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  1. A perfect month though we are only 2nd due to Dynamo's poor start to the season.
  2. some bits can't be seen in the screenshot, so I've posted them below Maybe my stats will go up by the end of the season. who knows?
  3. Never thought we'd be unbeaten after facing both Shakhtar and Dynamo. It's just a pity we have a habit of 1-1 draws. which still is better than losing.
  4. Accepting less now to get more later is my strategy. If I'm right we will get a bigger payday in a few years with that 50% clause.
  5. Thats an interesting one. He doesn't want to sign for Monaco?
  6. Surprised at how well Whitehawk is doing. You are doing well, so I don't see you leaving at the end of this season like the last one
  7. The above goal was 2nd in the goal of the month.
  8. Fedorchuk and Vasin are highly rated it seems. I'd take 8th place happily this season.
  9. this friendly appeared on the 2020/2021 side of the schedule list. a good win against a team in the Europa League.
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