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  1. The best all round game would be FM 2008(much better than FM 07!) and FM 2010!
  2. Hello Brother Ben, Thanks for lists of all PC and I have say Intel is the KING of CPU when come Football Manager!
  3. Would 3900X CPU able to handle to have all League running with large database or would have "Exceeds the recommended limited of 125,000 players counts"?
  4. I still playing FM 2010 for 11 Years and it is one of Greatest FM Game of all time for me.
  5. So i7 8700k CPU is King when come to FM 2020? I thought Ryzen 3950X CPU was the king due so many Cores? I am guessing that Football Manager used Single Threads of the Speed of CPU hence why Intel CPU better due faster on Single Cores.......Am I right ?
  6. Here the Picture of my Scouting and I hover the Green bars and it does tell me how many % Scouting I have done. I have hired 19 Scout so far and look like Do more Scouting at bottom bars that is the lowest(as you can see the picture!) Click the picture to Zoom it :-)
  7. How would I know about my Scout on Scouting the world of how many %(percent)? I try to hover the scout bar but it doesnt tell me how many % on what he scout the nations.
  8. Why is so hard to achieved 75% scouting knowledge for my club? It say "The Professor - You have gained at least 75% scouting knowledge for your club" Does it mean I have ask the Scout to do ALL Nations ALL Regions World to have all of them in 75% to unlocked The Professor? It must be really hard to do them all for just one scout?
  9. What Motherboard should I get if I am using AMD RYZEN 8 3900 CPU?
  10. I can buy AMD Ryzen 9 3900 CPU with motherboard for £469 then added 16GB Ram plus pc case as I know it will be bit over £600 but it will be worth it. Yes I do running lots of leagues
  11. £600 is my Budgets as I already got Power Supply(PSU) and Graphics card. All I need is Motherboard, Good CPU, Ram and Case as that about it!
  12. Hello all, I have been playing FM 2010 for 10 years and I have been trying to unlock all the Steam achievement as so far....I got 87% ! So UDOO Bolt computer can only run about 25 Leagues running as it got 4 Cores at 2GHZ and sometime have boost up to 3.6GHZ! I am looking build new Desktop PC that I want run and can handle 51 Leagues running. Would AMD RYZEN 2700X(8 Core/16 Threads) should be able to do or should I go for 12 Core pc for more Future proof?
  13. Best All Round Versions such for me is FM 2010 as I been playing for 10 years and Still playing! I get the feeling that FM 2020 that if they fixed Match Engine such as One vs one and other problem then it might top the lots.
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