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  1. How do you guys develop youngsters? Do you prefer sending them away on loan or playing them for the B/C team or have them in the A team and giving them playing time any chance you get. My first season just ended, I finished 2nd, really a great year, I managed to beat Barca 5-0 away from home, I won Copa del rey, but I am unsure about how should I develop next generations. Here's the ss of Oihan Sancet. I chose to have him in my A team and give him the playing time really often, whether it was to replace a starting player who needed rest, whether it was a game where I decided I didn't need my best eleven to 11, I subbed him in really often, it says that he had 34 appearances in that season, but still, he hasn't progressed, he was at 2.5 stars at the start of the season, and here I am, to start the second season, and he's still there, maybe even a bit worse. And here's Nico Serrano, I got him playing for Bilbao Athletic (B team) and he started every game I'd say, playing good, they were successful, got promoted, but still, there's isn't much progress on individual level. Here's the table after first season, like I said, it was a very successful campaign, I am really happy about playing in the Champions league, but still, since I depend on my youngsters, I'd like to see what I am doing wrong and how to do the right thing.
  2. Oh man people really complain about a lot of stuff that I haven't even noticed. Not saying that the stuff that doesn't work shouldn't be reported but I mean, personally, I am enjoying the game. I love the ME better than I did in FM 20. My strikers are mostly scoring in opportuinites in which I expect them to score, I see through balls, my team is capable of defending set pieces. I am playing with Athletic Bilbao and I am currently 2nd in the league, I beat Barca 5-0 away from home but the game before that I lost 1-0 to Deportivo Alaves, but it happens. I am really having fun, I try to focus on the good stuff and I see plenty of it.
  3. That's what I think as well. In Beta everybody was winning with ease, so yeah, people thought woah it's great my team plays perfectly the game really does what I want, my team is winning. Now it's not so easy and people get frustrated. I got so frustrated couple of days ago but that's FM.
  4. Lack of yellow card highlights. Btw, after playing a bit more I concluded that I don't like the new UI and the course FM has taken in that regard, give me spreadsheets, intuitive lists where I can quickly find info and data I want instead of data spread all over the screen to mimic the look of the locker room/press conference rom.
  5. So shouldn't this be fixed instead of not using what the game offers?
  6. That's it, that's what I've been thinking but couldn't express it. FM is not an RPG, we don't want to walk around the stadion, throw bottles etc. That's not what makes FM realistic, attention to detail, micromanagement, immersive world etc. stuff like that is what made us fall in love with the series.
  7. True, In FM 20 I won the Second division with Deportivo La Coruna and the next year in the First division I was 1st after 10 games or so, but I wasn't able to keep it that way throughout the whole season and I barely finished 3rd, and In the following 3 years I was never that succesful even though my team was stronger than the first year I got into the La Liga.
  8. But in Beta ME morale made user OP if I understood it correctly? I'd rather have a bit worse ME which is challenging than a better ME where I win every game. I mean, yeah, ideally you'd have balanced combination of both, but If I had to choose, I'd make that decision.
  9. I can't score from corners as well. 20 Matches 0 goals, does anybody have a tactic that produces solid results or just tips?
  10. The problem is, unlike PES or FIFA and such games where I've always disciplined myself, Football manager has always been the game where I had to do my best to be successful, If I managed to get a big star on my team, I was like, wow, can't believe that guy joined my team, but if I have to "control" myself, game loses it's appeal for me, if I am not afraid of it so to say, and If I feel I have to dumb myself down on AI's level, it's not that fun anymore.
  11. We've seen guys winning with Watford in the second season etc, I doubt there there are people in this thread complaining how they are winning with the best teams in the world.
  12. I want it to be hard, no sense of accomplishment if it's too easy, if there's no challenge. I always admired how challenging FM is a a mainly offline game where you compete against AI, something where I felt I could brag about if winning things. If it's too easy, the enjoyment just isn't there. Europa Universalis, Kings Crusader are difficult games, but you can win if you use the tools correctly, and you feel like you made that happened because you did certain things with purpose etc., it should be challegning, and I am all for it being harder, we'll see how the full game will look like in that aspect.
  13. I talked to a friend from work who has also played the beta and he said that he found the game boring, he played with fiorentina and after 15 games he was unbeaten, 12 wins, 3 draws, 1st place. I haven't really played beta that much, but I hope the full game will be more difficult because it's obviously a thing.
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