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  1. bottom left hand side turn off active fields
  2. Obviously use the FM21 resourse archiver not the FM18 one
  3. yeah im having the same issue . Might just have to start again
  4. Not sure if anything has happened or its just me but this game feels like the FM20 Match engine again
  5. The less on the match day screen the better . Maybe and option to hide or view during the game might be better but either way its irrelevant because they are not going got change it . Dont think they are going to change it for the sake of a few players who want it . But saying that there were a few people who were whinging about the BETA ME and now its gone bad again for the sake of a few whingers . Feels like im playing FM20 again
  6. they say there is a difference but personally i never see it . Maybe they fatigue more in the heat ?
  7. nope it didnt change anything for me
  8. League settings where its always been . Or you can do it in the money section
  9. I prefer that scoreboard , Dont need it to block half the screen up when trying to watch a game
  10. Im finding Corners are non exisitent too . 24 games in running a 12 team league and 1 corner goal is scored from each team
  11. usually its the relegation/promotions that cause this with the dates . Have a look at the dates when each league starts and finishes along with pro/rel
  12. The difference would depend on the game your in ? Key Highlights are generally goal and near misses where as Extended gives you more game play and Comprehensive gives you even more gameplay . The minutes that differ depend on how many goals and near misses and actual decent game play there is
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