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  1. I've had a look through some of the threads with useful links but can't spot the answer. I want to add a background selection tool to my personal skin, can anyone share how? Either just the line of code and panel needed to add it to or a full guide would be amazing
  2. No worries - thanks again for the help and advice
  3. It works when i use it in its original skin (Kojuro) that I took the panel from - It also worked without issue before adjusting to full scoreboard panel alongside the match screen mods. It's not a killer for me just annoying when I know its worked previously!
  4. If using the TCS skin, you'll need to remove the Sky Sports panel added as part of the skin design as well, before putting in the new score panel to the match panels. There might be a couple of other tweaks (possibly the in between highlights panel references the sky sports panel too?) I have it working on my skin which is basically TCS with some tweaks for my preference but I can't remember what else needed adjusting to remove the Sky Sports Element added in v 1.1 sorry!
  5. I've still got this issue - My skin is at 95% zoom is that making the amount of space too small? Any ideas from anyone? Anyone had the same issue on their use of the panel and fixed it?
  6. I think Liverpool have kits specific to competitions listed so it causes this. I’ve found it when using 3D kits. If you have in game editor you can remove the variants for different competitions and leave the main one only and should work for the next game.
  7. Completely get it , always feels painful though when it’s something that’s removed (and hard coded not to be amendable/game prevents it being amendable) - more so than something added you don’t like necessarily. But again, I don’t know enough on game development if that comment in itself is madness too!
  8. Agree - even if one of the experienced guys could let me know not to waste my time if its hardcoded!
  9. Did also just try using the PlTx and at00 code from goalscorer code above and this gave me... (no Troy isnt at Chelsea) So idea was add an Entity ID to the document at the top, just used at0z for a placeholder, revert to your original code @Tyburn and simply use that as a new entity ID (perhaps they each identify a unique entity to be added - so when using any other it just goes back to its first reference?) but guess what that gives me?
  10. So i've started by editing the entity ID where you'd placed the player picture code to at00 matching the text for goalscorer entity - but this just gets me: So wondered if the 'ID' (currently listed as Pict) needed to refer to something else - note the name for scorer refers to id PlTx , any idea where those ID's are listed to navigate the equivalent id Pl... Pic? Pc? Lg? Icn? etc. - I've tried to borrow from the tactic overview and Dynamics (player hierarchy) panel where there is the ID 'prop' but this gets me... So then found in the Player Portrait and description widget this line; <container class="object_portrait_picture" entity_layout_id="at01" id="port" width="50" name="person pic"> So borrowed port for id and at01 for entity layout. This though again... just gave me: I've cleared cache and reloaded skin each time before anyone suggests So i'm struggling for options here (largely because I'm chopping an changing and guessing to see if anything works) - if anyone with more experience knows how the entity id and id's work (and if thats the way to fix this?) or in general can have a crack at it with their knowledge of skinning that'd be gratefully received.
  11. Hi Jack, yes said all confirmed on the anonymous upload and I'd uploaded previously in Beta Bugs with success. Would have been about 6:15ish yesterday? I can reupload again today if no luck. I uploaded at this link: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 - confirm thats definitely right?
  12. At work so can't do much in terms of with the game itself ,but looking at the file - this is the line for player name - so guesses from here (again anyone who can tell me better!) <widget class="text" entity_layout_id="at00" alignment="centre_y,left" id="PlTx"> Entity id is for the goalscorer / player so this can remain? Essentially its saying which entity to provide the text for and where to put it as I understand it. Widget class needs to change acorss to image/picture, but then the id 'PiTx' is the final thing that needs to change to reference the players face instead? The rest of the code then is where it appears, animation and text formatting
  13. This is massively further than I could get to. I guess its because its dynamic to the player who's scored - is there anything in the code for where the game/panel gets the player name from that could be translated/help with pulling the same reference but for player image? Not sure if i've explained it coherently but hopefully you get what I mean!
  14. Hi Jack - will get this uploaded tonight and update this comment with reference once done 👍🏻 Update - uploaded - name 'Baldylocks' @Jack Joyce - Thanks
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