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  1. I have 32 players of which 9 are injured = 28% injury rate, we are talking 4 x cruciate and 1 x broken leg, the others are 2-5 weeks out - more than the 80% you quoted and the majority are serious long term injuries. I've played FM since it was first released and this is by far the worst experience for injuries
  2. Far too many and far too many serious injuries when they happen..needs to be fixed
  3. Player unhappiness is picked up by the board and be sufficient for the manager to be sacked, particularly if your team is on a poor run, added pressure and all that..pft Seems this bug makes the game even harder!
  4. This effectively S&S V2 but changing the fluidity from "balanced" to "fluid" S&S V2 already set to "Control" & "Retain Possession" Mind you if it works who cares!
  5. Just checking, do this skin support custom adboards? i.e. http://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/8637/fm-2014-ad-board-patch?page=7
  6. [quote name= I assume SI is still run by the Everton Mafia??? :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:[/quote] PaulC is a proud blue
  7. Strikers shooting too far out, bad, especially if poor long shot stats? Using S&S but add "Work ball into box" = reduces long shots and brings midfielders into play, had some success and worth a go..
  8. Can the human managers reputation be changes via the editor?
  9. Tactics Creator is far more powerful than Classic IMO. I'm playing with "standard" strategy and "balanced" style using only one tweak* to the formation settings provided by the Tactic Creator - see Cleons post which has been very helpful for me http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/342124-FM-13.2.1-Reducing-long-shots-and-increasing-through-balls Anyway, by watching the ebb and flow of the game and using the necessary shouts I can generally eek out some kind of result, my best was 2-0 down away from home after 20 mins, we finished winning 2-5 using "Work ball into box", "Retain Possession" and "Exploit the Middle" - it would take a degree of time to micro manage each player using the classic system and implementing similar shouts. *Long shots set to "rarely" on all players for the obvious ME issue!
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