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  1. It makes the seasons go a lot faster though you do miss out on how changes within matches by the human player can change things. Heres the details on database size and how long the game took.
  2. I usually simulate the games, but i've got a 2nd savegame (with more leagues) on the go where I play them so i'll let you know.
  3. i'm running an i7 something. It takes around 6-10 hours of gameplay (simulating results not playing matches) to do a season, though its hard to guess as the last season was played in small bursts of time. I acutually started as Hearts in that savegame as well.
  4. I think I'm running a large one, but i'll check after the spurs-sheffield game for you.
  5. This is my current setup, though I often run 2-3 times more countries and could probably do even more than that. I find the estimated game speed rating to be useless. Theres very little difference between 3 or 4 stars and half a star in terms of game speed. One thing I've realised though is if you play in a country with a extended winter break like Ukraine or Russia and you are running 300k players, then it can be utterly boring for 3-4 months until the league resumes at the speed you go at.
  6. I forgot to screenshot the table again this month.
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