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  1. I use fluid and control. 20% match preparation training with focus almost before every game on attacking movement. I never use OI, but do the teamtalks myself. Usually since i win every game, i use the instruction to pick up where they left off last game, and for half time talk i usually say well done, keep it up or don't get complacent. After the game i always tell them well done after winning.
  2. My team is definately full of world class players now, but i think i could insert some pub players into this tactic and it would still work Cool, i'll definately try out your new version of the tactic when you have one ready. Would be really interesting to see if i can better the results from last season. With no defeats, 16 goals conceded, winning the Capitol Cup and the Champions League, it's gonna take something really special
  3. I think it's time for an update and a big thank you to Mr U Rosler! This tactic is the best one i've ever used playing Football Manager It is extremely impressive considering the fact it uses two strikers, something i've always missed previously when playing 4-2-3-1 tactics. Apologies in advance for the long post, but i just want to show you how brilliant this tactic has been for me. First season with Nottingham Forest, season 2014/15: First season in Premier League, 2015/16: 2016/17: 2017/18: 2018/19: 2019/20: 2020/21: 2021/22: 2022/23: 2023/24: 2024/25: The last season, 2024/25 was played with the lastest patch, with retain possesion added, and that was my best season ever! Not a single defeat, and i'm now currently on a 60 match unbeaten run in the Premier League: I've won the Capitol One Cup 6 seasons in a row, and i basically always use my second string team in this competition: Won the FA Cup 3 times: Champions League winners on three occasions: So this is definately the best tactic i've ever come across playing FM, great work Mr U Rosler And i have not been cheating in any way whatsoever, even if the results indicate extreme cheating alert! The tactic is so good that the game has become way to easy, i just know that i'm going to win almost every game i play by a huge amount of goals, time for a new challenge i think....or maybe time to take a break from the game and get a proper life
  4. Thank you Bigpapa!!! Now there's a sentence i thought i'd never write
  5. No answers to how you get the player picture with the shirt number and the players name autograph-like?
  6. I signed Julian Brandt on a free, and after two seasons he got upset after i sold my 3rd/4th choice right back. I saw no reason to keep him at the club and managed to negotiate a deal with Man City worth £55m. Nice profit
  7. I didn't mean the skin, but how have you guys gotten the face pictures with the kit and number beside it?
  8. Solved!!! Got the files back from my Steam account, my players now have hair again
  9. Ok, so i screwed up!! I was trying to install a hairpack, but forgot to backup the original files. I didn´t like the new hairpack, but now i can´t get back the original files All my players are now bald! How can i get the original files back?
  10. Yeah it probably is realistic. I just wanted to hear if any others have experienced the same as me regarding spending a fortune on upgrading the youth coaching/training/recruitment etc, and not getting much in return. The players with biggest potential that i have gotten is a goalkeeper with 2 1/2 potential stars, and two defenders with 3 potential stars...and that was before my youth facilities/recruitment was top notch. Just hoping that the money invested will bring me some potential top players in the coming seasons
  11. Maybe my expectations are just too high. I know that there are no guarantees at all when it comes to producing high quality youngsters, it´s just disapointing that i have followed every "rule in the book" and still not getting any decent youngsters in. And the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd certainly get some of their own youngsters through. Every time i get my new batch of youngster i scout for players in England 16 years or younger and sort by their value. I then see that those clubs get some very highly rated players with 4 1/2 stars, i just wish i could get some players like that :/
  12. Coaches are also the best i can get. And i am now in year 2022 with Nottingham Forest, won the champions league last season, premier league three seasons in a row. So the club reputation shouldn't put any youngsters off I know about the black stars and the potential, i should have wrote that the youth players i get have maximum two black stars. So that is very dissapointing...Chelsea and Man United constantly get top quality youngsters through, even though they have the same or poorer youth setup/recruitment.
  13. I have searched, but not found anything on this subject. One of my main goals in my current save game is to get as many youth players into the first team as possible, so i have made sure i have the best possible youth recruitment/academy status/scouting/training facilities etc. Everything is top notch....but still every year when the youth intake date arrives, i get only poor quality players with 1 1/2 or maybe 2 stars. Is this is a bug in the game? Have anybody else experienced this? Seems like all my discussions with the chairman to improve the youth facilities, not to mention all the millions spent on this, have been wasted.
  14. This tactic is still working great for me! One question for mister U Rosler: do you think that not leaving a striker upfront on defending corners makes a difference to the defending? Is this something that you have tinkered with and come to the conclusion that it´s not worth leaving a striker up front?
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