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  1. After playing the full release for a little bit, this bug actually seems to have gotten worse after the BETA. In the BETA (first image), it said that Ryan Gravenberch was accomplished at AML and although his natural positions (and therefore probably his best positions) are CM and AMC, the AML position was highlighted which already seems wrong. However, in the full release (second image), he is no longer accomplished at AML yet that position is still highlighted on his position map.
  2. Summary: 'Window and Screen Resolution' section in Preferences doesn't seem to be showing me all of my screen resolution options. Description of Issue: I play FM on my MacBook Pro and for some reason, I only seem to have very limited options when it comes to my chosen screen resolution. As you can seen from the screenshot below, the only options I have are '1440 x 900' or 'Windowed' which is making my user interface quite blurry and hard to read at times. I see other people are having a similar issue but they were also having this issue in the BETA. In the BETA, I didn't have this is
  3. I submitted this bug during the BETA and I was told that it was a known issue. However, it seems like the issue is still persisting in the full release of the game.
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