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  1. I don't understand. Was it or was the German national not included? In my game, it started with the beta version not appearing.
  2. Yes i did with a PKM of another match. However it is something that happens quite often. Happens to you?
  3. I note with disappointment, although the game I like it a lot and there have been many improvements, which continues to persist a mistake of the Match Engine, about positioning on the defense, especially in the movements to follow the actions of the opposing attack. When the attackers take ball, especially for actions with direct or long passages, in which attackers snap into ball range, defenders can't keep the correct positions. Sometimes you see 4 opponents enter everyone in the area, ready to shot on goal the cross coming in, and the defensive line positioned all the way to the player who must cross, maybe already well marked. This leaves the other players only.
  4. But these are normal in football. The shots taken for training or match can give these little injuries, 1-3 days at the most, that doesn't preclude being usable in successive matches.
  5. One thing I've noticed different from previous versions of the game. When a player is on loan, as Kishna in the image below, this information is very hard to find in his personal file. Before the player was on the team loaned in the main tab , and he wrote under his name "loan from". Why this change? I find it annoying.
  6. If you're training the Lazio then you should, in the second season, take you home Germoni. A left defender young but of great impact. From me took place at various Lukaku and Radu. In the first season is on loan at Parma and can't unfortunately go back to home.
  7. or go to holiday, and return in game after that period. It's even easier
  8. Why you buy a football manager game, and then play as any FIFA?
  9. It seems to me that the sales data of each version goes in the opposite direction. The public wants the FM version every year.
  10. Do you think you can, in real football, it happens something like this. Long ball to Higuain, and my players, defenders and midfielders 7, all to run after him, leaving only all others, in addition to not cover several areas of field assigned to them?
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