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  1. The editor still dont work for me I deleted it and install after and the black screen with the error is pop again
  2. I noticed more through balls , my striker is getting more chances but most of them by crosses ,but i can see some improvement on the movement of the strikers
  3. My BBM scored in MIlan in the first season 17 goals in the league.. more than my striker and both of my IF. Im winning and im not enjoying...
  4. Let me correct you , the baddest ME that we ever had in FM. And its very sad because all the other stuff expect the ME is there.
  5. I really dont know how anyone can enjoy this ME.. There is no AMC through balls to the strikers.. Strikers movement are useless BBM long range shots is so overpowered..
  6. I fell the ME will be perfect if the strikers movement and AMC through balls will be tweet
  7. 23 from Israel I never thought that i will we in the young group around here
  8. - AMC thorough balls - Reduce the number of goals from long shots - Fix the movement of the strikers - Reduce the number of red cards Its not little and its not huge,but we deserve a fix for all of those things.
  9. After playing 8~9 in the new engine i come to some conclusions : + The ME has improved,no doubt about that,i saw a lot of nice moves that i liked and i think the overall player decision making has been improved. + The wings play is there,not to powerful and not to weak,i liked that a lot. - Even though the AMC position has been better in these version,still i want to see more creativity and through passes to the striker. - Striker movement is still a really big issue,it dosent matter if i put CF or P or DLF still im see lack of movement of my striker and its very frustrating - BBM and CM were way to powerful in long shots,now its a little bit reduced but still im seeing a lot of goal out side of the box with my BBM - Still some weird diving from the Gk's when a ball goes to the post or with 1 on 1 situation i want to see the GK dive to the ball and not just freeze and do nothing. Overall its solid,i thought the previous build was broken but i see an improvement,im looking for to the next patch and im very hoping that is not the final build of this year ME. Cheers
  10. ME 18 > ME 19 Everything else 19 > 18
  11. The funny this is - Everything except the ME is perfect חוץ
  12. Like every year.. but last year 18.3 not include any ME changes.. lets hope in march the ME will be good.
  13. This.. Im winning games and i just not enjoy.. im sick of the fact that my BBM always score in long rage shots..
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