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    Long time player of Soccer Games since 1993 . First game was Soccer Wizard by Wizard Games of Scotland

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  1. Seems to hard for anyone i guess . Its got me too
  2. So what i am trying to do is to make what was available up until FM15 available again in FM21 . When you were unemployed you could go to any teams Schedule / Fixtures and click on any match and it would take you to the past meetings between the 2 teams . ( See Below in FM12 ) , even though i am unemployed i have this option to do this as the past meetings button is present at the bottom right hand side . Forward to the FM21 Schedule / Fixtures this option is now missing . I have upload both Fixture detail notepads and they are different as they would be 9 years apart so i was wondering if any
  3. Depends if your playing in full detail or not . Full Detail gives you more honest results
  4. You can get 07 band 08 versions on steam for a great price . Beautiful Game Studios were the ones who took over the franchise
  5. 7500 Roof on main stand only with older style
  6. 6000 seat boutique stadium roof all round with 750 seated in each section
  7. 6100 Seats with 4 pavilions ( Top, Bottom, Left and Right ) With Top and Bottom left and right corners
  8. 5100 seats with 4 pavilions ( Top, Bottom, Left and Right )
  9. What would be the biggest clue you could give ?
  10. You obviously havnt extracted it to the correct files . Not knowing what this name fix is or what type of file you are talking about is something Sherlock Holmes might be interested in
  11. Oh good ok keep us informed on your progress . Would like to know
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