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  1. Your skin has really saved my game, please please so it for FM 22 mate.
  2. Positives : - ME looks pretty good and its still on the Alpha version - The new animations system just look fantastic, really good job - Players seems more smart at the final third, saw a lot of nice passes and new combinations that i never saw before Negatives : - Gegapress still looks massive OP - UI of the matchday, still hasn't changed.. i just hate it - A lot of goals from headers - A lot of goals from Corners - AI managers still remains too passive for me, if you look at the home matches that he played, them away team haven't really threatened him at any point of the match.
  3. They did not change the match UI i dont believe ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
  4. They did not change the match UI i dont believe ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
  5. Dont want to sound rude but i was so boring. We need better manager AI and FM 20 match UI and the game is perfect.
  6. No i dont want it Cuz the game will be super super heavy.
  7. Really really loving the new animations system! I saw a lot of new animations in those short mini clips of the ME and its looking great! The new pressing system is something that could be really a deal breaker.. I hope they also did a little tweaks to the manager AI
  8. I dont want also FIFA graphics But im expecting to see some change in the 3D, better grass, lightning, stadiums..
  9. To be honest I'm slightly disappointing I expected to see a little bit more of a better graphics of the 3D. I hope there will be more animations like dribbles and more attacking new animations
  10. I hope the ME will remain the same with only little bit of tweaks. More animations to the ME And please please please, bring but the FM 20 match UI with the 5 minuets possession bar
  11. Now if I'm starting a new save with disabled transfer window at the start, I could manage the transfer budget? Because in last versions it was lock
  12. Hello any new version is coming out? Because in the goal pop out the player who got the assist is really on top of the name of the goal scorer
  13. So how is the new ME any impressions? And if anyone can upload picture when player score and see the player who got the assist i would appreciate it
  14. After 4 seasons when i finality won the league with Frankfurt i can say about the ME those things : - Overall the ME is amazing for me, so much variety of goals - You can feel that top strikers are really good, especially in one on one - I think after the last patch the game is more difficult and I love it - Really nice passes from players that have high attributes in vision and passing - Top premier league teams are so OP after 2 seasons - Too many blocked crosses and shots in my opinion - Still i think the player ratings are not perfect But overall i think this is by far the best ME of all versions, hope for the final build in 21.3 for more improvements
  15. I just witnessed right now bug in the ME I scored a goal in the 75th mintues and the opposition team just didnt start the match, the 2 players just stood in the center of the pitch and didnt pass the ball from the start
  16. Since the last update anyone saw the little chip animation over the GK ?
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