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  1. PM me your “best eleven.xml” the “icon file” you use for the graphics (faces and kits) and I will have a look at it and correct where needed.
  2. Yes, I never give up LOL These are screenshots from the "best eleven" in both club overview and end of season with me, they both still work with 21.3 update The best eleven screen has alternating images which shows kits and nation logo (changes every few seconds)
  3. Yes, if it works good now that means your "best eleven.xml" isn't correct. You could use the one from the other skin and point to your graphics files if all the rest is the same or similar. Likely the file has an error in it or is from an older FM version.
  4. It’s my own custom made skin “Champions League 2021” it’s not posted anywhere.
  5. Do you have a "best eleven.xml" panel in your skin in the "panels/team" folder? Make sure if in that xml file there is a reference to a "tactics icon info........." file, whatever that is, and that this file also exists in your skin. Otherwise you might get something to show but not the player faces and kits
  6. My best eleven is still showing with faces and kits after the 21.3 update so it doesn’t look like this is causing it automatically. Could be that your coding used the “standard names” in your skin. Better when making major changes to leave the original filenames untouched and create alternative xml names so they won’t interfere.
  7. You have to edit “team squad” panel. Add a “view” and name it however you want. What I did is copy the whole view over and edited the portion for the icons/percentages so it looks pretty much identical only with that change made. Not very difficult to do as you can basically create new views and edit existing views the same way. In this example I added player faces to it:
  8. You don’t necessarily need it, they basically are edited xml files that show additional information during a match in the match full time/match half time screens and match in between highlights panels. If you have a base skin they are less relevant than when you have a “full blown” skin. With or without them the changes of the “icons to percentages” should be working, the only thing you won’t have is icons showing health in these specific panels.
  9. Look in the folders of your skin if you have “IBH” in the name of your xml files in the “panels/match” folder (of not there that means you don’t have any of course) for the condition/match sharpness numbers to show there needs to be a folder in the main skin folder (not in “panels”) named “properties” with the xml file “person properties” in it with coding “value=PRCF” in the “physical condition/Match sharpness” section of the file. Again, there is no guarantee, even with all coding correct it will 100% of the time working, but I just re-imaged my drive and reinstalled FM21 from scratch a
  10. Please follow my posting here carefully. The quote you input has nothing to do with the changes made here. I was referring to adding a “health” icon to the “IBH” panels in the skin, if there are any in yours. If you don’t have IBH panels in your skin this wouldn’t be applicable. Also, please make sure, as I mentioned in our other discussion on “sortitoutsi.net” that you empty cache, reload skin and restart the game completely and that you have a “properties” folder in your skin (containing a “person properties” xml file. it looks like the changes made are correct, but even with all c
  11. You need to look in your xml file which “hide priority” value the “PcOI” code has. With me it was as shown in the screenshots. So leave the value the way it is. You need to add “width=30” or change that value as the icon takes less space of course compared to the “old” percentage/numbers, it takes more space. Any value between 27 and 30 is big enough, but I prefer 30.
  12. Similar post here, looks like a lot of people are interested in this, hopefully SI will give an option to select either in new updates or new 2022 version. https://sortitoutsi.net/content/57522/fm21-condition-icon-as-percentage#comment_613567
  13. I made them already, here it is numbers EFL.7z
  14. "match commentary.xml" there is code for the text size
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