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  1. There is a difference between striker with 20 finishing and 10 finishing? Its just feeling that 1v1 is so random to score
  2. Sorry, the balls over the top just ruins the game experience for me.. and i actually believe this ME is good,but i just cant play with it and enjoy hope for fix
  3. We can learned that from previous versions of the game
  4. I have a question for the ME developers : I have heard the argument that you guys always check and check and check the ME before release a new version of the ME But the ball over the top issue is not a problem that you see rarely in the games This issue is on every game.. so its very hard for me to understand how you guys missed this * And for me the ME is good, in my opinion of course , im having fun with it but sometimes the ball over the top just makes me crazy
  5. Never in previous versions SI realsed patch to the ME before March (after the first patch to the ME in December) So I'm I'm not think we well get ME patch before March
  6. Oh I didn't saw this If the ME changes will be in the 1.1.2020 I will very happy.. I just hope we dont have to wait until March But I said before, I don't think this ME is broken.. I think it's good, just little tweaks in the balls over the top and 1v1 conversion
  7. I think people here just gone way to far with this ME. I think its a good build, a lot have improved since the last year.. and i dont think there are many of aspects that SI need to fix.. but if they can fix the : - 1v1 conversion : im playing with Dybala and Hallland up front and im see a lot of 1v1 goals from them. But i see a lot of misses as well, i think the main problem is there is not such a difference between top striker and average and low strikers The biggest issue for me is the ball over the top.. i have 2 amazing CB , koulibaly and DIaz and every game there is 4-3 ball over the top against me and it doesn't matter if im using high/low defensive line.. pretty frustrating. But overall i think it decent ME , i just hope the fix will come before March
  8. I have no doubt in my mind there will be a fix to this engine I just hope the fix will be out before the 20.3 patch in March
  9. +1 But for me i think this is a good ME , just little tweaks in ball over the top , 1v1 conversion and really its perfect (for me) Try to play the game and not give attention to specific details all the time.. off course the 1v1 conversion and ball over the top are annoying sometimes but SI aware of that.. otherwise i think this is good build of the ME The only thing that im curious about is if SI will post a fix before March
  10. "hoping for a fix sooner rather than later" It will be before or in the Patch in March? Thanks
  11. So the SI teams admit about the problems about balls over the top and missed 1 on 1 situations and working on a fix i wonder the fix will be at March (Jan update) of before?
  12. After 20.2 I have no lag and smooth ME I hope the new future fix will not bring back the lag like in 20.1
  13. This is a bug? i finished 4th and im not in the Champions League? WHY ?
  14. I think people here just too harsh about this ME It will never be perfect but I dont think its broken or there is no different between players but it's just my opinion Try to stop give so much attention to the little details and enjoy the game If you having hard time to enjoy the game just dont play it..
  15. I think that the game is a lot harder than any FM what i have played
  16. Its just me or its a lot harder this year to win away games? I knows away games are always diffuclt, but in FM 20 any team that i playing away from home just in a magic way start playing like all stars
  17. Come on SI what the hell is this?? absolute garbage own goal Just rage quit the game this is pure waste of time QF in the Champions League Vs Real Madrid , leading 1-0 from the first match video-1575678942.mp4
  18. After 10 games in the new ME : + More through balls to the strikers + See some good crossing from wingers in the byline + Better 1v1 conversion from top strikers - Pass over the top a bit OP - CB in those situations (^^^) react badly to it - I have noticed a lot of bad back passes to the GK But overall i enjoying this ME , just little tweaks and the ME will be almost perfect for me
  19. I had a lot of criticism about the ME in 20.1 But I think right now the ME is good, only few very little tweaks (balls over the top) and overall it will be the best ME
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