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  1. I've not felt in the mood for football manager for around a month due to health issues and then going on holiday, but I've loaded up this save and played two games. Its obvious what I did in Wales isn't working. we lost in two away games to Inverness and Morton with having barely a shot on target. My Assistant Manager recommends a 4-5-1 so I'm going to research how to set up a defensive formation in that shape in the lower league.
  2. I expect they chose to make an example of him due to him clashing with Lovren during the pitch invasion.
  3. I'm interested that Miles says he's not just excited to reveal details about the game, but by the very manner of revealing it. Will new features be revealed via a 'further adventures of manager man' video perhaps?
  4. I don't have a set system other than the give defenders 2-6 strikers 9-10 etc. except the number 21 who I give to the reserve goalie, as I dislike 22 being given to goalies especially in international football for reasons not even I myself know.
  5. Only two games this month at Bangor. why? A new job in Scotland where Jaydens pay goes up from 100 odd a week to over 1k a week. My new task is to avoid relegation. It should be easily doable.
  6. I like it as it is and agree with you. It's a good way of determining who has the most fans out of the home and away side when you are playing. You've also got the problem that with creating spectators in non-team colours, SI would have to put time and energy in making sure there was enough variety in spectator dress or otherwise people would be annoyed the crowd seemed to be all wearing a variation on the same number of outfits or so. There's also regional variation as would a football fan in Cardiff dress the same as one in Dubai or Lagos or Shanghai?. All in all, SI have more important things to worry about than this.
  7. I respect your opinion, but following your advice would ruin the game for casual fans (who outnumber the hardcore fans considerably) and kill off the franchise in under 5 years. The football manager series is a game first and foremost. It strives for realism but not the expense of being dull, tedious, and alienating non-hardcore fans.
  8. A good month, we should top the league if we win our next match in hand (we which should) I applied for the U-21 job after the U-21 manager got made senior Wales manager to replace Tony Pullis. The above table is how things stand in the euro quals on the same day I've taken the job. I've also been asked to interview for Carlisle, Bristol Rovers, and linked with Livingston, Clyde, and Scunthorpe, so I applied for them, I was interviewed for the Carlisle job and wasn't chosen. If I'm role playing as a broke student then any job that pays well and is of a much higher stature is worth going for. Even the Clyde job might end me up with a 400% wage increase.
  9. It's not been the best month really We've fallen to 2nd and that loss to Carmathen at home was a match we should have won, and some of the goals we conceded were too ridiculous to be believed. Defensive recruits are needed in the window and he is the first. Crawley are interested in him. He's not good enough to do well there, but theres no way I can stop him leaving if he wanted to Not least as I tried my own escape route in the English football league. Blackpool are 24th in league two facing relegation with a squad that was predicted be in the play-offs. Would have been an interesting project. It's the only club job I've seriously considered whilst at Blackpool interesting
  10. Finally got back onto this today (real life got in the way unfortunately) as you can see we've had a great start to the season Unfortunately so did TNS, and they have a Brentford youth player (a Finland under 21 international) up front who is miles better than anyone else in the league I've applied for the vacant Wales U20 position. I aim to do it at the same time as Bangor (if they make me choose, I'll go for Bangor). Interestingly my old personal assistant at Aberystwyth University is now working for the Welsh FA. Nice work if you can get it.
  11. The problem is from whats been posted in this thread, that not enough Linux users are buying the game to make developing a Linux version finanically viable. No amount of posts is going to change that unfortunately.
  12. decapitated

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    I really enjoyed this. Have you thought about creating a new manager as Zangpo (same birthdate and location, languages spoken, High Quality and Newcastle Jets as favourite clubs, even using the editor to get the international caps and goals right) and taking over at High Quality again in the same game file?
  13. decapitated

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Have you thought about going back into international management except with a better team than Bhutan? winning the Asian cup or the world cup is the only thing missing from your trophy cabinet.