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  1. Hey, I believe since the update this additional stat has been added. Anyone know exactly how I can remove this?
  2. When I revert to the default it’s fine. I’m so puzzled. Ever since the update. ive tried removing the best eleven file from panels but still nothing so confused as to how to fix this
  3. I still get these and end of the season, but it’s when I check them through club, history drop down to best eleven there that doesn’t show
  4. Hi mate. Not sure if you can help. been using OPZ Elite 2021 since release and it’s great. I had the winter update but now the best eleven screen looks like this. Any ideas? when I load up football manager skin it works. Has the update knocked something out?? it’s weird as it still shows on World Cup best 11 Tried even uninstalling the game driving me nuts many thanks
  5. Damn, it never worked. Oh well think I’ll give up haha.
  6. My best eleven screen no longer shows players names on the pitch using a custom skin. Always worked before update
  7. Oh right ok, I loaded up a different Skin and this skin was fine, checked in the panels best eleven file, and there wasn't one, so i have removed it from the skin im using to see if this fixes the problem.
  8. I tried loading up a different custom skin and again missing. Reverted back to football manager skin and it appears. just out of interest, what skin are you using? thanks
  9. It’s really weird as I haven’t changed anything file wise since I started this back in November. Just over night it disappeared. So frustrating as nothing else has changed
  10. How do I know if it has? Do you think it’s worth uninstalling and trying again? The world team of the year still shows correctly
  11. Even if I change skin back to default the problem still there
  12. I have always been able to see my best 11 on the pitch with faces and names. since the latest download it seems to have disappeared. I have cleared cache, restarted game, reloaded my skin. Any other ideas? maybe uninstall the game and re add my graphics? Very annoying that I cannot fix this
  13. Thanks mate, no difference unfortunately. Only difference now is when I change the panels it’s crashing 😞
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