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  1. Serie D Coppa Italia di Serie D Poule ScudettoFMITA FORUM FUSIONDB FACEBOOK GROUP
  2. Nobody know? the file is a good file, but this a really annoyng problem.
  3. I've recreated a new nation nation rule for Serie a, but the problem is the tv rights. The Serie A receive 1,5B of tv partners, the 50% is sudivided at all 20 club in egual parts (30,5M) the rest is sudivided in: 15% for the position in the last season, 10% for the results in last 5 years, 20% for the number of fans and 5% for history. I've sudivided the 50% (30,5M) with no problem, but the other 50%? ita a problem because big club have financial problem with only the 30,5M. I've sudivided the other 50% based with position in last season, but this money dont given to the teams, i've controlled.
  4. With the last patch i dont load any editor data file (new leagues, etc), i dont see my previous save (but the last yes)
  5. for me 3d is good, no problem... the problem is the game speed, too slow, compared whit fm16 and fm17 is too slow...
  6. hello, i dont have the time for an 18 update, but my friend fmanager86 have made a versione for fm18, whit eccellenza and promozione this is the fb page of the project
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