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  1. Made an adjustment to the below panels (see screenshots "before" and "after". When players were away on international duty or injured their picture/kit would be smaller and the icon wouldn't show correctly. This has both been fixed. Copy "post match analysis news panel.xml" to "panels/news_item_panels/inbox" and "tactics icon preview info panel19.xml" to "panels/tactics" in the skin and overwrite existing files. In addition; if you hover the mouse over the players' name it will now also show a pop-up screen with additional info! These changes can be applied to all versions of the skin Before: After: post match analysis news panel.xml tactics icon preview info panel19.xml
  2. No, that is a known problem with skinning with the “match caption”. You will have to make changes to the file, exit and reload the game for the match caption to show again. So making changes as a result is time consuming.
  3. Which resolution are you using? The skin is optimized for 1920x1080, most of your questions are answered on the thread of the skin, you mention you play with 200% zoom. The background transparency was answered by vonreichsm on my thread. The fact that you have 2 shirts with no background tells me you either edited the skin or put some panels and graphics in another skin. As you can see in my screen shots it will always show logo and shirt in my skin with a stadium background if unaltered. The same with the time not showing in the scoreboard , you must have moved or edited files or it is due to your (not supported) resolution. The “bbc logo” question and backgrounds with club screens etc. is answered with a lot of other FAQ in the “readme” file. I can’t create or edit my skin to everyone’s liking, sorry. Especially if it is an edited skin or panels have moved between skins, whichever is the case. The skin doesn’t support playing in a higher or lower resolution than HD, it is not supported. I can’t resolve resolution issues for you as I can’t recreate the view you will have. You will have to read the “readme” and the thread itself to resolve most of the issues you mentioned.
  4. The skin is posted here: (I can PM you on how to install the scoreboard selector (not included) in this skin if needed to get it to work properly)
  5. Hi, sorry if you misunderstood. I have the Emon Final (dark) skin, but I don't use it. I use my own skin. The scoreboard selector files will not always work good with every skin, that is what I meant. I haven't tested the scoreboard with the Emon skin, but with the (default) Emon skin with no changes the BG selector works with me.
  6. The scoreboard can be used in most skins if you know a little more about skinning, the author mentioned it was meant to be for people who use the "base skin". Importing this scoreboard in your own skin (in this case a skin that the same person created) can cause issues as a result. I have no idea why you can't change the background, as I mentioned in my dark skin (Emon Final) and my own skin (Champions League skin, with the scoreboard installed) the BG selector works fine. If you keep having issues, simply ask the creator of the skin/scoreboard, your chances of getting a resolution are bigger by asking the creator instead of other users
  7. I use this scoreboard in my own skin and just checked it to make sure, the BG selector works fine for me. This skin and the scoreboards were made by the same person, so the good news is that you can connect with him and it doesn't matter if the problem is with the skin or the scoreboard itself, the maker is for both the same perosn.
  8. It works in the dark version for this skin and the files and coding looks similar. It must be a bug in the light version. I would connect with the maker on FMNation as there must have been more people who encountered this bug and he probably has solved this already
  9. Sorry, I don't know what you mean here, if it a skin related issue I would ask the maker on FM Nation, which makes more sense as that is where the skin is posted
  10. Mine is "Emon Final" from March 2019 as well. I tried some skins I have here and the font is the same on the number, I don't think you can edit the font, only the colors. I tried different font files but it only changes the kit names on the back, not the number itself
  11. Thanks, I just checked, I already had the dark version of this skin actually ;-) The file that has the player number in it in this skin is "emon kit icon" in the "panels/gunzo" folder. Line 7: <!-- player number --> <widget class="picture" id="bNUM" image_alignment="centre" scale_picture="true"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="10,0,8,0" /> </widget> Just like all the other skins, the number is changing depending on the color settings for the team that the player is playing for. The only way (I'm guessing here) to change this would be to use the editor and change the team color settings for the team you want to make the changes for. Maybe someone else can jump in, because I never tried to edit this, so can't talk from experience here.
  12. You should ask these questions to the maker of the skin. Different code is used by different skin makers so I can’t tell you how to adjust it unless I have the skin myself.
  13. Sorry, I’m not the expert as far as changing colours go. My skin is all with blue toned colours as I like them and it suits the feel of my own skin which has a CL theme, I never had the need to change it around to much. In the CL scoreboard it is also supposed to be blue by the way I think another colour would not look nice. I tried to point you in the right direction by explaining which code is used for the portion you wanted to edit. Maybe someone who has experimented with changing colours can help you further.
  14. <container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/custom/solid/paper" red_replacement="blue1"> If you change "paper"to "paper1" and there is no "paper1.png"graphics file in your folder it won't show anything (as there is nothing to show). You can find another paper.png file and replace the one now in your folder instead, or add a paper1.png file to the folder. You can also change the paper.png file in the folder indicated with a colored version and/or you can change the value "blue1" with another value. I am not really the expert as far as colors go but I found this color chart online (see attached pdf) that might help you change this value to the color you like. ColorChart.pdf
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