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  1. The most Perfect Match Engine(I know it is old and very dated but I love the game too much!) and Overall is FM 2010 2nd - FM 2017 3rd - FM 2013 4th - FM 2012 The only Weakness in FM 2010 is Youth System as most of them Half stars and I am not sure if the Youth system is better in FM 2011 or 2012 or 2013......
  2. I am looking for 10BIT Wide Monitor(32 or 34 inches) 10 Bit Colours(1 Billions colours or more) is must for me because I played Game console to it too. The games I played are RTS, FPS and Football Manager. Respond times? Less the better Refresh Rates? 144 My Budget is up to £500. Do you have good Recommend for Wide Monitor?
  3. What the brand of the touch pad keyboard as I would love used that for mouse because Using joypad for football manager is awful and slow(when using mouse mode for joypad!) to be honest!
  4. I have plugged the joypad by pressing mouse mode and also mouse back of it too then mouse pointer isnt there! sigh! well have lived with joypad using mouse mode anyway. IF Anyone got mouse that is working for XBOX then please let me know what Mouse brand that you got. cheers
  5. I bought the game, then I press my joypad to turn to mouse mode and mouse pointer is showing then I unplug my joypad and put my USB Mouse in then Mouse pointer is Gone......Why!?
  6. There you go FM 2005 - https://www.videogamer.com/reviews/football-manager-2005-review FM 2006 - https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/928129-worldwide-soccer-manager-2006/reviews/100069 FM 2007 - https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/football-manager-2007-review/1900-6160571/ FM 2008 - https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/football-manager-2008-review/1900-6182323/ FM 2009 - https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/worldwide-soccer-manager-2009-review/1900-6204778/ FM 2010 - https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/football-manager-2010-review/1900-6240556/ FM 2011 - https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/footb
  7. Thanks for reply EDL ....there is new Windows 10 versions for Raspberry pi 4 but dunno when it going be ready!
  8. I seem to notice that someone been putting Pre-loaded Windows 10 for IoT for Raspberry pi 4 with 8GB Ram but the questions is can Football Manager 20 run it?
  9. For years, it seem players counts stuck at 125,000 Players counts Database and now the computer getting more powerful such as 6 cores, 8 Cores,12 cores or 16 cores and surely there must be Player count upgrade like 250,000 in next Versions of FM 2021!
  10. The best all round game would be FM 2008(much better than FM 07!) and FM 2010!
  11. Hello Brother Ben, Thanks for lists of all PC and I have say Intel is the KING of CPU when come Football Manager!
  12. Would 3900X CPU able to handle to have all League running with large database or would have "Exceeds the recommended limited of 125,000 players counts"?
  13. I still playing FM 2010 for 11 Years and it is one of Greatest FM Game of all time for me.
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