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  1. I'm putting this thread on hold as I've lost interest for the time being in this save file.
  2. Another one to free up a foreign spot and slot a youth team member in his place.
  3. Got a youth team prospect to replace him with.
  4. I forgot to screenshot but he rejected the transfer to Japan. I imagine he'll be on his way out in the summer though
  5. On the plus side we get £12M. On the minus side, our rivals get a very good player.
  6. I Cancelled that bid as I remembered I have two youth prospects in the reserves I can recall from loan and slot straight into the team. I haven't played for a while due to ill health (both mine and family members) so I forgot what we had. Another one on his way out.
  7. Tough times in the transfer market. I'm now going for a Zambian player to replace Meftah who will be a lot cheaper, isn't the finished article, but there are clubs in China, Romania and Belgium all going for.
  8. thats the Premier Liha this is persha Liha and under that no foreigners are allowed.
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