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  1. Any news about when we will get anything about the ME and the 3D?
  2. People on the internet saying that FM 20 will be released in 20th of November.. is that true?
  3. I dont want to be rude or something , but who cares about reserve teams in this days? so many new features about this.. dont get it
  4. I think people here are expecting to much , especially regarding to the new features , i think the game in pretty solid in good , maybe a little improvements on the manager AI and stuff like that. Tactics and Training were very big think for me in FM19 and i think they really done a good job. I really hope that the ME will be their best version yet, because really for me FM 19 was amazing, i just want to see better ME , animations like double passes, dribblers, more creativity play style form the high level CM and AMC
  5. This changes gives me nothing.. i just want better ME lol..
  6. I dont want anything elese just better ME,new animations and better AI transefres and in match game better chancges to the AI teams
  7. I dont mind that the ME is not 100 % , its happened and its hard to create perfect ME , but the fact we wont get any tweets for the ME until FM 20 is really making me angry.
  8. Yeah whats the point? report a bug and in 7 months in FM 20 there will be more 10 bugs in the ME and again in January the ME will be not 100 % and the same and the same Its a complete joke that until FM 20 we wont get any ME tweets,sorry.. im done with this game.
  9. After the patch i have this problem : When i start steam it says: a incompatible version of LavasoftTCPService.dll (in relationship to Lavasoft Web Companion) was detected in the steam filesWe recommend to update the software or to remove it
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