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  1. A couple of things caught my eye. Two BPDs, with no one covering? Even with a sweeper/keeper, that seems risky, especially with no other players with defensive roles. Also, two CM/S: how do they manage when you need additional punch or playmaking up front or defensive help? Finally, with the entire midfield on support duty, doesn't the AF/A get isolated?
  2. I do use team talks to bolster morale, starting with the AM's recommendation and then using individual talks for anyone not reacting. However, I've noticed that when a player is "nervous" at halftime, even when I address it in team talks and he becomes "motivated" or even "inspired", it usually only takes ten minutes or so into the second half before he is "nervous" again, and nothing seems to address it. I guess the bigger issue is what effect a player's body language has on his in-game performance. In the above cited thread, Rashidi (a man I respect) says he's convinced the effect is m
  3. All in all, I love FM21, without question (in my mind, at least) the best version yet. But I'm damned if after playing nearly two full seasons of my Celta Vigo save I can figure out what to do with shouts. To begin with, it's not clear to me why seasoned professionals should hit stretches where they are "apprehensive" or "nervous" in a regular-season match against a weaker team, but when it happens, what can one do about it? Should one do anything about it? To me, the most rational response to "nervous" is either "encourage" or "calm down" (I would shout "stop being a wimp" or "man up and p
  4. @flauta kicma I hope you will take the above piece of advice onboard because it is the best way to start. I would add just one other: if and when you do take rtnn's advice, do it starting a new save, so it's a clean slate for your side. Follow the steps in building a tactic. And, most important, don't get rattled if at first you lose. It's ironic that you're frustrated at not being able to discover the "key" to the match engine. For as long as I've played FM (going back to when it was CM), most players who were serious about tactics lamented that the match engine should be "more like a re
  5. I play a 4-2-3-1. I'd probably leave him as an AML winger and develop a "cuts inside" PPM .
  6. I'm currently playing my first save in La Liga (with Celta Vigo), and in the 21-22 season, I've come across a three week stretch with no activity and my staff recommending rest for two straight weeks. That seems odd to me, as there would have to be a significant loss of match condition. Does anyone playing La Liga schedule any light training during this break? Are there any drawbacks?
  7. Questions: 1) Does your CM/D have (or, alternatively, are you training him to develop) a PPM for switching the field? 2) When your RPM/S becomes a DLP/S and your CM/D becomes a CM/S, they pretty much switch functions. So do both players have (or are they training to develop) a PPM for switching the field as well? If so, does having two players side-by-side who can switch the field create confusion in the tactic, or does it help? 3) Do you ever see a benefit from having your AP switch the field? It seems to me that your sense of having these changes planned out in advance als
  8. In @04texag's original thread on positional play, he made Be More Disciplined one of his TIs. IIRC, he later deleted it because he couldn't get the freedom of movement he needed to make the tactic work the way he wanted. I, too, started with Be More Disciplined, and found the team kept its shape just as I wanted, but didn't find the openings in my opponents' defenses the way I needed. As a result, we were usually very low-scoring but also the best defense in La Liga (and many matches, my keeper, Rueben Blanco, turned in performances in the 6.6-6.9 range). I've dropped the Be More Disciplined T
  9. At least you had an option to go for a foreign affiliate. When I asked the board to discuss it, the option for recruiting foreign youth players wasn't even on the screen, only the more generic "youth players". They came back with two second division clubs in Portugal with "fairly basic" youth recruiting. Between that and the board squeezing me on staff salaries (I had a hell of a time signing a borderline decent head physio!), I'm beginning to wonder if it just isn't possible to turn Vigo into the kind of team I want it to be.
  10. I have a 34-year-old goalie who has asked to be transferred in order to move on, and I've set my asking price of $450K. I've had a team make a bid for that amount and I've accepted, but now the agent is asking for a "compensation payment" of $230K. I've tried negotiating a compromise, but the agent isn't budging. When I refuse, he cancels the transfer (I wonder how his client would feel about that). How do others deal with this? It seems to me that in real life, any payment to the agent would be owed by the player.
  11. When I started with the JDP tactic, I set my striker, Santi Mina, as an AF/a, but he was constantly being caught offside, so I set him to a PF/a and that helped a lot, reducing his offsides but not his goals. I also set my DL one notch higher than my LOE. I'll give this a try. The CM/d in my 4-2-3-1 is also a natural at DM, so that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks.
  12. My Celta Vigo team is currently in 1st, 9 points clear with 6 to play, and we've already clinched a spot in the Champion's League next season. I've done a lot of tweaking with the JDP tactic, and have been fortunate to get here with a roster that is promising but not yet "there" and not at all deep (except MCs and CDs). I'm going to need a solid defensive set for CL, and would love to use the 4-1-4-1, but I have NO flank midfielders (only AMs). Also, I can only count on about $10 million for my transfer budget, so I probably won't be able to buy any (or at least none that I would want to rely
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