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  1. Yeah, very nice start: at my arrive, the team morale is very low... i choose a simply 442 based on counterattack, solid italian style! in the january transfer window, i dont buy a lot of players, because the team spirit and solidity its very important, and many new players break the armony. After my arrive, the team have a incredible series of positive result, only two lost match! The next year its very complicated, the Lega Pro its a hard championship.
  2. 2015/16 Team | Info Matches | Standings | Transfers | Stats | Youth
  3. Good series!
  4. The Italians, people of saint, sailors and of course managers! This career will take place only in Italy , my country , i loaded the Serie D (fourth level) , no manager license, sunday league reputation and starting, obviously, unemployed! Profile | Save Data DB Used Fusion DB - Serie D by FMITA This career is posted on my blog,, if you want you can follow it there, there is a button for translation (in the blog the career is at the 2018 year)
  5. hello uncle sam! your file is very good, but the reputation of teams and competition is too high! i modified for my career the file, whit the default reputation in the db, only this modify! if you want, i share this file!
  6. New 2.5 Version in OP
  7. the problem is, in fm, the teams dont fail! in the italian serie d, in real, from second to fifth make the playoffs to establish a ranking for the repechage in case a lega pro team fail the financial requisites! ita a big problem of italian football, but in fm isnt replicable...
  9. good luck mate, serie d is very hard....
  10. FMITA SERIES D 2.2 - Serie D , with under rules , foreign membership rules , lending rules and regional borders setup - Coppa Italia Serie D with the regional board - Poule Scudetto Serie D - Campionato Primavera , Berretti and Juniores for U20 - Allievi for U18 - Regional borders setup for the Lega Pro - Integrated into many fields for youth from A to D - Fixed some financial situations in Serie D - Fixed some clubs in information A, B , Lega Pro and Serie D - Corrections in many clubs of Eccellenza ( colors, names , reputation ) DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD WORKSHOP
  11. New version whit some correction (regular fixtures for Serie D and the neutral stadium for the Coppa Italia Serie D final)
  12. 50/50 :asd: Trainspotting its my favourite movie!
  13. nah, i would just get to coach the Nazionale, the Azzurri! Info | Matches 1 - 2 | Standings | Stats | Squad | Transfers | Youth | Finance After an excellent year with Rende, my reputation has not increased much and after various wastes decide to groped the adventure with the newly promoted Acireale, again in the infernal round I. Satisfied? Yes, very much, we did a great championship not ever struggling for the salvation. At one point we could also fight for the promotion , but honestly we did not have the team for the promotion and already the seventh place is a good result. This raises a final question: rest, or do I go? As in Rende, financially we are below freezing, and although with the signings we are well below the legal limit, I do not think he had much of the slack. For now rest, but with a watchful eye to the other benches.
  14. Siracusa and Cuneo contact me, but they chose other managers. obviously my reputation has not increased enough , so i have to turn on the teams promoted from the Eccellenza, and after one week of passion, Acireale chose me! Again group I, again the italy's deep south, this is a welcome back because i'm sicilian
  15. Info | Matches 1 - 2 | Standings | Stats | Squad | Transfers | Youth | Finance First season as manager, first results: I am called to lead the Rende that on my arrival was second last with 10 points, finding a very demoralized team to straighten out, and it was not easy, not at all easy. We started very well trying suffered the attack the standings, but then we really had a bad time which made us stagnate in limbo called "playout zone" We came out working on team cohesion and changing a little bit in the module, the module that was a classic 442 because I hadnt players to invent some kind of tactical sortie sortie. Instead we went beyond expectations in the Italian Cup D, with an unexpected path that has led us in the final against a fresh Foligno winner of their group of D. Final we dominated play on the counterattack (Foligno is much stronger), and eventually I finished my first year, my very first trophy, which I hope well is not the last! With an eighth place finish, I can say it was a very positive season, culminating in a perhaps unexpected, i resign the contract Why resign? I thought about it, and indeed it is the best solution, because many players would not be renewed at the risk of making a market with a great budget to spend, but with a skeleton team from having to rebuild from scratch. I decided to get back into the game and I hope that especially the victory of D Cup can give me that extra mile to make me find a more stable team of Rende.