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  1. I've found a bug in the Scotland/Ecosse file. The 2nd season doesn't trigger and there are no league fixtures after the 1st season. The same happened on my Celtic save and on when I ran a test game on holiday mode. For example, In august 2020, this is what the fixture looks like. I think its connecting to the promotion/relegation between league 2 and the highland/lowland league the playoff between the winners of the highland and lowland league doesn't occur (all other pllyoffs in higher leagues do occur) and thus neither does the playoff between the winner of that and the last team in league 2. I just thought I'd bring it to your attention @Timo61
  2. @Timo61 is giving his time and labour for free so it just isn't on to be rude and insult him. He adds greatly to the FM20 experience with his files, and if he stopped doing it as people like you were being rude to him it would be a great shame, but I wouldn't blame him if he did (I suspect Claaseen might have stopped for the same reasons) . I don't normally do this but I'll donate a couple of euros to the link he posted above to prove that we do value his work on this forum.
  3. Out of interest what is a PKM, and would I be able to access a past match and get one for it, so i could show the bug forums something that I think needs working on or do I need to create it in the middle of the match itself?
  4. 4 out of 5 of the players in the running for serie A best player of the year are full backs. It sort of ruins the realism somewhat. Out of the top 15 performers in Serie A, 7 are fullbacks. Maybe there should be a weighting in end of season awards towards goals/assists as well as overall rating?
  5. It seems Juventus is more or less, a giant ponzi scheme. If and when the team struggles to maintain the same level of success then it's all going to fall apart both on FM and in real life.
  6. By default, yes. Konami has the worldwide rights to use Juventus in video games. Even FIFA were unable to call by their real name this year. In FM2020, they also have fake staff names and kits.
  7. The thought had crossed my mind, but he's by far the best player in Serie A and I'm pretty sure the board would block it. Can you imagine Ronaldo being sold IRL in 2020? It's not happening until his ability get considerably worse.
  8. I'm playing as Zebre/Juventus and the club is losing money at a rapid rate. I'm pretty sure its nothing I've done going by what the club say on the club vision section. I'm sure all details are in the finance section, but I'm not sure how to read where we are losing money. The wage budget seems extremely high (1 million a week for Ronaldo alone) but the club is ok with it. Apparently we will be in profit in two years but I can't work out how, and at any rate, the predicted transfer rate for next season of 18M is really low. I'm struggling to read where we are losing money and what if anything I can do about it off the pitch. I'm wondering if another loan is likely to be undertaken by the board next season, but they can't keep taking out loans can they? One thing that's certain is that the modelling of Juventus/Zebre in FM2020 seems to be accurate going by what I've read about Juventus online. Should I be concerned with this, and if so is there anything I can do off the pitch to combat any more than I'm already doing?
  9. I don't think the ECL is in FM20 from what I've read on here. A few weeks ago posters were saying there wasn't enough detail known about it to include it. Kind of like it took a while for the 48 team world cup to be included. I'd be extremely happy if that has changed though.
  10. Probably a week away from the Beta and I'm down to two teams to manage on my first save. Juventus or Celtic.
  11. I started a game as Ajax a month ago, and there were billionaires sniffing around the club looking to buy and replace me with other managers even before the first transfer window closed.
  12. You'd have to build one one club, then when they become the biggest club in Europe and secure in that position, move to another club and boost them in the same way and repeat.
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