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  1. No no mate that's because in the screenshot I took I was re-playing highlights from a finished game. Here's one properly
  2. Anyone found a fix for the "score" in FA Cup scoreboard? Coding looks fine, like the others but for some reason it isn't assigned well I've replaced the FA Cup scoreboard but still has the score colour issue as per below ;
  3. @Neil Brock I should receive the beta today since I'm taking the blame cause of you :P
  4. Probably because today won't be it since there's the livestream. I don't see it getting released afterwards.
  5. They have been quiet for two days now on twitter, with the latest big news being the new match engine features which ended with "And don't worry, we'll be showing you the match engine in all its glory in the coming days..." Do you guys think that by that he meant that we will get to see the match engine for the first time in the BETA? and it can actually drop anytime soon? I hope so because I don't want to keep waiting for the footage without the release of the BETA...
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