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  1. Hi there, I’m very happy with my results so far, but a slight nag is that all my games my possession is only around 40-45%, but I’m having at least double the amount of shots to the opposition. Still winning almost all my games. I play an attacking 4-2-3-1 with wing backs, ball playing defender. My midfield is a BBM and a DLP. Any tips to increase possession but maintain the number of shots? Thanks
  2. I have a young player on loan from Barcelona for first season in Championship. He was class. Renewed the loan for a further season in Prem. when it came to registering him it shows as ineligible?? He is my best player. I can’t send him back, he earns £26k a week which is above the required £8k. I have other players on loan that were with me last year and renewed and had no problems. I even went on holiday in the hope my AM would select him but he didn’t. any ideas?
  3. Nice work. Looks very simple and easy on the eye
  4. Thank you. Understand and respect that. Much appreciated
  5. Yes I have used real name fix. Anyway around fixing this?
  6. It’s Campions League skin, there is a download link within its own topic page on this forum
  7. There probably isn t, but my home screen is currently like this Is it possible to seperate the text on the next match info to the right like I had in last years FM?
  8. Thanks for looking anyway, I did send a PM but doesn't look as though he is active
  9. Using Champions League 2019
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