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  1. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Glad you like it! I tried a few matches but no icons show up in the little boxes where they are supposed to show, so I agree......better to delete them all together
  2. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    It is added in the post where the picture is (just a few posts up)
  3. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    These squares "should" show the goals, yellow cards etc. but I haven't seen it active. It also shows up at every player regardless. To remove this little box, remove line 65-77 from the "tactics icon preview info panel19.xml" <!-- Icons (Injury, star player etc)--> <container id="icoC" height="16" width="16" class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/custom/solid/rounded/paper"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="0" apply_to_children="true"/> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" alignment="right" offset="0" gap="2"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="0"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="right" inset="0"/> <widget class="picture" id="PTgs" file="icons/16px/goal" image_alignment="centre" hidden="true" width="16" height="16" red_replacement="text"/> <widget class="picture" id="PTas" file="icons/16px/assist" image_alignment="centre" hidden="true" width="16" height="16" red_replacement="text"/> <widget class="picture" id="PTrt" file="icons/16px/key player" image_alignment="centre" hidden="true" width="16" height="16"/> <widget class="picture" id="PNba" file="icons/16px/yellow card" image_alignment="centre" hidden="true" width="16" height="16"/> <widget class="picture" id="PHNO" file="icons/16px/debut" image_alignment="centre" hidden="true" width="16" height="16"/> </container> After you delete the above and reload the skin, the little squares are gone.
  4. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Tiny update: This will work for version 1.2 and might also work for users of version 1.1 (not tested). The "post match analysis" screen has enlarged player pictures/w kits and because of that the "player rating" was hidden behind the image. I adjusted this and created a separate "icon preview" file for this which now allows the player rating to show properly. To install: Copy "post match analysis news panel.xml" to "panels/news_items_panel/inbox" and overwrite the existing file. Copy "tactics icon preview info panel19.xml" to "panels/tactics" Reload the skin and it should look now like this: post match analysis news panel.xml tactics icon preview info panel19.xml
  5. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    I don't have any background packs so can't test this but have you tried the solution to getting backgrounds to show as shown in the "readme"? I copied/pasted it from the "readme" below, please let me know if this worked * Citypics backgrounds in club screens: If you prefer to have the Citypics shown as backgrounds in the "club panels", like the "club overview panel", navigate to "client object browser.xml" in the "panels/client object" folder. For the Citypics to appear you will have to delete lines 6-10 showing: <!-- background picture - covers entire screen --> <widget class="picture" file="backgrounds/bg" id="bgnd"> <boolean id="scale_picture" value="true" /> <boolean id="keep_aspect_ratio" value="false" /> </widget> And replace with: <!-- background picture - covers entire screen --> <widget class="background" file="backgrounds/bg" id="bgnd"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="bgnd" /> <integer id="set_property" value="file" /> </record> <attachment class="test_multiple_globals_attachment" default_value="false"> <list id="get_properties"> <record get_property="MatS" test_mode="0" value="true" skip_if_null="true" /> </list> <integer id="set_property" value="hidn" /> </attachment> </widget>
  6. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    If I understand you correctly you are looking for the backgrounds in the player profile to be the same as in the club overview screen?
  7. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    I have only tested the skin with cut-out style faces myself but the player profile panel has an option to switch the player picture showing cut-out with/without signature and DF11 style. They should also work in the other screens I’m guessing. Did you try it?
  8. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Sorry, must be because you are Korean and English is not your native language. Let me know which screens you like and I will send you the panels for it, or if you know the names of the panels and want mine, let me know.
  9. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    What would you like to have? Just PM me and I will send the panels you want directly ;-)
  10. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    This has been asked already in this thread and in many other threads. Please do a search and read into it.
  11. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Good to know, I did give credit to “FMNation” for the scoreboard and intro. Both are only available in version 1.2 by the way as “alternatives”, so it’s not standard activated. Great work, as you can see I created some other nice things myself, like the new tactics designs, preview panel etc. I can PM you and share some with you?
  12. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    The short answer would have been: read the “readme” file. LOL
  13. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    A small bug was noted in the competition fixtures panel, where with the home teams the flags were showing but not the name of the country. This only occurs, as far as I know, with matches in Champions League, Europa League and International matches. I also changed the fonts for the scores so they are showing bold and are appear more clear now. Replace the attached file in the "panels/competition" folder of the skin (overwrite when prompted). competition fixtures item panel detailed.xml
  14. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Glad you like the new graphics in the skin! Version 1.2 is out . The new version is compatible with 18.3.1 (just today the game got upgraded to 18.3.2 but with no negative effects on the skin). Version 1.1 with future updates and bug fixes is available in the OP. I just released a tiny update addressing compatibility issues with 18.3.1 and bug fixes (all of these are already included in the 1.2 release) PM me for more info
  15. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    I get that question asked in PM's too, I will make a few screenshots that show the significant changes between version 1.1 and 1.2 next to each other, no problem On another note: In version 1.2 the club overview screen was slightly adjusted and the size of the kits was slightly increased. One user asked me to help increase the size of the kits further. If you like bigger kits as per below screenshot: Edit line 6 in "club overview details panel" which shows <container class="vertical_adaptive_container" gap="2" offset="0" inset="0" layout="10,210,33,30,170,58,-1"> The "170" is the new value for the kits (was 140) and I changed the value before that ("30", otherwise it looks a bit stretched to my opinion. I also changed "gap" to "2"to keep the text closer together). (*If you change the "170" to a higher value it will only increase the kits size if you have only 2 kits (home and away) to show, if you have 3 kits, the width of the panel prevents the kits from getting bigger.) The workaround for that is to make the first column wider by adjusting "club overview panel", I increased the width to "500" and in that case "170" can be increased to "180" or "185" ( a higher value again only works for clubs with 2 kits showing). Line 7: <container class="vertical_adaptive_container" minimum_width="500" inset="0" offset="0" gap="1" priority="1" mode="distribute_equally"> Adjust line 7 in the "club overview panel" if you like even bigger kits as shown on the screenshot