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  1. This! I told earlier,when you buy a game you expect that the game will be at his final build and he will be ready to play,i think this year the ME is no near to his complete version and its quite sad. Its not our job to raise issues with the ME (and now i want to thank all the people who did it),its the SI job to do it.. i just hope in 2020 we can get a finally complete ME that reflects the reality .
  2. Im with Milan,my BBM is with 7 goals in 10 matches and all of them in long shots
  3. To many goals from shots from distance lack of movement by the strikers BBM role is overpowered for me.. the AI defense always defend very deep and because of that the BBM or RPM always takes shots form 15-16 yards from the goal Still stupid mistakes from the GK's sometimes
  4. Hay,after the new update its still 19.2 ?
  5. I just joined the public beta,i played only 2 games.. i can tell that the game is much more responsive and a lot faster,GJ

    FM18 OR FM19

    FM19 better because of the training and the tactics,FM 18 better in ME. But im hoping we will get tweeted ME in the near future..

    My player can't score

    In this ME only 4-4-2 formation and direct passing will work.. you just cant play possession football and slow tempo game and create chances to your striker
  8. In general the ME are : Number of offside fixes Fixes for penalties being given incorrectly General improvements to the match AI But they are said that they working on some other ME changes.. so i think next week we will get new patch with other ME changes
  9. My biggest problem is shots goes straight do the keeper somehow went in

    An analysis on the Match Engine

    Amazing thank you.. and i thought only my players doesn't make enough movement when they are in the final third.. the AMC/MC never pass to them
  11. Its not our job to report the ME problems,we pay some amount of money and we getting a product that are simply broken.. every year and year the ME is broken until the Jan patch
  12. Same for me.. i just cant play with this current ME.. 18 was way better
  13. Im seeing a lot of own goals and headers from free kicks in the far post.. and when shots goes straight to the hands of the GK and goes in.. damm even if my team scored it im angry Why can someone just sit and test the ME and see 10-20 games and see the problems that we are seeing ?
  14. Its very rare when my team is attacking and the opposition are holding back to see a through ball from one of my MC or AMC to the strikers/AMR/AML who are in box.. its always goes to the wing backs
  15. Its really disappointing that SI had a whole year to tweet the ME and year after year there is a lot of broken things in the ME.. and all the time we need to wait until the patch on march to play with the final product of the ME