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  1. If you've got a save game that gone beyond 2040 then this is the thread to share who won what in. I shared this originally in the OTF FM21 thread but I thought there might be interest here in seeing it. The file is starting to crash dump so I'm abandoning it, but the only league club I'm responsible for the success of partly is Leicester. They also seem to be have been taken over by a Glazer style owner which also takes the fun out of it. Champions League Europa League Conference League Libertadores Sudamerica Worl
  2. I have one save file 1-2 seasons before that, and 3 others that are several months on from that, but none immediately before it I'm afraid. Will that do?
  3. Chelsea get docked 5 points in my game. Interestingly though when I invited them to my annual friendly league, the points deduction got added to the friendly league not the next EPL season.
  4. Whenever I take over a new team, there are players that the AI has automatically set to transfer listed. It would be better if upon taking over a new club, you get a news item about who is on the transfer list and whether you want to keep them on it. Otherwise players tend to be transfer listed without you realising.
  5. Would it be possible to use the in-game editor to select country/stadium hosts for as of yet unallocated international tournaments and continental finals in future versions of the game?
  6. I think it might be an idea if there's a tournament coming up in the next 6 months that, that players international team have qualified for and that player is not being selected for their international team and is only a peripheral player for their club team that they request a 6 month loan to another team in order to catch their international managers eye. We saw this in 2018 with Ruben Loftus-Cheek going to Crystal Palace and there was speculation in the last window about Ainsley Maitland-Niles doing the same.
  7. I'd love to be able to choose the host stadiums/nations for UCL/UEL finals and world cup/european championships. It's a very minor thing but it would be cool to do.
  8. Will leagues moving between bands be dynamic in the game? I'd love to see how it works.
  9. The one part of the game I struggle with most is contract renewals. When my players play well they tend to demand larger and larger pay rises and I have no idea what they are worth. Has anyone here devolved the responsibility for contracts renewals to their DoF? I would do that, but going by FM20 I'm worried they'll make silly promises and I won't be able to veto them or worse, won't even notice until I've lost the dressing room. What is the system like in FM21?
  10. I agree with how FM has implemented Brexit in general as the whole point is its as real to life as can be. Some of the decisions whilst I'm not saying they are wrong, might need explaining better. For example: I don't see how this player would qualify? wage salary perhaps?
  11. These are my Brexit rules in game? Does everyone else have the same ones?
  12. Wouldn't that be just as hazardous to emergency services bandwith as releasing it as usual at 6pm? I wouldn't be surprised if it was released at an am time though I couldn't say when exactly or which day.
  13. Unfortunately not. Monday is the earliest it will be released and it could be Wednesday or later if theres more work needed to be done. There were two bugs in the alpha build on the stream which I can't SI releasing without fixing. The first was a bug where in some games, the scorer of the first goal was credited with all other goals in the match, and the second was that the dugout disappeared and reappeared between highlights. There will be more bugs than that, and they'll want to fix any bug that is that obvious.
  14. Miles said in the livestream that FM21 isn't going to be released at the same time of the day as normal due to bandwidth reasons to do with the covid crisis, so he won't be releasing at 6pm on the day its released anyway. I have no idea what time it would be instead though?
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