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  1. a31632

    SI Balls

    You will need to replace the graphics with some of your own. Maybe someone else has any knowledge on this. I haven’t looked into this as I’m pretty happy with how things look in my game. When you change things around in the folder you extracted you will need to “repack” the file back with the “Resource Archiver” again.
  2. a31632

    SI Balls

    As I mentioned you need to use the “Resource Archiver” which is the way game files are compressed in Football Manager. 7-zip, WinRar etc will not unpack these files. The “Resource Archiver” can be found as a tool for FM in Steam
  3. a31632

    SI Balls

    Yes, that is the one the reference was made to. You have to extract this file with the "Resource Archiver" to see the contents
  4. Yes, my method is the same as described. In some screens this works (in some you won't see any changes as it seems to be hardcoded). In the panels with me where I added custom backgrounds I have this code showing (change the reference to the image you want to use): <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <widget class="picture" file="backgrounds/2" id="bgnd"> <boolean id="scale_picture" value="true" /> <boolean id="keep_aspect_ratio" value="false" /> </widget> if it is at top of the panel you are editing, so prior to other containers being active it should be covering the background. If you paste the code in a container it will “override the existing code” and as a result you might have a blank screen. Best thing to do is play around with it, doesn’t always work with for example “press conference” or similar screens.
  5. Maybe try helping then instead of being an ass .... . Your not a moderator so please if someone is suffering from a condition which you seem to know nothing about please keep your comments to yourself. LOL you wrote that in response on a different thread and now you seem to be a “moderator”. just too funny 😂
  6. a31632


    Posting the same question in two different posts with a header “help!” makes it seem like a matter of life and death. There are plenty of threads here about “attribute boxes” so maybe do a search prior to posting multiple times.
  7. There are a lot more changes in the panels when porting over from FM2020 to FM2021 than previously. Porting over from 2018 to 2019 and 2019 to 2020 was relatively easy. My suggestion to you is to extract the standard panels with the "resource archiver" and compare (quickly) every panel you manually changed in your skin with the code in the new 2021 version. In Notepad++ there is a "compare" plug in, so even if it looks very similar you can see exactly if other things besides the ones you made for your 2020 skin have changed. I know; it's a lot of work, but it's the best way to go as simply "dumping the panels" in the new skin version will give you a lot of bugs and headache afterwards, as you will have to "track down" which panel in question is causing an issue. I build up my skin from scratch and added panels one by one, compared and edited when needed, that way you avoid bugs and crashes (I had only one in the club overview panel that looked the same as in 2020 and prior but the new version didn't like some coding) and as a "bonus" you get some experience with part of the skinning process ;-) Don't forget to edit the "skin_config.xml" and update to: <string id="required_version" value="21.0.0" />
  8. league stage panel views.xml Here is my panel, try to change the color "white" in this one with any other color, I did and it's working.
  9. This code needs to be added at the top, not replacing the existing code, the code below this code is the "standard" code.
  10. No, @Tyburn is correct as far as I know. The code with color should be attached to "records", see how it looks like in my code, I have all in "white" but you change the color to anything you like.
  11. If you scroll up you can see that both your questions on "why" this isn't working properly in FM2021 and with regards to "how to get the logo working" in the top right have been answered in this thread already. Here is the link to the logo in the full match screen: Tv logo on 3D match screen - Skinning Hideout - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) The scoreboard selector files were made by Jovovich and were only intended to be working with the base skin, as he clearly stated in the OP. To get it working in a custom skin means you will need to code it yourself, or ask the creator of the skin for help.
  12. Scoreboard selector mod for Football Manager 2019 has the EPL scoreboard in it. With some editing it looks like this in my skin
  13. The most straightforward way is to add a small piece of coding to the panel (match team news panel), in my skin it is like this: <widget class="picture" file="backgrounds/2" id="bgnd"> <boolean id="scale_picture" value="true" /> <boolean id="keep_aspect_ratio" value="false" /> </widget> In my graphics/backgrounds folder the picture called "2" will be shown in the background instead of the standard dressing room pic, If you have a skin that supports background packs it will show a picture of that pack that is applicable (usually a picture of the stadium), if you have a skin with a "static" background it will show the picture indicated, see the differences below:
  14. Sorry but I don't post my skins on any forums or website's. I only share my skins with friends or others who support my work. No testing needed anymore ;-) Last version will be out in a few days, which will be the final version for FM2021,
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