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  1. Now if I'm starting a new save with disabled transfer window at the start, I could manage the transfer budget? Because in last versions it was lock
  2. Hello any new version is coming out? Because in the goal pop out the player who got the assist is really on top of the name of the goal scorer
  3. So how is the new ME any impressions? And if anyone can upload picture when player score and see the player who got the assist i would appreciate it
  4. After 4 seasons when i finality won the league with Frankfurt i can say about the ME those things : - Overall the ME is amazing for me, so much variety of goals - You can feel that top strikers are really good, especially in one on one - I think after the last patch the game is more difficult and I love it - Really nice passes from players that have high attributes in vision and passing - Top premier league teams are so OP after 2 seasons - Too many blocked crosses and shots in my opinion - Still i think the player ratings are not perfect But overal
  5. I just witnessed right now bug in the ME I scored a goal in the 75th mintues and the opposition team just didnt start the match, the 2 players just stood in the center of the pitch and didnt pass the ball from the start
  6. Since the last update anyone saw the little chip animation over the GK ?
  7. What the hell is this? I never conceded a goal in the 32th mintues and even in the match higlights there isnt a goal the i conceded!! Eintracht Frankfurt דגנ Marseille.pkm
  8. Im really curious if there will be ME changes in the final patch around March.
  9. Couldnt agree with you more.. But still i think the ME is pretty good, but 4 huge bugs that i cant stand ! 1. Player ratings 2. Goals from throw ins 3. AI managers not attacking you enogh and becuase of that the game is much more easier 4. Too many blocked crosess into corners
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