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  1. I dont mind that the ME is not 100 % , its happened and its hard to create perfect ME , but the fact we wont get any tweets for the ME until FM 20 is really making me angry.
  2. Yeah whats the point? report a bug and in 7 months in FM 20 there will be more 10 bugs in the ME and again in January the ME will be not 100 % and the same and the same Its a complete joke that until FM 20 we wont get any ME tweets,sorry.. im done with this game.
  3. After the patch i have this problem : When i start steam it says: a incompatible version of LavasoftTCPService.dll (in relationship to Lavasoft Web Companion) was detected in the steam filesWe recommend to update the software or to remove it
  4. Hello quick question i will appreciate if you will answer.. Do you think this current Match Engine will remain until FM 20 or in 1~2 months the SI team will make small patches to tweet the ME ? thanks 
  5. Seemed the ME is more balanced.. but i hope SI dosent leave the ME like this like this stage in the year and only tweet the ME in FM 20.. I very hope that SI can give us in a month of two another patch with small tweets to the ME.
  6. V-Sync - Fast Worked for me..
  7. Why when i click on some match in the match fixtures it loading the whole match report? its very annoying and taking long time
  8. The editor still dont work for me I deleted it and install after and the black screen with the error is pop again
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