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  1. Firstly the game is scripted so if you do nothing the game will calculated out a result Secondly if you make alterations like subs or tactic changes etc etc it will then recalculate the result and i have read that the first half is totally scripted but not sure on that one Thirdly if you dont play in full mode you wont see all the throw ins so if you play extended or key moments that is what you will see . Fourthly the 3D isnt a real life football game its just simulating a result and plays it out that way so if a player throws to an opposition player then its coded to do that
  2. Will never happen so close to the next release in November ..... The way it goes is a beta release 2 weeks before the major release . then a patch usually 2 weeks later if there is a major issue , otherwise a patch just before Xmas , then a patch around March , then a winter update and then on the the next release . Been this way since i can remember since 2005
  3. Too long to tell you how . The best learning process is to download an already edited file from the download section and see how they do it . you can have a look at my simple 2 league Australian model made in Basic then transferred to Advanced Rules Australia 2.fmf
  4. Not sure what you are asking but hold the shift key down and use your mouse to scroll down . This will select multiple teams
  5. That wont guarantee a fix . Lots of bugs dont get fixed year after year
  6. Regardless of a match engine the animations , movements , pitch , stadium etc etc are 100 times better
  7. Yes but it is a bit more involved .
  8. Another reason kits dont work is they need to overwrite something . So if in the pre editor the team is showing no kit at all the kits you make or download wont overwrite it . In the Pre Editor you need a Shirt and the Text to be shown
  9. Well they are idiots if they dont care about opposition games . Im sure they will be watching to see the responses and if those responses are positive then this will push them to make a better product . Your entitled to your opinion but in my opinion they have been lacking innovation quite a bit
  10. Its probably because the new release of WE ARE FOOTBALL on June 11th has the women's league in each country as well . Looks like the gloves are off now so we can expect a better standard of game from SI now that there is a new game on the market to offer much needed competition
  11. C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\Caches Delete cache folder to see if that helps
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