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  1. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but i cant start up the game. If i only add Leyton Orient and no other leagues i can change the Game start date, but when adding just the Irish Leagues all the options for Game start up are greyed out.... I would appreciate if someone could try to replicate this and see if they encounter the same problem.
  2. This happens when i select Leyton Orient from League two in England. If i try another club, like Aberdeen in Scotland i can change the Game start date. But not when selecting the team i want to manage....
  3. Does anybody else have this problem when starting a new game?
  4. Not really sure where to post this, but after thinking about buying FM21 for a long time i finally took the decision today. BUT......when starting up a game and going to choose the start date for the season every option is greyed out...... So under "GAME START DATE" i can only choose Early 2020/21 Pre-Season (27/7/2020). I would like to select a more realistic start up date like 8/2/2021 from the Irish League. Am i missing something here?
  5. This is a weird one for me to post since i have only played the demo of FM21 so i can not attach any PKM files. But i played FM20 quite a lot and i then posted this same "bug" here on this forum. The example then was when managing Nottingham Forest and a brand new stadium was built - but even with a capacity of around 50.000 there was only four really high stands with wide open corners. I can´t imagine any new large stadiums today being built this way. I was told that this would be looked into... To keep me from ruining my life by playing FM all the time i have instead started following you
  6. You mean the screenhots taken from a not yet released FM2021 being compared randomly to earlier versions of the game? A discussion like this about the new game is pointless when it hasn´t even been released yet. The newgen faces i totally understand - they looked better in previous versions of the game. But i also know and understand why they don´t look as good now - i have the impression that many people on here don´t...
  7. In todays world it seems more important to find negatives than to actually acknowlegde the positives that are plain to see. So your statement is 100% serious? That the graphics have actually not been improved over the last 10 years?
  8. I really can´t understand all the negative feedback towards SI Games/FM21 in this thread. Constructive criticism and feedback is great, and that´s why these forums have the options for users to report bugs and feature requests. All too often i see topics being hijacked by questions and accusations that have noting to do with the original topic. Even when small new features/updates gets posted there is always someone with a reply along the lines of "but when will you fix the match engine?" or "what about international management?". Why not use the proper channels for that and report all issu
  9. First of all: FM20 is a truly brilliant game! Every year i read some comments about how a new version is basically just a patch and that it´s just the "same old game". That´s great! I don´t want any radical changes to the game, just steady progress with some new features to improve the game year by year. My suggestion came to mind after watching Brentfords promo video for their new stadium: I think it would really add to the matchday experience in FM if something similar to the video at 1:04 could be implemented to the game. - A view of supporters outside the stadium get
  10. I have played FM20 for a while now, the first time since FM15 i have played the game and the improvements are huge - great game! Just a small idea to perhaps implement into the game: - More variations to the goal celebrations. If a player that has a good relationship with the manager scores - he should run over to the manager and celebrate with him. Perhaps after a period out injured or if the manager has publically backed him after a loss of form. - If the team morale is very good the whole team could run over to the technical area and celebrate together.
  11. This is not a suggestion of a new feature of anything in FM, but more of a tweak. I always read the international match reports for my players, but i always get annoyed when reading the feedbak for my goalkeepers. Here my goalkeeper Danny Ward played for Wales. He kept a clean sheet as they won 2-0 and he made 2 out of 2 saves. He only connected with 11 out of 22 passes and got a match rating of 6.7. My problem is this: He will have EVERY REASON to be unhappy with his performance? I would think he would be very pleased with his performance and clean sheet even though many passe
  12. YES YES YES!!!! Thank you so much for your patience I really appreciate your help - that`s one good deed for you today. Now i can finally concentrate on the match itself instead of that horrible circles pattern
  13. Like this? New home game coming up soon....
  14. Here is a photo of my 3d pitch as well as the patterns folder with swapped names for circles and checkered.
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