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  1. It's a skin exclusively available on a Korean Fan site. Not available beyond Korea
  2. It will only show in some player related panels, not in everything (tactics screens, team screens etc.). Check the player panels if it shows there at least
  3. I don't want to see this screen at all by the way LOL, still working on my inbox panels, but when done will make sure I get my "match preview" back with both teams and line ups as with previous versions, but that's just my personal taste. Like this preview panel (taken from my FM2020 skin), in combination with the old "line up intro" would look a lot better than this screen tbh
  4. Your coding isn't correct, this the top portion of my code: <widget class="pitch_with_tactics" id="pwtc" default_width="-1" pitch_draw_grass="true" pitch_line_colour="white" line_width="1" pitch_draw_markings="false" pitch_draw_lines="false" minimum_width="250" priority="1" navigation_disabled="true" icon_flags="show_name,use_overview_icons,allow_attributes_popup,use_overview_icons,show_familiarity,show_extra_details,drop_initial_if_possible,show_position_role_duty_suitability,show_selection_image,show_number,show_role_duty_labels"
  5. The issue is likely with the code in this line (not in the "icon panel") <string id="icon_flags" value="show_name,use_overview_icons,allow_attributes_popup,show_familiarity,show_extra_details,drop_initial_if_possible,show_position_role_duty_suitability,show_selection_image,show_number,show_role_duty_labels,show_captain" ....................................etc etc/> It looks like the shirts aren't showing, even though the coding for the "icon preview panel" might be correct. Make sure that in the file that points to the icon preview file, the "icon flags" include
  6. I wasn't too happy with some of the changes in FM21 graphically, for me the change from condition/fitness percentages to icons looked really "off". I personally prefer to look at exact numbers instead of goofy icons, so I started working on getting the "old" graphics back to work in FM21. The disadvantage is that you basically have to manually add the code back in for every panel, at least I wasn't able yet to make a solution so the game would replace the icons with the numbers, see below screenshot for an example: (I highlighted the section I'm talking about in the little box in the cent
  7. It could be that your coding in the skin is incorrect. With me it looks the way it is supposed to look. Did you edit an existing skin or did you create your own? You might have to check your xml coding with the original ones (extract them with the Resource Archiver)
  8. Yes, the code for the sidebar was also in the middle portion of the file, I tested it and it's working now with the changes I made. I changed the header section of the skin in addition, so it is on the full width of the screen, that way when the sidebar goes from hidden to unhidden the top portion stays unchanged (otherwise it looks goofy with the header being covered by the sidebar) Only need to replace the "client object browser" and reload the skin. client object browser.xml
  9. It's best you use "Notepad ++" for editing, if you delete wrong code it will give you an error when saving, otherwise, to your point, you will get errors when loading the skin/game. Send me your file and I will edit it for you properly
  10. Use the "Resource Archiver" to extract it from the original game files, after that you move it to the skin and edit it to your own liking
  11. Client object browser added in later post
  12. The skin is currently WIP, it's my own skin (Champions League 2021) I'm working on at the moment. The code for this position indicator I copied below and should be inserted in the xml (in this case it is "player personal details pop up panel") <widget class="player_basic_positions_indicator_widget" id="ppip" width="34" height="60"> <record id="object_property"> <list id="get_properties"> <record> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set
  13. An alternative is a "position indicator widget", takes less space and gives the same info, see screenshot:
  14. I don’t use the editor and in my skin I have build in the option for hidden attributes “hidden” (in a drop down menu), so if used it’s on top of the “additional attributes” and shows automatically, for me this saves space as I don’t need the permanent option.
  15. You need to have the editor installed to be able to see the “hidden attributes” so that could be the issue here.
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