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  1. From what i have read and seen is that the series comes in waves of 3 . I was told that these games are made in 3 year increments so when starting with FM10 - FM12 being the same game but enhanced through the 3 games with the latter being the end product of the 3 . Then FM13 - FM15 , FM16 - FM18 and now FM19 - FM21 . So FM21 i think is the end product and the last of this series . So i can see a big change in the look of the game as in colours and setting out of of the interface . 3D match Engine will be bugged as it always is on a new release but the Match Day i think we will see a big improvement . I believe this is going to be a big step forward this time in all areas and i will be disappointed if it isn't . This is my opinion of course
  2. See it it starts the next year or better still upload your file
  3. The issue is that teams relegated dont go back to there own state divisions . EG A WA Team will end up playing in SA or a VIC Team ends up in the WA division
  4. Yes the big issue is regional relegations . they have never worked and i doubt it ever will because SI dont care enough about Australia since it isnt a big player in the World . Good effort though . Cheers
  5. ( Solved ) Not sure why But in the Australian A League Macarthur FC disappeared after the first season . I duplicated the team then deleted the other and now it works ? Very Strange
  6. Not sure why as i have tried everything so was wonder why this has started to happen as its never before but my 16 team 3 divisions works fine in Basic Settings for Prom-Rel but when it converts to Advance rules it comes up as an error after the first season saying 16 teams needs but can only find 15 . Ive changed to Flexible rules , ive checked a lot of things but im now frustrated with a solution . Deleted caches , Reloaded game and editor etc etc ..................................... Was curious if anyone else had this issue
  7. Is this a new database you created or just the standard one that comes with the game . 765 is the unique ID for England so thinking that has changed in the Fc12 kits or its not correct in your config file
  8. why dont you just try it ? Take your save from Touch and put it in full game
  9. Personally would not worry about the Northern Territory as its really a non existence in Australian Football . Tasmania is also not a big developer of talent . Anyone of any salt would just go and play in another state
  10. This is the issue i came up against . I set city , long latt stadium etc and could not get it to work . Teams still went to other divisions when relegated . At the top of the main advance editor section there is a section called Dynamic relegation that refers to this and offers a solution but its a bit full on
  11. Yes i have done the same as you . Played FM21 and i enjoyed the ease of creating kits and logos etc but the game lacked the fun aspect and you get bogged down in the game before a match is played . This might suit the enthusiasts but it became a chore and boring so i also loaded FM17 back up with a downloaded Skin etc and its great .
  12. How does relegation work because a lot of work comes unstuck when trying to move teams back to their respective states when relegated
  13. Firstly the game is scripted so if you do nothing the game will calculated out a result Secondly if you make alterations like subs or tactic changes etc etc it will then recalculate the result and i have read that the first half is totally scripted but not sure on that one Thirdly if you dont play in full mode you wont see all the throw ins so if you play extended or key moments that is what you will see . Fourthly the 3D isnt a real life football game its just simulating a result and plays it out that way so if a player throws to an opposition player then its coded to do that to get some sort of result or a chance of a goal . Please im open to being corrected but this is what i have been advised
  14. Will never happen so close to the next release in November ..... The way it goes is a beta release 2 weeks before the major release . then a patch usually 2 weeks later if there is a major issue , otherwise a patch just before Xmas , then a patch around March , then a winter update and then on the the next release . Been this way since i can remember since 2005
  15. Too long to tell you how . The best learning process is to download an already edited file from the download section and see how they do it . you can have a look at my simple 2 league Australian model made in Basic then transferred to Advanced Rules Australia 2.fmf
  16. Not sure what you are asking but hold the shift key down and use your mouse to scroll down . This will select multiple teams
  17. That wont guarantee a fix . Lots of bugs dont get fixed year after year
  18. Regardless of a match engine the animations , movements , pitch , stadium etc etc are 100 times better
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