playing as Nottingham Forest in FM20, and was told that it would get looked into. So the day after the new stadium was complete i asked the board for an expansion, which they accepted. But that will now take a year and a half....surely this should have been foreseen in the planning with the high average attendances? And in FM20 i could also get expansions to the stadium, but instead of filling in the corners they just built higher stands to make it look even worse This is not a game breaking bug. I can still play the game as normal, but the good feeling of playing at home in a nice, enclosed stadium with a great athmosphere is totally missing and makes me want to quit the game. My biggest question is who builds a brand new stadium these days with open corners? I am of course talking about top clubs, not at lower level. SInce this also happened in FM20 it seems like intended design, but surely this can also be defined as a bug? If it`s not a bug, what is the reasoning behind building stadiums like these? Can anyone give me an example of a top club building a brand new stadium and having wide open spaces in the corners? Really hoping this wil get fixed for FM22.
  8. My board wants me to make the most of set pieces but they are now extremely disapointed. I can not understand what more they could want from me: - In the Premier League we have scored 5 goals from indirect free kicks. - Just 1 goal from direct free kicks, so i can understad them not beeing delighted with that. - But we have scored 9 goals from corners, best in the league. Could this be a bug? I have uploaded my game called "Leyton Orient - Board Bug Set Pieces.fm"
  9. I am loving FM21. "Small things" like the graphics with the players celebrating after winning a trophy makes a big difference in the enjoyment of the game. So hopefully some similar things can be implemented in future versions. My feature request is that when a new signing is unveiled you should get a "picture" of the player holding the scarf of the team. Ideally with the stadium in the background, but it could also just be in an office. A small detail like this would bring great joy to me, especially after chasing a player for a while and finally getting him signed. To see the new future superstar in the kit, holding a scarf and smiling would make me smile See the attached picture for what i am requesting.
  10. Have you gotten the chance to look at this?
  11. I have now progressed in my save game and have again reached the point where i can ask the board for both to buy the stadium and build a new stadium. I have uploaded that save game so you can try out both options and see if you can find anything strange going on. The file is called: "Leyton Orient - New stadium.fm"
  12. Unfortunately i don´t have a save game from right before i asked for a stadium expansion. But i have uploaded 2 save games which are both called "Ross Mackintosh - Leyton Orient.fm" The first one was uploaded on wednesday when i first started this thread, and if that one is played long enough there will eventually come the time to ask the board for an expansion. On the save game uploaded today there is the option to ask for buying the stadium. Maybe you can get some answers by checking that out? I am beginning to wonder if these two things are somehow connected. I have always asked to buy the stadium and then while waiting for that i have requested to build a new stadium. These requests have overlapped. I will proceed and NOT ask to buy the stadium but ask to build a new stadium when i get the chance.
  13. I have uploaded my save game called: "Ross Mackintosh - Leyton Orient.fm"
  14. I have now reached 7 aug 2027 and the bank balance is 152,319,348. I now have the option to ask the board to buy the stadium, but i have already done that 2 times, maybe 3, and it takes around a year and every time it just gets cancelled close to completion date without giving me a reason. It would be great if could take a look at it and see if something is wrong here, even if it`s not a bug. Would you like me to upload the lastest version of my save game?
  15. Thank you for answering. I am not running any custom files or editor data. I have now gotten the chance to ask the board again for a new stadium, and you can see the process in the pictures below. So it`s probably not a bug, but i find it strange that the board agrees to building a new stadium and then suddenly realizing that the funds to not exist! Surely they would check that out before promising me a new stadium... So after a third place finish in the PL, Champions League football i am still stuck with a capacity of 12,000 for a London based club....and i never get the option of expanding the stadium. Bank balance is 164,000,000. I can upload a new version of the save if needed.
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