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  1. At least there will be FM 21 this year.. i hope its will be before January Thanks for the message
  2. I really hope in FM 21 the ME will be fixed and SI will foucs only at the ME + I hope that we wont have to wait until March to get decent ME..
  3. No way. I will wait until the Jan patch is out and will test the ME
  4. I think because of the situation that exists and everyone in in their houses, this was a good opportunity to get another small patch with improvements to the ME, too bad we wont get it
  5. Online games are so slow.. me and my friend trying to play online season but its super slow.. in FM 19 it was quicker any tips ? we are using default skin, no other programs in the background.. and if we play alone with our personals saves the game is super smooth
  6. Hello Any of SI stuff have confirmed that there will no be any changes in this ME? Thanks
  7. Yeah me too This time im not pre order the game, i will play the demo first to see how the ME and then decide if you make a purchase
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