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  1. They've hired Ancelotti who guided them to a Europa conference league title but no luck in the EPL so far.
  2. There is your answer. FM games for legal reasons are unable to feature real players and staff from the J League. If you wait a month or so there should be a user created mod that adds in the J League as There is a big community of FM Modders in Japan.
  3. This occurred when I made some substitutions. I changed my mind on what subs to do, so cancelled and then went immediately back to the subs option but this time when I clicked to do the subs I had decided to on, the screen went black before it came back after 5-10 seconds. When it came back the french substitutes were dressed in all black kit, and of of my two new subs, Godfrey was totally black apart from his number on his back and Henderson had black limbs and head and a see through body. How do I create and upload a PKM of this match for you? is it the save match option? I've done that but I went and played 2 matches after that one before saving.
  4. Not sure I approve of Hendersons new look! I know I need to report this in the bug forum, but I'm unsure of which area it should go in?
  5. Geraldo Martino is now manager and they also signed Reiss Nelson from Arsenal for £34.5M on 20th June 2023 which ended up on the previous screen. Is it just me or is this window showing Newcastle considerably overpaying for some of these players?
  6. January 2023 window and only Ronnie Edwards 4.5M from Peterborough was signed. One month on and Rodgers has been sacked with the club currently 17th in the table. This is their current starting XL under the caretaker coach.
  7. The match engine has been much improved. Its more fluid and varied. There's still some stuff to work on for November 9th (a bit of skating here and there but much less than fm21) but its a noticeable improvement.
  8. I'm playing as the England national team so I've got England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Italy and France loaded.
  9. I've not been using it actually. I've been recording the highlights on the Microsoft game bar and manually uploading them. It's not obvious how to do so automatically within the game.
  10. A nice variety of goals on display. Is it just me or are Phill Fodens attributes too low. He struggles to get in the Man City team and I've never had him once suggested as a possible inclusion into the national team.
  11. Latvia is playable from default in FM22. It seems if you want a league to be added officially, the best way is for the football establishment in that country to facilitate it and be open to it as that is whats happened in Latvia and Canada.
  12. The 2nd goal here (by Abraham) is given as a Maddison assist, but it seems to me that although the cross is aimed at Maddison, the last touch before Abraham scores is from a San Marino defender and I'm not sure if Maddison even touches the ball. So far, so fun.
  13. I just checked and they appointed Brendan Rodgers in my game. I just assumed they'd have Steve Bruce due to him being sacked so near release day.
  14. PSG or Newcastle at first whilst I get used to the new match engine.
  15. I think its best on the quality of the players in the squad. If you have a squad that's the 10th best in the league, then it predicts you will come 10th even if you've walked the title 5 years in a row.
  16. For some reason they nearly always become a massive club from the late 2020s onwards.
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