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  1. Use DDT on FM Touch

  2. i have extracted the file from fm2016 whit archive resources...and this file in fm17 touch work! the file linked in op, not. manager profile panel preferences.xml
  3. Hello, i use a big club DDT in FMTouch. and, incredible, its work! But for some reason, a DDT whit the all italian players database dont work, why?
  4. FMITA Serie D - Italian 4th Level

    - Serie D - Coppa Italia di Serie D - Poule Scudetto - Campionati Giovanili (Primavera, Berretti e Allievi) - Regole reali per tutti i campionati - Regole Under, extraUE e prestiti per la D inseriti - Fixati colori e kits dalla A all'Eccellenza - Fixate finanze - Fixati bug minori DOWNLOAD WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD
  5. I'm not relegated!

    I have signed for a team relegated to Serie C in Serie D, after Serie C Playoff. I sign the club in 21/22 June, but ate the restart date of Italy (30 June) the relegation is in my history! But i have only sign the club after the relegation!
  6. No photo in player profile

    In the past fm, you choose to dont show any picture, like this if i want to dont show any picture profile (regen, default, cut out default)....?
  7. Regen hairpack

    Remember, this is a unofficial fix edit
  8. FMITA Serie D - Italian 4th Level

    New version in OP... isnt a big update, but correct minor issues
  9. Regen hairpack

    hello, i have eliminated, whit gimp, all beard... no hair allineation, only delete the beards... the result is pretty... if you want, i post all the folder (same instructions) but, for regularity, its good debski permise me to post it.
  10. FMITA Serie D - Italian 4th Level

    - Serie D - Poule Scudetto - Italian Serie D Cup - Integrated the Serie D playoffs * - Adjust the finances of Taranto and Matera - Fixed the date of the playoffs and playout - Place the correct stories of the groups C and D - Regional limits for all series - Adjust the under, the Non-EU and loans for the D - Adjusted some kits * In reality, the playoffs D lead to no promotion, but only serve to establish a ranking for the repechage of the teams in the event of failures of C and D teams, in the file I put the playoffs that will only lead to a cash prize , in the game you will see that you will be qualified to show you that you have won the playoffs, but it's just a habit graphics, there is no qualification Many thanks to Fmanager86 for the help and support VERSIONE 2.0DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD WORKSHOP
  11. FMITA Serie D - Italian 4th Level

    New Update!