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  1. Since the last update anyone saw the little chip animation over the GK ?
  2. What the hell is this? I never conceded a goal in the 32th mintues and even in the match higlights there isnt a goal the i conceded!! Eintracht Frankfurt דגנ Marseille.pkm
  3. Im really curious if there will be ME changes in the final patch around March.
  4. Couldnt agree with you more.. But still i think the ME is pretty good, but 4 huge bugs that i cant stand ! 1. Player ratings 2. Goals from throw ins 3. AI managers not attacking you enogh and becuase of that the game is much more easier 4. Too many blocked crosess into corners
  5. Yep look here https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/540201-ai-managers-not-trying-to-attack-when-they-are-behind/?tab=comments#comment-12886306
  6. Thanks for the responase! I dont think this will fix in FM 21 because 21.3 will be out in at the start of March.. and i dont think they will have enogh time to fix this
  7. This is my topic about AI not attacking anogh : And this is the QA answer : " The majority of the QA team were off over the festive period, it was also made clear there would be limited replies on the forums over that time.Thanks for all the pkms, it's exactly what we need. It really isn't as simple as just making the AI managers attack more, this would likely lead to an even more unbalanced match and results. We are investigating the issue but it is something I would rather take time on and get right than rush a fix for. "
  8. How the hell you think this ME is like/worse than FM 20 ME? This ME is amazing, the only 3 things i will imporve are : 1. AI managers not attacking enogh 2. Goals from throw ins 3. Player ratings
  9. Sadly the game is too easy.. I have managed to win la liga with Valencia just in the 2nd season with 97 points Only 3 loses. Pretty sad cuz the ME is really great But opposition don't attack me that much.. shame
  10. @CJ Ramson @Jemal Wiseman I provided a lot of exampls over here, any news maybe about this? thank you
  11. There is any way to only change the match sttatistics to "match bar sttatistics" ?
  12. Yes i now mate, but if i want only this view? I mean i want the panels between highligts to stay as it is, and only use your custom views only when im clicking on match score Thanks
  13. Sorry for the bad quality THis is when i click to see other matches resulets Thanks!
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