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  1. After 4 games i have started to see the same type of goals ? One in particular is on the left side of goal area when the player pivots , turns then puts a lofted cross into to penalty area for a player to head it in . Hope this isnt going to keep repeating itself
  2. Yeah they always seem to do it !!! They think it makes it more exciting but its not realistic at all
  3. 3D Game Day ... What surface are they playing on ? Because it cant be grass because it looks like felt or fuzzy green stuff ? And its the same boring stadiums with 2000 tunnels and colour coded to match the home teams stadium . Wheres the reality guys on Game Day ?????
  4. Download the FM21 Resource Archiver from Steam and launch it. Click "Extract Archive" and find the file "comp editor.fmf" in your Steam folder "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data" Select a folder to extract the files to In the new folder, find "nation.xml" an open it. Note that there are 2 files called "nation.xml", but only 1 has the following text: <!-- Continent --> <record> <flags id="field" value="Ncti" /> <translation id="name" translation_id="229389" type="use" value="Continent" /> <flags id="type" value="database_record_unique_id" /> <flags id="database_table_type" value="continent" /> <boolean id="is_client_field" value="true" /> <boolean id="is_read_only" value="true" /> <boolean id="is_optional" value="true" /> </record> Change row <boolean id="is_read_only" value="true" /> to <boolean id="is_read_only" value="false" /> Save the xml file Before you go to the next step, make a backup of your "comp editor.fmf" file in case the process goes wrong for whatever reason Go to the Resource Archiver and package the file back together: Click "Create Archive" and save the archive file in the "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data" folder. Only overwrite the existing file there if you had made a backup of it. Launch the Editor and it should work.
  5. Go to editor download and download someones creation and have a look
  6. Would love to see a headline feature on the Pre - Editor and how it has evolved and new features for this year . A lot of players use the editor yet every year so little is said about it . We all love to make our own leagues and see how they are implemented into the game . Creating kits would be another great headline feature to look at as well . Thousands of kit makers world wide yet again nothing is said about it but its a major investment many of us do especially when we are making fantasy leagues or adding leagues to the ones already in the game .
  7. Advance rules .... then money section in your league , then go to final ranking money , Then click calculate cash for place value . As an example i have put 7000 and this is how it set out the winnings .... I think 100000 is the highest you can set and i think it takes the size of the league and the reputations into consideration
  8. How is anyone going to know if they haven't released anything yet about this game . ???
  9. From what i have read and seen is that the series comes in waves of 3 . I was told that these games are made in 3 year increments so when starting with FM10 - FM12 being the same game but enhanced through the 3 games with the latter being the end product of the 3 . Then FM13 - FM15 , FM16 - FM18 and now FM19 - FM21 . So FM21 i think is the end product and the last of this series . So i can see a big change in the look of the game as in colours and setting out of of the interface . 3D match Engine will be bugged as it always is on a new release but the Match Day i think we will see a big improvement . I believe this is going to be a big step forward this time in all areas and i will be disappointed if it isn't . This is my opinion of course
  10. See it it starts the next year or better still upload your file
  11. The issue is that teams relegated dont go back to there own state divisions . EG A WA Team will end up playing in SA or a VIC Team ends up in the WA division
  12. Yes the big issue is regional relegations . they have never worked and i doubt it ever will because SI dont care enough about Australia since it isnt a big player in the World . Good effort though . Cheers
  13. ( Solved ) Not sure why But in the Australian A League Macarthur FC disappeared after the first season . I duplicated the team then deleted the other and now it works ? Very Strange
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