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  1. decapitated

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Have you thought about forcing the Bhutan manager to retire like you did with high quality and taking that job as well?
  2. decapitated

    [FM18] From University to Champions League

    This of course means..... A golden age indeed! £15 a week pay rise! Thats serious money for WPL, and since we were getting several hundred grand a game for our Europa League win and only 15k for winning the league, it's clear where my priorities should be next season. This seems an amazing transfer until you realise no one currently based outside Wales (even for Wales based English clubs wants to sign) Still it means I can buy whoever I like in Welsh football. Well nearly anyone, the idiot director of football I inherited managed to alienate a great young player from Bala so much in negotiations that the deal broke down. I sacked said director of football now I had the influence (his habit of hiring as many rubbish youth players to free contacts could have been tolerated, but not this) but the guy still wouldn't sign the player of the season a TNS striker was the same age but I guess they wanted to give them both something. I always wondered what they'd said if you went and watched a match by the club your manager supports Shaw doesn't want to stay in Welsh football for any longer and is leaving on a free to probably join Ryan Giggs at Carlisle. We've been busy yet frugal on the transfer market as you'd expect. The boards not keen on the Owen signing but thats the one I'm most pleased about.
  3. decapitated

    [FM18] From University to Champions League

    If we can hold our nerve we should be able to win the title. I declined both of them. I promised the Bangor board I'd see out my contract without going for any new jobs, and plus I'm not throwing away a WPL win to go for a lower level conference north/south team. Signing Crittenden seems to be paying off Again the quality of regens in the Welsh lower leagues is remarkably high
  4. Theres an argument that Croatia were so put off by it, it helped france score their 3rd and 4th goals. Still, punk rockers are going to punk rock at the end of the day.
  5. https://www.irishmirror.ie/sport/soccer/soccer-news/world-cup-final-pitch-invaders-12923775
  6. decapitated

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Pogba scores!
  7. decapitated

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Pitch invasion!
  8. decapitated

    [FM18] From University to Champions League

    Mostly good results so far The WPL table now splits in two so we play the teams 2nd-6th twice and the bottom teams play each other. I've not had that before I was also linked to East Fife in Scotland several conference and conference north/south sides and quite a few Irish sides.
  9. decapitated

    [FM18] From University to Champions League

    A mixed month results wise where we get knocked out of both cups and are inconsistent in the league as well. TNS have finally got into gear which is worrying £220 deducted from £110? You can see why Brighton, Rangers and Bournemouth have been interested in him. There also seems to be a lot of great regens in the Welsh lower leagues, a lot of them English. It doesn't seem all that realistic but I'm not complained.
  10. decapitated

    [FM18] From University to Champions League

    Not a good month as our away form slumped. We did beat TNS away though after two of their players got sent off at the same time Luckily none of our rivals have taken advantage of our slip=ups but its tight at the top of the table. Vance will be by far the best player we have when he joins by a long way. Oldham and Glasgow Rangers were sniffing around him, but only we offered him a contract.
  11. RLC should have gone for goal rather than pass to Lingard.