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  1. https://www.footballmanager.com/the-byline/joe-lolley-why-i-love-fm?fbclid=IwAR1do4Ji3IvsSS-4mFfpIikJ3WUuT9nULzpkukSVCNMwAt9k8glFZyEuXUU Joe Lolley of Forest who apparently found success with a 2-7-1 formation.
  2. What happened was I checked browns profile and noticed that he was 100% against me to the point of trying to force me out of the club so I stripped him of the captaincy. This led to Lustig and Sinclair to publicly condemn me in the media for my treatment of him. I'm not sure whether to go on, as although I don't want to end so quickly and get a bad reputation on here for starting too many threads and not going the full way, but theres no way in real life I could continue as Celtic manager after 3 of my senior players condemn me in the media and the rest of the squad dislikes me. Tactically I'm doing ok, but I'm starting to think transfers and especially man management are bigger weaknesses in my game.
  3. I've messed this game up by alienating the entire squad by slapping Brown down
  4. We've got an injury crisis at the moment, so I'm going to be forced into formational 'innovation' for the next game.
  5. That would make sense. Burke got sent off, and then Weah got injured ruining the game for us
  6. Imagine how annoyed Brown will be if we lose another centre back this window?
  7. tactically sure, I probably could have paid less for McKenna and still landed him (not that doing so has pleased Scott Brown yet so hopefully Elneny on loan should do that). the group stages of European competition are the real test for Celtic though.
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