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  1. Every game just every game the are so many chances from set pieces.. god what they did to the ME
  2. I downloaded it already and this is amazing addition But this is the responsibility of SI to make normal crowd colors and not gray and orange How difficult that could be???
  3. What an embarrassment. Still gray and brown colors in the crowd Now the lighting and the pitch in the 3D looks ugly as hell The ME still have problems with central play This is the worst ever FM game for me, i just feels SI dont give a... about us.
  4. Can someone from the development team can tell us if there will be any changes to the ME in the next database update ?
  5. Disappointing that there is only the set pieces change in the ME.. I hoped for changes in center play
  6. So the million dollar question : In the winter patch we will get ME update? what do you guys think?
  7. So the winter patch is the last hope to save this ME lol
  8. So many goals from cornets and free kicks (headers) stop itttt
  9. Well done mate its still not like 1000% like in FM 19 and 18 , but much much better i Hope SI resolve this in 20.3
  10. usually in the patch of March they update the ME and they have for it 4 weeks for now
  11. I wish those color of the crowd were in FM 20 Im sick of the gray and orange colors in the crowd
  12. A lot of wide play again.. the last hope is the patch on march lol
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