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  1. Hello @michaeltmurrayuk. Firstly, thank you But how can i fix the carreer stats record? Currently, the FM considers only matches and goals by leagues, but I would like all official matches to appear in the history
  2. Knap, firstly, thank you for ALL. You are amazing. My suggestion is: recreate big squads (Brazil 1982/1970, Netherlands 1974, Barcelona 09-12), with the same success of this tactics above. It could be fantastic
  3. According to Gerson, Brazil in 1970 was more like this: I am Brazilian and I was able to translate. The interviewer asks about the 4-2-4 of 1970, and he (Gerson) corrects it saying that Brazil played in a 4-3-3. Another thing he mentions is Everaldo's low offensive quality. There was a joke among the players themselves about this, they said that Everaldo couldn't get to the attack.
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