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  1. ok
  2. i have extracted the file from fm2016 whit archive resources...and this file in fm17 touch work! the file linked in op, not. manager profile panel preferences.xml
  3. in fmtouch dont work!
  4. Hello, i use a big club DDT in FMTouch. and, incredible, its work! But for some reason, a DDT whit the all italian players database dont work, why?
  5. - Serie D - Coppa Italia di Serie D - Poule Scudetto - Campionati Giovanili (Primavera, Berretti e Allievi) - Regole reali per tutti i campionati - Regole Under, extraUE e prestiti per la D inseriti - Fixati colori e kits dalla A all'Eccellenza - Fixate finanze - Fixati bug minori DOWNLOAD WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD
  6. I have signed for a team relegated to Serie C in Serie D, after Serie C Playoff. I sign the club in 21/22 June, but ate the restart date of Italy (30 June) the relegation is in my history! But i have only sign the club after the relegation!
  7. In the past fm, you choose to dont show any picture, like this if i want to dont show any picture profile (regen, default, cut out default)....?
  8. Remember, this is a unofficial fix edit
  9. New version in OP... isnt a big update, but correct minor issues
  10. hello, i have eliminated, whit gimp, all beard... no hair allineation, only delete the beards... the result is pretty... if you want, i post all the folder (same instructions) but, for regularity, its good debski permise me to post it.
  11. - Serie D - Poule Scudetto - Italian Serie D Cup - Integrated the Serie D playoffs * - Adjust the finances of Taranto and Matera - Fixed the date of the playoffs and playout - Place the correct stories of the groups C and D - Regional limits for all series - Adjust the under, the Non-EU and loans for the D - Adjusted some kits * In reality, the playoffs D lead to no promotion, but only serve to establish a ranking for the repechage of the teams in the event of failures of C and D teams, in the file I put the playoffs that will only lead to a cash prize , in the game you will see that you will be qualified to show you that you have won the playoffs, but it's just a habit graphics, there is no qualification Many thanks to Fmanager86 for the help and support VERSIONE 2.0DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD WORKSHOP
  12. New Update!