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  1. It`s extremely dissapointing having to report this same issue as i reported for FM20: Brand new stadiums are being built with 4 old school blocks of stands and empty corners.... I started out with Leyton Orient in League Two, stadium with a capacity of around 9,000. I quickly charged up the leagues and got promoted to the Premier League in season 23/24. The stadium was then immediately expanded to comply with the rules of the division. 5 more seasons passed before the board would finally agree to building a new stadium. I then got relocated to Tottenham Hotspur stadium for 2 seasons
  2. My board wants me to make the most of set pieces but they are now extremely disapointed. I can not understand what more they could want from me: - In the Premier League we have scored 5 goals from indirect free kicks. - Just 1 goal from direct free kicks, so i can understad them not beeing delighted with that. - But we have scored 9 goals from corners, best in the league. Could this be a bug? I have uploaded my game called "Leyton Orient - Board Bug Set Pieces.fm"
  3. I am loving FM21. "Small things" like the graphics with the players celebrating after winning a trophy makes a big difference in the enjoyment of the game. So hopefully some similar things can be implemented in future versions. My feature request is that when a new signing is unveiled you should get a "picture" of the player holding the scarf of the team. Ideally with the stadium in the background, but it could also just be in an office. A small detail like this would bring great joy to me, especially after chasing a player for a while and finally getting him signed. To see the new future s
  4. Have you gotten the chance to look at this?
  5. I have now progressed in my save game and have again reached the point where i can ask the board for both to buy the stadium and build a new stadium. I have uploaded that save game so you can try out both options and see if you can find anything strange going on. The file is called: "Leyton Orient - New stadium.fm"
  6. Unfortunately i don´t have a save game from right before i asked for a stadium expansion. But i have uploaded 2 save games which are both called "Ross Mackintosh - Leyton Orient.fm" The first one was uploaded on wednesday when i first started this thread, and if that one is played long enough there will eventually come the time to ask the board for an expansion. On the save game uploaded today there is the option to ask for buying the stadium. Maybe you can get some answers by checking that out? I am beginning to wonder if these two things are somehow connected. I have always aske
  7. I have uploaded my save game called: "Ross Mackintosh - Leyton Orient.fm"
  8. I have now reached 7 aug 2027 and the bank balance is 152,319,348. I now have the option to ask the board to buy the stadium, but i have already done that 2 times, maybe 3, and it takes around a year and every time it just gets cancelled close to completion date without giving me a reason. It would be great if could take a look at it and see if something is wrong here, even if it`s not a bug. Would you like me to upload the lastest version of my save game?
  9. Thank you for answering. I am not running any custom files or editor data. I have now gotten the chance to ask the board again for a new stadium, and you can see the process in the pictures below. So it`s probably not a bug, but i find it strange that the board agrees to building a new stadium and then suddenly realizing that the funds to not exist! Surely they would check that out before promising me a new stadium... So after a third place finish in the PL, Champions League football i am still stuck with a capacity of 12,000 for a London based club....and i never get the option of
  10. And another thing i find strange is that in the overview of the stadiums in the PL it says that the capacity of my stadium is 2,689....when the correct capacity is 12,000. Brighton`s stadium capacity is also clearly wrong. So i would greatly appreciate it if someone from SI could take a look at my save game and see if there is anything wrong regarding the stadium of Leyton Orient. This was supposed to be a long term save getting Leyton Orient up from League Two and into Europe. With the club being based in London i assumed there is tremendous potential in the club and was hoping for a st
  11. And now after asking the board for a new stadium i have not heard anything back regarding that process.
  12. I am not sure if this can be considered a bug or not and would appreciate it if someone could reassure me. In my savegame i am in my third season in the Premier League after consecutive promotions. The stadium was expanded to 12.000 to comply with the PL rules. The stadium was rented so i have asked the board to buy the stadium now that the finances allow it. I asked 20/5/2025, but then suddenly it got cancelled. I have since asked again to buy the stadium and now it says the completion date will be 17/7/2027. But under facilities it says that the stadium is owned by private. I h
  13. Here is the tactic i`ve been using from the start in League Two.
  14. Just another point that has absolutely nothing to do with tactics. I have managed to get some of the best staff in the Premier League! How is that possible with back to back promotions from League Two, constantly having the lowest wage budgets in every division? I just seems too easy to compete with the top clubs even when it comes to staff....
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