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  1. release time is already known, hourly UK?
  2. I have see a lot of difference in the 3d engine. Now chance to attack are less. Before, in the 16.02, often i have end the match with 40 shot, 20 on target. Too much!! Now are more realistic. Before the defenders could defend and press for the strikers, and be rarely taken off-guard. Now aggressive tactics lead to be dangerous opponents counterattack. The game I think it's become a little more difficult. It is more difficult to dominate the matches It's good for me
  3. For now I can say that the game is very nice. Congratulations. But there are always a few points which, in my opinion, should be improved. Known that the games are action packed, really high numbers compared to actual standards. Matches that end with 40 shootings at 25, half of them sometimes in the mirror on the door. It is certainly exciting to see a game like that, but it seems excessive when compared with reality.
  4. Then, although consider this the best FM just product, do I still have to highlight some things that should not be. During simulation of the game occur with excessive frequency of retro pass turned defender who promptly end up in corner. Too much. I hope this bug (if we can called so) will be fix
  5. I think that a laptop is however less performant than a desktop. Five star it's very hard to reach...
  6. I have never had any problems with games tennis results. Though indeed there are too many offensive actions ending with goal attemp.
  7. It was the first suggestion that I gave him. But removing that, should not exist a horizontal slidebar allows you to see the entire screen even on large screens with resolutions? It is a skin problem?
  8. Using the image of FMobande to ask such a thing occurring in a game by a member of our forum. With the vision of the game window, on a laptop, disappears on the side the list of players on the bench. This makes it difficult to make substitutions with drag & drop classic. Any suggestion?
  9. Now abnormal situations I've seen a few. The one that got me worried a little bit is that too many inherent injuries that happen. Are too many as frequency in relation to duration. Too many from 3-4 weeks.
  10. The problem is that even if it were to happen, it is very rare as a thing. While in reality they are goals that happen frequently. Apart from that I've never seen a red card given to knockdown the attacker by the goalkeeper, with its penalty kick, something also very frequent