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  1. I'm already seeing this happen locally in the comments of family members and random locals on social media commenting on the local uptake among ethnic minorities (some in bemusement, some in hostility, some in both). At the moment its fairly low key and the euphoria over the success of the vaccine program is outweighing those concerns. If the easing of lockdown is delayed, I expect racial hostility to increase massively sadly . I don't expect class hostility to increase, as Cohen is wrong on that being a factor. There is however a lot of generational distrust, with the perception among the m
  2. My arm was sore for three days and I felt extremely tired which again could be the underlying conditions at work, but my hunch is it wasn't. In other news this press conference seems to have a theme of "don't ruin all your good work just yet"
  3. With me the onset was gradual rather than sudden and was at its worst 12-24 hours later and by 72 hours disappeared completely.
  4. My own view is we can't hide forever and eventually we are going to have to try opening things up. If not in the spring, then when? It's not like autumn or winter would be a good time, would it? There needs to be a lot more support in place for teachers (including priority on the vaccinations list if opening schools is as important as we say), and I personally would have given it until after the Easter Holidays, but at some point school was always going to be back.
  5. Talking to a friend who is a teacher, there is no way this will happen due to a combination of teachers contracts, and the power of the unions. There is going to be no catch up in the holidays as teachers can't be forced to do it, and no one will else will take their place. The kids will be burnt out by the summer anyway. In other news I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine this morning.
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