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  1. There are a lot more changes in the panels when porting over from FM2020 to FM2021 than previously. Porting over from 2018 to 2019 and 2019 to 2020 was relatively easy. My suggestion to you is to extract the standard panels with the "resource archiver" and compare (quickly) every panel you manually changed in your skin with the code in the new 2021 version. In Notepad++ there is a "compare" plug in, so even if it looks very similar you can see exactly if other things besides the ones you made for your 2020 skin have changed. I know; it's a lot of work, but it's the best way to go as
  2. league stage panel views.xml Here is my panel, try to change the color "white" in this one with any other color, I did and it's working.
  3. This code needs to be added at the top, not replacing the existing code, the code below this code is the "standard" code.
  4. No, @Tyburn is correct as far as I know. The code with color should be attached to "records", see how it looks like in my code, I have all in "white" but you change the color to anything you like.
  5. If you scroll up you can see that both your questions on "why" this isn't working properly in FM2021 and with regards to "how to get the logo working" in the top right have been answered in this thread already. Here is the link to the logo in the full match screen: Tv logo on 3D match screen - Skinning Hideout - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) The scoreboard selector files were made by Jovovich and were only intended to be working with the base skin, as he clearly stated in the OP. To get it working in a custom skin means you will need to code it yourself, or ask the
  6. Scoreboard selector mod for Football Manager 2019 has the EPL scoreboard in it. With some editing it looks like this in my skin
  7. The most straightforward way is to add a small piece of coding to the panel (match team news panel), in my skin it is like this: <widget class="picture" file="backgrounds/2" id="bgnd"> <boolean id="scale_picture" value="true" /> <boolean id="keep_aspect_ratio" value="false" /> </widget> In my graphics/backgrounds folder the picture called "2" will be shown in the background instead of the standard dressing room pic, If you have a skin that supports background packs it will show a picture of that pack that is applicable (usually a picture
  8. Sorry but I don't post my skins on any forums or website's. I only share my skins with friends or others who support my work. No testing needed anymore ;-) Last version will be out in a few days, which will be the final version for FM2021,
  9. Champions League 2021 skin, it's my own creation. yes, I agree that player picture or other graphics like kits etc. aren't working in the match caption, but it's hard coded that way.
  10. As shown in my screenshot, these are a combination of the "sections menu strip match" code and the "match console quick tactics" code. The code for the menu strip match in my skin: <!--tab bar--> <widget class="sections_menu_strip_match" id="tree" auto_size="horizontal" gap="-10"> <record id="default_properties" colour="white" red_replacement="white"/> </widget> The match console quick tactics panel is a standard panel in the game that can be edited to your liking
  11. As I mentioned, it's not perfect. It's a lot better than previous version for FM14-FM20 though and the match engine isn't build for audio commentary being added in (like in FIFA and PES). So it's technologically challenging to get this work for 100%. I edited the file (not sure when you downloaded it) but I fixed the "offsides" being called as a "foul" and I re-uploaded the improved version.
  12. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT MY WORK, I ADAPTED THE EXISTING SOUND AND CONFIG FILES ONLY TO WORK WITH FM2021 The main thanks for this addition goes to: - Original Patch for FM12 - FM14 by MBarbaric (original creator of these audio additions) - Ported to FM15 by zzpiggy - Modified Commentary Sound Files by Bart The commentary (English only) is NOT the same, nor from the same source, as the popular FM Scout download for FM 2020. This is improved commentary with less overlaps, although some still occur. I downloaded these audio files a year or two ago from some w
  13. Is this pack the same as this one at Sortitoutsi? That pack is huge with a total size of 22GB sortitoutsi Backgrounds Megapack Home thread *FM21 Update 2021.03 Released* [02/03/2021] - NO REQUESTS HERE - torrent now available -
  14. PM me your “best eleven.xml” the “icon file” you use for the graphics (faces and kits) and I will have a look at it and correct where needed.
  15. Yes, I never give up LOL These are screenshots from the "best eleven" in both club overview and end of season with me, they both still work with 21.3 update The best eleven screen has alternating images which shows kits and nation logo (changes every few seconds)
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