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  1. I do, that might be the issue. We have good stats for anticipation and average for tackling compared with the rest of the league.
  2. I've had 4 sending offs (previously none) in three matches including the same player in EPL and UCL matches. I'm not sure if my tactics are too aggressive or if its an issue with the match engine (other people are complaining of similar in the OTF thread on FM19), but I'm sure 'get stuck in' didn't before mean 'get someone sent off every match'. Is anyone else having this issue?
  3. I remember being told by a mod 2-3 years ago on here that 200k players were the upper limit you could load in any game and for it to remain stable. I've seen people talking about having games starting with 350k+ . Is 200k still the upper limit for a stable game-file in FM19?
  4. decapitated

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Could someone create the post-Brexit system for the English game as proposed by the FA (article quoted in full in thread) starting in 2019/20 ? Miles Jacobson has said it would be disastrous for the English game so it might be interesting to sim it.
  5. decapitated

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Sign Up

    Player Name: Rolo Tomassi Date of Birth:March 15th Position: CM Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Germany European Nation to Play for: Luxembourg
  6. I imagine its some sort of weird licensing quirk with Bayern similar to the one with Ajax a couple of years back where their staff have different names despite the rest of the division being licensed. Given the bizarre kafka-esque situation of a feature being allowed to be placed in the game, but the SI staff being not allowed to mention it even after its released, I'm getting the impression licensing is more legally complex (and I thought it was quite legally complex) than I had given credit.
  7. Thats a good theory, but if thats the case, it could have been announced without a screenshot (in text on twitter without a club being mentioned) or with a create a club side. I can't wait to see what this mystery feature is and whether its an anti-climax or something thats worth the wait and wondering. I do wonder if its something no one will discover until they are several years into the game.
  8. Someone said in the comments they reckon its do with online network games (playing against players on different systems?) but none of us all will find out (if at all) until the game is out.
  9. the new trailer has been released at any rate.
  10. decapitated

    No new stadium being build

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millerntor-Stadion 1961 apparently, though it was renovated in 2015
  11. I'm not sure he'd be foreshadowing something as obvious as that so prominently
  12. decapitated

    [FM19] Breaking Murphys Law

    forgot to post the youth intake
  13. decapitated

    [FM19] Breaking Murphys Law

    I wanted to do a FM Career Update but slightly differently to my past one. I found doing an update after every in-game month for the one I did in FM18 to be more of a chore for me, and one I was doing without the passion that I think is needed for readers to enjoy, as I rather than take screenshots, I just wanted to get on with the game. What I propose to do instead is do a yearly roundup where I can go in more depth and with more analysis and comment. This is the round of my first 2018/19 season with Bayern Munich and England on the Beta. Introduction It was fairly clear that Football Manager 2019 was going to be the more changed new edition to the Football Manager series for 4-5 years. Thus I wanted to do something to ease me in, in case I struggled with the new tactical setup. Usually I have the England national team as my first test game, but I decided to manage a club side at the same time to get the full effect. I chose Bayern as I thought they would be an easy learning curve, they were struggling in real life and I had read an article (I think it was on Passion4FM) that they had the largest transfer budget in the first window. I was of the opinion that I would probably struggle and underperform as I got to grips with the new tactical system, so decided to give my manager the last name of Murphy in honour of Murphy’s Law (Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong), and after debating whether to make him Irish or American, chose to make him an American/German national (first name Jürgen to emphasis the Teutonic element of his heritage) with the requisite experience to manage these two sides. See if you can guess which Minor UK celebrity of German nationality I used as his face model. I also added in Portuguese, Spanish and French as additional languages spoken given the mix of players at Bayern. Summer transfer window I had the cash to splash and I intended to splash it. Bayern only had three first team full backs, and it was obvious with a defence as injury prone as Bayern’s, more reinforcements were needed at centre back. On deadline day I was informed the squad thought we needed more reinforcement in the midfield so I made a deadline day bid for Lucas Paquetá. Overall I think I paid over the odds for some of these players especially Uduokhai Season 2018/19-July-November We underperformed for most of this period. We were between 3rd and 7th in the table, and if we had continued this way we would have probably have ended up 3rd-5th with me sacked at the end of the season. Tactically I went with the obvious with a gegenpress system. The problem was due to me listening to the advice of my coaches too much I ended up being too attacking especially in away games and that led to team hitting us on the counter. I wondered if the Gegenpress might have been not working so tried Wing Play against Mainz and ended up 2-0 down within 12 minutes, we went back to gegenpress and after a thrilling encounter it ended 4-4. It became obvious that gegenpress was the correct system it was just a case of tweaking it correctly. Buying a two extra centre backs turned out to be the right strategy as Martinez was injured in November and out for the rest of the system and Boateng was out until March. Unfortunately I didn’t buy an extra right back in the summer window and Rafinha was almost always injured. This lead to playing Kimmich so much he often became jaded and in need of a rest. I often had to play Tolisso at RB as he was the best of a bunch of bad options in that position. December 2018-Janaury 2019 results December was a vital month for us. I realised how to tweak gegenpress effectively. I got the mentalities right and played around with passing length, pumping balls in the box and which flank to focus on if it all, depending on who we were playing and how the match was going and our form improved rapidly. I think the vital game for us in terms of the league this season was the home win against RB Leipzig. Leipzig were top of the table and we were 2nd by this point, and whoever won went top. We were 2-1 down at half time but somehow the team talk and some tactical tweaks managed to turn it around for the second half. Our victory there was the turning point for me. January transfer window Again I had a lot of money and I intended to spend it as it seemed as long as we won then more was on the way. I decided to try and buy two RB Leipzig players, Forsberg and Sabitzer, both as they would add something to the team that we were lacking, and because (rightly) suspected RB Leipzig would struggle to find adequate replacements. The Forsberg transfer went ahead, but although we had agreed a deal for Sabitzer, due to not adding in personal/agent fees, after all other deals had been carried out, we were lacking 5M needed to finalise. I panicked and tried to sell the injured and frankly underperforming Boateng leading to him understandably getting the hump until April. In the end though Sabitzer was unsettled, shortly transfer listed and ended up at Real Madrid, so in part the objective was met. We ended up buying Everton from Gremio for that position. I was anxious to get replacements in for Robben and Ribery in place as if they had not of retired at the end of the season, then I would not have renewed their contracts anyway. We sold the ever-crocked Rafinha (bizarrely choosing LA Galaxy over Lazio, Leicester and West Ham for the same price) and got in Tin Jedvaj in to replace him in the only overpriced deal of the window. I was a bit annoyed with myself when it turned out I could have the similarly talented Almany Toure from Monaco for a fraction of the price in the same position if I waited until the last days of the window. Our players had been bleating that we needed more cover in goal so I got perennial FM favourite Rajikovic in, before sending him out on loan after a few substitute appearances went very wrong. The other players (excluded the already going through transfer of Alphonso Davies which will also happen in real life) were all recommended by our scouting system as good youth prospects. February-May 2019 The league soon became a formality, with not even Dortmund offering anything in the way of resistance. The main challenge was in the Champions League. Liverpool were our toughest opponents and we only got past them on away goals mostly by luck. The first leg of the semi-final against Manchester City saw us completely outclassed and the score was only 1-0 due to Manuel Neurer. We changed formation to a narrow 4-4-2 for the home leg and thrashed them. The final against Aletico Madrid in their own stadium was a drab and cagey affair but we edged it. I decided to reduce the responsibilities of our director of football ( Hasan Salihamidžić ) to contract details of new signings after he managed to alienate two of our best youth players (Fruchtl and Elvina) into wanting to leave in contract talks. I should be able to talk them round before they leave on a free though. It wasn't all good news. Thomas Muller had just a long goaless period for me it became a major criticism from the board until he scored again. End of Season stats England 2018-2019 For our games in the nation leagues groups we used tweaked variants of Catenaccio against Spain and Gegenpress against Croatia and managed to top the group despite many injuries and Luke Shaw managing to get himself sent off in the 23rd minute against Croatia. As you can see we were successful and went on to use a tweaked gegenpress against both Estonia and Denmark. The nations League was eventful to say the least. We were rewarded 4 penalties against France, and thanks to Lloris we only scored three. In the end I had to take Kane off penalty duty as his confidence was shot and put Alli on instead. Against Portugal in the final, Kane was the hero of the hour as you can see. League Tables and winners FA Cup winners:Bournemouth League cup:Arsenal Promoted to EPL: Sheff United (C), Aston Villa and Millwall Europa League: Arsenal beat Chelsea in the final La Liga: Atletico Madrid Serie A: Juventus Ligue 1: PSG Libertadores: Racing Club Sudamerica: Atletico Tucman UEFA supercup: Atletico Madrid Club World Cup: Real Madrid Other interesting results: Hurucan won the Argentine superliga,
  14. decapitated

    19.0.2 hotfix not downloading

    @FrazT I loaded up a new game with just the turkish league running and the player rules had been changed in line with the hotfix. I didn't see a new database folder in the steam files on my computer after 1901 so I thought it hadn't downloaded but it seems it has.