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  1. Since the update, I'm getting bored playing with these results... Same tactic but now I'm scoring almost every set-piece and almost every header in a short period of time.
  2. Since the latest patch 3d match is much more darker, white colour is now grey and pitch colour is not enjoyable. It's hurting my eyes. Is there anything to do to fix this please? Below you may find comparison from two different matches, one with the latest update and the other with the previous one. Thanks.
  3. Any news on this guys? I don't think it's that big issue to find and fix...
  4. Wow, you've been amazing this past few weeks. Literally saved FM20! Thanks for sharing
  5. Any updates on the above please? It's been two months since the release of FM20 and we can't enjoy the full experience of this beautiful game ...
  6. Wow, gonna try this asap. You have been a life saver for FM20 this year my friend! Thank you for this!
  7. I tried uploading it with mediafire but when the process is finished it says "failed to upload". Don't know what could go wrong in just uploading an .fmf file.
  8. I guess so mate Thanks to @wkdsoul 's directions "simatchviewer-pc\textures\pitch" and replaced some files with pitches from last year.
  9. Any one can guide me on how to replace the Serie A scoreboard in the selector? I have no clue whatsoever
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